Cheapest Student Accommodation in Dublin  | How to Get it Fast

Going to study in Ireland comes with lots of difficulties, such as getting accommodation. New students always encounter such difficulty. In a city like Dublin, getting cheap student accommodation is expensive if you’re not guided properly.

However, finding the right means to guide you through the house search process in Dublin may be hard to come by. As a result, complaints from students about getting comfortable and cheap accommodation are on the rise.

These unending complaints have made us put down this guide on how to get very cheap student accommodation in Dublin DCU.

If you’re a student in Dublin, Ireland, this guide will help you to make a wiser accommodation decision and avoid regrets in the future.

The table of contents below provides the highlights of the student accommodation guide. You can glance through it.

Why should I choose accommodation in Dublin as a student?

If you choose accommodation as a student in Dublin DCU, many benefits come with it. Here, we will look at those benefits that should convince you to live and study in Dublin, Ireland.

Dublin is the capital of Ireland as well as the largest city in the country. About a quarter of the nation’s population lives in Dublin, exposing students living there to too many Irish people and other students worldwide.

This will help students to learn about new cultures and diverse ideas. In addition, there are many authentic pubs, exotic restaurants, and shopping malls where students can enjoy themselves.

The presence of great institutions in Dublin DCU is a major reason why students consider taking up accommodation there.

Some of the institutions include the University of Dublin and Trinity College. These institutions are known for offering quality academic programs in any field of study.

Meanwhile, these schools in Dublin, Ireland, have very comfortable places like libraries and coffee shops where students can study.

The Bald Barista, or Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge, are close to Trinity College Dublin and Dublin Business School and offers a suitable environment for study, coffee, and desserts.

There are many affordable grocery stores and restaurants in Dublin where students can buy anything. This is perfect for students that are on a budget.

The Noodle Bar on Stephen’s Street offers a discount to students that purchase any meal and a drink for €6.

Finally, there are lots of activities in Dublin that suit students with all kinds of interests. Students can access most of the museums in Dublin for free using their student ID.

How do I get accommodation in Dublin, Ireland?

Finding cheap student accommodation in Dublin, Ireland, comes with a whole lot of stress. If you wish to live off-campus, you don’t need any agent to help you.

All you need do is search through the internet using relevant keywords such as student house to rent in Dublin, student apartments in Dublin, or cheap student accommodation in Dublin.

Alternatively, you can visit websites like or and check for available student rooms on rent. Real estate agencies manage the ads on these websites.

You can also find several groups on Facebook where students and property owners advertise student apartments using photos and contact information.

If you wish to live on campus, simply open your university accommodation board and apply for a hall space. You should remember that an institution like UCD reserves accommodation for only one-third of the new students.

So, do well to apply for accommodation on time because it is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

We advise that once you apply for accommodation in any of the universities in Dublin, you should start looking for an alternative as well in case you don’t get a space on campus.

Not getting accommodation on campus is usually tough for international students who need to travel all the way to Dublin and who must make sure they have a place to live in.

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When should I start looking for a student apartment to rent in Dublin?

Students always rush to secure accommodation at the beginning of every academic session. If you are a new or returning student, you should know the best time to start searching for accommodation.

Once you know this, you will get affordable accommodation in a very nice location in Dublin, Ireland.

New Students

Studies show that virtually every incoming student tends to live on campus. They mix with other old and new students by living in the school halls. This gives them the opportunity to learn more about the institution and its surroundings.

Institutions in Dublin, Ireland, always notify new students about accommodation deadlines so that they can apply on time in order to get a hall space. Failure to apply on time will cause you to miss out on accommodation on campus.

Once you miss out on securing accommodation on campus, rent a student apartment off-campus.

Returning Students

Most of the students normally live on campus during their first year in school. Upon completion of the first year, they usually have more knowledge of the institution and its surroundings. Most of them must have made friends, and they may decide to move out to live off-campus.

Now that they know better about the environment, they can contact real estate agencies for student accommodation.

Returning students can start by contacting these agencies towards the end of the summer semester in the first year. Making this inquiry on time will give students an idea of vacant apartments that are available for rent.

Where can I get cheap student accommodation In Dublin, Ireland 2023?

Once you fail to get a hall space on campus, there are apartments off-campus that provide accommodation to students for rent.

Drumcondra and Marino offer cheap apartments for rent to students of Dublin City University. These two towns are close to the northern side of Dublin City Center, where the campuses of DCU are located.

Students of Trinity College Dublin can get affordable accommodation in Ballsbridge, Rathmines, and the neighboring towns around them.

In addition, the proximity of these areas to the school campus makes it a perfect place to look for accommodation.

For students of University College Dublin, Central Dublin, Dun Laoghaire, and Tallaght are good places to get affordable accommodation.

Interestingly, the city of Dublin has a world-class transportation system that can take students to the campus within the fastest possible time.

How much will it cost me to get student accommodation in Dublin?

The cost of renting a student apartment in Dublin depends on location in the city. It also depends on whether you choose to stay in a shared apartment, ensuite, or studio.

To get cheap student accommodation in Dublin, Ireland, you should expect rent prices between €400 and €1,180.

On the other hand, the cost of private student accommodation in Dublin has increased by 10 percent and 15 percent, with the most expensive rooms costing up to €1,500 per month.

Dublin’s most expensive on-campus student accommodation ranges from €8,000 at Trinity to €11,000 at UCD per academic year.

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What are the types of student accommodation in Dublin?

Students in Dublin DCU use three types of accommodation services. The student accommodation types include:

Shared Room

In a shared room apartment, two or more students share a single room, washroom, kitchen, and other communal spaces.


An ensuite or private student apartment contains a private bedroom and bathroom. Occupants of each private apartment will have to share a kitchen and other living areas in the building.


A studio is a self-contained apartment comprising a bedroom, cooking space, and a private washroom. Two students may choose to rent one studio together, but it must be subject to the property owner’s policies.


It is not easy to secure on-campus or off-campus accommodation on the cheap in Dublin. Most freshmen usually do not know how to choose proper accommodation in Dublin. As a result, those who wish to live on campus fail to secure accommodation sometimes.

If you are an incoming or returning student in Dublin, this guide will give you proper knowledge on how to get accommodation easily. In addition to this, you will learn about places in Dublin DCU where you can get cheap student accommodation.

FAQs on the Student Accommodation in Dublin, Ireland, in 2023

Is Dubli a good place to live?

Yes. According to Mercer’s quality of the living survey, Dublin ranks ahead of London, Edinburgh, and Belfast in terms of good places to live.

Does Dublin have the best student life?

Yes. The 2012 QS Best Student Cities ranked Dublin #8 on its list of cities with the best student life.

Is Dublin one of the safest destinations for students?

Ireland, whose capital city is Dublin ranks among the top 10 countries on the Global Peace Index, making it one of the friendliest and safest destinations for students.

How can I check out for accommodation in Dublin?

You can check out accommodation in Dublin by visiting You can check for properties in a certain area of Dublin through the website. Alternatively, you can check for accommodation in Dublin using and
Most institutions also have a noticeboard where students always advertise rooms to rent.

What are the requirements to come in, in student accommodation?

Students are required to bring only their own bedding, kitchen utensils, cutlery, and bathroom essentials.

Does student accommodations in Dublin have a strong internet connection?

Yes. All student accommodations in Dublin have strong internet connectivity.
Most student apartments have on-site, coin-operated washing machines that make laundry easy for students.
Students are expected to keep their rooms clean while maintenance staff regularly looks after common areas. If you don’t want to clean your room, contact reception for professional cleaning services at an extra fee.

Can I get food outside the school accommodation?

No. Most accommodations are self-catered. However, you can always ask reception to connect you with local food delivery vendors.



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