15 Top International Relations Graduate Programs In 2023

To fully explore the relationship between countries, knowledge from any international relations graduate program will surely help. To that effect, please look at this list of top international relations graduate programs and ensure you make a choice. With a degree in any of these programs, you can be the agent of change the world needs.

Some master’s programs in this field include addressing essential issues such as dealing with crime, human rights, globalization, and economic development.

Once you realize you have the right talents and capabilities, don’t hesitate to check out some of the Master in International Relations programs on this page to find the one that suits you best.

Before you read on, quickly scan the table of contents for an overview.

All You Need To Know About Having A Master’s In International Relations

Also known as International Studies, it involves the role of governmental and non-governmental organizations, international law, academic and public policy fields, and cultural studies as a complete package with many details.

Graduates with a Master’s in International Relations degree can go on to careers in government branches, diplomacy, non-governmental organizations, private companies and corporations.

Although International Relations is a relatively young discipline, dating back to the 17th century, it is significantly developed, partly thanks to the highly intensive situation shaping the modern world.

What is an International Relations Degree?

An international relations degree is either sought at the – Master’s, Doctoral, and Graduate levels. There may be a large extent of difference within each of these levels.

First, graduate schools may refer to their international relations degree programs by other names. International Politics, Global Affairs, and International Affairs graduate programs are examples.

Usually, also, international relations major may be paired with a related field or area of importance.

Why Study International Relations?

In the face of challenges such as poverty, war, deforestation, and epidemics, there is no gainsaying the fact that the world is in dire need of individuals who are willing to make a positive impact.

Studying international relations is the way to go.

This field places high importance on economics, culture, education, and political science, thereby examining their societal impact. You will also learn why and how nations, governments, and individuals react to issues the way they do.

Do you also know that studying one of the best international relations graduate programs could be a good starting point for your career?

What Are The Benefits Of Acquiring A Graduate Program In International Relations?

There are many benefits attached to earning a graduate program in international relations, and they are as follows.

You Will Gain Real-World Experience

Several higher education institutions now blend mandatory study and work experiences into their scheme of work to give students practical knowledge of what they’re taught in class.

Therefore, international experience lets you understand where and how policies, strategies, conflicts, and laws impact the world.

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You Will Actively Take Part In Challenging Issues

Propaganda and fake news have marred us more than they ought to have made us.

So, studying a graduate program in International relations will make you lead people aright and speak up for them.

Therefore, having the conscious ability to hold a strong and balanced argument, especially in international relations, is critical.

It allows You To Showcase Your Talent To The World.

This field of study, called international relations, deals with having a cross-cultural understanding of the on-goings beyond a particular country’s borders.

Hence, it makes you more zealous to fight against prejudice.

There Will Be A High Demand Of The Skill You Developed

A master’s in international relations will help deepen your understanding of how society and people work. This is a valuable asset and is sought by employers and organizations.

Working within an international relations setting means your interpersonal, rational, choice, and negotiation skills must be unmatched. A master’s in international relations will help you to develop this transferable skill set.

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List Of The Top Graduate Programs In International Relations

These graduate programs in international relations have variations in duration.

Just as some take two years to complete, others take either less or longer periods to complete.

The programs are chosen based on their employability rate and their curriculum’s customizable.

#1 M.A. in Political Science and International Relations

This political science and international relations program offers a flexible qualification designed to train the next generation of political scientists.

Also, it provides a solid generalist degree to prepare students in various professions.

This graduate program in international relations is offered at Nazarbayev University. It will kick start in August 2021 and takes 2 years to complete.

#2 MA in International Relations

The program of Master of Arts in International Relations allows you to acquire knowledge and skills in the most important matters related to international discretion, politics, and economics.

This is possible to communicate and cooperate most effectively with international questioners.

In addition, an entire course is dedicated to EDRS (Ethics, Diversity, Responsibility, Sustainability).

This takes a year and 5 months to complete from the Swiss School of Higher Education.

#3 Master of International Relations and Economics

Here, the interaction between international relations and economics made the Maxwell School come up with a graduate study to enable students to tackle the changing demands of the global market.

Students of international relations cannot wholly understand the foundations and solutions to modern conflict without a firm hold of economic principles.

#4 Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations

This international relations graduate program from Seton Hall University builds essential skills. It helps students develop a deep understanding of who they are and how they can positively impact the complicated world.

Students are open to practical opportunities such as internships and international study seminars.

Furthermore, they can apply their knowledge and skills in international relations directly to real-world circumstances.

#5 Masters in International and Regional Studies

The University of Michigan offers a Master in International and Regional Studies (MIRS), providing students with the necessary tools to understand and address issues and challenges that traverse the globe.

MIRS is designed to prepare students for global career opportunities in private or public sectors.

#6 Master of Arts in International Relations Online

American University’s School of International Service offers three different master’s degree programs online to help students build the skills to drive transformation universally.

Depending on which degree you decide to pursue, the programs can be completed in 12–24 months. A bachelor’s degree is, however, required to apply.

#7 Master’s, Dual Programs, and Ph.D. in International Relations and Diplomacy

The American Graduate School in Paris (AGS) offers a two-year Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy.

The M.A. in International Relations and Diplomacy equips students for various careers in international affairs, including inter-governmental organizations, NGOs, government, diplomacy, international business, and journalism.

The French setting of the school and the American education system create a foreign environment and improve students’ international experience making it unique.

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#8 International Administration – Master

The University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies is a leader among institutions of higher learning that prepare students for international careers in different sectors.

Ranked by Foreign Policy magazine as having one of the nation’s best master’s degree programs in international affairs, the Josef Korbel School offers a customizable curriculum combining practical and theoretical methods to study our globalizing world.

#9 Certificate in Comparative Political Culture

This graduate program in international relations helps students understand many of the political-ideological, religious, legal, institutional, and more considerable cultural influences on the various states and their counterparts in the world.

#10 International Studies

The curriculum for the master’s in international studies is outlined to prepare candidates to cope with the international capacities that individuals face while working in the public and private sectors around the world.

The program provides students with a thorough understanding of theory, history, world politics, and culture.

Program instruction comes from academia, business, government, and international affairs and is designed to allow a student to complete all requirements in three semesters.

This graduate program in international relations can be obtained from Oklahoma State University.

#11 Master’s Program in International Affairs and Governance

This graduate program is offered at the University of St. Gallen. It is particularly active in trade and development, peace and security, democracy, and governance.

The curriculum skilfully combines St.Gallen’s proven expertise in economics and business with the in-depth study of practical issues about politics and society. Also, it takes 18 months to complete.

#12 Master in International Public Affairs

This high-level master course equips students with undergraduate degrees to become international public affairs professionals who can reach across master fields to find more innovative solutions to difficult, complex public policy challenges.

The direct link between theory to practice is at the root of this graduate program.

Due to the high demand for international experts with advanced negotiation and public policy analysis skills, this program is practical to yield successful results.

#13 Master in International Relations and International Business

If you are looking for the right graduate program in international relations to succeed in global business, then this is undoubtedly for you.

This course will enable you to understand the roots of internationalization and its impact on corporations when you plunge into political and economic affairs.

#14 Masters of Arts in Politics/International Affairs

This international relations graduate program focuses on the grass-root courses in the postgraduate diploma in Diplomacy and International Affairs by allowing students to engage in research on any topic of interest to them.

Here, you also advance in your writing and research skills.

The admission requirement for this program is a postgraduate diploma in Diplomacy and International Affairs with a cumulative grade point of 3 or above or its equivalent.

#15 MA in Intercultural Conflict Management

Apparently, the changes many societies have experienced due to the increasing global confidence rate innovated this program’s idea.

An international relations graduate program offers students from all walks of life with various professional experiences and a deeper understanding of the relationships between democracy, social exclusion, human rights, and civil conflict management.

It requires a maximum of 4 semesters to complete.

FAQ’s On The Best Graduate Programs In International Relations

What is the reason why we study international relations?

Studying international relations will broaden your knowledge of political and global issues; it helps you think logically and to understand why certain countries behave in a particular way.

What is the benefit of studying International relations?

Many benefits lie beyond gaining the paper’s knowledge of international relations, mostly because studying international relations isn’t just about one thing but a variety of factors that comprise the field. Therefore, it enhances your to analyze world events and critically explain those events in an informed manner.


The advantages of studying international relations outweigh its disadvantages. this is because it enhances your organization, interpersonal, language, and analytical skills.

Why don’t you seize this opportunity to enroll in one of the best graduate programs in international relations?

Your work experience is sure to be amazing!



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