6 Reasons to Consider Studying in South Korea

Most international students experience mixed emotions when it’s time to relocate to study.

Moving to South Korea to study should excite you more because the country offers a beautiful study experience.

The 6 reasons to consider studying in South Korea discussed in this article are just icing on the cake regarding the exciting experience that accompanies studying in South Korea.

Most international students admit to watching South Korean teledramas before their arrival to catch a glimpse of South Korean culture. However, upon arriving in the country, they discover the experience is different from what is obtainable.

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About South Korea

South Korea is officially known as the Republic of Korea and is located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula in East Asia.

Currently, it is one of the biggest economies in the world. Although a relatively small country, South Korea has the 11th largest GDP globally.

In fact, since 2009, the country’s economy has grown steadily and is currently worth $1.4 trillion- according to recent statistics released by the world bank.

In addition, South Korea is a hub for tech junkies. Recent data posits that South Korea has the fastest internet connection speed. According to Akamai, South Korea’s content delivery network serves 15 -30 percent of all web traffic.

This means digital addicts will surely have a swell time studying in South Korea. Generally, no one waits long for the internet to be fixed in South Korea.

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Why Do You Want to Study in South Korea?

Among numerous reasons to study in South Korea, the wide range of employment opportunities awaiting South Korean graduates should top your list.

Since it is a hub for technology, graduates from Korean universities are highly sought by top employers of labor across the globe.

Also, South Korean stable economy should cheer your wish to study in this Asian country. If you decide to work in South Korea upon graduation, you will be financially stable.

Is Korea Safe for International Students?

Finder.com reports that the crime rate in Korea is extremely low. South Korea is one of the most remarkable safes zones for visitors -and international students.

Aside from its friendly culture, this country’s low crime rate makes it a safe habit for all and sundry. However, international students are encouraged to take adequate security measures when they relocate to a foreign country.

How Much Does it Cost to Study in South Korea?

It costs around $4, 350 per semester to study in South Korea as an undergraduate in a Public university.

Private universities’ tuition is estimated at $5, 800 per semester. Basically, programs in the Humanities faculty cost less when compared to courses in the Medical field.

Top Reasons to Consider Studying in South Korea

Looking for reasons to validate your desire to study in Korea? Consider these top reasons:

#1. Learning a New Language

Korean is the official language in South Korea. It is the only language spoken throughout the country. Irrespective of the dialects, Korean is used for formal communication.

Studying in South Korea is an opportunity to learn a new language. This is because you would have to learn to communicate in Korean.

#2. Cost of living

In 1963, “won”, the national currency of South Korea, was equivalent to $1. One reason to consider studying in South Korea is the low cost of living.

Generally, as an international student in South Korea, you can live a comfortable life. With a fair budget, you can rent an apartment for almost the same price obtainable in other parts of the US.

Because of technological advancement, public transport is cheap. But, boarding a private transit tends to cost more than in the US.

#3. Culture

The way of life of the natives in South Korea is rooted in Confucianism and emphasizes family and community values within families and between individuals.

This explains the favorable and friendly environment you experience when you decide to study in South Korea.

#4. South Korean foods

Studying in South Korea allows you to enjoy the variety of food the Korean culture offers.

Generally, South Koreans serve multiple dishes during a meal -stables: vegetables, rice, legumes, and Specialty: soups, noodles, stir-fried dishes, etc.

#5. Connection

Studying abroad, especially in South Korea, will certainly endow you with relevant connections and lasting friends. As an international student, making friends won’t be a hurdle. All you need to do is get yourself there. Those connections will later turn into a career savers.

#6. International Recognition

Universities in South Korea have gained worldwide recognition, and their position in ranking history is pretty good too. Employers and other universities around the world recognize virtually all universities.

South Korea is indeed a place to be! Despite the insane cost of living, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, which has made it a choice to consider. The opportunities present are like gold mines. Frankly, you have more to win than you will likely lose.

Study in South Korea FAQs

Is it hard to gain admission at the University of Korea?

Getting admission into a prime university in Korea is quite hard. However, once admitted, graduating is relatively easy. In clear terms, the acceptance rate of prime universities is quite low, but its graduation rate is on the high side.

With the right study visa, international students are eligible to work for 20 hours a week during academic sessions. During your holiday, international students can work for unlimited hours.

How does University of Krea Scholarsip work?

To get a scholarship to study in South Korea, international students are advised to submit all relevant documents together with their scholarship application to the Korean Embassy in their country.
Afterward, eligible candidates are sent to NIIED with the required documents.


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