15 Best Esthetician Schools In Arizona | 2022

Do you intend to practice esthetics in Arizona? Do you find skin abrasions fascinating? You are in the right place. After graduating from a beauty school, you could be able to make a good living as a medical or esthetician if you enroll in a master’s program.

The world is awash in skincare-related goods, methods, and treatments. It makes sense that the field of esthetics has become so popular across the US, and Arizona is no exception.

Arizona is a fashion-conscious state with some of the most prominent beauty schools in the US. Arizona’s esthetician schools have flourished by fusing innovative methods with creative ones.

In our update, our analysis will cut across top esthetician schools in Arizona, the best esthetician schools in Arizona, medical esthetician schools in Arizona, accredited medical esthetician schools in Arizona, and Esthetician schools in Arizona community college.

Why Become an Esthetician in Arizona

As a medical esthetician, you will have a fulfilling job with a lot to offer ambitious and hard-working individuals. Not only can working as a medical esthetician be quite satisfying, but it can also be in high demand, especially in Arizona.

Becoming an esthetician can be a great path to take if you ever want to launch your own business. The medical esthetician training program at ACA involves learning business skills to better enable you to launch your own firm after graduation.

Are there any Esthetician Schools In Arizona?

In addition to having one of the greatest numbers of estheticians in the USA, Arizona is also home to numerous beauty schools for aspiring professionals, trailing closely behind Utah in ranking.

Students can earn a bachelor’s, master’s, or diploma degree in esthetics by taking cosmetology courses at the esthetician or best esthetician schools in Arizona. There are over 20 top esthetician schools in Arizona.

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How much do esthetician schools cost in Arizona?

In a cosmetology school, generally speaking, you get what you paid for. Up to $9,000 might be spent on a comprehensive esthetics curriculum at a private beauty school. A course at a community college in a rural area might only cost $2,500.

There are additional costs to consider besides tuition. A student kit, which provides the equipment you need while preparing for your certification, is required for all cosmetology students. These are occasionally included in the tuition and occasionally they are not. Ask ahead of time because sometimes they can cost more than $1,000! You also need to pay for your State Board exams and license.

Both the exam and the license have costs associated with them. In most states, all licenses are also subject to a biannual renewal charge. Don’t forget to factor these into your education budget.

Financial help is available at almost all recognized medical esthetician schools in Arizona.

 How Long Will it Take to Attend Esthetician Schools in Arizona

You must complete a training program of at least 600 hours from an accredited school of cosmetology or aesthetics in order to become a certified aesthetician in Arizona.

You can learn the most recent skincare techniques from an Arizona aesthetician program, and you can also develop your skills in a wide range of spa services and cosmetic procedures. Among the courses offered in a comprehensive esthetics program are:

  • Skin examination and advice
  • Treatments and procedures for the face
  • Physiology of skin
  • Disinfection and sanitization
  • Makeup style
  • Spa treatments
  • Body treatments and wraps
  • Waxing of the body and face

Can you take esthetician classes online in Arizona?

Students who complete the Certificate of Competency (CCT) in the Aesthetician program will have the theoretical understanding and practical abilities necessary to execute a full range of professional aesthetics treatments, including face, body, skin resurfacing, and hair removal.

Therefore, even if you enroll in the online esthetician programs, you will still be required to take on hands-on training and internships to be certified.

Additionally, the program covers an overview of career and business planning and safety and infection control protocols. This curriculum meets the requirements for applying to take the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology (AZBOC) aesthetics licensing exam.

Best Esthetician Schools in Arizona with Certification

Arizona is a fashion-conscious state with some of the largest beauty schools in the US. Top esthetician schools in Arizona have flourished by fusing innovative methods with cutting-edge ones. The top esthetician schools in Arizona are listed here.

You might be interested in becoming an esthetician, obtaining a license to work as a registered esthetician, or both if you’re curious about the annual pay of estheticians. The information on this page will teach you more. We have compiled a list of the best esthetician schools in Arizona to make it easier for you to select one from the many available.

Our list contains the following.

  1. Medical esthetician schools in Arizona
  2. Accredited esthetician schools in Arizona
  3. Licensed esthetician schools in Arizona
  4. Cheap esthetician schools in Arizona

We organized the list in this way to make it easier for students to focus their searches on the topics that interest them most.

Medical Esthetician Schools in Arizona

Compared to basic esthetician schools, medical esthetician schools in Arizona provide a higher degree of esthetician training. The number of students enrolling in Arizona’s colleges of medical esthetics to pursue certification as esthetics experts is extremely high.

The top medical esthetician schools in Arizona are listed here.

1. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

A beauty school called Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is situated in Tempe, Arizona. The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts also offers popular majors in yoga, holistic health, and alternative medicine in addition to esthetics.

The total expected annual cost for Southwest’s esthetician program, including tuition, is around $39,773. Southwest is well-known for its on-campus student living amenities and its programs typically last 2-4 years. Programs are also available online through Southwest Institute. At the moment, it is among Arizona’s top colleges for estheticians. The institute also provides online courses. At the moment, it is among Arizona’s top colleges for estheticians.

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2. The Studio Academy of Beauty

The Studio Academy of Beauty, which is based in Chandler, is well-known for its academic excellence in Arizona. The Studio Academy offers a fantastic on-time graduation percentage of 90% in addition to a phenomenal job placement rate of 80%.

The Studio Academy’s esthetician program typically lasts two years and costs $15,727 per year on net tuition. Cosmetology, Esthetics, and skin care are the three most sought-after majors at the Studio Academy.

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3. Penrose Academy

One of the top esthetician schools in Arizona is Penrose Academy, which boasts a remarkable job placement record of 96 percent. Penrose is a hub for both domestic and foreign students and is situated in Scottsdale, one of Arizona’s top cities.

Cosmetology is the second most popular major in Penrose behind esthetician and skin care. The curriculum lasts about two years, and the net cost per year is $19,622. Besides offering scholarships to students, Penrose is active in a number of community projects throughout the state.

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Licensed Esthetician Schools in Arizona

If you want to become a certified esthetician in Utah, you must choose a recognized school that can meet the requirements set by the state board. If you’re not sure where to look, this list is the best place to start.

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4. Gateway Community College

One of Arizona’s most effective and reasonably priced esthetician programs is offered by Gateway Community College. The net yearly cost of Gateway’s esthetician program, which is situated in Phoenix, is $9,500.

It has a 2-year curriculum length and a top grade for student success. Cosmetology, esthetician and skin care, nursing, and massage therapy are some of the most sought-after majors at Gateway.

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5. Avalon School of Cosmetology

One of the best esthetician schools in Arizona is Avalon School of Cosmetology. Avalon is a school with one of the top esthetician programs in Phoenix, Arizona. This two-year program has an approximate net cost of $16,500 per year.

Avalon is a school with an 80 percent job placement record that is certified by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences. Cosmetology, skincare, and salon management are the most sought-after degrees in Avalon. The initial salary that Avalon Alumni receives is typically very outstanding.

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Accredited esthetician schools in Arizona

The need for esthetician services is growing as skin care treatments’ ability to make people look years younger than their actual age and gorgeously glowing increases. Arizona takes part in the business of beautifying people.

To assist you in choosing from the various schools available, we have provided a list of accredited medical esthetician schools in Arizona.

6. Turning Point Beauty College

In Casa Grande, Arizona, there is a private esthetician institution called Turning Point Beauty College. They currently enroll less than 200 undergraduates in programs at this little college. Turning Point’s programs last for two years.

The most well-liked courses offered at Turning Point are those in nail technology and esthetics. Additionally, Turning Point has a net annual cost of about $8,800. One of the best esthetician schools in Arizona is Turning Point Beauty College, based on affordability and educational quality.

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7. Aveda Institute

One of the most well-known cosmetology-based universities in the world is Aveda Institute. It currently has locations all throughout the US, one of which is in Phoenix. The esthetician and skin care program at its Phoenix location is renowned. The net cost of this 2-year program is $14,816 each year.

Other well-liked majors at Aveda include cosmetology and salon management in addition to esthetician and skin care. Ayurveda, an ancient Indian skin-care system, has influenced Aveda’s adoption of various organic skin-care techniques. The organic beauty products made by the Aveda Institute are renowned.

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Cheap esthetician schools in Arizona

Getting a fantastic deal on an excellent education might help you get started on a career path that will enable you to work for yourself. This career blends passion, creativity, technology, and skin understanding to help people achieve healthy, attractive skin.

It is admirable to be in a position to have this kind of information, and it may also be pleasurable and financially lucrative. Check the list below to choose the esthetician school that meets your budget.

8. Tucson College of Beauty

Private cosmetology school Tucson College of Beauty is situated in Tucson, Arizona. Tucson boasts one of the finest student-to-teacher ratios on the list with a spectacular 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Tucson collaborates with the renowned Paul Mitchell School for cosmetology.

Additionally, thanks to this collaboration, the kids at the Paul Mitchell School are able to get academic education from top-tier faculty members. Additionally, Tucson College, one of the best esthetician schools in Arizona, boasts a remarkable job placement record of 87 percent. The 2-year curriculum at Tucson College has a net cost of $17,264 per year.

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9. All Beauty College

All Beauty College is a very young institution in Arizona and is in Fort Mohave. It currently enrolls less than 50 students throughout all of its Arizona campuses. At relatively reasonable prices, they offer some incredible cosmetology and esthetician schools.

With 75% of its students returning for their sophomore year, it boasts outstanding student performance. The well-liked programs offered by Beauty College include cosmetology, esthetician, and skin care. The courses last for two years.

Address: 1761 McCulloch Boulevard North Suite A&B, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, United States

Phone+1 928-453-1212

10. Pure Aesthetics

Tucson, Arizona-based Pure Aesthetics is a school for estheticians. Esthetician and skin care are the two most popular majors in Pure Aesthetics. Pure Aesthetics has excellent program alternatives besides its 2-year program length.

Pure Aesthetics has a net cost of about $11,000 per year. Pure Aesthetics offers several special benefits to its students as a school solely focused on esthetics.

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11. Empire Beauty School – NW Phoenix

A for-profit university called Empire Beauty – NW Phoenix is situated in Phoenix, Arizona. They enrolled 38 undergraduate students, making it a tiny school. The acceptance percentage for Empire Beauty – NW Phoenix is 100%. Esthetician and skin care, cosmetology, cosmetology instruction, and salon management are popular degrees. Alumni of Empire Beauty – NW Phoenix make an entry-level income of $15,700.

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12. East Valley Institute of Technology

East Valley Institute of Technology is a public university in the Phoenix metro area in Mesa, Arizona. With 104 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a tiny institution. The East Valley Institute of Technology has a 100% acceptance rate. Cosmetology, nursing assistant, and welding are popular majors.

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13. DuVall’s School of Cosmetology

DuVall’s School of Cosmetology, which is tucked away in the DFW area’s mid-cities, is renowned for its welcoming environment and emphasis on customer service.

DuVall genuinely cares about each student’s success and has made an environment in which students can gain knowledge from a group of people with various backgrounds and perspectives. In the classroom, the student training salon, and the student training spa, a student can anticipate requirements and guidelines that they will find helpful in the future.

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14. Rio Salado College

With more than 40 years of expertise in online education, Rio Salado College is a recognized and diverse leader. They established the College with the goal of increasing social and economic justice via education access. Rio Salado College’s mission to empower learners worldwide via innovative education has been confirmed by the more than a quarter-million students who have taken reasonably priced online credit from the institution over the past 20 years.

Besides welcoming students from all backgrounds, the College places a strong emphasis on its core values, which include diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The majority of Mondays are when classes begin, so students can create a schedule that suits them. They provide majors in various programs of esthetics and cosmetology.

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15. Avalon School of Cosmetology – Mesa

Avalon is one of the best esthetician schools in Arizona, around the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. In Mesa, Arizona lies their for-profit college known as Avalon Cosmetology – Mesa. With 187 undergraduate students enrolled, it is a tiny institution. The acceptance rate at Avalon Cosmetology – Mesa is 100%. Esthetician and skin care, cosmetology, cosmetology instruction, and salon management are popular degrees. Alumni of Avalon Cosmetology in Mesa typically make a starting salary of $18,500.

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What are the Colleges with Esthetician Programs?

In Arizona, there are many universities that offer courses and programs with a focus on aesthetics. Many of them have campuses in other US states that are not in their home state. In order to aid in your search for esthetic colleges specifically in Arizona, we have primarily listed institutions in that state.

Avalon School of Cosmetology-Mesa; Studio Academy of Beauty; GateWay Community College-Central City; Penrose Academy; Utah College of Massage Therapy-Phoenix; Turning Point Beauty College; Avalon School of Cosmetology-Phoenix; and Avalon School of Cosmetology-Phoenix.

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How to Become an Esthetician in Arizona

To get licensed in Arizona, you must have completed professional training and experience at one of the medical esthetician schools in Arizona state’s colleges or institutions that provide esthetician programs.

The Arizona Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing must recognize and accredit the esthetician school. Through the Arizona Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, they provide esthetician colleges in Arizona. But you can also obtain a cosmetology degree from beauty schools in Arizona.

Esthetician Training

These are some of the courses offered by Arizona esthetician colleges.

Primary Esthetician

To be eligible for an Arizona basic esthetician license, you must finish up to 600 hours of training in an esthetician course.

You’ll learn about cleanliness and sterilization after completing the course, and you’ll be able to assist your patients in managing infections and skin disorders.

In this esthetician training, you will also learn the following things:

makeup artistry.
Skincare Trends, Facials, and Color Theory

Masters in aesthetics

The amount of coursework required to become a master esthetician is 1,200 hours. In Master Esthetician, you will learn particular skin procedures like these.

Full-body lymphatic drainage, light therapy, and laser certification in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are treatments for cellulite reduction that have received FDA approval. Chemical peeling for camouflaging makeup is another.

Pass the Fundamental License tests in Arizona for Estheticians.

Next up for getting a license is passing the Arizona Basic Esthetics Exams.

Once you have the required abilities and information, you must pass the Arizona Basic Esthetics Exams with a minimum score of 75 or higher to become an esthetician.

Apply for an esthetician license from the Arizona Cosmetology/Barbering Board. If you have finished the esthetics courses and passed the Arizona Basic Esthetics Exams, you are eligible to apply for the Arizona esthetician license.

You can apply and get your license from the Arizona Cosmetology/Barbering by paying $60 for an esthetician license and $85 for a master esthetician license.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is an esthetician license in AZ?

A program in esthetics typically costs $9,299, but many colleges have cheaper tuition costs or accept veteran’s benefits. The top institutions in Arizona that provide esthetics programs that satisfy state licensing standards are listed above.

How much does it cost to go to a beauty school in Arizona?

 In a cosmetology school, you often get what you paid for.
A comprehensive esthetics program at a private cosmetology school can cost up to $9,000 in total.
a project in a rural area

How long does it take to become an esthetician in Arizona?

 Be aware that the duration of this course can range from four to six months. Estheticians must study for at least 600 hours, according to the Arizona Board of Cosmetology, in order to get a license. Students must also enroll in accredited esthetician programs.

Can estheticians do laser treatments in Arizona?

The Arizona State Board of Cosmetology oversees it. We list the steps below.
Apply for a license as a cosmetologist, aesthetician, or nail technician online using a form provided by the board.
submits sufficient proof of one or both of the following.
remits the required fees.

How do I transfer my esthetician license to Arizona? 

An aesthetician or cosmetologist who has received laser technician certification from the organization is qualified to use a laser or IPL device:1. To remove hair while being indirectly supervised by a medical professional whose area of expertise allows for such supervision. 


Being an esthetician is a noble professional decision. Once you have met the requirements, you can fulfill your dream of becoming a cosmetologist.

The best esthetician schools in Arizona provide a variety of programs in esthetics and a great learning environment to help you grow your profession.

Go to the school’s official website, which is listed in the content, to find out more about it and to apply to any of the medical esthetician schools in Arizona that interest you.



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