Top 25 Best College Football Helmets | 2023 Ranking

Football is a full-contact sport, so players can get hurt. In this kind of game, accidents are bound to happen. In college, the football helmets are an important part of keeping the head and face safe from injuries.

When you play football, it’s important to keep your face and head safe. If you want to play football, you should buy a helmet. As important as it is to wear a helmet, it is also important to wear a standard-designed football helmet. Before you buy one, you can look at recommendations and reviews to make sure it’s good.

Do play football? Or are you a fan? Do you want to know what the best college football helmets in 2023 are? This article is a full guide. Keep reading.

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Why Does A Football Player Need The Top College Football Helmets Ever?

Even if you are careful, accidents can happen. This is especially true in sports that involve physical contact, like football. Even a pro football player knows that wearing a helmet is important. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should have one.

A football helmet is a part of what makes football safe. Every part of a football helmet protects a player’s head in a certain way. In football, there is a real chance of getting hurt, so players take every safety measure. A football helmet is an important part of football safety.

According to a report from the NFL, there were 281 concussions and head injuries in 2017. This makes it hard for the top helmet makers to make advanced and high-quality football helmets. It’s one reason why you should buy this piece of equipment to keep yourself from getting hurt badly.

You should buy a football helmet because it gives you the protection you need. It makes you feel like you’re safe. The best college football helmets in 2023 can take multiple hits that could cause trauma, concussions, brain injuries, facial injuries, and even tooth loss. In football, players have to hit and tackle each other over and over again, which can be dangerous to their health.

Wearing a helmet can cut down on player injuries and the risk of serious damage from repeated and hard hits. This is even more reason for you to buy one.

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What to Consider When Picking the Best College Football Helmets in 2023

In either youth football or the NFL, a helmet is an important part of the game. When a player buys this piece of gear, they can feel better about going all out. This is because they know they have protection in some way.

To fight on the field during a game, a football player needs to be well-prepared and able to move quickly.

The small cost of getting a helmet is worth it for the safety, confidence, and courage it can give a player. But what should you think about when buying a helmet for yourself? You should consider

  • The fitting. All helmets should fit well. It is the only way it can offer the protection it promises.
  • Learn the name and find reviews on it. With this, you can see if the helmet is worth it at all.
  • It should be fine with NOCSAE.
  • Know what kind of face mask you want.
  • Pick a color that goes with your outfit.
  • Choose the football helmet with the highest rating that you can afford to make sure it’s good.
  • Choose a helmet that matches your team so you feel like you belong.

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What is the Cost of the Best College Football Helmets in 2023?

Football helmets come in different sizes and styles based on what people want. Most football helmets have padded leather. They also they have bars to protect the face and a visor to keep the sun out of the eyes. The price of a football helmet depends on what brand it is, what kind it is, and where you buy it.

On average, the price of a football helmet can range from $45 for a used one to as much as $400 for a brand-new one. On average, a varsity helmet will cost about 30% more than a youth helmet.

At Riddell, for example, the average price of a varsity helmet is between $279 and $425. The average price of a youth helmet is between $109 and $200. Each college football helmet at Baylor University cost between $600 and $700. Each helmet at Mississippi State costs close to $600.

Replica professional helmets are often bought for autographs. Depending on the brand and the team logo, they can cost anywhere from $50 to $200. For example, this football helmet for the New England Patriots can start at $90. A replica mini helmet can cost as much as $150. Prices start at $15.

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Top 25 Best College Football Helmets in 2023

#1. Hawaii Warriors

The Hawaii Warriors might not be in the running for the BCS, but they look good even though they aren’t very good. They made it to #1 of the top college football helmets ever.

Hawaii has a helmet and a logo that are both nice to look at and true to the culture of the islands. The tribal-looking designs on the sides of the “H” give it a look and feel that is unique to Hawaii.

The Warriors have had different looks at different times. They were “Rainbow Warriors” until 1999. From 1950 to 1969, the first helmets were white with a green stripe on top.

From 1970 to 1973, they looked like plain gold. For the rest of the 1970s, there was a figure that looked like Rainbow Warrior and should have been in a Sunday morning cartoon.

In 2000, they finally showed off their new signature “H” on what looks like the darkest green possible. Between 2005 and 2007, they also wore a silver helmet with the letter “H” on the side.

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#2. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas did a great job making the pig look tough, fast, and mean. The colors are nice and the logo is great. It is one of the top college football helmets ever. Since 1964, this is how Arkansans look.

It changed a few times since then, but the look and feel are still pretty much the same.

In 1995, the logo got bigger and bolder, which was the best chance. Before this, Arkansas’s helmet was red with white numbers.

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#3. South Florida Bulls

Even though the South Florida Bulls are a new college football team, their helmet is already top-notch. It is ranked #3 on our list of the top college football helmets ever.

The logo for the Bulls looks like it was just put there with a hot branding iron. Before it got its current look, the school had a few different ones.

The first Bull logo looked more like a cow giving birth than something you’d want on a football helmet.

USF also has a white helmet with the logo on it in green, which looks great.

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#4. BYU Cougars

The BYU Cougars have one of the top college football helmets ever. BYU’s old look is back and looks better than ever. It has a very simple and nice look.

The strong colors and big “Y” on the blue seal/capsule make for a good look.

Before adding the “Y,” BYU went through a few bad helmets. From 1966 to 1968, the first look was a blue helmet with a white “Y” and a blue capsule. From 1999 to 2004, BYU wore a helmet that was dark blue and didn’t look bad at all. Still, the team looks best in the classic style.

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#5. Clemson Tigers

Even though it’s not the “eye of the tiger,” the paw will do in this case.

Orange and purple looked so good by Clemson. The Tigers are popular for their big paw. They show this on the helmet.

Ranking #5 on our list of top college football helmets ever, the design is top-notch. In 1960, they wore helmets that were just orange.

Then, in 1962, purple numbers got added to the sides. During the 1960s, orange helmets with a purple or white “C” came in different styles.

The Tigers’ helmets haven’t changed since 1977. Purple and white stripes were added to the top.

Clemson’s “paw” is one of the few football helmet logos that look good on the faces of female fans and cheerleaders.

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#6. Auburn Tigers

It’s a sharp-looking helmet with bold lettering and solid colors. This helmet is one of the top college football helmets ever. The look we have now goes back to 1969. Before that, Auburn’s sides had numbers on them. Over the years, the “AU” has stayed the same.

The only thing that has changed is the helmet, which has gone from blue to orange to white.

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#7. Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahoma’s look isn’t flashy, but if you’ve ever seen it at night, there’s something to it.

Since the 1976 season, Oklahoma has had this look. It was also the year that they changed from blue to red.

From 1946 to 1975, the old look was bright red and white. The first time the OU symbol was was in 1966.

The next year, the letters went from being round to being what is now known as “blocked.” It is one of the top college football helmets ever.
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#8. Oregon Ducks

Oregon doesn’t have a lot of history. Still, their helmet is one of the top college football helmets ever. The Ducks like that Phil Knight and Nike are always coming up with new styles and looks for them.

Anyone who remembers the old yellow helmet with the crossed round UOs or the logo with Donald Duck on it has to be thankful for Nike’s help.

The helmets for Oregon have a nice shine, and the “O” logo looks good.

Oregon has at least five uniforms and three helmets. Not all of the uniforms look great, but the other two helmets are good. The white one has a green “O,” and the yellow one has a green “O.”

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#9. Louisville Cardinals

It’s pretty hard to look for a small bird, to be honest. The colors of Louisville are nice, and their bird is the best-looking one in all of the college sports.

Shouldn’t it be an eagle or falcon? You might think that, but Louisville is the best. There is a better one, which we’ll look at later.

The Louisville Cardinals have one of the top college football helmets ever. Since 1963, Louisville has changed or tweaked the way their helmet looks nearly 20 times. They had the look of the Arizona Cardinals, the look of Alabama (plain white), and even the flag of the United States.

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#10. Tennesee Volunteers

It’s simple and pretty. It is one of the top college football helmets ever. Unlike any other sports team in the country, the Volunteers have claimed the letter “T” as their own.

The logo looks good in both how big and how bold it is. It’s also nice that they didn’t change the helmet by making it black.

Tennessee’s “Single T” look came out for the first time in 1964. Since then, it has grown and become a brasher. This helmet is one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

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#11. UCLA Bruins

Gold and blue look good together, and the UCLA logo is very cool. The Bruins helmet hasn’t always had it so good. At first, it was a copy of the all-gold look of the Navy and Notre Dame.

Then UCLA got added in 1997. When the letters were bigger in 2000, the helmet got a lot better. From 2000 to 2003, the face mask was blue, but then it went back to its usual gray color.

If we could change just one thing, I would suggest that they make the logo baby blue to match the jerseys. Using their colors and a baby blue jersey, they could also show off a throwback style with a white helmet. It is one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

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#12. Georgia Bulldogs

Georgia’s letter “G” might be the best in all of football. It’s bold and has a great look thanks to the two-dimensional coloring.

This is a big change from the old look, which was just plain silver with a big red “G.” Over the years, Georgia has changed the helmet a few times. The mask’s color has changed from gray to black to white.

Georgia showed off a black helmet with a red face mask in 2009. We think this style should continue to be in use.

But the helmet might change to black or white. The Georgia Bulldogs helmet is one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

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#13. Arizona State Sun Devils

The helmet for Arizona State is tight. It is one of the best college football helmets in 2023. The logo is great and the colors go well together.

Since it was first shown in 1980, the “Sun Devil” has changed a few times. They wore yellow helmets with red numbers from 1959 to 1974.

Then, from 1975 to 1980, they added “ASU” to two different versions of a Sun. It is no doubt one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

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#14. The Spartans of Michigan State

Few people know that the famous winged look of the Michigan Wolverines was first worn by Michigan State and then by Princeton.

It is one of the best college football helmets in 2023. At the moment, Michigan State’s logo is a spartan soldier’s helmet on a green background.

Even though the colors are just green and white, they look great. Between 1960 and 1964, Michigan State’s helmet was green with white numbers.

The first Spartan came out in 1965. It got changed twice before it went back to numbers in 1976. But because people wanted the Spartan logo, it came back for a short time from 1977 to 1982. Then, for some reason, they went with plain green on one side and a white “S” on the other for eleven years before going back to the Spartan in 1995.

The “S,” this time on both sides, made its last appearance in 2001, but the next season, it got changed back to a Spartan.

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#15. Florida Gators

The Florida Gators’ helmet is one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

The helmet should show Syracuse Orange how to make their helmets look good.

Florida’s first helmet, “Gators,” came out in 1979. That was a huge improvement over the crossed “UF” used since 1968. In 1966, Florida’s helmet was white with a blue “F” on it. Before that, they used a blue helmet with an orange “F” inside a white capsule.

one of the best college football helmets in 2023.
The uniforms for Florida always look good. Even the old-fashioned ones with white helmets are nice. Their current helmet looks great.

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#16. Iowa Hawkeyes

This is the best helmet bird we’ve seen. Iowa has bright colors and a logo that looks even brighter. It looks good because it doesn’t have a lot of details.

This logo was first shown in 1979. Last year, they wore a yellow helmet with the word “Hawks” written in black cursive. In 1958, the first helmet was yellow with black numbers. In 1965, they wore yellow helmets with a solid “I” on them, but that style only lasted for one season.

From 1966 to 1970 and 1974 to 1976, they had a plain yellow look. From 1971 to 1973, they had two logos that looked like the eagle that Southern Mississippi used. However, this currently black helmet with the yellow birds speaks volumes. It is one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

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#17. LSU Tigers

The “Bayou Bengals” are college football’s “purple and gold.” Their current logo for a helmet first showed up in 1979. In 1980, the face mask went from being white to people. From 1960 to 1971, they had a purple number on a yellow helmet. Then, for the next three years, their tiger logo was different.

LSU has also worn a white helmet with the logo, and in 2009, they started using a new golden one. This helmet showed on our list of the best college football helmets in 2023 for its unique look.

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#18. USC Trojans

The “Men of Troy” haven’t changed much about the way their helmet looks. It would be good to have a poll to find out if USC’s Trojans or Michigan State’s Spartans are the better choices for former soldiers. It is one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

The first Trojan design was first seen in 1972, and since then, only the face mask has changed a lot. Before the Trojan logo, the USC helmet was just a plain dark red color. In 1992, they tried a different design for the Trojans, but the next season, they changed it back.

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#19. Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State looks great in their red home uniforms and silver helmets. Especially at the end of the season, when there are a lot of stickers on it that look like little marijuana leaves.

The Silver with red, black, and white stripes has been Ohio State’s uniform since 1968. From 1960 to 1965, they used a helmet that was half red and half silver and had black numbers on it. In 1966, they wore red helmets with white stripes on the top.

In 2009, Ohio State brought back a look from the past by wearing a white helmet with black numbers and a red stripe at the top. This helmet is one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

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#20. Penn State Nittany Lions

Penn State went all the way to the other end of simple. Even though they only added a blue stripe, Penn State’s look is nice. Even though both the home and away uniforms are very simple, they look great.

The helmet was first used in 1962. Then, from 1968 to 1974, the numbers were blue. From 1975 to 1986, they went back to their old look, but in 1987, they added blue face masks. The Penn State Nittany Lions is one of the best college football helmets in 2023.

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#21. Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama likes to do what has worked in the past. Since 1960, Alabama’s football helmets have had the same look and feel.

In 1951, the numbers were a red color on a white helmet. The Alabama Crimson Tide helmet is one of the top college football helmets ever.

Many teams used to have their numbers on their helmets. But Alabama was the only one who wouldn’t give it up for something flashier. The Crimson Tide football team now always wears this look.

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#22. Florida State Seminoles

The Florida State football team has great colors and a great helmet. Florida State made the look of garnet and gold look its best. The Seminole spear on the helmet is way too big, but it looks great.

Over the years, Florida State has gone through a lot of helmets. We mean, they tried everything. It’s been once red, gold, and yellow. There were two different Chief Osceolas, the word “State,” and the letters “FS” on it.

In 1976, they finally made a spear that worked on their second try. They started using a black helmets in 2009. It is currently one of the top college football helmets ever.

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#23. The Texas Longhorns

It’s the face of Texas football, with the longhorn bull staring back at you. Nothing says more than wearing a plain white helmet and putting your logo in a prominent place on the side.

The “Hook ’em Horns” nation uses this logo to remember everything about their school.

The colors of Texas, burnt orange and white, look great on TV and have done so since 1970. In 1976, they switched the gray face mask to a white one.

Before that, Texas’ logo was a Longhorn with a number on top. The Texas Longhorns helmet is one of the top college football helmets ever.

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#24. Michigan Wolverines

Michigan and Princeton still wear helmets with wings, but Michigan State was the first to do so in the late 1800s on their leather helmets.

Now, though, it’s an important part of Wolverines football.

This style is great. The colors maize and blue catch your eye. Small yellow numbers were on the side from 1959 to 1968, but they got taken off in 1969.

Since then, Michigan has kept the same beautiful look that it had back then. It is one of the top college football helmets ever.

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#25. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish

The “Golden Domes” of Notre Dame are well-known. The movie “Rudy” even went out of its way to show and talk about them.

When it comes to Notre Dame, you have to give them credit for sticking to what they’ve always done. They could have easily added their cool little Irish fighter, but they chose not to.

Instead, we get the same shiny, beautiful, plain gold helmets that Americans have seen on TV since 1964. On a sunny autumn afternoon, they’re a beautiful sight.

From 1959 to 1962, there was a “big green clover” on the side of a golden helmet. This helmet is one of the top college football helmets ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best helmets on their college football team?

Hawaii Warriors
Arkansas Razorbacks
South Florida Bulls
BYU Cougars
Clemson Tigers
Auburn Tigers
Oklahoma Sooners
Oregon Ducks
Louisville Cardinals
Tennesee Volunteers 

What kind of helmets do college football players wear? says that college football teams use Riddell Insite helmets to keep track of where hits come from.

What is the best brand of football helmets?

Riddell NFL Authentic football helmet for the Atlanta Falcons.
F7 Schutt Adult Football Helmet.
Schutt NCAA Authentic XP for Notre Dame Fighting Irish On-Field.
Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet.
Riddell Speed Authentic Football Helmet for NFL Las Vegas Raiders.

What is the most worn football helmet?

The Speed Flex is the most-bought football helmet on the market. Meanwhile, the speed flex has a sleek look and is usually worn by almost every big-name college team and NFL team. The screws are a new feature of the speed flex.

Did Michigan’s helmets get a makeover?

Since it was first used in 1938, Michigan’s wing-shaped helmet has gone through a few changes that have mostly stayed true to the original. When former head coach Bo Schembechler came to the team in 1969, that was the biggest change.

How much does a football helmet cost for college?

The helmet and shoulder pads are the most expensive pieces of gear. When they add stickers, the helmet can cost as much as $340. Depending on what position the player plays, the shoulder pads can cost up to $350.


Football is one of the most popular sports, but it is also one of the most dangerous. Buying protective gear is important if you want to stay safe while playing. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to look at the reviews, as that can help you find the right football helmet for you.

Ensure that all your needs get met by the helmet before you buy them. Buying a football helmet is a small price to pay for a big improvement in football. Whether you’re a player or a parent with kids who play sports. Our list of the top college football helmets ever would help you make the best choices.

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