15 Best Driving Instructor Courses and Certificate Programs

The driving instructor courses are an essential step in your career as a driving instructor. It will prepare you to teach students responsibly and safely and give you the experience necessary to succeed at this job.

If you want to become a professional driving instructor, state and national organizations offer different courses. This article will introduce the best driving instructor courses and certificate programs. 

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What Are The Types of Driving Instructor Courses?

If you want to be a driving instructor, there are two types of training:

#1. Trainee driving instructors – People who have passed the theory test and are looking to become qualified instructors. They must pass the practical test, showing that they can teach safe driving skills and pass on this knowledge to their learners.

#2. Driving instructor courses- This is for people without previous experience who want to learn how to become fully equipped driving instructors. They’ll receive training in theory and practical teaching and get shown the best practices to follow when teaching other learners.

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How do I train to become a driving instructor?

  • To become a driving instructor, you must be over 21 and hold a full driving license. You also need at least six months of experience as a driver and have passed the theory test.
  • You will then get assessed on your knowledge of road rules, driving techniques, safety awareness, and vehicle handling skills during a practical test that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes. The practical examination consists of around 20 maneuvers where you must demonstrate how well you can control your vehicle in different situations, such as traffic flow or roundabouts.
  • Before being allowed behind the wheel, you should also pass an eyesight screening test. If this proves difficult for you, other options are available too, including getting specialist glasses fitted by an optician or seeing if any local centers offer discounted rates for those who meet specific requirements (e.g., age).

15 Best Driving Instructor Courses

#1. The Driving School Association of the Americas

The Driving School Association of the Americas (DSAA) is one of the best driving instructor courses.

It’s an organization that provides training and certification programs for driving instructors. The DSAA offers several different courses and certificates, including: 

  • A License to teach drivers how to drive safely in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico
  • A certificate in special needs transportation services that prepare you for working with children with disabilities or other special needs
  • A certificate in hazardous materials education teaches you about transporting cargo safely.

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#2. The National Driver Training Institute

The National Driver Training Institute (NDTI) offers a wide range of driving instructor courses, instructor certification, and endorsement programs.

The NDTI offers several different types of training programs, including:

  • Instructor Training Courses: Designed to help you learn how to be successful with your students at the wheel. You’ll have an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned on our simulator before heading out into the real world!
  • Instructor Certification Courses: These are ideal for those who want their road test scores verified by an official from our partner agencies like DriveTest or DriveGuru. The certificate issued upon completion confirms that you’re qualified for this work in any state across America!

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#3. A-1 Driving School

A-1 Driving School offers one of the best driving instructor courses. It is a driving school in the United States that provides training for drivers of all ages and skill levels.

A-1 Driving School offers a variety of classes, including defensive driving, teen driver training, and more. A-1 Driving School has been operating since 1990 with offices in New York City, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Tampa Bay.

In addition to providing classroom instruction on how to drive safely at home or the workplace, they also offer online courses that can be taken 24/7 by anyone worldwide!

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#4. Aceable

Aceable is a great place to learn how to teach others how to drive, and it’s one of the best driving instructor courses out Aceable has one of the best driving instructor courses.

You’ll find a variety of courses available for you to take at your own pace, so there’s no pressure on either side—you can learn as fast or as slowly as you like.

If you’re interested in online training, Aceable offers both in-person and online options that allow access to students worldwide.

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#5. Ticket School

Ticket School has one of the best driving instructor courses. It’s a driving school that offers online courses for drivers ticketed in the past. The course teaches drivers to be more aware of their driving habits and helps them avoid getting tickets in the future.

The program is available online, so you can take it whenever it’s convenient for you—at home or on your lunch break!

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#6. American Safety Council

The American Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Instructor Course (DDIC) is a comprehensive program that will prepare you to teach students responsibly and safely. This course helps you become a better driver and a more effective instructor.

The DDIC includes a comprehensive curriculum of defensive driving topics, including traffic laws; vehicle operation; alcohol/drugs/other substances; seatbelts/child restraints; distractions while driving; theft prevention techniques for passenger cars and SUVs/minivans/trucks, etc…

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#7. TrafficSafetyEDU.org

It is an online course, and it’s free to take. You can complete the course at your own pace, but if you want a certificate of completion, there is an option for that as well.

The Traffic Safety Edu website offers a wide range of courses, including how-to videos and quizzes on traffic laws and road signs.

They also provide classes on defensive driving (i.e., what to do when someone cuts you off), driver education (how to pass the road test), and more! TrafficSafetyEdu.org has one of the best instructor courses. 

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#8. Driver Ed in a Box

 The course comes with 12 DVDs, which you can use to watch at home or when you’re in the car. A booklet explains everything in detail, including how to teach others after completing the course.

The course takes approximately 20 hours to complete this program if one person is teaching two students simultaneously—but it’s worth noting that there are other ways of doing this (like having multiple instructors).

You’ll need your vehicle with an ignition key (or someone else who has access) so that they can show off their skills while learning from them!

Also, remember that some states require driver’s licenses before allowing them onto public roads; make sure yours meets these requirements before signing up for their classes! Driver Ed in a Box has one of the best driving instructor courses.

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#9. Driving 101 Teen Driver’s Education

It is a free online course that teaches students the basics of driving. The course teaches them how to be safe drivers and pass their driving test with flying colors.

It also covers topics like what kind of vehicle you should buy, how much insurance costs, and more.

It is worth checking out if you want to learn more about driving before getting your license! Driving 101 has one of the best driving instructor courses out there. 

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#10. ePermitTest.com

ePermitTest.com is a website dedicated to helping people pass the permit test. The site offers free practice tests based on the official DMV test and includes answers to see what you’re doing right or wrong.

The website also offers an expanded list of driver’s education classes and certificates to help you find what’s suitable for your needs.

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#11. AA Driving School

AA Driving School is a driving school in the U.S that has been in business since the 1950s. They offer in-class and online driver education and a wide range of courses, including motorcycle training, defensive driving, and night driving.

AA Driving School has one of the best driving instructor courses. It is based in Florida but has branches across the country (including New York City).

Their reputation for providing excellent customer service means you can trust them to give your loved ones the best possible experience when learning how to drive safely on their terms.

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#12.. AAA Drivers Education Program

The AAA Drivers Education Program has one of the most well-known driving instructor courses in the United States.

It’s also an excellent choice for people who want to learn how to drive because it offers courses at multiple levels and a wide range of vehicles for rent.

AAA offers students everything from introductory defensive driving courses to advanced driving programs with more advanced technologies like adaptive cruise control and self-parking systems.

Plus, there’s plenty of support available if you have any questions or concerns along your journey toward becoming an expert driver!

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#13. North Shore Community College (NSCC) Professional Truck and Bus Driver Training Program (CDL Program)

The North Shore Community College (NSCC) Professional Truck and Bus Driver Training Program prepare you for the skills and knowledge required to teach commercial driving.

This program will help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary to earn a commercial driver’s license. They have one of the best driving instructor courses in the United States.

Students who complete this program will receive an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree from NSCC or another accredited institution and a certificate of completion from CCDL.

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#14. National Safety Council, Defensive Driving Instructor Course (DDIC)

The National Safety Council’s Defensive Driving Instructor Course (DDIC) is a three-day course designed to teach the instructor how to teach defensive driving.

The National Safety Council teaches the system, which offers courses in many locations across the country.

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#15. LANES Driving Instructor Schools

Their job is to expand your knowledge, correct bad habits, and teach you the skills necessary to train others.

If you think about it, you already know how to drive, most of the road signs and procedures, and you could teach someone to drive right now, even if not to the standard we expect of a professional driving instructor. LANES has one of the best driving instructor courses. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are driving instructors in high demand?

There has never been a greater demand for driving instructors due to a combination of driving instructors leaving the industry, students delaying their lessons, and new students turning 17 years old.

Is it worthwhile to become a driving instructor?

Driving instructors are delighted with their jobs. It is a gratifying job to teach a young person a valuable life skill. Meeting new people each week and having the opportunity to influence their lives positively is something Driving Instructors consistently mention as a rewarding aspect of their job.

Can I make a living as a driving instructor?

Being a driving instructor can be a lucrative career. Of course, that isn’t the only benefit. However, if you’re considering becoming a driving instructor, you should be aware of the potential earnings.

How old is the average driving instructor?

An employed driving instructor is 43 years old on average.

Can you learn to drive and become a driving instructor?

The DVSA requires that you be sponsored by a driving school as a Trainee Instructor and complete a minimum of forty hours of training before you can teach students. After completing this training, you will be eligible to receive a Trainee License.


The best driving instructor courses will prepare you to teach students responsibly and safely. This article has provided insight into the best driving instructor courses and how they can help you become a successful driving instructor. Good luck.



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