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Many people believe that the best tools for hacking are far-fetched. Some even think you have to be a whiz kid skilled at computer hardware to use them. This is wrong.

Hacking tools are computer programs. They aid in the detection of vulnerabilities in computer systems, web applications, servers, and networks.

There are a lot of them available on the market. Some are free and open-source, while others are for a fee.

This article is a complete guide on the best tools for hacking. In addition, you would find attached the prices and the links to each tool. This is to ensure you get the most value out of this article.

Before we go right into giving the list, let’s see some definitions. Let’s get started.

What are the Types of Best Tools for Hacking?

The types of hacking tools depend on what you plan to do in the field of a cyber-attack. The most popular types of hacking tools are-

  • Website hacking tools. Website hacking refers to unauthorized access to a web server and database. These hacking tools give you access to a website.
  • Network hacking. Network hacking is the collection of information about a network using various tools. These are tools such as NS lookup, Telnet, Ping, Tracert, Netstat, and so on. These hacking tools work with the intent to harm or impede the network system’s operation.
  • Email hacking tools. These are tools that give unauthorized access to an email account. You can do this with the intent of stealing sensitive information.
  • Password hacking tools. They are for the recovery of passwords from a database. The recovery takes place without the consent of authorized password holders.
  • Computer hacking tools. These tools are for unauthorized access to a computer system to steal sensitive information.

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Best Tools for Hacking- Pros and Cons

As is with all tools, there are different pros and cons accompanied with all. The advantages and disadvantages of the best tools for hacking are-

Pros of the best tools for hacking

  • The best tools for hacking can help recover lost data.
  • To conduct penetration testing. This is to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen computer system and network security.
  • Best tools for hacking aid in the fight against cyber terrorism and national security breaches.
  • They also aid in taking preventative measures against hackers.
  • When you use the best tools for hacking, it contributes to the development of a system that prevents any type of hacker penetration.
  • The best tools for hacking provides security to banking and financial institutions.
  • In addition, they aid in identifying and closing holes in a computer system or network.

Cons of the best tools for Hacking

  • If you use the best tools for hacking maliciously, there are numerous disadvantages.
  • It violates people’s privacy.
  • The best tools for hacking cause a hamper in system operation.
  • Denial of service attacks are a possibility with the best tools for hacking
  • These tools for hacking cause malicious computer system attacks.
  • It also causes a security breach.
  • The best tools for hacking has the potential to corrupt an organization’s files or data.
  • Getting the best tools for hacking will increase the company’s costs.
  • They also serve as a medium to jeopardize someone’s privacy.
  • Most of the best hacking tools are unlawful

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Why should You Use Hacking Tools?

There are several reasons why you should consider using hacking tools. It is all different based on your intent. The following are reasons why you could consider owning a hacking tool-

  • They are mostly used to assess the security and vulnerability of a system you have set up
  • You can use it to steal confidential information
  • To wreak havoc on a system
  • They can jeopardize personal privacy
  • You can use the best tools for hacking to extort money.
  • Finally, you could use them to brag to others…imagine all the fun you could have.

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How Do the Best Hacking Tools Work?

In the ethical hacking process, ethical hackers typically follow a six-step process.


This is the primary stage in which the Hacker attempts to gather information about the target. It consists of identifying the target, determining the target’s IP Address Range, DNS records, Network, and so on.


At this point, the hacker begins to test a machine or organization for vulnerabilities that he can exploit. It includes the use of tools such as dialers, network mappers, sweepers, and port scanners. He also uses vulnerability scanners to check information.

Gaining Access

At this stage, the hacker plans the outline of the objective’s organization with the help of information gathered during investigation and scanning. He has checked out the organization and has concluded that they have a few options for gaining access to it.

Maintaining Access

This is the interaction in which the hacker has gained access to a framework. By gaining access, he introduces a few secondary passages into the framework. This is for future access to this possessed framework.

Clearing Tracks

This is essentially an unethical process. It has to do with the deletion of logs from the numerous exercises that take place during the hacking interaction.


Reporting is the final step in the use of hacking tools. The hacker compiles a report with his discoveries and work completed. In this, he adds the instruments used, weaknesses discovered, success rate, and measures.

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How to Set Up the Best Hacking Tools?

Here’s how to get started with any hacking tools-

  • Download and install the hacking software of your choice.
  • Once you install the software, run it.
  • Select and configure the startup options for your hacking tool.
  • Investigate the tool’s interface and functionalities; become acquainted with it.
  • Use a preconfigured external browser to test the software.
  • Scan a website with a hacking tool or perform a penetration testing

10 Best Tools for Hacking in 2022

Hacking is the process of gaining access to a computer system with the intent of fraud, data theft, and privacy invasion, among other things.

The 10 best tools for hacking in 2022 are:

#1). Acunetix


Acunetix is an ethical hacking tool that detects and reports on over 4500 web application vulnerabilities. This includes all SQL Injection and XSS variants.

Acunetix’s crawler fully supports HTML5, JavaScript, and single-page applications. It enables the auditing of complex, authenticated applications.


It incorporates advanced Vulnerability Management features into its core

  • Acunetix prioritizes risks based on data in a single, consolidated view
  • This hacking tool integrates scanner results into other tools and platforms.
  • The assessment procedure is simple to set up and configure thanks to self-explanatory reports.
  • It has prioritization and classification aid in the resolution of critical organizational issues.


  • This hacking tool lacks support. The customer service team’s response time is slow.
  • You currently have the “Allowed hosts” settings, which are difficult to configure. You would need to change the target of all (sub)domains.
  • The interface design is to be “point and shoot” and foolproof.
  • To configure things right now, you have to change XML config files on the server and reload Acunetix.

Visit Acunetix Here

#2. Netsparker


Netsparker is a dead accurate ethical hacking tool. It mimics a hacker’s moves to identify vulnerabilities in web applications.

It also does this for web APIs such as SQL Injection and Cross-site Scripting.


  • Netsparker uniquely verifies the identified vulnerabilities, proving they are real and not false positives
  • With Netsparker you don’t have to waste hours manually verifying the identified vulnerabilities once you finish the scan.
  • It is available as both software for Windows and as an online service.
  • NetSparker provides exceptional customer service.
  • NetSparker is very easy to use. Its user interface is well-organized and keeps all of the scans configured in a very clean visual.
  • Netsparker has several workflows and integration tools that keep all teammates on a page.


  • Netsparker does not work with every system. It is currently limited to popular systems, such as Java.
  • Netsparker has a higher price tag. With all of its competitors, I believe the pricing could be a little better.
  • Netsparker’s user experience could be better. There should be a way to directly determine if a system is vulnerable via e-mail.

Visit Netsparker Here

#3. Intruder


Intruder is a fully automated scanner that detects cybersecurity flaws in your digital estate.

As one of the best tools for hacking, it explains the risks and assists with remediation. It’s an excellent addition to your ethical hacking toolkit.


  • Intruder makes enterprise-grade vulnerability scanning available to businesses of all sizes, with over 9,000 security checks available.
  • Its security checks detect misconfigurations, missing patches, and common web application issues like SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
  • It takes care of much of the hassle of vulnerability management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.
  • It saves you time by prioritizing results based on their context and proactively scanning your systems for new vulnerabilities.
  • Intruder is also compatible with major cloud providers, as well as Slack and Jira.


  • You cannot schedule daily scans
  • The reports do not have enough detail

Visit Intruder Here

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#4. Nmap

Nmap is a network exploration tool, as well as a security scanner and port scanner. It is open-source software that can you can download for free.


  • It is cross-platform compatible.
  • This best tool for hacking manages service upgrade schedules, as well as monitors host and service uptime.
  • It is suitable for both single hosts and large networks.
  • The hacking tool makes binary packages available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
  • Its tools include data transfer, redirection, and debugging tool (Ncat), Scan results comparing utility (Ndiff)
  • You would also have access to packet generation and response analysis tool (Nping), GUI, and Results viewer (Nping)
  • Best for network scanning. It is simple to use and quick.


  • NSE scripts have their language in Lua rather than a less obscure language such as python or ruby. It makes extending and customizing Nmap’s capabilities more difficult than necessary.
  • Scanning weaker devices and congested networks can occasionally result in an unintentional DOS or network slowdown. The solution is to use the “-T” flag to slow down the scan speed and scan fewer machines at once.
  • Port scans are audible. Nmap includes methods for making port scans stealthier, but they always require generating a large amount of network traffic. There is an inverse relationship between stealth and speed.

Visit Nmap Here

#5) Metasploit


Metasploit is one of the best tools for hacking. Its framework is a free open-source tool that you can download.

Metasploit Pro is a paid application. The free trial period lasts 14 days. To learn more about the company’s pricing, please contact them.


  • It is the penetration testing software.
  • You can use the Metasploit Framework to create and execute exploit code against a remote machine.
  • It is cross-platform compatible.
  • It is useful for learning about security vulnerabilities.
  • Metasploit is useful for penetration testing.
  • Aids in the development of IDS signatures.
  • You can develop security testing software.
  • Best suited for developing anti-forensic and evasion tools.


  • Learning Metasploit can be a difficult task.
  • Since it is mostly CLI driven, there is very little GUI-based utility.
  • It has the potential to crash the system if not handled properly.
  • Metasploit may be difficult to install if your system has antivirus software.

Visit Metasploit Here

#6. Invicti


Invicti is a simple web application security scanner that can detect SQL Injection, XSS, and other vulnerabilities in your web applications and web services. It is available as an on-premises solution as well as a SaaS solution.


  • The unique Proof-Based Scanning Technology detects vulnerabilities with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Configuration is minimal. The scanner detects URL rewrite rules and custom 404 error pages automatically.
  • REST API for seamless integration with SDLC, bug tracking systems, and other systems.
  • The solution is completely scalable. In just 24 hours, you can scan 1,000 web applications.


  • The license could be better. It would be helpful if they could let us scan multiple URLs with the same license.
  • The licensing has a link to the URL and is not a lot.
  • You cannot retry a license if you have previously scanned a URL, such as a website. If you scan the same website in a different domain or URL, you may end up paying for a second license.
  • It would also be preferable if they supported multi-factor authentication.
  • This is one of the best hacking tools. However, it needs good multi-factor authentication support in the next release.

Visit Invicti Here

#7. Aircrack-Ng


Aircrack-ng includes a variety of tools for assessing Wi-Fi network security. All are command-line utilities.

It focuses on monitoring, attacking, testing, and cracking for Wi-Fi security. It is compatible with Linux, Windows, OS X, Free BSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, and eComStation 2.


  • Aircrack-ng can target Replay attacks, de-authentication, and fake access points, among other things.
  • It allows you to export data to text files.
  • You can check the capabilities of Wi-Fi cards and drivers.
  • It can crack WEP keys by employing FMS attacks, PTW attacks, and dictionary attacks.
  • This hacking tool is also capable of cracking WPA2-PSK using dictionary attacks.
  • Support for any wireless network interface controller is ideal.


  • This hacking tool is difficult to install.
  • It is difficult to use.
  • There is no graphical user interface.
  • Cracks WEP encryption, which is no longer used on wireless networks.
  • The WPA-TKP utilities are inoperable.

Visit Aircrack-Ng Here

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#8. Wireshark

Wireshark is a packet analyzer that can perform in-depth protocol inspections. It is cross-platform compatible. It allows you to save the output in various file formats such as XML, PostScript, CSV, and Plaintext.


  • With this hacking tool, you can apply coloring rules to packet lists, making analysis easier and faster.
  • This hacking tool can decompress gzip files on the fly.
  • It can decrypt a variety of protocols, including IPsec, ISAKMP, SSL/TLS, and others.
  • Also, it is capable of both live and offline analysis.
  • You are also enabled to browse the captured network data using the TShark utility in GUI or TTY mode.
  • Best for data packet analysis.


  • Notifications can go crazy based on specific traffic received
  • More powerful data processing would be advantageous.
  • Display N/W traffic on a dashboard or graph.
  • Notifications triggered by specific traffic received

Visit Wireshark Here

#9. Angry IP Scanner

Angry IP scanner

Angry IP Scanner is a cross-platform, open-source ethical hacking tool. It searches for IP addresses and ports. It is one of the best tools for hacking.


  • This network hacking tool searches both local networks and the Internet.
  • Free and open-source hacking software
  • In any format, random or file
  • Exports results in a variety of formats
  • Extensible, with numerous data fetchers
  • It has a command-line interface.
  • This hacking software is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • There is no need for installation.


  • It looks basic
  • It has a bunch of unwanted stuff
  • This hacking tool has unwanted adware contained in the installation package
  • It lacks GUI control

Visit AngryIP Here

#10. LiveAction

It is one of the best ethical hacking tools available. Omnipeek’s deep visibility improves performance and reduces security risk. With LiveAction packet intelligence, it is one of the best hacking apps for diagnosing network issues faster and better.


  • Network forensics software that is both powerful and simple to use.
  • LiveAction automates the collection of network data required to investigate security alerts quickly.
  • Solutions for software and integrated appliances
  • Deep analysis comes with packet intelligence.
  • This network hacking tool resolves network and security issues quickly.
  • Simple to use intuitive Workflow
  • Technical assistance that is knowledgeable and responsive
  • Appliance installation on-site
  • They have a dedication to customers and their products.


  • This hacking tool deserves better analytics
  • The price is VERY high for what this product does, but it’s worth it if you don’t have all of the expertise to properly prioritize your network.

Visit LiveAction Here

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Frequently Asked Questions

To recover lost data, particularly if you have forgotten your password. To conduct penetration testing to improve computer and network security.

Acunetix is currently the best hacking tool.

Kevin Mitnick is the world’s foremost expert on hacking. His name is on the world’s most popular computer-based end-user security awareness training suite.

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is widely used in the field of hacking for exploit writing. It is essential in the creation of hacking scripts, exploits, and malicious programs.

Hacking is typical of a technical nature. However, hackers can use psychology to trick the user into opening a malicious attachment or providing personal information.

A person who wishes to become a hacker must first learn to program, it’s a critical step. A variety of software programs are now available to make hacking easier. If you want to learn how to do it, you will need basic programming knowledge.


With the increasing number of Internet security threats, employers are looking for skilled and certified ethical hackers. If you can learn to use any of the best tools for hacking, you are on your way to go.

These hacking tools assist businesses in identifying potential flaws in internet security and preventing data breaches.

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