7 Easy Ways To Pass OSPOLY Post UTME In 2022

Every year, students surf the internet in search of easy ways of passing post UTME with little stress/pressure. To surf the internet is one thing, another is writing down the right words and working towards it.

One of the difficulties candidates face is that they don’t know the process to pass Post UTME that is why we’ve outlined the 7 Easy Ways To Pass OSPOLY Post UTME.

Essentially, there’re factors to be considered in guaranteeing that you pass your Post UTME. Getting these ways/ factors could be a step to you getting admitted into your chosen university. Actually reading the post UTME past question is one of them, but there are many other ways that will help you pass your post UTME screening test with ease.

So, not to worry, just take your time and go through the article you will definitely have a story to tell after going through the article to know the easy steps to pass the exam.

Above all, in other to pass and have a good post Utme score in OSPOLY Post Utme screening exercise, you need to click here to get the Post UTME past questions and read them.


Osun State Polytechnic, Iree (OSPOLY) is a tertiary learning institution in Iree, Osun State, Nigeria. The Polytechnic was formerly a satellite campus of The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

Osun State Polytechnic (OSPoly) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study. Moreover, the institution has over 10,000 students. Also, the number of fresh students received by the school every year is over 2,000 students.

However, base on research, the admission statistics from Jamb for the Osun State Polytechnic is3 students, 1(male) and 2(female).

So, they take their admission screening exercise very seriously.

Why Do Universities Conduct Post Utme?

The Post UTME style is adopted by the Nigerian institutions in order to reduce the number of students to be admitted each year as higher institutions in Nigeria can’t admit all the candidates that scored 150 and above.

Also, It encourages more transparency to the institution’s enrolment processes and as a candidate knowing that two screening processes await them, they tend to tighten their belts as regards preparation.

In other words, you need to prepare expedient for you to pass the Post UTME screening test. By so doing, do well by getting the OSPOLY Post UTME past questions by clicking here.

What Is The Cutoff Mark Of OSPOLY? 

Generally, the JAMB cut off mark for polytechnics is clinched at 150. Also, candidates who score 180 and above in their JAMB for each section are considered.

Based on the 2019-2020 academic session, each faculty at the institution has its own cut off mark that is different from other faculty. That means a faculty can have higher cut off marks than the other faculty.

That is why as a candidate, it’s important you prepare yourself very well to avoid missing out. And with our complete OSPOLY Post UTME Past Questions available HERE we are certain that you will come out in flying colors.

Although 2020-2022 cut off mark is not out, below is a list of 2019-2020 departmental cut off mark which we assume might be same or have a slight change;

  • All Engineering courses –60% in post UTME
  • All Basic medical sciences courses 180 – 50% and above in post UTME
  • Professional and highly competitive courses – Law, medicine and surgeon, pharmacy: 85% and above in post UTME
  • All Agricultural and educational courses – 20% and above in post UTME
  • All courses in other faculties like Art, commercial, physical, and natural sciences are 40% in post UTME.


When Is Osun State Polytechnic Post UTME Starting?

The date for Osun State Polytechnic 2022Post UTME screening form is not yet out, but are likely to release the screening form a few weeks or months after the joint admission matriculation board (Jamb) is over.

We are going to follow up with the institution, so stay tuned for an update.

How To Apply

As an eligible and interested candidate after meeting the requirements for applying for the OSPoly Post UTME, complete your application through the outlined steps:

  • Firstly, visit OSPoly admission portal http://applications.ospolyiree.com
  • Then, click on CBT Registration
  • Put your full name and email address
  • Next, you proceed to make payment.
  • After, you’d be redirected to the registration page where you will complete registration.

So, don’t forget to start preparing for your post UTME as soon as possible.

How Much is the Post UTME/Payment Process

The amount for Osun State Polytechnic Post UTME screening exercise form is #2,000

PAYMENT PROCESS: The payment process for Osun State Polytechnic is through cash, bank transfer or online payment.


How many Questions: Subjects Offered

If you are preparing for the post Utme get ready to answer at least 50 TO 100 questions which comprise of

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

However, these subjects depending on the course you are applying for.

How To Pass The Osun State Polytechnic

Step 1: Get Exams Preparation Materials

These involve textbooks, dictionaries, post UTME past questions, mock questions, and others. These materials will enhance your mastering of the scope of the exam you are expecting.

Note: You can get the updated OSPOLY’s Post UTME past questions from us at the rate of One thousand naira(#1,000). This will save you the stress of going to school to get the hardcopy.

Step 2: Attend Extramural Classes

Register and attend extra moral classes at your location. This class will not only help you refresh your memory but will boast your classroom understanding and discoveries of new knowledge.

Step 3: Sleep When You Feel Like

When you are preparing for exams sleeping is very important because it helps the consolidation of memory. Caution: only sleep when you feel like and don’t oversleep.

Step 4: Reduce Your Time In Social Media

Some people live their entire life on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp. This is so bad and catastrophic if you are preparing for exams. Try and reduce your time spending on social media during this time.

Step 5: Work on your speed and accuracy

You must be fast and accurate because you are going to be graded base on the number of questions you are able to answer and not the other way round. Moreover, You have thousands of people competing with you and you need to work your way out so as to be among those that will be offer admission.


Step 6: Come to the venue before the exam day

You should find a place close to the venue that you can sleepover before the day of the exam. Avoid traveling down to the venue on that very day. Traveling to the venue on that day will increase your tension and affect your performance.

Step 7: Join a Network Base

It’s also very important to join or belong to a network base with like people already in the system such as current students of OSPOLY, Ex-students, and educationists alike. This can be done through social media platforms and live conversations.

Through our WhatsApp platform, you’ll be able to meet and build a network of friends that will be of great help to you. Click here to purchase the Past Questions and Answers and be added to the group.

Whatsapp Group

Join Our Exclusive Post-UTME WHATSAPP Group

To help you prepare better for the Post UTME exam for the Osun State Polytechnic and be a step ahead of other applicants, we have created a WhatsApp group for students about to write the OSPOLY Post UTME.

Benefits Of The Whatsapp Group

You’ll get the following benefits when you join the OSPOLY Whatsapp group:

  • Answers to questions regarding the Post UTME exam date, venue, timing, and direction.
  • Real-time answers to questions regarding the school, your prospective faculty, department, and their code of conduct.
  • Accommodation assistance from members of the group and students of the school a day before the post-UTME.
  • Essential hacks on scoring high in the Post UTME.
  • Discover and make friends with applicants studying your course.
  • Meet-up and interact face-to-face with friends you made from the group.
  • Full guide on the next step after getting admission.

How To Join The Whatsapp Group

Purchase the OSPOLY past question NOW by clicking here and get the invite to join the exclusive WhatsApp group.

FAQS On How To Pass The OSPOLY Post UTME

The Osun State Polytechnic is officially the best state-owned polytechnic. So, it is a state polytechnic

The cost for the Osun State Polytechnic(OSPOLY) post Utme form payment process is #2000.

1. Login to your JAMB Profile using your Username and Password.
2. Click on the “Check Admission Status” button.
3. Select Examination Year and enter your JAMB Registration Number in the required column.
4. Finally, click on “Check Admission Status” to view your admission status.

The OSPOLY 2021 Post UTME screening form is not yet out, but are likely to release the screening form a few weeks or months after the joint admission matriculation board (Jamb) is over. So stay tuned for an update.

Yes, Admission into the Osun State Polytechnic (OSPOLY)is very competitive


In conclusion, In conclusion, Procrastination they say is a waster of destiny. so you need to start on time to prepare for anything you want to do for an excellent result. Also, do well by adhering to the easy ways to pass the Post UTME so that you will come out in flying colors.



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