15 Best Esthetician Schools In Missouri 

Acquiring an esthetician degree in the best esthetician schools in Missouri is a good option for those who don’t have time for a four-year degree but still want to further their education. 

To become a certified esthetician, you must complete training in a recognized medical or trade school that teaches you several programs and courses that will help you land an esthetician job.

Esthetician training necessitates active participation and deliberate study.

Aesthetics was not considered a legitimate job path until recently.

When it comes to beauty and skin care, the need for estheticians is skyrocketing all around the world.

At least 16 cosmetics are applied to the face of 85 percent of American women before they leave the house each morning.

Cosmetics and beauty products are included in this category. The majority of the globe shares this view.

Skincare products currently account for 39% of worldwide cosmetics sales, with cosmetics in general accounting for the remaining 19%. 

A growing number of people are looking for work as estheticians because they want to keep up with the latest beauty and skincare trends.

More than 50,989 licensed estheticians in the United States make more than $90,000 a year in their careers.

However, entering the field of esthetics without a formal education from a recognized on-campus or online esthetician school is a serious mistake.

Learn how to become a licensed esthetician by enrolling in an online esthetician program.

Using this information, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

You don’t have to go to a traditional college to become a licensed esthetician with any of these online programs.

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All You Need To Know About The Esthetician Profession In The Top Esthetician Schools in Missouri 

In the field of skincare, an esthetician specializes in enhancing the appearance of the skin. 

Patients’ skin conditions are evaluated to decide which therapies will impact their look, and those treatments are administered to them.

Skincare products and other services may also be offered, as well as various types of treatments.

Skin diseases and disorders are not diagnosed or treated by estheticians. It is not their role, however, to deal with the general health and appearance of the skin.

A dermatologist, a doctor, specializing in the skin, can be consulted when a nurse practitioner cannot identify certain skin conditions. 

Another name for an Esthetician is an Aesthetician. In the beauty industry, every esthetician has a certain area of focus.

Skin beautifying services are provided by an Esthetician, a trained skin specialist.

  • Facial massage and waxing for the body
  • Application of cosmetics
  • Treatments for the face and skin
  • Recommend skin care products to your customers.
  • Acne and eczema treatment, among other skin conditions
  • Exfoliating crystals are sprayed on the face during a microdermabrasion treatment to remove dead epidermal cells.

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What are The Top Esthetician Schools in Missouri Online Certification?

As a result of this evaluation, Students who enroll in the top esthetician schools in Missouri will receive an education that is comparable to that received by those who enroll in any other top esthetician schools in the world.

To sit for the test, students must complete the stipulated hours of practical training set by the state board for cosmetology. 

They will be allowed to apply for their license after passing the test.

A great approach for aspiring estheticians to learn the necessary knowledge is obtaining their license online.

Students can focus on learning and earning the certification hours they need while saving time, money, and effort by taking their classroom experience online.

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Can I Study Esthetician Programs In The Top Esthetician Schools In Missouri?

Esthetics is one of those subjects that cannot be studied in its entirety online.

To become an esthetician, you’ll need to learn the trade through hands-on training under the guidance of specialists.

Aspiring estheticians must also complete hands-on training before applying for a license.

Just as in Dental Hygiene Schools, you’ll need to put your skills to the test when you’re in school for esthetics.

Even though it’s uncommon, you can take esthetician classes online through institutions that have been approved and licensed to teach them.

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Who Can Study In the Top Esthetician Schools In Missouri?

Mid-career professionals who wish to take their professions to the next level might consider taking online courses.

Working folks who want to go into the beauty profession can take advantage of online esthetician programs.

Anybody interested in the beauty sector can also attend an online esthetician school, other than these two.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Program in Best Esthetician Schools In Missouri?

The number of training hours determines the length of an esthetician program in Missouri.

The area of focus mostly determines the training time for a cosmetic program.

Because of the professionalism and complexity of the job, some courses require more time.

On the other hand, Missouri allows all estheticians to finish a minimum of 750 hours of research in skin care in Illinois.

At the very least, it takes at least 18 weeks to complete.

There are several Missouri esthetics services and schools that adhere to this standard.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in Missouri?

The Missouri esthetic licensing board often needs you to attend one of the authorized Esthetician schools before you are issued a license because you need to be trained before you can practice.

This is why we’ve put together an application guide for the best esthetician schools in Missouri for you to peruse. 

Before applying to any of these colleges, ensure you know what they specialize in.

Here are a few of the top esthetician schools in Missouri that can help you get a leg up on the competition for jobs in the city and throughout the state:

#1. Grabber School of Hair Design 

Cosmetology, Esthetics, and manicuring are all taught at the prestigious Grabber School of Hair Design in Missouri. 

Grabber School’s 35-year history of training hairstylists will help you develop the skills, ability, and self-confidence you need to succeed in the cosmetology industry.

 Grabber School of Hair Design has state-of-the-art facilities, affordable tuition, and a variety of financial assistance opportunities to ensure that you have an exceptional educational experience.

 Learn why Grabber is one of the best esthetician schools in Missouri by scheduling a visit to their campus today!

Visit School Here 

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#2. Crave Beauty Academy 

Crave Beauty Academy is on our next list of the top esthetician schools in Missouri. 

The St. Louis branch of Crave Beauty Academy is located in the Olde Towne Shopping Center in Ballwin, Missouri. 

Guests can get student services under the supervision of a licensed professional at this campus’s professional guest service center. 

Spa pedicure rooms and skin care treatment areas are available for guests’ exclusive use.

 Hair, skin, and nail services such as lash extensions and spray tans are among the many options available at this salon. Glamour and Bridal parties are also on the menu!

Visit School Here 

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#3. West Tennessee Business College

Since its foundation in 1888, West Tennessee Business College has demonstrated its educational and training credentials.

 As a result, the business college’s esthetician and cosmetology program is highly regarded. 

The result is that this is a top-ranked school in the United States for esthetics and cosmetics.

It is also committed to providing students with an education that will prepare them for successful careers. 

One of the best esthetician schools in Missouri is West Tennessee Business college. 

To learn more about the school, visit its official website. Include their application process, acceptance rate, and other pertinent details.

Visit School Here

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#4. Missouri College of Cosmetology 

Its mission is to transform the lives of its students and the people in its neighborhood.

 By working with Pivot Point, Redken, and Dermalogica to deliver customized hands-on training, they can provide their students with one of the most complete curricula in the business, as well as teaching to help them gain the skills they need to be outstanding in their future employment. 

They teach the value of giving back via groups like Hope Connection, Veteran Appreciation, Angel Tree, Salvation Army, and our continuous assistance with Victory Mission and Ambassadors for Children. 

This is more than just a job; it’s a way of life spent helping others realize their aspirations. It is one of the top esthetician schools in Missouri. 

Visit School Here 

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#5. Neosho Beauty College 

NACCAS (National Council on Accreditation of Career Arts and Sciences) grants accreditation to Neosho Beauty College in Neosho, Missouri (NACCAS). 

They presently provide daytime classes in cosmetology, esthetics, manicures, and instructors. 

There is financial assistance available for those who qualify for the fields of cosmetology esthetics and instructor training.

 Choosing a college or university to attend is a significant step in your career path. Throughout Neosho Beauty College’s 35-year history, its programs have evolved to meet the changing needs of students and the industry. 

There is a correlation between their graduation, exam passing, and job placement rates. It is one of the top medical esthetician schools in Missouri. 

Visit School Here 

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#6. University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts

The University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts (USCA) one of the top esthetician schools in Missouri was established in 1978 and provides students with a cutting-edge learning environment that includes fully equipped classrooms and top-notch faculty. 

This school is known for its dedication to educating its pupils to the greatest levels in their respective fields.

More than 2,250 students have received diplomas since the school’s inception. Springfield and the rest of the Midwest are home to many of these students who have found jobs. 

Others have jobs in Canada and New Zealand, both of which are far distant. The USCA aims to prepare its students for careers in the beauty, esthetics, nail technology, traditional barbering, and education industries.

 Those who study at the University of Southern California (USCA) will create a strong foundation for a rewarding and successful career. 

They also emphasize the importance of continuing personal and professional development to meet the highest standards in their field.

Visit School Here 

#7. Ogle School of Cosmetology 

The Ogle School of Cosmetology is widely regarded as one of the best in the business. 

Many of their former students have gone on to have prosperous careers in salons all across the world. 

Since its inception in 1973, Ogle School Hair Skin Nails has been a leader in the Cosmetology education field.

 In Metroplex, their reputation for superior education has made them a leading producer of career cosmetologists.

 To stay on top of the ever-changing industry trends and skill advances, the Ogle faculty has created a great curriculum and ongoing systems to ensure that it is continually updated. 

Ogle School makes use of a wide range of salon and spa-quality goods.

 To better prepare its students for careers in the beauty industry, Ogle School makes its products available to its students and teaches them how to identify the proper products for their customers’ needs.

 It ranks among the best online esthetician schools in Missouri. 

Visit School Here 

#8. Aveda Institute 

One of our next list of top esthetician schools in Missouri is the Aveda Institute. 

If you want to succeed in the beauty industry, the Aveda Institute can help you get there.

 There is no other cosmetology school that can match the amount of knowledge and training provided here.

 If you’re considering a career in the beauty industry, consider the Aveda Institute. The Aveda Institutes are dedicated to educating their students with the most up-to-date knowledge in the business. 

In addition, they adhere to the principles established by Horst Rechelbacher, the company’s founder, who emphasized lifelong learning, environmental stewardship, and giving back to society.

The salon is the classroom at their school of beauty. Providing services to a stylish and varied audience will give you practical experience that will be priceless in the future.

 You’ll be well-equipped for a rewarding job in the beauty business once you’ve completed your training.

 When the Aveda Institute was first established, it was designed to produce some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industries.

 Innovative curriculums that combine retail and business-building skills with professional practices are taught to their students.

Visit School Here 

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#9. Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology 

This is another of the best esthetician schools in Missouri. Victoria’s Academy is a locally owned and operated business that was established in 2001.

 Our school is always up to date with the latest technology and goods. More than 16,000 square feet of space in their buildings is currently devoted to improving the educational experience of both students and employees. 

We’re in the heart of Kennewick’s historic district. Cosmetology Arts and Science, Master Esthetics, and a comprehensive state-of-the-art Massage Program are all available at Victoria’s Academy.

 A group of professional instructors and program developers collaborated to create this website to ensure that their schools’ curricula match industrial and educational requirements.

 In addition to being an NCEA-certified training facility, Victoria’s Academy utilizes Milady for all of its Program curriculums.

Visit School Here 

#10. JD Academy Of Salon + Spa

Cosmetology and esthetic programs have been available in the San Francisco East Bay since 2010 through JD Academy of Salon + Spa. 

Clean, Clear, Precise, and Consistent are the hallmarks of these programs, and they apply to both the techniques you utilize and the instructors you learn from. 

One of the few institutions that truly value quality above quantity, the JD platform is dedicated to providing students with a world-class educational experience, as well as a world-class professional experience once they graduate from our program. 

They have deliberately restricted the size of their classes to maximize the student-teacher ratio.

 To help you become a better professional, they have put a lot of effort into developing a curriculum that they believe will help.

Visit School Here 

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#11. Elizabeth Grady Schools

As a matter of course, if you’re interested in learning about esthetics, you should investigate Elizabeth Grady School.

Elizabeth Grady Schools, a leading state-approved esthetic school in the United States, graduates 200 estheticians yearly.

Students graduate with the ability to apply what they learned in theory studies in the real world.

There are a total of 600 hours of hands-on instruction required for the Elizabeth Grady Schools’ esthetician training program. 

Elizabeth Grady Schools’ esthetics training courses cover everything from waxing and skin care to scientific foundations in the skin, health, and wellness.

Elizabeth Grady Schools provides students with the opportunity to learn how to run a spa by teaching them the basics of product knowledge, company operations, and sales. 

This school also ranks among the top esthetician schools in Missouri. 

Visit School Here 

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#12. Make-Up Designory

One of our next list of the best esthetician schools in Missouri is Make-Up Designory. 

It is possible to obtain a gratifying job in esthetics by attending Make-Up Designory, which has campuses in both Los Angeles and New York.

Future beauticians may expect a challenging curriculum and long hours of classroom time.

This school’s esthetician training curriculum focuses on make-up for fashion, film/tv/multimedia/techniques instruction. 

Practicals, lectures, and hands-on lab work help students learn scientific and theoretical concepts.

Due to the high quality of industry expertise, we have an established track record.

Additionally, students have access to both complete make-up programs and studio-based courses.

Visit School Here 

#13. Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science

It’s been more than three decades since Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science has been training estheticians with its curriculum.

By making individuals feel attractive, the school aims to improve the world.

The program emphasizes practical training and cutting-edge instruction in a fully equipped Pivot Point LAB.

Also, it contains all of the necessary salon equipment, including Mindful Teaching mannequins and industry-standard tools. 

There is no better Esthetician school in the United States than the Merrell University of Beauty Arts & Science.

Students who complete the program can apply for a state license and find work in the industry.

Visit School Here 

#14. Xenon Academy 

Xenon Academy has teamed up with Peels Salon Services to offer esthetician certification classes in the United States.

To succeed in the beauty industry, students need to have the skills and tools they learn at Xenon to do so.

Xenon Academy also offers training in barbering, beauty shop management, and other esthetics.

 A state-approved esthetician school like Xenon Academy teaches students how to address their clients’ skin care needs, making it one of the best.

There are also classes in customer service, social media marketing, and general company management.

Visit School Here 

#15. Esthetic Science Institute

Esthetic Science Institute is on our final list of the best esthetician schools in Missouri.

 The Esthetic Science Institute is another one of the top esthetician schools in Missouri for those interested in becoming estheticians.

This state-approved school teaches future estheticians in a classroom setting.

The Aesthetic Science Institute employs cutting-edge technology to study beauty.

 The Aesthetic Science Institute uses cutting-edge technologies to study the art and theory of beauty.

For example, students can practice chemical peels and anti-aging treatments and employ other esthetic equipment like micro-currents and LEDs.

Laser, waxing, medical aesthetics, make-up, and nail certification are all options for students who wish to continue their studies.

Visit School Here 


Here we have it, the best esthetician schools in Missouri. Choosing the best esthetician schools in Missouri can be an overwhelming task to do.

 We have made the job much easier for you. This article has provided all the necessary information you need to know about the best esthetician schools in Missouri. 

Do well to read the article again and make you understand the right requirements needed before applying for any. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can study in these top esthetician schools in Missouri? 

Anyone who has met the required criteria is highly eligible to apply for the programs listed above. 

What are the requirements needed before one can apply to these top esthetician schools in Missouri? 

The requirements for these online esthetician schools in Missouri have all been provided in this article. Read it again.

How much does an esthetician earn in these best esthetician schools in Missouri? 

The average salary of an esthetician in Missouri is around $50,000 per year. 



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