10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Dallas

Coding bootcamps in Dallas are worth attending because of their burgeoning IT sector. Hence, in this article, we will explore the 10 best coding bootcamps in Dallas.

Dallas is known as a significant technology center in the United States. It’s known popularly as Silicon Prairie. It is well-known in the region as a business and technological center.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salary for web developers in the US is $77,030. That is why we will look into the benefits of going to a coding Bootcamp in Dallas.

So, please sit back, and let’s get straight to it.

Is a Coding Bootcamp in Dallas Right for You?

Dallas is a highly affordable city with many technology-based firms and is still attracting more. With the wages offered, employees may live an excellent standard of life.

Attending a coding bootcamp in Dallas will provide you with several options to advance your career in various technological sectors. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for developers in Dallas is expected to climb by 22%.

Bootcamps in Dallas have an excellent track record of helping alums improve their lives and prosper. That is to say, a coding Bootcamp in Dallas is a terrific option if you want to learn to code but are on a limited budget.

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Benefits of Studying at Coding Bootcamps in Dallas

Coding Bootcamp in Dallas provides an alternative to traditional schooling. Even if you have no coding skills, you may work at a tech business by attending a technological boot camp.

Many people today find profitable employment after attending a coding Bootcamp. These institutes prepare students for a specific job sector.

Many coding bootcamps are less expensive than traditional institutions, offer career counseling, and even collaborate with giant tech firms to facilitate job placement. Specific benefits of attending a coding Bootcamp in Dallas are

  • You will learn what it takes to work in your desired job sector. There will be no unnecessary classes or courses irrelevant to your job.
  • Rest assured, you are sure of employment if you attend a Bootcamp in Dallas. With employment rates as high as 90% or higher for its graduates. 
  • Students in a coding Bootcamp in Dallas can choose self-study, online study, and more. They allow you to study while still carrying out your regular activities.
  • Most coding bootcamps last little more than a year. They help you to hurry into a new employment field.

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10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Dallas in 2022

General Assembly, Nucamp, DevMountain, and Coding Dojo are among the best coding bootcamps in Dallas. These coding bootcamps have earned international acclaim. 

JavaScript, domain modeling HTTP, “RESTful” Design, HTML/CSS, AJAX, Ruby on Rails, big data analytics, and coding immersion are the subjects and courses offered by the bootcamps listed below. 

All of these bootcamps will assist prospective you in developing skills and give your career structure. Without wasting further time, here are the 10 best coding bootcamps in Dallas.

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#1. Coding Dojo

The Dallas Coding Dojo campus offers full-time and part-time coding instruction in data science and software development. Online Full-Time Software Development Immersive, Online Part-Time Data Science, Online Software Development Part-Time (Accelerated Pace), Online Software Development Part-Time (Flex Pace), and Onsite Full-Time Software Development Immersive are some of the courses available.

Attending this Bootcamp costs about $4,995-$14,995. You get to participate in interactive lectures with professors, chat with your peers and ask questions to assistant instructors during lab sessions.

With a reasonable job placement rate, it’s no surprise coding Dojo is one of the best coding bootcamps in Dallas. Since 2012, Coding Dojo has assisted many of its alums in starting their careers in the computer industry.

Veterans, women, and other underrepresented groups in the technology sector are also eligible for scholarships at the Dallas school.

Click here for more info: Coding Dojo.

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#2. Coding Temple

Coding Temple is in Dallas and offers 10-week full-stack and data science bootcamps and live online coding classes. This Bootcamp focuses on ASP.NET, C#, React.js, and Numpy.

Full-Stack Immersive Web Development, Full-Stack Python + Data Science, Online Full-Stack

Python + Data Science and Online Python + Data Analytics Immersive Bootcamp – Part-Time are just a few courses available.

If you enroll, you will attend interactive lectures to understand the best test-driven and agile development practices. You will also gain hands-on experience creating industry-standard apps with partner clients.

This feat makes it one of the very best coding bootcamps in Dallas. At the end of the coding school curriculum, graduates complete a final project that allows them to demonstrate their abilities to employers.

This technical boot camp provider is also concerned with the professional development of its pupils. It contains a résumé.

It costs about $7500-$12995 to attend this Bootcamp but be rest assured to get value for your money.

Click here for more info: Coding Temple.

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#3. Codeup

Codeup is well-known and highly regarded as one of the best coding bootcamps in Dallas. It provides in-person, 22-week full-stack web development and data science courses.

The topics addressed are Python, SQL, data visualization, data analytics, data wrangling, and statistics.

You will also have to pay tuition between $7500-$12995 in Codeup Bootcamp. The most appealing aspect of this boot camp is that it guarantees its students job offers within six months after completion.

Codeup has a strong employer network and community relationships than other coding bootcamps. Thereby enabling Codeup to place its students in entry-level roles at various software development and data science firms.

Click here for more info: codeup

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#4. Colaberry

Colaberry is a well-known name for the best coding bootcamps in Dallas. It is notable for focusing on self-paced training in data analytics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence from the ground up. 

One excellent feature of this Dallas coding school is that it offers hands-on tech seminars. Attending Colaberry would cost about $1,990 – $15,000.

Collaberry offers fundamental skill development courses in communication, time management, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and technical study.

Click here for more info: Colaberry.

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#5. DevMountain

DevMountain is a technology school founded in 2013 in Provo, Utah. It now offers full-time and part-time programs at campuses around the country. 

Courses cover iOS app development, software testing, UI design, web programming, and front- and back-end JavaScript development. A tuition fee between $15,500 – $17,800 makes it one of the best coding bootcamps in Dallas.

DevMountain provides challenging courses that assist you in keeping up with the modern industry by delivering an exceptional breadth of knowledge. Together with their hands-on

experience, practical workshops, and interactive lectures with professors, you are assured of excellence in any area you study. 

Click here for more info: DevMountain.

#6. Divergence Academy

Divergence Academy offers full-time data science, Python, statistical modeling, machine

learning, and web scraping courses. Throughout your degree, you have the option to complete several projects that you may utilize while looking for work.

This best coding Bootcamp in Dallas prioritizes students with a background in statistics, linear algebra, or mathematics and knowledge of at least one programming language. It also offers scholarships and $2,000 discounts to women, veterans, and current US military members, with tuition ranging from $3,500 – $18,000.

Click here for more info: Divergence Academy

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#7. General Assembly

In 2011, General Assembly was the first school to offer bootcamps as an expedited learning method. This technology institute provides short-term and long-term courses in various areas, both online and in person.

General Academy Bootcamp costs about $950-$15,950, depending on the course you are

offering. It focuses on current and in-demand skills like design and business technology. It exposes you to possibilities in the tech sector.

General Assembly offers a variety of courses ranging from full-time, intensive alternatives to part-time courses for people looking to advance their careers by learning a new skill.

Click here for more info: General Assembly.

#8. Nucamp

Nucamp offers full-stack web and mobile development courses that last 22 weeks. There

are also four-week basic classes that cover HTML, CSS, and JavaScript essentials.

It provides a 17-week front-end web development and mobile development Bootcamp in the mid-range. At Nucamp Bootcamp, you will study JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, NodeJS, React, React Native, and MongoDB in these courses.

Nucamp offers a high-quality education at an affordable price ranging from $349-$1,880, with each session limited to 12 pupils. 

During your study, you will work on projects in small groups of two to four persons and receive feedback as a group. One of the initiatives entails developing a product for large-scale deployment.

Admission to Nucamp is accessible to everybody, and you may apply online. Nucamp also offers a variety of scholarships.

Click here for more info: Nucamp.

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#9. SMU Bootcamps

Southern Methodist University’s bootcamps are one of the best coding bootcamps in Dallas.

The institution offers both full-time and part-time web development courses. 

SMU Bootcamps provide HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap, express.JS, node.JS, and machine learning training. Courses include Cybersecurity -Part-Time, Data Science and Visualization – Part-Time, Financial Technology -Part-Time, Full Stack Flex – Full-Time, and Full Stack Flex – Part-Time.

Former students have indicated the ability to collaborate with other specialists. They are also grounded in hands-on experience, which in our opinion, is most valuable when it comes to bootcamps training.

Tuition for SMU Bootcamp is between $11,995 – $12,995, based on the course you are studying. 

Click here for more info: SMU Bootcamps.

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#10. Tech Talent South

Tech Talent South, like many other bootcamps, offers students both full-time and part-time programs. The subjects addressed are Java Spring Boot, domain modeling, HTTP and RESTful design, HTML/CSS programming, JavaScript, Ajax, and APIs.

Its tuition fee ranges between $2,200-$13,500, making it one of the best coding bootcamps in Dallas and one of the cheapest.

Tech Talent South offers courses such as Big Data Analytics, DevOps and Continuous Integration, Full-Time Code Immersion – Java, Full-Time Code Immersion – Ruby, Intro to Web Design, iOS Development, JavaScript 101, JavaScript App Development, Machine Learning, Next Level Rails, SecDevOps, Startup Primer, The Graduate Accelerator Program and UX Design for Beginners.

The bootcamp’s low cost and scholarship opportunities are its most enticing features.

Click here for more info: Tech Talent South.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are coding bootcamps worth it in 2022? 

Yes, employers believe that a coding boot camp is worthwhile. Bootcamp students have demonstrated their usefulness in the real world. Even huge IT organizations are hiring Bootcamp alums for tech employment. According to Indeed, four out of every five US employers have employed a Bootcamp graduate.

Which coding boot camp has the highest employment rate? 

Galvanize alums have a 75% job placement rate and an average beginning income of $80,000. Four boot camps are available:
Immersive software engineering
Online immersive software engineering
Part-time online immersive software engineering
Software engineering using JavaScript and Python

How do I put Bootcamp on my resume? 

You should include your coding Bootcamp degree in your resume’s education section and any other completed college coursework. You may also have your coding bootcamps in your job experience to highlight the skills, knowledge, and experience you obtained in the program.

Do employers value bootcamps?  

Many aspiring computer workers wonder, “Are bootcamps worth it?” The answer appears to be affirmative, based on graduates’ career performance and the two studies below.

Do bootcamps look good on a resume? 

The quick answer is yes. Suppose you’re seeking a software engineering or other technical position. In that case, a Bootcamp and related projects are excellent methods to demonstrate your abilities.


These 10 best coding bootcamps in Dallas stand out for their hands-on experience and

unique teaching skills that rest assured to make up the top on the employment

list. So, settle down, make your pick and kick-start your coding journey.



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