Best Tips on How to Write a High School Student Resume in 2023

Limited experience can destroy your chances of getting a good job as a high school student. However, you can still tell an interesting story of your little work experience when you know how to write high-quality college students and high school resumes.

This resume will not only interest employers looking for young talent but will express your professionalism at the highest levels.

Structuring and writing a high-quality high-school student resume takes a lot of time. You will need to invest a lot of thought into the process by shining the light on your skills and professionalism.

Hence, in this article, you will find a lot of key strategies you can employ to ensure you write a high school student resume that stands out.

What is a High School Resume?

A high school resume is a resume that communicates the experience and skill of a high school student on paper seeking either a job, promotion, or to pursue a higher degree.

Although this definition instigates the awareness that there are different resumes, most follow a similar process.

Colleges look at high school resumes to see what you’ve accomplished, what you’ve done outside of school, and what you’ve done professionally.

You can also use them to prepare for a college interview or to give them to the teachers who will write your letters of recommendation.

Do You Need a High School Resume Template?

In light of your limited work experience as a high school student, a high school resume template can benefit you in creating a resume that is effective and likely to attract the attention of supervisors.

The following reasons provide specific reasons why a high school resume template is beneficial:

  • Maintains your resume’s organization
  • Enhances the first impression you make
  • You do not need any experience
  • Time-saving

Maintains your resume’s organization

By using a high school resume template, you will be better able to keep your resume organized and be more sure that the information on your resume is displayed in the right places.

Using a resume builder also ensures that you include all the necessary information in your resume. Your resume will look more professional if you use a template.

Enhances the first impression you make

Employers can easily see your skills and abilities if you use a resume template. Employers are especially interested in this when searching for job openings for high school students.

If an employer is considering hiring you, your resume demonstrates your skills, talent, experience, and other relevant information.

You do not need any experience.

A high school resume template can help you create an impressive and professional-looking document, even if you are new to resume-building. Using a template will give you the confidence that your application will contain all the critical information.

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A high school resume template makes creating a resume for every job you apply to much easier.

It is easy to modify a resume template and create different versions based on the type of industry you are applying for.

What Information Should Be on Your High School Resume

If you want to write a high school resume, you need to ensure you have the right things in your resume to attract and gain the best results. These core aspects include:


You should put the education section at the top of your high school resume since you likely have little work experience. You should also include your GPA if you have a high one.

Please list any academic achievements, honors, and awards you’ve received in your education section.

Volunteering Experience

If you have any work experience, you should emphasize the skills you acquired through that experience. However, you should also mention volunteer work and extracurricular activities you participate in, such as sports and other organizations.

Leadership Experience

If you have held a leadership position, employers want to see it, so include it in your resume. Include experiences such as holding a leadership position in a club or being a soccer team captain.


Skills are one of the core things hiring managers and other professionals lookout for when taking a sneak into your resume.

Hence, you must ensure any skills you have developed apply to the job you’re applying for. For example, you could list language skills and classes you’ve taken.

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When Should You Submit A Resume to Colleges?

Some colleges and scholarship committees may request or recommend a high school resume. 

Bring a copy of your resume and your college counselor to college interviews so they can write the strongest possible letters of recommendation for you. (But don’t submit a resume if they don’t ask for one—following instructions is essential for a successful application.)

Tips for Writing Your High School Resume

If you want to know how to write a high school resume to help you achieve your biggest goals, you must master the tips that ensure you always get these results. These tips include:

1. Write concisely

Reduce your list of activities to the most impressive and the best representation of who you are as a candidate. What must colleges know about your one semester on the field hockey team in grade 9? Not much. Try to keep your statement of purpose to one or two pages.

2. Commitment must be deep and long-lasting

Remember that colleges would rather see you as passionate about one or two key experiences rather than the sporadic involvement in 20 clubs can be helpful when choosing your activities and accomplishments. If your after-school work interfered with your participation in clubs or sports, ensure your resume highlights your work responsibilities, training, and on-the-job skills.

3. Be as specific as possible

An applicant’s resume is differentiated from extracurriculars by the details on a standard college application. For example, when describing your involvement in the Dance Club, make sure to include the following:

  • Your role
  • School years/hours per week you took part
  • Specific contributions (e.g., “Organized and played a huge role in a dancing competition”)
  • Leadership roles (e.g., “Vice President, Grade 11” )
  • Unique details that will make you stand out

4. Headline Aspects Missed in Your Resume

Colleges are looking for something new in high school resumes. If you weren’t asked to include your passion for journalism on the application, but it’s a big part of who you are, showcase your experience on your resume.

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5. A good format is essential

Scannable resumes are easy to read. Section the information in clear headings and bulleted lists, and use a consistent font. Organize the data to suit your needs. There are several ways to organize your email (chronologically, by importance, or by time commitment). Don’t forget to proofread!

6. Ensure accuracy and honesty

Colleges will spot inconsistencies in your application materials and won’t hesitate to contact your counselor to verify the information. Unless drama club is somehow your full-time job, don’t tell them you practice for 30 hours each week for the school play!

High School Resume Template

Here is a high school resume template to help create your resume. Fill in the different sections with your information.

[Name] [Address}

[Phone number}

I am a poise high school student interested in an opportunity to [enter what you’re seeking] where I can fully utilize my skills and further develop my passion for [industry].


[High school]

Graduation date: [date]

GPA: [include if strong]

Relevant coursework: [relevant classes you’ve taken]

Experiences & Activities

[Position Title/leadership position] [Company/Organization], [Dates]



[Position Title/leadership position] [Company/Organization], [Dates]



[Position Title/leadership position] [Company/Organization], [Dates]




[Role Played]

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Awards & Achievements

[Certification/award/club] [Certification/award/club]


Soft Skill

Soft Skill

Hard Skill

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Example of A High School Student Resume

Kim Cothrow

14 Langsley Street, New Jersey


I am a poise high school student interested in an opportunity to join the engineering system where I can fully utilize my skills and further develop my passion for engineering.


Luthrow High School

Graduation date: May 2020

GPA: 3.9

Relevant coursework: Aerodynamics

Experiences & Activities

Luthra Team Co-Captain

Luthron Soccer Team, September 2016-Present

  • Two-time state champion
  • Mentored younger soccer players on technique
  • Set soccer records for my school

Metrocks Engineering Intern

Metrocks Engineering, September 2018-May, 2019

  • Generated reports and analyzed cost estimates
  • Reached out to clients for vital updates
  • Offered recommendations to improve the project


Kholane Show


  • Provided media coverage for the event
  • Ensured all recordings for the event were done

Awards & Achievements

High School Soccer Team Captain

Member of National Dersed Society

Vice President of Key Club


  • Teamwork
  • Active Listening
  • Premier Pro Expert

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A high school resume can be the head start to getting into great positions that greatly benefit your career. Ensure you always learn how to write a good high school resume to sell yourself outstandingly. 

You can find the template and example in this article helpful in guiding you to achieve these objectives easily. 




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