Windermere Prep School 2023: Admission, Courses, Acceptance Rate, Tuition

Every parent value school that offers their kid enriched academic opportunity. They often want schools with high-tech teachers to teach their children the necessary skills for an ever-changing world. Windermere Preparatory School is that global community that enriches your child’s learning experience with opportunities beyond the ordinary.

Let’s show you why Windermere Preparatory School stands out among other prep schools in the USA.

There’s a lot of difference a quality education makes in your child’s success in school. That is why Windermere Preparatory School has developed a unique approach to recruiting, training and supporting teachers that ensures your child learns from the best.

If your child is in an exam class, they make sure teachers also offer personalized tutorial support and, if needed, individualized programs to maximize their chances of success.

See an in-depth review of the Windermere Preparatory School comprising the ranking, acceptance rate, programs, admission process, tuition & fees.

About Windermere Preparatory School

Windermere Preparatory School is a private PK-12 coeducational high school in Lake Butler. It is located on a beautiful 48-acre campus in southwestern Orange County.

Windermere Preparatory School serves students of more than 60 different nationalities. Through their comprehensive curriculum and philosophy, Windemere ranked the best private school in Central Florida.

Windermere Preparatory School is among the Nord Anglia school of education. This means that they are part of a family of 56 international schools, boarding schools, and private schools located in 26 countries around the world. Together, they train more than 50,000 students from 2 to 18 years old.

Windermere Preparatory School’s academic focus is based on complex problem solving and critical thinking, emphasizing intellectual, personal, emotional, and social growth. They can achieve all this through culminating in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program.

Here the different grade levels your child can enroll at Windermere Preparatory School:

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  • Early Childhood – Ages 3-4 (Pre-Kindergarten), Kindergarten
  • Lower School – Grades One through Five
  • Middle School – Grades Six through Eight
  • Upper School – Grades Nine through Twelve
  • Boarding Program – Grades Seven through Twelve
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Overview of Nord Anglia Education School

Parents choose an education at Nord Anglia because they bring academic, social, and personal success to every student.

With opportunities to learn from the best, experiences beyond the ordinary, and encouragement to achieve more than they ever thought possible, they help students succeed anywhere by offering a unique global education.

They are able to achieve all of this by investing in people, schools, and most importantly, students in Florida.

Nord Anglia Education is a global family of 61 premium schools in 28 countries with over 61,000 students and over 12,500 teachers and support staff around the world.

A unifying philosophy drives all Nord Anglia Education schools: “We are ambitious for our students, our employees, and our family of schools.”

They believe that there is no limit to what students can achieve, and the approach they use helps each child achieve academic, social, and personal success.

In the global community, they enrich your child’s learning experience with opportunities beyond the ordinary. From online debates and challenges to expeditions to the savannah of Tanzania or performing in Global Orchestra in New York, the Nord Anglia Global Campus enables students from around the world to learn together every day.

They understand the difference a quality education makes in your child’s success in school. That is why Nord Anglia has developed a unique approach to recruiting, training and supporting teachers that ensures your child learns from the best.

Nord Anglia also works with leading organizations around the world to ensure that the programs and initiatives they offer are second to none. For example, their music program is developed in collaboration with the Juilliard School.

And for schools in Nord Anglia, academic success is just the beginning. They are committed to nurturing students’ talents so that they can be successful in all aspects of their education, from sports and the arts to languages and technology.

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Why You Should Choose Windermere Prep School for your Child?

Windermere Preparatory School’s top priority is to develop the whole child and allow each graduate to gain admission to their preferred college or university.

While academic achievement is the top priority for Windermere Preparatory School, they supplement it by enriching the school with a host of extracurricular resources and activities, such as fine and performing arts, athletics, clubs, and community service.

Through personalized learning and a cutting-edge curriculum, engaged teachers provide instruction that develops and educates the whole child, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Most importantly, Windermere Preparatory School provides a stimulating environment that promotes:

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  • Access to the International Baccalaureate program
  • Character development and good citizenship
  • Best admission to the student’s university
  • Personal ownership of learning
  • Respect for oneself and the community

In addition, Windermere Preparatory School students are gifted with knowledge, a desire to seek the truth, and the courage to become lifelong learners who are college-ready, socially responsible, and capable of succeeding in a changing society.

Indeed, Windermere Preparatory School is a place that trains students to be ambitious early in life to continue to make the extraordinary possible when they are older.

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Windermere Prep School Community Life

In addition to Windemere’s great academic platform, they have built great community life in a close niche.

They understand students need a wide range of opportunities to challenge them in the arts and athletics, as well as in community service and extracurricular activities.

For this reason, they employ massive community service for their students to make a significant difference in their community and the world at large.

By participating, they discover hidden talents and discover new passions.

Windermere High School’s dedication to community service reflects their deep belief that any student can be the best and the truest when they help others. This teaches students early that they can positively influence others and the world around them through community service.

Windermere Preparatory Community School offers after-school classes for students of all ages. The community school is open to Windermere Prep School students, as well as other schools.

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Windermere Prep School Student’s Life

One major thing Windermere Preparatory School boast about is their ability to provide an exceptional education for each student. Because they endeavor to improve their learning platform which is inspired by the family schools in Nord Anglia.

From learning new skills and improving existing knowledge, and preparing for exciting next steps, their high school students benefit from a virtual school experience designed to give them the best foundation for the future.

When it comes to their young minds, Windemere Prep virtual Early Childhood School combines learning techniques to ensure that your child has a truly engaging educational experience.

This virtual school offers the same high-quality lessons your child receives in the classroom through developing important story-time literacy skills.

For their elementary students, the school’s virtual experience builds on the foundations that began in the early years. Hence, preparing them for the following stages of their education.

Through a secure platform, the virtual school will inspire your child with innovative lessons, unique learning opportunities, and high-quality teaching as part of their blended learning approach.

Finding the right balance between online and offline learning time allows your child to get the most out of the school, no matter what age group he/she is in.

Is Windermere Prep School Accredited?

Since Windermere Preparatory School is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, it is fully accredited by the following:

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  • The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
  • Florida Council of Independent Schools (FCIS)
  • Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS)

What are Windermere Prep School Rankings?

Due to its comprehensive curriculum, Windemere Prep School ranked as one of the best private schools in Central Florida.

Also, Windermere Preparatory School got numerous rankings from These rankings are based on rigorous analysis of data and reviews.

Here is a list of Windermere Preparatory School rankings by

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  • #2 of 3 as the Best Boarding High Schools in Orlando Area
  • #2 of 20 as the Best College Prep Private High Schools in Orange County
  • #3 of 35 as the Best Private K-12 Schools in Orlando Area
  • #4 of 45 as the Best High Schools for STEM in Orlando Area
  • #5 of 9 as the Best Boarding High Schools in Florida
  • #4 of 38 as the Best College Prep Private High Schools in Orlando Area
  • #4 of 38 as the Best Private High Schools in Orlando Area
  • #26 of 168 as the Best High Schools for Athletes in Orlando Area
  • #36 of 99 as the Most Diverse Private High Schools in Orlando Area
  • #2 of 20 as the Best College Prep Private High Schools in Orange County
  • #2 of 20 as the Best Private High Schools in Orange County
  • #2 of 19 as the Best Private K-12 Schools in Orange County
  • #3 of 23 as the Best High Schools for STEM in Orange County
  • #16 of 79 as the Best High Schools for Athletes in Orange County
  • #17 of 52 as the Most Diverse Private High Schools in Orange County
  • #24 of 202 as the Best Private K-12 Schools in Florida
  • #31 of 259 as the Best College Prep Private High Schools in Florida
  • #32 of 264 as the Best Private High Schools in Florida
  • #48 of 382 as the Best High Schools for STEM in Florida
  • #146 of 637 as the Most Diverse Private High Schools in Florida
  • #165 of 1,186 as the Best High Schools for Athletes in Florida

Where is Windermere Preparatory School Located?

Windermere Preparatory School is located in Lake Butler, an unincorporated area in Orange County, Florida, within the Orlando metropolitan area.

Contact Details:

Phone: 407-905-7737
Fax: 407-905-7710
Admissions: [email protected]
General Enquiries: [email protected]

Address: 6189 Winter Garden Vineland Rd, Windermere, FL 34786, United States.

What is the Windermere Prep School Acceptance Rate?

The Windmere Preparatory School acceptance rate is 85%.

After graduation, 100% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.

Windermere Prep School Academics and Faculty

Windermere Preparatory School offers a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes 21st-century skills in critical thinking, complex problem solving, and high-level reasoning, each of which is a fundamental part of their academic plan.

There is a clear link between these skills and eventual success in college and in the workplace. They develop the essential skills for your child to be successful in all aspects of their education.

The school has a small class size of 16 and students to teacher ratio of 14:1. Small classes mean that their teachers know each child individually and can respond to your child’s strengths, adapting a comprehensive learning model to help them overcome challenges.

The high-performing classrooms at Windermere High School exemplify an environment in which all students are challenged and supported to demonstrate high levels of learning.

Faculty of Windermere Preparatory School

The faculty at Windermere High School is highly qualified to teach students who desire to develop the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century.

With diverse teaching backgrounds from around the world, Windemere faculty bring a wide variety of experiences and knowledge to the classroom.

Its goal, one of the school’s missions, is to develop critical thinkers for students to apply their knowledge.

The faculty works together to make sure students learn from each other while bragging about everything they learn from their students.

Due to their experiences and the way they prepare students for higher education, students are accepted and enrolled in colleges and universities around the world.

In addition, the faculty meets regularly to learn new teaching and intervention strategies to ensure they effectively engage our students throughout the school year.

The way teachers interact with each other shows not only a commitment to the school but also a commitment to each other where everyone strives to be the best.

Here are the different faculties in Windermere Preparatory School:

Lower School

The Windermere Lower High School dedicates so much to providing students great opportunities for intellectual, emotional, and social growth.

The Lower School faculty emphasizes hands-on experiences in a fun and stimulating environment that is challenging and encouraging.

Also, the Lower School facilities have been designed with children in mind, providing a safe environment and maintaining an open and welcoming environment.

With their exclusive playground to their own library specializing in materials for young minds, our investment in the educational environment that surrounds our students is clear.

Highly trained and dedicated teachers provide an integrated curriculum that encourages creativity, teamwork, and independence.

Daily routines include reading, writing, phonics, spelling, math, science, social studies, life skills, and character development.

Students also participate in enrichment opportunities that include music, art, theater, Spanish, dance, choir, group, strings, science lab, physical education, and a knowledge center.

Generally, the Lower School is a vibrant educational community that encourages growth, encourages learning and exploration, and invites students to participate in all that Windermere High School has to offer.

Middle School

Today’s world demands critical thinkers and problem solvers; therefore, the college curriculum aims to take students to the next level. They achieve this by engaging them in integrated studies that encourage independent thinking and application of learning.

Such a program prepares Middle School students for high school, college, and life while helping them discover their true potential to refine their identity.

In addition to the core subjects like math, science, social studies, and language arts, students are exposed to foreign languages, the arts, and physical education on a daily basis.

Just as each age is unique, so are the goals for each grade. The programs in Windemere Middle School program capitalizes on the unique qualities of each grade level, focusing on a general theme that links learning with essential truths:

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  • Sixth Grade: “Open the book”
  • Seventh Grade: “Write my story”
  • Eighth Grade: “Turn a page”

High School

The academic focus of Windermere Preparatory School’s high school program is derived primarily from the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Although students experience IB classes as a two-year program that begins in their freshman year, all high school students benefit from study in an IB school.

Parents who choose Windermere Preparatory School for their children’s high school careers do so because of the rigorous curriculum and the variety of ways their children can thrive outside of the classroom.

Every year their teachers challenge students in the classroom, making them think critically about the world around them, allowing them to assess what they are learning in the classroom with a holistic perspective.

Due to the diverse nature of the school, students have the opportunity to establish relationships with others from very different backgrounds.

In the classroom, this dynamic leads to better quality discussions where each student can bring their own perspective that will be personal to them but that reinforces the dialogue in the classroom.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) is an ambitious two-year international education program. It is widely recognized for its high academic standards as a “Gold Standard of Education.”

Windermere Preparatory School is a college preparatory school and the best way to prepare students for college, with the highest placement and maximum credits, is through the IBDP.

The best colleges expect applicants to demonstrate not only their performance but also the strength of the program in which they served. To illustrate the power of a program, you don’t need to look further than the Windemere IBD Program.

The program is modeled as a hexagon with six academic areas surrounding the three core requirements.

During the two-year program, students:

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  • study six subjects chosen from the six subject groups
  • complete an extended test
  • take a theory of knowledge (TOK) course
  • participate in creativity, action, service (CAS).

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Requirements

This diploma program is a two-year full-time program.

Students must choose a subject in each of the Languages A and B, Social Sciences, Experimental Sciences, and Mathematics, thus ensuring a broad experience.

The sixth subject can be an Art subject or the student can choose another from the original options. At least three and no more than four are taken at a higher level (HL), the others at the standard level (SL).

In each exam, the student is scored on a scale from 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). The award of the diploma requires students to meet defined standards and conditions.

These include a minimum total of 24 points and satisfactory completion of three required core elements:

  • 1) theory of knowledge (TOK);
  • 2) long trial; and
  • 3) creativity, action, service (CAS).

A student who does not meet the requirements of the entire diploma program, or who has chosen to take fewer than six subjects, receives a certificate for all exams completed.

Admissions at Windermere Prep School

Windermere Preparatory School welcomes motivated students who will bring their character, ability, and enthusiasm to the school and its programs.

The key elements of each application are the student’s educational background, teacher recommendations, standardized test results, and/or admissions test results.

The admissions office is committed to providing personalized attention and clear communication at every step of the admissions process.

What is Windermere Prep School Admission Process Like?

Applications in Windemere Preparatory School are accepted on an ongoing basis for admission and available space. Windermere Prep School admits students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, or religion.

The admissions office is committed to providing personalized attention and clear communication at every step of the admissions process. Appointments are required for campus tours and the admissions office looks forward to helping you plan your next visit.

Admission requirements and deadlines vary by grade level. Select your child’s grade level below and see the attachments at the bottom of this page that apply from early childhood through high school:

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What is Windermere Prep School Tuition and Fees?

When it comes to school fees in Windemere Prep School, they try to be flexible to help parents manage their finances.

Hence, they agree to accept single payments, two-payment plans, and payments over ten months.

Here are all the prices of enrolment from Pre-K Three all the way through to Grade Twelve.

Tuition for the 2023 School Year:

Grades Tuition
Pre-K Three $16,250
Pre-K Three $16,250
Kindergarten $17,475
Grades One Through Five $19,825
Grades One Through Eight $21,995
Grades One Through Twelve $24,150

Instructional Activity Fees for the 2023 School Year:

Grades Tuition
Pre-K Three and Four $400
Kindergarten $850
Grades One Through Four $950
Five $1100
Six and Seven $1275
Eight $1375
Nine through Eleven $1525
Twelve $1725

Windermere Prep School Boarding Life

Windermere Preparatory School’s boarding life is second to known. The dormitories are converted townhomes that provide students with the comfort and feel of a natural home. This allows them to enjoy the camaraderie of a traditional dormitory experience.

Windemere Dorms are located minutes from campus to experience a level of luxury without having to leave home. They are within walking distance of a variety of lifestyle options including restaurants, dry cleaning, major food retailers, Publix grocery store, and more. (xanax)

The Residential Life program offers a unique and rewarding experience to its students.

The boarding program offers unparalleled opportunities for families considering boarding for their children.

Windermere Prep School teachers, dorm parents, and boarding school staff take a personal interest in each student and help them adjust to life in an American school.

How to Apply for Boarding Room

To apply for the Windemere Boarding room, we recommend that you submit your application early, both to ensure priority review and to ensure your student arrives on time and with the correct visa documents.

The admissions committee uses the following information to carefully evaluate each candidate:

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  • Nord Anglia Education Common Boarding Application OR Online Boarding Application Form Online Application Form
  • Transcripts for the current year and the previous two years of schooling
  • One official copy in the original language
  • Corresponding certified, literal translation in English (if applicable)
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  • Standardized test scores for TOEFL, TOEFL Jr., IELTS, Oxford Online Placement Test (OOPT), or other approved standardized tests
  • Recommendation of an English teacher (from your current school)
  • Referral from a math teacher (from your current school)
  • Copy of the student’s passport 
  • Bank statement or proof of financial support (if requesting an I-20)

When you complete your application, please contact [email protected] with questions.

Once your application has been completed, an interview with an international admissions coordinator will be scheduled. After completing your application and interview, most admissions decisions are communicated within 48 hours.

There is no charge to apply.

For more information, visit the link below

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Windermere Prep School Website

For more information about this Preparatory school on how to apply, click the button below.

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