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Driving is practical. However, you can learn the basics of driving in classes online, which will give you a significant head start immediately you step into a vehicle.

Regardless of the driving scenario, Brian Wind, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at JourneyPure, says most often, people are afraid to drive because they fear something negative will happen. Moreover, this intense fear is often more significant and debilitating than the fear or worry caused by general stress or anxiety.

This article will highlight some of the best driving classes online that can help you learn the basics of driving. You will get to learn basic road signs and guides so you don’t make a mistake while driving.

Why Learn Driving Online?

Learning to drive is a critical skill everyone needs to learn. As a professional driver, it’s easier for you to move between your preferred destinations with a vehicle. As you drive, you gain more experience and improve your safety ratings.

Although learning to drive is vital, the process of learning determines how quickly you can get on the road. Unlike classroom driving lessons, driving online classes will help you learn the techniques of your driving at your own pace and time.

In setting certain goals in life, learning to drive is quite an important goal you should set.

11 Best Driving Classes Online In 2022

1. Teach Your Teen Driving

Duration: 3.5 hours

Price: $24.99

Level: Intermediate

Your teen needs a primary driving instructor. Essentially, somewhere he can access all of the driving lessons he has learned to refresh an understanding of driving. It is one of the best driving classes online with great reviews and ratings.

By spending only 15 to 20 minutes a few times a week, your teen can complete the driving program quickly. Unlike a driving school, this course will ensure your teen masters the vital principles of driving faster.

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2. How to Become a Much Better & Safer Driver & Avoid Accidents

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $19.99

Level: All

Many people who move vehicles are not good drivers at all, which explains the increasing rate of road accidents. But if people were to take a cautionary measure by attending this online course, they will mitigate these numbers.

Driving is simple, but driving safely is difficult as there always the temptation to keep pushing down the pedal.

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3. Off-Road Driving – Tips & Skills

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: $39.99

Level: All

Driving on the road and driving on rough terrains demand different perspectives. So, if you live in rough terrain, then you probably need some other skills that will help you navigate the paths easily. You will learn to move through these paths from mud holes, ruts, river crossings, and steep mountainsides.

This course will offer you tips and advice based on many years of experience to help you think more carefully about how to improve your off-roading experience. It is one of the best driving classes online for moving through rough terrains.

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4. Parking, Reversing and Low-speed Driving Made Easy

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $19.99

Level: All

A minor dent on your vehicle can cost you some money you didn’t budget. And dent usually happens whenever you want to park your car, reverse it, or move through a little space. It’s always tougher when you have a large car and you’re not acquainted with its specs.

This course will take you by the hand, exposing you to the blind spots you would miss out on and how to navigate through tight situations in your driving. Whether you drive personally or professionally, this online driving class will help you get on your feet in no time.

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5. An Easy Guide to Learning Stick Shift Driving

Duration: 38 minutes

Price: $29.99

Level: All

Refining your driving technique is important as more sophisticated vehicles are rolled out. Stick shift driving remains one of the key aspects of driving, and with the right meta-learning principles, you can learn stick shift in record time.

This online driving class is perfect for you when you need to pass a UPS driving test or valet parking exam. Additionally, this is one of the best driving classes online for lovers of sports cars.

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6. Overcome Fear of Driving with CBT

Duration: 1.5 hours

Price: $49.99

Level: Beginner

Fear is one of the critical things that hinder people from driving. When you’re afraid, you’re not in control of your reactions and this can be hazardous when you’re on the steering wheel.

You might want to ask “Why CBT?” Well, it holds a proven record of helping people understand easily. With worksheets and assignments, you can move through the video lessons speedily and easily.

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7. Drive Responsibly

Duration: 4 hours

Price: $44.99

Level: All

This is a course approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety. The number one objective of this course is to help you become a responsible driver.

In this driving class, you will not only learn to meet up with the state and court requirements, so you have an enjoyable time driving. This course ensures you enjoy the best safety ratings as you move.

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8. E-Driver Training

Duration: 2 hours

Price: $106

Level: All

E-driver training is an online driving school with 24 compact video tutorials on all topics relevant to passing your driving test. These videos will help you learn the basic rudiments of driving, ensuring you easily navigate any pathway when you’re steering.

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9. Drivers Ed

Duration: 1 month

Price: $5 per month

Level: All

Drivers Ed online classes are some of the best classes you can find when you’re looking for driving courses online. With this online education model, you can earn your first license, prepare for a knowledge test, earn insurance discounts, and become a better driver.

The tutors in this program have over 25 years of driving experience. Hence, you will learn the best driving practices that call for a careful and enjoyable ride.

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10. iDrive Safely

Duration: Dependent

Price: $35-$55

Level: All

iDrive Safely is a reliable state-approved provider wherein you can take driving courses online. With exceptional driver courses, you can enjoy a hassle-free online driving class that will benefit you immensely.

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11. Aceable

Duration: N/A

Price: $50 -$120

Level: All

Aceable has programmed driving school to suit your comfort. Instead of mixing up with a flock of other people in a classroom to learn the rudiments of driving, you can start using any of your mobile devices on their platform.

They are a state-accredited driving online class with DMV-approved courses that help you start your journey to excellence in driving.

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Driving helps you stay sharp, makes movement easier, and opens you up to more connections.

Driving is purely a skill.

It takes about 22 hours of driving to become good at driving.

Yes. Online driving classes are one of the best ways to learn driving.


Driving becomes vital at a certain point in your life. Although artificial intelligence has made it possible for cars to self-drive, sometimes it’s advisable to take the wheel when you need to maintain a pace or meet a deadline.

Manual classes just take a lot of time, and you don’t get the personalized attention you deserve. Hence, you can opt for any of our driving online classes listed in this article to get the best experience as you’re learning to drive.


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