3 Months Certificate Programs That Will Pay You Well in 

Taking on a new career is a huge step but what happens when you don’t have all the time needed to learn the nitty-gritty of the job? No worries. There is a plethora of 3 months certificate programs that do not overburden you with all the responsibilities that come with enrolling in a four-year course.

These short and self-paced programs will pay you well and open you up to a lot of opportunities. What this means is that your whole life could change by this time next year if you put our lettered works to work.

This guide will help boost your career prospects if you already work in healthcare or in the IT industry.

Why Enroll in 3 Months Certificate Programs?

Certificate programs are vital and they can cause a spike in career alternatives. In some fields where certification may not be necessary, yours gives you an added advantage over others.

Hence, the benefits of enrolling in 3 months certificate programs.

  • Increase your profits: Getting a certificate is a fast way to grow your profits.
  • Gives more depth to your resume: Achieving a certificate adds another credential to your resume.
  • Networking: If you don’t have a properly hooked-up network, a certificate is an awesome way to expand your connections. Achieving a certificate frequently requires learning with others, attending activities, or getting related to different professionals.
  • Understanding the job: Getting a certification allows you to improve your existing knowledge/skills.

How quickly can I get a 3 months program certification?

While some certifications can grow your pay and require less time investment, these certificate programs range from as little as three months to longer years. These certifications are about the fastest paths to growing in your career.

Research conducted by our team has revealed that the health sector has more short-term programs, courses, and certifications than any other career path.

Moreso, computer certifications offer well-paid jobs. 

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3 Months Certificate Programs That Will Pay You Well in 2023

Some of the certificate programs you can get in 3 months include:

Healthcare Sector:

#1. Certified Cardiac Monitor Technician

Certification: 3-6 months

This is a certificate program that usually takes 3 to 6 months.

These technicians work under the guidance of doctors and cardiologists and use electrocardiogram (ECG) devices to detect heart problems such as birth defects and diseases.

While on their accelerated certification training, heart monitor technicians must study electrocardiograms, stress tests, outpatient surveillance, and interpretation of these results.

In addition to short-term programs, many technical schools offer a flexible schedule with which many students can work at school and/or take care of their families.

#2. Certified Medical Coding Specialist 

Certification: 2 months

Average Annual Salary: $39,180

Billing and insurance errors can cost huge amounts to hospitals, patients, and insurance companies. This is especially if an error results in a fine or an incorrect diagnosis.

To really avoid incorrect and apparently expensive costs, billers and medical coders ensure that healthcare and insurance bills are correctly processed using specific sector codes to communicate procedures.

It doesn’t take long to become a certified billing and coding professional, but the work requires care. Just enroll in a 3 months certificate program and you are good.

#3. Phlebotomist

Certification: 2-6 months

Average Annual Salary: $32,710

Phlebotomists take blood from patients and send it to the laboratories for testing and diagnosis. They collect the blood for individual testing, research, or possibly for donations.

Certification in phlebotomy can be obtained within a few weeks. Usually, the certificate program lasts for about 3 months or more.

Once a patient’s blood has been removed, it is up to the phlebotomist to prepare it for laboratory tests. Phlebotomy training is essentially practical and certified Phlebotomists can have many other career opportunities from working as phlebotomists.

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#4. Physical Therapy Assistant

Certification: 1 month

Average Annual Salary: $45,290

As an assistant for physical therapy, you will find career opportunities working with physical therapists. This will require you to help patients recover from their illness or injury.

You may get various job descriptions working in this field. You may be the person who installs the equipment, and moves patients. Sometimes you may also perform administrative tasks.

It is a good career that offers rapid education. The program and the certificate usually last between 1-3 months before choosing this career, you must check your country’s licensing requirements.

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#5. Paramedic

Certification: 3 months

Average Annual Salary: $32,670

If you want to help others and can handle a very stressful environment then do a paramedical certification program. Paramedic courses are among the 3 certification programs you can do.

In this medical certification program, you will learn how to stabilize patients, deliver babies, treat fractures, insert IV lines, and more.

Furthermore, you will also learn how to administer oxygen and how to administer CPR. This rhythmic career offers a level of excitement that is rarely found on the job market.

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#6. Medical Assistant

Certification: 3-4 months

Average Annual Salary: $31,540

A career as a medical assistant is one of the best 3-month certificate programs you can acquire.

In this healthcare certificate program, you will learn to take the patient’s history, take a specific temperature, and sometimes perform administrative tasks.

You will also have the task of teaching the patient how to dress their own wounds or take certain medications. Most days in the course of your work, you will be face to face with plenty of patients with a variety of germs.

It is advisable to always practice safe hand-washing techniques to avoid getting infected.

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#7. Pharmacy Technician

Certification: 3-4 months

Average Annual Salary: $30,920

This is another 3-month certificate program that pays well. Pharmacy Technician is one of the marketable certifications in the healthcare sector today.

Your work in this career is to help people understand their medications by breaking down the prescriptions so they can understand them properly.

It will be your duty to tell your clients about their medications, possible interactions, and side effects.

During your career, you may also help your clients find non-prescription drugs such as vitamins and traditional medicines.

There are career opportunities for pharmacy technicians in hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, prisons and etc.

#8. Home Health Aide

Certification: 1 week or more

Average Annual Salary: $18,450

Home Health Aide is one of the marketable short-term career training programs that pay well. Usually, it takes about 75 hours long.

But sometimes it can take a few weeks to a few months depending on how much time you can commit to your study. There are generally time limits to home health aide courses.

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#9. Emergency Medical Technician

Certification: 1-3 months

Average Annual Salary: $32,000

EMTs are caregivers who are trained at medical schools or community colleges. They are clinicians, trained to respond quickly to emergency situations regarding medical issues, traumatic injuries, and accident scenes. This is a quick certificate program you can do within 3 months.

IT Sector

#1. Cyber Systems Security

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Annual Salary: $130,000,

The number of hackers on the web space keeps increasing by the day. Due to this increase in the number of hackers, there is a strong demand for cyber system security.

A system security certificate course teaches you how to protect your employer’s data and infrastructure from attack. Take this course if you love coding and computers.

#2. IT Certifications

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Annual Salary: $100,000

Computer certifications such as RHEL, MCSE, CCNA, VMware, Java, etc. are always in demand (experience is always useful for certifications). You can easily earn $ 100,000 with experience in this.

Always try to get your certification, even if you work, it will help you a lot to find a new job and keep you up to date with the latest trend in the field.

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#3. Cloud Engineer

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Annual Salary: $100,000

If you have an AWS certification, Azure, you have a good chance of earning a living wage. There are many job requirements in this area. Many junior to senior-level jobs are available. This is a typical 3-month certificate program you can do.

#4. Website Designing

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $40,000-70,000

Considering the large number of websites that are opened every single day, finding a job will not be tough. Website designing is one of the quick certificate programs you can acquire in three months.

These courses usually cover quite a large number of topics required to successfully create a website i.e. everything from coding the website to designing graphics for the website to working with different types of multimedia.

An additional advantage is an option to freelance your services while maintaining a full-time job.

Other Fast 3 Months Certification Programs

#1. Electrician

Certification: 3 months or more

Average Salary: $52,720

Electricians are experts in the fixing, installation, and maintenance of electrical wires in homes and offices. They are also into the installation of monitoring systems, smart gadgets, cameras, and more.

You will be constantly working at various locations as an electrician. However, sometimes you will have to work in extreme temperatures. It’s a well-paid trade, making it a leading fast certification program.

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#2. Flight Attendant

Certification: 3 weeks or more

Average Salary: $48,500

If you are looking for a career with travel benefits, consider one as a flight attendant. During this career, your job will be to offer food, drinks, and assistance to airline passengers. You travel all over the world.

However, since travel is at any time of the day or night, you have a varied schedule that may include nights, weekends, and holidays. If you like traveling, this quick certificate program it’s a good certification to have.

See the best study strategies that every student needs to excel in their program.

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What jobs can I get with a six-month certificate program?

A six-month certificate program can provide you with all the tools you need to embark on the career of your choice. Here are the top jobs that will pay well if you apply for them with a 6-month program certificate :

#1. IT aid

Average Salary: $20.05 per hour

People who work in IT help troubleshoot and solve technical troubles for people and corporations and train others to do the same. They may go alone or as a part of an assistant group.

#2. Brick Mason

Average Salary: $21.02 per hour

Here, you will work with tools and substances to make structural gadgets out of brick and block. Duties encompass laying bricks and blocks, forging bricks from source materials, and physical exertions.

#3. Personal Instructor

Average salary: $21.41 per hour

Personal trainers paintings with individuals and organizations to promote health and healthy hobbies. They educate on diverse machines and devices designed for gold-standard exercising and work with weight training, cardio, and other exercising styles that promote average fitness.

#4. Firefighter

Average salary: $21 every hour

Firefighters are first responders who assist in the occasion of a burning building or structure. They are educated in emergency reaction and firefighting gadgets, like how to function the fire truck and carry out other operational obligations of being a public servant.

#5. Air Visitors Controller

Average salary: $23.53 per hour

Air traffic controllers direct the go with the flow of aircraft and helicopter traffic to reduce the probability of injuries going on. This is a role that requires math competencies and the capability to be enormously prepared and cope properly in worrying situations.


What is the very best certification to get?

Easy certifications to obtain are
First aid certifications
Project control certifications
Software certifications
Government certifications
Notary public certification
Forklift operator license
Computer programming certifications
Marketing certifications

What certificate pay the most money?

Underneath are the certifications that pay well.
Full Stack Web Development.
Cloud Computing.
Digital Marketing.
Business Analytics.
Data Science.
Artificial Intelligence

Can I get a job with a short course certificate?

There are quite several jobs you could do with certificates. A certificate direction no longer only permits you to enter the administrative center, but there may be an additional opportunity to earn a meaningful salary and a possibility to grow to be an entrepreneur.


With these listed quick certificate programs you can easily take a new career path and or advance on your already existing one. With any of these programs, you can get some added bucks to your pocket.


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