Volunteering Opportunities in Atlanta

Volunteering opportunities in Atlanta

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill  

In this 21st Century, the majority of the people are concerned about themselves on one hand, which often looks extremely self-centric!

But, there are several kind souls, who are taking the step forward to contribute towards the lives of the underprivileged ones, and if the idea of volunteering for an organization is already there on your mind, then you’re an absolute blessing, my friend!.

Have you ever wanted to do something AMAZING to change the world but didn’t know where to start?

Volunteering in Atlanta is a great way to make a difference. Throughout metro Atlanta, about 5,000 nonprofits strive to make their communities stronger. However. The volunteer rate in Atlanta Georgia has been a little lower (24.0) compared to other locations like Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN-WI(37.1%), Salt Lake City, UT(36.0% )Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WI (33.2)e.t.c 

Helping out can be as simple as helping to walk dogs, reading bedtime stories to disadvantaged children, tutoring from your office computer or as deep as committing to a long-term mentorship. .

There are various social, personal, financial and mental reasons to volunteer, the following are 8 reasons our of the many reasons to volunteer in Atlanta.

Why volunteer in Atlanta?

You’re needed!

No work is small, and volunteers are extremely valuable resources for an organization. Whether it’s about financial, mental or physical contribution – everything together matters a lot. Being a volunteer, you can directly get involved with a noble work, serving those who need your care and affection. This would also be a chance for you to know that not everyone in this world is born lucky, and you’re needed to stand by a few of them, if not all.

An opportunity to give back to Atlanta

Often volunteers decide to get involved with NGOs because they want to give back to the community they know and love. It’s also an opportunity for people to support community resources that they use themselves, or that they know makes a lot of difference to uplift a community. If an organization has helped someone that you love, then giving back in the form By immersing yourself in a community and surrounding yourself with people who are dedicated to bettering the world, you can learn so much about how the world works. You gain a unique sense of purpose by serving those around you, one which often manifests in other areas of your life.

Of course, volunteering is  important for your community! Without volunteers, many of the services and events we enjoy in our communities would not be so readily available. Spending time helping out at local shelters or food banks provides an important service to less fortunate neighbors. Giving back to the place you call home helps to unite the community and bridge some of the social, economic and political gaps.of volunteering is an extremely generous, thoughtful, valuable way to show appreciation.

You contribute in making Atlanta a better place for people

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has created a sense of urgency for residents of Atlanta to unite in service.

Depending on where you decide to focus your volunteering efforts, you make a real difference in the lives of those who the organization serves. These efforts build up various elements that make up an entire community. A few of these elements within a community include:

  • Improve schools (tutoring, literacy)
  • Community Health (Family and patient support and education)
  • Protect animals (rescue and rehabilitation)
  • Support youth (mentoring and after-school programs)
  • Beautify the community (beach and park cleanups)
  • You get to network and meet people

One  of the best ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships is to commit to a shared activity together.

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, especially if you are new to an area. It strengthens your ties to the community and broadens your support network, exposing you to people with common interests, neighborhood resources, and fun and fulfilling activities.

You teach other people or kids around you to be better

Children watch everything you do, not just children but people around you watch what you do.By giving back to the community, you’ll show them firsthand how volunteering makes a difference and how good it feels to help other people and animals and enact change. It’s also a valuable way for you to get to know organizations in the community and find resources and activities for your children and family.

Volunteering provides a sense of purpose

Older adults, especially those who have retired or lost a spouse, can find new meaning and direction in their lives by helping others. Whatever your age or life situation, volunteering can help take your mind off your own worries, keep you mentally stimulated, and add more zest to your life.

Volunteering can advance your career

If you’re considering a new career, volunteering can help you get experience in your area of interest and meet people in the field. Even if you’re not planning on changing careers, volunteering gives you the opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, project planning, task management, and organization. You might feel more comfortable stretching your wings at work once you’ve honed these skills in a volunteer position first.

You improve your future

Metro Atlanta is experiencing an unprecedented demographic shift as Baby Boomers age and better health allows people to live longer than ever before. By 2030, one out of every five residents will be over the age of 60. By volunteering you are laying a strong bedrock for yourself. When you give to the community now and your efforts improve Atlanta, later on, the community gives back to you. Your efforts count.

You would like to volunteer but you don’t know where to start? Let’s discuss how to start volunteering in Atlanta.

Here are the steps you can take to volunteer in Atlanta:

#1. Decide which causes you care about

When you decide to volunteer, you may want plug into the first volunteer opportunity you come across. However, you’re likely to be happier and volunteer longer at an organization that supports a cause you care about. When looking for an organization to volunteer at, try to pick one with a cause that riles your passions.if you are passionate about literacy ,you could look at volunteering at a library or if you are passionate about kids you could volunteer at an orphanage.

  • Identify the skills and knowledge you can offer.
  • Create a volunteer resume.
  • Determine how often you can volunteer.
  • Research volunteer opportunities in your community.

#2. Consider using a volunteer site. 

Use a volunteer site to find a good match: Much like job search sites, you can use volunteer sites like Volunteer Match or Serve.gov to help you find volunteer opportunities in your area. Organizations list volunteer openings on their website, and you can search through and narrow them down, much like you would job listings.

These are some volunteer sites you could look at: ,

  • Volunteermatch.org   
  • Givegab
  • All for good.org
  • Wearebamboo.com(travel and tour volunteering)
  • Catchafire.org
  • Gozaround.com e t.c

Get all the relevant details for the volunteer position:

Get all the information about the position you find , also find out how best you can perform there and what is expected of you.

Apply for the volunteer position:

Once you have gotten enough info about the job and you are sure the job is what you can perform well at, apply 

Follow up after you apply:

Keep checking to ensure you don’t miss a reply to your application. Then complete any required training

Be professional:

Be professional on the job, notwithstanding the fact it’s a volunteer job . You have to be your best.

In your search for a perfect cause to volunteer with , you might want to look at how to find volunteering opportunities in Atlanta. 

How to Find Volunteering Opportunities in Atlanta

Check out websites geared to skill-based volunteering. A few excellent ones where you can find appropriate nonprofit opportunities: 

#1. VolunteerMatch

VolunteerMatch is one of the largest databases for connecting nonprofits with volunteers. Since its inception, VolunteerMatch has connected 15.2 million volunteers to organizations globally. VolunteerMatch offers a simple interface for either posting volunteer roles or searching for them. Nonprofits, schools and non-U.S. NGOs are all welcome to submit a call for volunteers, as well as government organizations and other tax-exempt organizations.

#2. GiveGab

At GiveGab, you can search for campaigns, nonprofits, opportunities and communities that you may be able to get involved in. You can also look for events, family-friendly opportunities and ongoing projects. There’s even a section for virtual volunteering gigs, which is a great way to expand your reach to different communities. GiveGab works with cause-based nonprofits, community and civic foundations, public media outlets, and higher education institutions, so these are the types of organizations you can expect to help.

#3. JustServe

JustServe helps people find volunteer opportunities nearby. Volunteers can search by projects or organizations to find something more specific. Another element of JustServe is that potential volunteers and organizations can browse through past success stories. These show a description of an event, a photo of the volunteers and the date the event took place.

#4. DoSomething.org 

At DoSomething.org, youth volunteers are inspired to create major positive impacts in communities throughout America. People interested in making a difference can find a cause that they’re passionate about. Some of those causes include putting an end to gun violence, addressing hate speech or improving child literacy. Then, users can stay updated with news and tips for taking action in their communities. To date, DoSomething.org’s members have registered 118,706 voters, cleaned up 3.7 million cigarette butts and recycled 1.4 million pounds of textiles from landfills.

#5. Encore.org

Encore.org encourages people older than 50 to find a new purpose in meaningful causes. Part of Encore’s mission is to change the perception that older adults should take a backseat in their communities. Instead, it involves them in action alongside everyone else and helps them mentor and inspire younger volunteers. Encore makes it easy to find local opportunities, with an interactive map displaying projects in your area.

#6. All for Good

Points of Light owns the volunteer site All for Good, which connects people to local volunteer opportunities. In addition to registering an organization or searching for causes, you can also use All for Good to start a new project. Once you add your location and project idea, you can set goals and dates for project completion. Then, you can search for like-minded collaborators or volunteers in your area, or invite friends and neighbors to join your cause.

#7. Catchafire

Catchafire.org matches people’s professional skills to nonprofits in need. Skills like accounting, branding, engineering, web design, sales, marketing, writing and social media — among others — are all in demand. The majority of opportunities on Catchafire are remote, making it easier for busy professionals to donate their time whenever it’s available.

#8. GozAround

At GozAround, volunteers can sign up and input skills and preferences that suit their interests, skills, schedules and location. GozAround also adds a fun gamification element, allowing volunteers to set goals for their hours and track their giving progress.

The GozAround network also promotes the sharing of volunteer experiences. Whether it’s reaching out to friends or telling about your experiences on social media, GozAround helps

  • organizations and volunteers create more visibility into important causes.
  • 2.. Look for places that let you interview before committing. A conversation with a nonprofit honcho can give you a sense of the group’s agenda and needs so you can see if you think it’s a good fit. Conversely, the talk lets the group decide if it thinks you’ll be right for them.
  • 3. Talk to friends and family. If you still can’t narrow down where you want to volunteer, start asking people you know where they volunteer. You may find one of them has the perfect opportunity for you, and it can make it easier to volunteer with someone you know the first time.

Volunteering with friends can make it less scary and more enjoyable because you’re with people you know and have fun with.

4. You could try online volunteer jobs : Some people have the time to go in person to an organization to volunteer. If that’s you, great. If it’s not, think about volunteering remotely by doing work online. Many organizations are now looking for people who can help with things like writing and PR work, most of which can be done online.

17 Volunteering opportunities in Atlanta in 2022

1. Shaky Knees Festival 2022:

Address: 265 Park
Atlanta, GA 30313

Drawing in nearly 40,000 attendees, Shaky Knees Festival brings a highly desired indie scene to the streets of downtown Atlanta, Georgia. In an era where most festival headliners feature a variation of EDM/DJ acts, Shaky Knees lives to show another side of modern day music. Volunteers are expected to assist in the events coordinations.


  • A pleasant attitude
  • Black Pants and Black Tennis Shoes/Sneakers (non-slip resistant) (no jeans, leggings, sweatpants)
  • Must be 18 years of age and older

2. Empowerment resource center

Location: 230 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 1800, ATLANTA, GA 30303, US

The mission of Empowerment Resource Center is to provide programs, services, and community-level solutions that improve the health-related quality of life of people infected and affected by HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STI).


Empowerment Resource Center (ERC) provides health-related programs and services, more specifically HIV and STI prevention education, risk reduction counseling, testing, referral, and treatment services, client advocacy and navigation services, and primary care linkages. ERC focuses on a broader array of services, assisting both individuals infected and affected by HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.


  • Organization
  • People Skills
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Building
  • Verbal / Written Communication
  • Multi-Tasking
  • Good for teens and group


  • Must be at least 16
  • Orientation or Training
  • Fridays from 12-4 PM.

3. Furkids:

Furkids runs the largest cage-free, no-kill cat shelter in Georgia, as well as a large no-kill dog shelter, and is one of the only animal rescues to accept children of any age as volunteers. Young kids can read to cats, and teenagers can walk dogs or help run the thrift shop. Parental supervision may be required. Locations in Gwinnett (cats) and Alpharetta (dogs) and at various adoption sites.

 .To apply for any of their positions email  [email protected]

  Biography writers (can be done at home): Show off your creative talents by writing a captivating biography for an animal. These bios are critical to helping them find their forever homes on various websites

 Video editing (can be done from home): At both the cat and dog shelters we have volunteers willing to take cute videos of our animals. They  need creative people to put those clips together into videos for our website and YouTube Channel. You can come take the video yourself or have other volunteers send you the content.

Ambassadors at both our Doraville Cat Shelter and Alpharetta Dog Shelter: This position is great for people who may not be able to do a lot of physical work. Both shelters are wheel chair capable.. These positions are available everyday of the week, as many hours as you can give.

And several other openings

Address:Furkids, Inc.

Headquarters and Cat Shelter

5235 Union Hill Road

Cumming, GA 30040


4. One2One

One2One is a phone-based outreach program to support at-risk adults over the age of 60 and people with disabilities who typically live alone, are homebound, and have little or no caregiver support in metro Atlanta. The program seeks to decrease social isolation and loneliness by providing ongoing companionship and support, enabling people to remain in their own homes and stay connected to their communities. Volunteers must be 20 or older and pass a background check, and commit to 1-2 calls per week.

Volunteer Responsibilities

  • Place calls to assigned clients, treating them with kindness, consideration, and respect
  • Be punctual for scheduled calls with client (s)
  • Recognize possible health problems by listening carefully to client complaints, reporting concerns to Seniors in Service immediately
  • Participate in volunteer training session
  • Comply with the confidentiality agreement, maintaining the bond of trust with clients
  • Report to A.R.C. the status of assigned clients, as needed
  • Adhere to all program policies

No fixed address.

5. LEAP mental health mentorship program for Georgia teens

Mental Health America of Georgia offers the Leadership Empowerment and Access Program (LEAP), a training program for at-risk youth aged 16-26, and needs volunteers to help out. Opportunities include facilitating trainings/presentations, participating in panel discussions, networking with youth participants, and supporting career preparedness activities.If you are interested in supporting youth and young adults and would like to  become a LEAP Volunteer, please contact Paige Gaines at 770-741-1494 or [email protected] or complete the interest form  on mhageorgia.org. No specific responsibilities or requirements mentioned

6. Mentor with girls of excellence

Girls of Excellence supports girls from 3rd grade to 12th grade.Volunteers will be matched with a group of up to 5 girls of a local Atlanta school, and will meet twice monthly with their groups to provide guidance and support, as well as join in on exisiting leadership development programming. Volunteers are trained, screened and supported to ensure the best experience for all. Volunteers should be female, over 21, and able to pass a background check as a safety precaution. Contact :Girlsofexcellenceinc.org

Address:569 Martin Luther King Jr Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30314-4164, United States


7. Ambassador for abused pets:

Do you want to help raise awareness about the plight of animals in homes where domestic violence occurs? Want to help make sure that anyone who needs help with their pets when escaping a domestic violence situation is aware of Ahimsa House’s life-saving services? Then this offer is for you because that is what they aim to do as ambassador for abused pets. 

Address : PO Box 8181 ,Atlanta, GA 31106

GOOD FOR teens, people 55+ and groups


Must be at least 18

8. American youth Literacy Foundation:

If a  child can’t read past 6th-grade level, it may mean they won’t finish high school.  Twenty-four percent of all American children drop out of high school!  If a student drops out of high school, what kind of job can they expect to get?

Many high school dropouts and illiterate teens and young adults turn to crime.  Anecdotally, 70% of all convicted felons are considered either completely or functionally illiterate, unable to fill out a job application, a medical form or write a simple thank you letter.

American youth literacy foundation aims to educate millions of children and stop the vices that illetracy breeds.

Volunteer requirements:

  • Intelligent, creative, enthusiastic, cheerful, optimistic individuals with significant experience in both digital and print media.
  • Periodic meetings with tasking in-between; as much time as you can commit.
  • Your ability to commit time to this will be a determining factor.
  • Time is a major factor.


Atlanta and vicinity

Atlanta, GA 30312


Brand Development & Messaging

Graphic Design / Print

Web Design

Adobe Creative Suite

Web Design / UX

Graphic Design

9. Norcross Cooperative Ministry

This faith-based organization supported by 23 churches provides extensive services to families in need in southwest Gwinnett (Norcross, Peachtree Corners, portions of Doraville and Tucker). Volunteer tasks range from sorting clothing to working with clients seeking emergency assistance or teaching classes in job readiness and money management. Hours vary and include Tuesday evenings and Saturdays. They can be reached through the address.

Address: 500 Pinnacle Ct, Norcross, GA 30071, United States

10. Our World at HOPE Park

After building a park in McDonough that is accessible to children with disabilities, this organization created a school and programming for children with special needs. Volunteers help as baseball buddies for children with special needs, work in career development for adults with special needs, and assist with community events. No specific requirements mentioned.

Address: 2680 Highway 42 N

Mcdonough, GA 30253

Friends of Refugees

Volunteers can help refugees with job searches and readiness, tend a community garden, tutor women or children, advise small business owners, and support pregnant refugee women. Most activities are in Clarkston, with times during the day and some evenings and weekends. Orientation, application, and background check are required.

Volunteer opportunities in friends of refugees


Pregnant refugee moms need help getting to doctor visits and sometimes need an advocate during the birthing process. New moms need someone to check up on them and to drive to prenatal, post-partum, and new-baby pediatric appointments. Volunteers can also help by facilitating a class, helping with childcare, picking up attendees, or bringing snacks. Discover how you can get involved in the Friends of Refugees Embrace Program. (Various days & times.)

Address:PO Box 548

Clarkston, GA 30021

To volunteer call: 404-292-8818

12. AGRICULTURE AND NUTRITION: Support a Refugee at the Jolly Avenue Garden

The Jolly Avenue Garden offers six agriculture and nutrition programs to refugees ranging in age from infants to the elderly. Join them for the monthly volunteer day and help their high school employees with various garden tasks. (2nd Saturdays from 10:00am-12:00pm.) Assist their gardeners with conversational English. (Times & days are flexible.) Get to know the precious children at the garden by helping the staff with the Peace Growers (garden club) program. (June-July, Wednesdays 10:30am-12:00pm and 1:00-3:00pm; Fridays 10:30am-12:00pm.) Have any specialized skills (i.e., nutrition, education, curriculum development, construction, plumbing, electrical)? Volunteer with the  program director and garden site manager to help with special projects. (Times flexible based on volunteer’s availability.) 

Address:PO Box 548

Clarkston, GA 30021

To volunteer call: 404-292-8818

13. REFUGEE FAMILY LITERACY: Assist Mothers & Children Learning English (ages 0-4)

While mothers are in English classes, children ages 0-4 take part in our Early Childhood Development center. Engage some precious little ones and help them learn English in the process! Experienced ESOL assistants can volunteer in adult classrooms.

We also have opportunities to engage families in their homes through RFL@Home, help with student support, and assist with administration.

Join their Refugee Family Literacy Program to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. (Monday-Thursday mornings, 8:45am-12:30pm. Weekly commitment for one semester or various days/times.)

 Address:PO Box 548

Clarkston, GA 30021

To volunteer call: 404-292-8818

14. Bloom Our Youth

This Fayetteville organization provides support to foster children and their families with foster care training, foster parent education, and the Bloom Closet, a free “boutique” where foster children of all ages can get free new or nearly new clothes, shoes, toiletries, and school supplies.

Volunteers help sort donations, organize the “store,” and keep up with inventory. Volunteers also help with fundraising events. After a background check, volunteers can help foster children shop in the Bloom Closet. Hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Address: Bloom, 150 Marquis Dr., Fayetteville, GA, 30214, US,


15. AID Atlanta

AID Atlanta has provided services and education related to HIV/AIDS since 1982. Volunteers help at health fairs, answer questions on an info-line, provide community outreach, and help in the office. Hours are flexible between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays, with some Saturday opportunities. Volunteers must attend orientation and training and commit for at least six months.

General Information: (404) 870-7700

Volunteer: (404) 870-7764

Address: 1605 Peachtree Street NE,

Atlanta, GA 30309-2955

16. Lekotek of Georgia

Lekotek provides a place for children with disabilities to gain new skills and self-esteem through playtime with adapted toys, computers, and iPads. Volunteers help with Computer Club, provide Spanish translation for some families, and assist with special events.

Locations are in northeast Atlanta and satellite offices in Kennesaw, Duluth, Alpharetta, Peachtree City, and Gainesville. Most volunteer opportunities are during the weekend. They are currently searching for volunteers for:

  • Summer Computer Camp
  • Spanish Translation
  • Lekotek Annual Run
  • Computer Club
  • Lekotek Golf Classic

Address:1901 Montreal Rd Suite 126, Tucker, GA 30084, United States

Link: lekotekga.org

17. Park Pride

Park Pride has a terrific track record of engaging and empowering communities in park creation, improvement, and activation, and bringing people together to build enduring community spaces.

On “Greener Good Volunteer Days,” volunteers help mulch, clear invasive plants, pick up litter, and do other tasks to improve parks in DeKalb County and the city of Atlanta.

Most projects last three hours (typically from 9 a.m. to noon) on weekdays or weekends. Check their calendar, and register online. Register @parkpride.org

Address:PO Box 4936, Atlanta, GA 30302


Volunteering is not just about giving to the society but also giving to yourself and family as well as bettering the future.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” — Audrey Hepburn.

We have discussed why you should volunteer in Atlanta, how to start volunteering, volunteering opportunities, volunteering websites e.t.c. Happy volunteering!!!


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