University of Ottawa Tuition fees in 2022 | How to pay

As a freshman or a sophomore at the University of Ottawa wondering how you are supposed to pay your tuition fees, this article on the University of Ottawa tuition fee will satisfy your curiosity on Ottawa and finance.

In addition, you get to find out the mediums on how to pay for your tuition fees.

The University of Ottawa is the world’s largest bilingual (English-French) university, where students can choose to study in French, English, or both. Generally, education at the University of Ottawa is an investment worth it.

So, this article demands you read it judiciously. It will among other important factors provide information on the tuition fee for different faculties alongside how to pay for it.

Click on the table of content to get an overview of what to expect.

About The University Of Ottawa

Founded in the year 1848, the University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual university in the world. It is located in the capital city of Ottawa, Canada.

UOttawa has a wide variety of academic programs, administered through 10 faculties which they offer.

However, the university has made notable progress in the field of social science, health, engineering, science, and humanities, which make it one of the choices and top best universities in Canada

In addition, teaching, learning, and research is another event where the faculty and students do come and discuss their ideas and how to implement them.

The university features more than 400 programs both graduate and undergraduate, along with a boost in placement and work experience, practical experience and develop professional terms for a career in the future.

Why Study At The University Of Ottawa?

The University of Ottawa offers a recognized degree worldwide and graduates enjoy successful careers.

Also, the university offers the highest quality standards by constantly reviewing all academic programs offered.

Therefore, the University of Ottawa is proud to welcome a large community of international students every year.

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How much is the tuition for the University of Ottawa law school?

The University of Ottawa Faculty of Law is the law school at the University of Ottawa. It is located in Ontario, Canada, the nation’s capital.

Established in 1953, the Faculty is divided into Civil Law and Common Law sections. Furthermore, they are formally recognized legal traditions in Canada.

The University of Ottawa law school tuition fee: For undergraduate tuition fee is between $6,088 – $16,000 (Canadian students), $36,161 to $46,000 (International students).

For graduate tuition fee is between $6,367 – $16,798 (Canadian students), $27,519 – $37,519(International students)

What is the University of Ottawa tuition fees for international students?

The University of Ottawa currently has over 150 international students. Hence, this is a true reflection of their interest to promote inter-cultural education.

As an international student in UOttawa, you experience similar campus benefits with other local students but for tuition, you’re on another level.

The tuition fees are based on the statistics of Canada is $36,161(Undergraduate), $16,334 – $27,519 (Graduate).

What is the University of Ottawa’s summer tuition?

For Spring-Summer tuition fees, tuition fees are calculated based on how far you have progressed in your University of Ottawa program.

Can I get a waiver of Ph.D. tuition fees at the University of Ottawa?

International students enrolled full or part-time in a doctoral program pay the same tuition fees as Canadian students.

There are two ways for tuition fees to be reduced:

Differential tuition fee exemption
Students who receive a differential tuition fee exemption pay the same tuition fees as a Canadian citizen.

International Doctoral Scholarship
International Ph.D. Scholarship, which will reduce tuition fees to the same amount paid by Canadian citizens.

However, the PhD tuition fee is $14,800 $ – $32,400 CA (Non – exempt international student), $8,000 – $15,500 CA (international student with a tuition fees differential exemption).

What is the University of Ottawa graduate program tuition fees?

The tuition fee is paid at the beginning of each session. They can be based on the status of the student and the difference from the program.

Depending on the program other fees may be added such as administrative fees, incidental fees, and ancillary fees.

However, the graduate tuition fee is $6,367 – $7,798 (Canadian students) and $16,334 – $27,519 (International students).

What is the University of Ottawa Health Sciences Tuition?

The University of Ottawa has one of the best health science in Canada. The Faculty of Health Sciences excels in its research and has a reputable aura in the academic world.

Endeavor thanks to the efforts of over 100 researchers working in a variety of disciplines, from molecular biology to metabolism, from human kinetics to the social sciences of health.

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Therefore, the tuition fee for health science is 3,647.27 (Local Students & exempt international students) and 14,576.41 (international students (Non-exempt)).

What is the University of Ottawa Engineering Tuition?

The University of Ottawa has the best engineering faculty in Canada. In fact, they have a good infrastructure and a friendly atmosphere for learning.

However, the university offers many international mobility opportunities, allowing students to gain diverse experience in engineering and computer science.

Therefore, the tuition fees for engineering is 4,614 (Local Students & exempt international students (Canadian Dollars)), 17,807 (International students (Non-exempt)).

What is the University of Ottawa Medical School Tuition fees?

UOttawa medical school selects a culturally and socioeconomically diverse group of medical students who are ready to pursue academic and personal excellence and who maintain multifaceted interests and personal qualities.

These students will be able to, in an ethical and professional manner, provide and respond to, the changing demands of society by:

  • Providing exemplary and compassionate patient care
  • Advancing the public’s health
  • Conducting ethical medical research and
  • Maintaining their personal wellness

However, the University of Ottawa is the only medical school in North America that offers the MD Program in both official languages, English and French.

On average, 166 students are registered in each new academic year, comprised of roughly 118 in the Anglophone stream and 48 in the Francophone stream.

Therefore, the tuition fee for medical school is 3,704(Local Students & exempt international students(Canadian Dollars)) and 13,231.10(International students(Non-exempt.) (Canadian Dollars)).

How is the University of Ottawa tuition paid?

Payment can be made by phone or online which is easy and convenient for you. However, you can make payment using any of these methods.


What is Ottawa University known for?

Ottawa offers over 450 programmes across Arts, Education, Engineering, Graduate and Postdoctoral studies, Health Sciences, Medicine, Science, Social Science, Civil Law, Common Law and the Telfer School of Management. The university is home to the largest law school in the country.

Is University of Ottawa expensive?

The University of Ottawa is expensive, even if you’re a domestic student. If you’re an international student, it’s even more expensive – tuition will cost you double that of a domestic student.

Can I pay my tuition in cash?

Yes you can, there is also a little sense of pride in paying cash for college

What is included in the tuition fee?

The things included in a tuition fee, can include room and board fee, facilities fee such as books, transportation, commuting provided by the college.

How much do summer courses cost?

The tuition cost per credit is $720 (Undergraduate Courses numbered 100 to 599, per credit) and $1710 (Graduate Courses numbered 600 to 999, per credit)


In conclusion, The University of Ottawa offers a recognized degree worldwide, and graduate enjoy a successful career. Also, I believe this article has provided you information on tuition fees for different faculty and how to pay them with ease.



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