How to Return Audible Book: Digital Content Return Process

How to return audible book

In a world inundated with digital content, Audible has emerged as a leader in providing audio books, making literature accessible to millions. Returning an Audible book doesn’t have to be a daunting task. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process, providing valuable insights and tips to ensure a smooth experience. Whether you’re a seasoned Audible user or a newcomer, mastering the art of returning audio books is essential. Let’s dive in!

What is the Importance of Returning Book on Audible

Returning a book on Audible can be important for several reasons. Here are a few key points to understand the importance of returning a book on Audible:

  • Limited Credits: Audible often operates on a credit-based system, where users receive a certain number of credits each month as part of their subscription. If you’ve used a credit to purchase a book that you later find unsatisfactory or uninteresting, returning it allows you to reclaim that credit and use it for a different title.
  • Quality Assurance: Sometimes, listeners may encounter issues with the audio quality of a book or experience technical difficulties while listening. Returning a book ensures that you’re getting a satisfactory listening experience for the price you’ve paid.
  • Unmet Expectations: If a book doesn’t meet your expectations based on the synopsis or reviews, returning it allows you to explore other titles that might align better with your interests.
  • Changed Preferences: Personal preferences can evolve over time. Returning a book enables you to adjust your audiobook library based on your current interests and preferences.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Audible values customer satisfaction, and by providing a return feature, it allows users to have a positive experience with their service. This encourages users to explore a wide range of titles without the fear of being stuck with a book they don’t enjoy.
  • Encourages Exploration: Knowing that you can return a book if it doesn’t meet your expectations encourages users to explore new genres and authors, fostering a more adventurous approach to audiobook consumption.

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How to Return Audible Book

There are two methods of returning books on Audible, which is either on the desktop website or Mobile website. Audible return policy allows you to return audiobooks within 365 days of purchase. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to return an Audible book using the two methods:

Returning a Book on Audible Using the Desktop Website:

  • Visit the Audible Website: Open your preferred web browser and go to the Audible website.
  • Sign In: Log in to your Audible account using your credentials.
  • Access Your Library: Locate and click on the “Library” tab, which should display a list of your purchased audiobooks.
  • Find the Book to Return: Identify the audiobook you want to return. You may need to click on a specific section, such as “My Library” or “Purchased,” to find your complete audiobook collection.
  • Click “Return”: Look for an option that allows you to return the audiobook. This might be represented by a “Return” button or a similar option. This option is usually located near the book’s cover or title on the book details page.
  • Select a Reason: Audible may ask you to provide a reason for the return. Choose the reason that best fits your situation.
  • Confirm the Return: After selecting a reason, confirm that you want to return the audiobook because they will usually ask for confirmation.
  • Check Your Account: After the return is processed, check your Audible account to ensure that the audiobook has been removed, and you should see the credit or refund reflected in your account.

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Returning a Book on Audible Using the Mobile Website:

  • Open Browser: Open the web browser on your mobile device and go to the Audible website.
  • Sign In: Log in to your Audible account.
  • Access Your Library: Find and access your audiobook library or purchased books section.
  • Locate the Book: Identify the audiobook you want to return.
  • Initiate Return: Look for an option that allows you to return the audiobook. This could be a button or link labeled “Return” or something similar.
  • Follow Instructions: Complete any required steps or provide reasons for the return as prompted.

Note: According to Audible, their return policy allows active Audible Premium Plus members to take a chance on a new narrator or story without losing a credit, or return titles purchased in error. Customers who cancel or fail to maintain their membership in good standing are not eligible to make returns.

Tips for a Smooth Return:

  • Check Eligibility: Not all books are eligible for return. Audible return policy may have specific conditions, such as a time limit from the purchase date.
  • Understand the Policy: Familiarize yourself with Audible return policy to ensure you meet the criteria for returning an audio book.
  • Use Credits Wisely: If you used credits to purchase the audible book, make sure you understand how the credit system works in relation to returns.
  • Contact Support if Needed: If you encounter issues or have questions about the return process, don’t hesitate to contact Audible customer support for assistance.

Note: If you’re experiencing difficulties, it’s recommended to check Audible’s official help resources or contact their support for the most up-to-date information.

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Is returning an audiobook on Audible difficult?

Returning an audiobook on Audible is a straightforward process. Simply follow the steps outlined in your Purchase History.

Can I reuse a returned credit for another purchase?

Yes, returned credits can be reused for future audiobook purchases on Audible.

Does returning audio books affect my subscription benefits?

No, returning audiobooks does not impact your subscription benefits. You can continue to enjoy all the perks of your Audible membership.

Are there any restrictions on the number of returns I can make?

While Audible doesn’t specify a strict limit, excessive returns may be flagged. Exercise discretion to maintain a positive account standing.

What happens if I face technical issues during the return process?

If you encounter technical issues, reach out to Audible’s customer support for prompt assistance.


The ability to return Audible books is a valuable feature that empowers users to explore the vast world of audiobooks without reservations.

A user-friendly return process enhances satisfaction, ensuring Audible remains a top choice for digital content consumption.



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