10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Pittsburgh | Dates & Application

The idea of coding bootcamps has been around for a while, but many people may still be unsure of what it is and how these programs can help you get ready to reach your career objectives.

Bootcamps in Pittsburgh are short-term, rigorous training courses that give students the technical skills they need to get a job. Despite being comparable to trade schools, bootcamps in Pittsburgh frequently concentrate on teaching marketable technological skills that can land jobs quickly.

Your expected starting salary in Pittsburgh’s thriving tech community primarily relies on the sector you want to work in. However, incomes typically range from $40,000 to $75,000, with software development among the area’s highest-paying professions.

Today, many different learning options are available in the coding boot camp industry that caters to particular areas of interest and are provided in multiple methods.

Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh may provide classes on a variety of subjects, including coding languages, web development, system security, and more. As a result, those wishing to invest in themselves to pursue a career in programming or technology may find that enrolling in a Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh is the perfect option.

This article explains in detail the10 best coding bootcamps in Pittsburgh alongside their application dates.

Relax as we take you on an informational journey.

What is Coding?

It will be simpler to solve problems, and you will have a better understanding of how these technologies operate overall if you have a basic concept of what coding is.

We connect with computers through coding, often known as computer programming. Coding is similar to writing a set of instructions because it instructs a machine on what to do.

You can train computers what to do or how to behave much more quickly by learning to write code. This ability enables you to create websites and apps and handle data, among many other unique tasks.

Instead of merely concentrating on learning one particular technology when learning how to code, it can also be helpful to know the foundations – the building blocks – and to peel back the layers of abstraction to understand the underlying concepts that all these technologies share.

What are Coding Bootcamps?

A coding Bootcamp is a focused course that teaches crucial skills and gives candidates for careers in the computer and information technology industries real-world training.

Coding boot camps reduce the time and cost needed to acquire a typical college degree by concentrating on the hard skills that businesses want. Bootcamps can therefore offer a faster route to a fulfilling technical career.

For several months, intensive, hands-on, project-based training is required for coding boot camps. Bootcamp participants will experience synchronous and asynchronous delivery methods in in-person, online, hybrid, full-time, and part-time formats.

Instead of merely concentrating on learning one particular technology when learning how to code, it can also be helpful to know the foundations – the building blocks – and to peel back the layers of abstraction to understand the underlying concepts that all these technologies share.

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What will you learn in Coding Bootcamps in Pittsburgh?

Coding Bootcamps in Pittsburgh offer a scheduled, extremely structured learning environment with qualified teachers leading you from beginning to end, in contrast to massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Learners can select coding bootcamps that are concentrated on particular IT career sectors. Common emphasis areas include full-stack development, data science, cybersecurity, UX/UI, and software engineering.

Without investing excessive time and money in a computer science degree, learners can learn the critical skills organizations require through a Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh. Many web development and coding bootcamps last as little as 12 weeks.

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Can you learn Coding Online?

You don’t have to attend an on-campus school to learn how to think like a coder and acquire the necessary abilities. Learning to program online from the convenience of your home is possible and fairly unusual.

Numerous websites offer free instructional courses that may be accessible to anyone interested in learning how to code. These courses are helpful for both beginning and seasoned programmers who want to brush up on their skills.

If you want to study coding or programming online for free, follow these simple steps.

  • If you’re new to programming, go with Code Academy; available courses include those in JavaScript, PHP, Python, and HTML + CSS.
  • If you prefer video tutorials, enrol in courses at the Khan Academy.
  • If you’re interested in going beyond the fundamentals, look at MIT OpenCourseware.

Are Coding Bootcamps in Pittsburgh Worth It?

People who desire a quick method to begin a career in technology might consider attending coding boot camps in Pittsburgh.

Coding boot camps in Pittsburgh are more economical and typically take less than a year to finish than regular four-year degree programs, but they are less comprehensive. Because of their particular skills and the practical training they acquire in tech Bootcamp programs, alumni are frequently hired by employers.

A coding boot camp in Pittsburgh can be your best choice if you want to start a new profession in technology. Completing a Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh has the following advantages:

  • Value for the money.
  • Aid in locating a job
  • No degree is necessary
  • Valuable abilities
  • Versatility.

Why Join a Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh?

Here are some reasons you ought to enroll in Coding Boot camps in Pittsburgh if you’re thinking about switching careers or developing your current skill set to earn more money or advance your career.

1. High impact and rapid movement Boot camps move quickly. Bootcamps are a great way to learn a lot of material rapidly if you want to change your career. You can feel like you’re drinking from a firehose at times, but in the end, you’ll have learned more than you could have imagined in such a short amount of time.

2. Expert assistance In the tech industry, learning from others is essential. You will pick up new languages, frameworks, and tools from coworkers and superiors throughout your career. Look for a boot camp with instructors and TAs who are presently employed in the sector and can assist you in resolving pertinent issues.

3. Although teaching yourself is fantastic, it requires extraordinary self-discipline and extra effort. You will be pushed further than you can go when you have a regular schedule and classes that necessitate attendance. Therefore, boot camp is the best option if time is of the essence.

4. In the real world, success requires collaboration. To solve issues and create products, you will work in teams. Work on group projects during camp at a good boot camp. The ability to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts amicably, and manage projects is a skill that is necessary for job advancement in any industry.

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How Much Do Coding Bootcamps Cost in Pittsburgh?

On average, coding bootcamps cost $13,500. However, Coding Bootcamps in Pittsburgh cost about $11,727.

Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh can cost up to $20,000 at the high end of the scale. Some of the more affordable camps cost a few thousand dollars.

Several variables affect how much a coding boot camp costs: whether it’s on campus or online (online is typical $500 less expensive); whether it’s full-time or part-time (part-time can occasionally be less expensive, but not always); and whether it’s a single coding language or a full-stack boot camp (more comprehensive coding boot camps cost more).

How to Apply to a Coding Bootcamp in Pittsburgh

How to apply to a coding boot camp may be on your mind if you want to start a career in programming. It takes a lot of planning and investigation to decide to attend coding bootcamps in Pittsburgh. The good news is that many bootcamps in Pittsburgh do not demand that applicants have any prior experience with coding.

This post explains how to apply to a Pittsburgh coding Bootcamp and offers advice on improving your chances of getting accepted.

Create a portfolio and get it ready

Online programs like Udemy, Udacity, edX, and Codecademy are popular sites for taking quick, beginner coding courses because you don’t need any prior coding knowledge to attend. 

Also, think about enrolling in a Bootcamp prep course, which several Bootcamp providers provide to get potential students ready for their rigorous programs.

Perfect Your Interview

An admissions interview, or perhaps a series of interviews, is frequently required as part of the application process for bootcamps. These interviews evaluate your technical skills and cultural fit. It would be best if you started getting ready by learning more about each potential Bootcamp.

Before the interview, it is crucial to brush up on your programming knowledge or enrol in beginner coding courses; by showcasing excellent technical capabilities, you can stand out from the competition.

Extra Interview Advice

The level of passion and involvement you exhibit during the interview might have a significant impact on your chances of admission to a competitive Bootcamp, even though technical expertise can be vital. Here are some pointers to make sure you’re ready for a job interview.

  • Show Off Your Skills
  • Being yourself
  • Be Willing and Passionate.

Set Your Start Date and Payment Schedule

After being accepted into a Bootcamp, you must choose your start date and decide how you will pay for your education. As was previously noted, bootcamps occasionally demand upfront money. You should research alternate payment methods if you are unable to offer a lump sum payment at the beginning of your program.

Coding bootcamps typically offer a lot of flexibility when choosing a start date. If you enrol in a Bootcamp provided by a major supplier, you might discover start dates each month of the year.

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Overview of Coding Bootcamps in Pittsburgh in 2023

Here is an overview of the 10 best bootcamps in Pittsburgh in 2023:

  • Academy Pittsburgh 
  • Tech Elevator
  •  No camp Bootcamp
  • Per Scholas Pittsburgh
  • Revature Bootcamp
  • Resilient Coders
  • General Assembly 
  • Girls Who Code Bootcamp
  • CodeBoxx Bootcamp
  • STEM Coding Lab

10 Best Coding Bootcamps in Pittsburgh 2022 

The best 10 coding bootcamps in Pittsburgh are a perfect gateway if you’re keen to get involved in the tech sector in this exciting city. Let’s explore;

#1. Academy Pittsburgh 

Academy Pittsburgh, also known as AcademyPGH, instructs students on web development techniques using Ruby, C#, and JavaScript. AcademyPGH wants to prepare students for jobs ranging from full-stack developers to data scientists.

Like other boot camps, Academy Pittsburgh offers an ISA that lets you pay for the course of study with money from your first job after graduating. If you choose the ISA, you will be required to pay the school 10% of your monthly income until it is repaid.

There isn’t currently a campus for this boot camp in Pittsburgh, but there are plans to open one there soon.

You have three choices with CodeBoxx to help launch your career. It grants grads access to its network of all-star tech businesses and partners.

Duration- 12 weeks.

Pay $10,000 upfront or 10% of a graduate’s income for 24 months as the cost

Visit Bootcamp Here

#2. Tech Elevator

 The Pittsburgh office of this national organization, which has its headquarters at 901 Pennsylvania Avenue, provides online and in-person Java, C#, HTML, CSS, and SQL classes. Additionally, it guarantees job placement after graduation and is home to Pittsburgh’s #learntocode group, which organizes free events and workshops for programmers of all skill levels.

Those who wish to gain tech skills and are interested in changing careers should start with this 14-week, full-time coding boot camp. Students will be exposed to an industry-relevant curriculum and taught full-stack development.

Depending on whether the student is enrolled in a part-time or full-time program, the length is between 14 and 30 weeks. The cost is $15,950. However, there are scholarships, grants, and income-sharing arrangements available.

Visit Bootcamp Here

#3. NU Camp Bootcamp

For groups across the US and online, Nucamp offers a 22-week, part-time course in full-stack web and mobile prograToTomp is an affordable option for ambitious software developers and students wishing to change jobs, with costs starting at just $8 per month.

Nucamp and Google Cloud are collaborating to give you job-critical experience with installing and managing websites and apps on the cloud. This involves integrating Google Cloud into the Full Stack Bootcamp.

Anyone who signs up for the Full Stack Bootcamp has a year’s worth of access to the Google Cloud Skills Boost labs.

Visit Bootcamp Here

#4. Per Scholas Pittsburgh

 At the moment, citizens of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can receive virtual technology training through Per Scholas Pittsburgh. After graduation, we’ll match graduates up with positions with employer partners like TEKsystems.

This regional campus of a nationwide program with its headquarters in New York now provides software engineering, cybersecurity, and IT support courses. In 2021, it extended to Pittsburgh in collaboration with TEKsystems, a technology services company that announced its desire to employ students from Per Scholars classes to work in the city’s expanding tech sector.

Approximately 15 week

Cost: Nothing

Applications are due on September 12 for information technology and software engineering and on August 15 for cybersecurity.

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#5. Revature Bootcamp

A tech startup called Revature employs recent college grads and teaches them how to code. You will work on real-world issues and case studies for two years as a Revature employee following your intensive, 12-week software development training.

The company’s requirement that applicants hold a college degree is negative. However, prior coding experience is not necessary. The school’s apprenticeship approach has the added benefit of being free if you are chosen for the program.

Visit Bootcamp Here

#6. Resilient Coders

An entry point into the tech industry for people of colour with modest incomes is provided by the NGO Resilient Coders, which has its headquarters in Boston. JavaScript, jQuery, React, Node, and MongoDB are all covered in the courses. Students’ ability to create an application or game in JavaScript from scratch will be tested as part of their final grade.

Resilient Coders, an organization that prioritizes equity and is still growing, aims to unite different programmers and assist them in locating long-term opportunities in the industry.

20-week course; no charge; no application required. The next open cycle will start in October 2023.

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#7. General Assembly 

Data science, UX design, software engineering, and digital marketing courses are available through the national program General Assembly, which also offers a virtual Pittsburgh alternative. Currently, there are part-time and full-time options for the online lessons provided by the Bootcamp.

A person can enrol in a full-time GA Immersive course at the general assembly for a low initial payment. With the Catalyst program, you only pay back your tuition if you’ve found a job paying at least $40,000 per year in affordable monthly instalments.

Approximately 12 weeks.

Cost: $15,950 for the whole tuition; after graduation, pay through an income-sharing arrangement in equal monthly payments.

Fall semester applications are due by August 21 and September 6.

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#8. Girls Who Code

Through free coding training for pupils in grades 3 through 12, this national initiative aims to close the gender gap in the tech industry. Every year, Pittsburgh Technical College offers a virtual club to students in grades 6 through 12. Public and private schools can establish groups for interested kids during the academic year, and high school students can brush up on their codes and consider potential computer vocations during the summer. Additionally, female and non-binary undergraduate and graduate students can launch chapters on their campuses, which may include direct hiring pipelines, programs to help students prepare for interviews, and support with internships.

The academic calendar determines club lengths. Sessions that last in the fall and nine weeks in the winter.

Applications must be received between August 2 and October 17 for some clubs, camps, and chapters to be funded.

Clubs are free; summer camps may charge tuition but provide grants to those who qualify, and college and young professional programs are all free.

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#9. STEM Coding Lab

A Pittsburgh nonprofit organization called The STEM Coding Lab is working with Pittsburgh Public Schools to assist children from lower-income families in learning computer science skills. In grades K through 12 can learn computer science, robotics, and website design and development through after-school programs, online courses, or in-person classes.

  • The academic calendar determines the duration of both in-class instruction and after-school programs. 
  • Three sessions of two-week summer camps are available.
  • Free or inexpensive price Applications: None

Visit Bootcamp Here

#10. CodeBoxx Bootcamp

There isn’t currently a campus for this Bootcamp in Pittsburgh, but there are plans to open one there soon. You can take advantage of CodeBoxx’s 16-week curriculum until then by visiting Quebec or using the internet.

CodeBoxx is dedicated to ensuring students receive quality training to become software engineers. Students at CodeBoxx learn how to apply artificial intelligence to tackle challenging issues, among other things, using a variety of technologies and a hands-on learning style.

You have three choices with CodeBoxx to help launch your career. It grants grads access to its network of all-star tech businesses and partners. Additionally, it regularly hires former employees for its digital solutions division. Or you can choose to work on your own as a freelancer if you’d prefer. The tuition policy, whereby CodeBoxx deducts 20% of your first year’s pay, is a drawback.

Visit Bootcamp Here

Are there Free Bootcamps in Pittsburgh?

There are free coding bootcamps in Pittsburgh, some of which include;

  • Pittsburgh’s Upstream Coding Academy
  • Pittsburgh’s Nucamp Coding Bootcamp
  • Academy Pittsburgh

Free coding boot camps in Pittsburgh can provide multi-level computer experts with a route to employment. Accelerated Bootcamp draw aspiring and seasoned software developers who want to sharpen their technical skills.

72% of companies said Bootcamp grads were “equally or better suited” than other candidates, according to HackerRank research from 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any jobs that come out of coding bootcamps?

Though there are few assurances on the job market, the majority of Bootcamp graduates find jobs within six months of completing. Numerous variables, including geography, prior experience, interview skills, and speciality, can influence the outcome of a job hunt.

Is a degree preferable to a coding Bootcamp?

In reality, a coding boot camp equips you with more relevant and practical employment skills than a computer science degree. A Bootcamp teaches you specific skills you can use right away in the workplace, whereas a degree gives you a strong foundation.

Does Amazon hire Bootcamp graduates?

Yes, Amazon does employ graduates of bootcamps, particularly if they have relevant expertise. Even if you can work for Amazon as a Bootcamp graduate, keep in mind that you must also meet their requirements and demonstrate that you would make a fantastic addition to a development team.

Should someone with a computer science degree enrol in a coding Bootcamp?

You probably learned a lot of theories about computer engineering and programming when you earned your computer science degree. However, if a coding Bootcamp concentrates on a new field of study or cutting-edge technology, it can be advantageous for you.

Must I enrol in a coding Bootcamp?

In the most recent Outcomes Report from Course Report, 80% of respondents claim to have held a job that required the technical skills they acquired in the Bootcamp. So a Bootcamp can be worthwhile if you want to work in a tech-related field like product management or as a software developer or data scientist.


For your convenience, we have listed the best coding bootcamps in Pittsburgh for 2022. Bootcamps provide the ideal environment for aspiring programmers to learn, make mistakes, and explore a new world without worrying about judgment or pressure.

In 3 to 12 months, coding aspirants can grasp programming languages with a demanding curriculum and strong professional support.



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