15 Best Esthetician Schools In North Carolina 

Estheticians are highly trained and sought-after skin care professionals. The professional path is booming, and the outlook for the next years is highly promising. Consider a profession in esthetics if you want to learn how to maintain your skin looking attractive, healthy, and shining.

North Carolina offers several prospects for estheticians to succeed. The state ranks in the top ten highest-paying locations in the United States for skincare professionals. The number of estheticians working in the state has likewise been continuously expanding. It features some of the top spas in the country, which is a key playing factor for visitors.

North Carolina might be an excellent spot to begin your career as an esthetician. Are you trying to find some of the best esthetician schools in North Carolina? Keep reading as we review some of the top esthetician schools in North Carolina. (https://7ziphelp.com/)

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Why Become an Esthetician in North Carolina?

North Carolina might be an excellent spot to begin your career as an esthetician. There is a reason why the lovely city of North Carolina is home to some of the most popular esthetician schools among students.

You’ll have a difficult time deciding which college to apply to due to the top esthetician schools located in the state.

North Carolina has a competitive salary for estheticians. Estheticians in North Carolina make a median annual salary of $46,110, or $22.17 per hour, which is higher than the national average of $41,230 ($19.82).

The average salary for estheticians in the state is between $20,640 and $74,130. Predictions for North Carolina esthetician jobs are positive, with an expected growth of 13% between 2019 and 2029.

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Are there any esthetician schools in North Carolina?

Yes! The state of North Carolina is home to several esthetician schools in the country. Some of North Carolina’s esthetician schools are well-known both nationally and internationally.

As a result of how popular and successful these esthetician schools were, several of the best ones now have walk-in branches in various regions of the state.

North Carolina esthetician schools are well-known for the core curriculum courses they provide. They put a lot of effort into making sure that their students succeed on any certificate exams they take.

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Can you take esthetician classes online?

Estheticians are skin care professionals. They may be more concerned with cosmetic skin care, whilst medical estheticians are more concerned with medical treatment.

To get licensed, both must finish curriculum, and hands-on training, and pass the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art exam.

There are some aspects of esthetician training that you can complete online, although the hands-on nature of esthetics favors in-person schools.

Some of North Carolina’s best esthetician schools provide a flexible esthetician curriculum. There are also hybrid courses that combine physical and online classes.

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How much do esthetician schools Cost in North Carolina?

The cost of attending an esthetician school is an important consideration when deciding which esthetician school to attend. The location, the curriculum, and the number of training hours needed all have an impact on an esthetician school’s price.

The average cost of an esthetics program in North Carolina is $5,500.00, according to estheticianedu.org.

However, some esthetician schools provide financial help via the Federal Student Aid program of the United States Department of Education. Some of the top esthetician schools also provide private school loans.

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How Long Will it Take to Attend Esthetician Schools in North Carolina?

The length of esthetician schools varies between states. To be eligible for a license, anybody interested in working as an esthetician in that state must complete the required training hour.

In North Carolina, a licensed esthetician program must last 600 hours. It typically takes five to eight months to finish a 600-hour program. This is usually determined by whether you attend full-time or part-time.

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What are the Best Esthetician Schools in North Carolina?

All of North Carolina’s top esthetician schools include Esthiology programs that involve business training as part of the curriculum. 90% of these top-rated colleges accept veteran education benefits and provide career counseling to help new grads find jobs they enjoy. Below are some of the best esthetician schools in North Carolina:

Medical esthetician schools in North Carolina

A medical esthetician job may be appropriate for you if you want to work in beauty while also making a difference in people’s health.

Medical estheticians provide classic and sophisticated esthetics treatments to help patients who have experienced trauma or medical concerns regain confidence and wellness.

  • Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design
  • Aveda Institute
  • Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology
  • Shelby school of esthetic
  • Spa academy

#1. Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design

Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design is one of North Carolina’s leading esthetician schools. The school employs a one-on-one approach. It has a class size of 12 students per instructor, which makes learning easier. The university has a contemporary student spa.

It is ideal for complex techniques like microdermabrasion, chemical peels, LED light therapy, body treatments, custom mix facials, and more.

Student-led community and business efforts at the school include company building contests, social media account management, and charity event planning.

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#2. Aveda Institute

The Aveda Institute is without a doubt North Carolina’s most popular esthetician school. The esthetician school has a solid reputation in the beauty sector, with branches in numerous locations across the United States.

Scholarships, business education, career fairs, and other career aid programs will be available to you as a student.

You would also have the opportunity to get engaged in the local community by participating in charity events and fundraisers.

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#3. Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology

The Pinnacle Institute of Cosmetology has a reputation for quality, and it provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide our students with the skills and information they need to succeed in the beauty business. The Institute offers a comprehensive education in the salon sector.

You will study the most up-to-date styling and cutting techniques, customer retention, merchandising, goal planning, and front desk operations.

It is one of the top esthetician schools in North Carolina. It has the most up-to-date educational amenities, including 55 student salon stations, 4 pedicure spas, 4 private classrooms, and a contemporary facial area.

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#4. Shelby school of esthetic

Shelby School of Esthetics offers one of the top medical esthetician programs in North Carolina.

Through this curriculum, students will gain hands-on experience in the art of skincare, including electrical facials, basic facials, hair removal, and many bespoke facial concepts.

It also includes general health and wellbeing, cosmetics, basic dermatology, chemistry, and anatomy.

Shelby School of Esthetics has assisted students in breaking down barriers and turning their passions become careers.

Esthetics, Esthetics Instructor Trainee, and Advanced Medical Esthetics are the three training programs offered by the Esthetics school. It is one of the best esthetician schools in North Carolina.

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#5. Spa Academy

The Spa Academy offers state-approved basic and advanced esthetic programs to help you achieve the licensing and certifications needed for a successful career in esthetics.

The course will involve hands-on, cutting-edge thorough instruction, making this institution one of the best esthetician schools in North Carolina.

It is also an industry leader in the beauty industry and works on the 600-hour state-approved curriculum.

We will have a theory-based approach and a full practical application in this long course, where you will conduct these acquired processes on each other and the general public under the direct supervision of our licensed teachers. This school’s total cost of attendance is $10,150.

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Accredited esthetician schools in North Carolina

For a beauty school to be fully accredited, it must fulfill national requirements of educational achievement.

These criteria are usually established by an unbiased non-governmental organization, such as the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences. The following are some of the accredited esthetician schools in North Carolina.

  •  Leon’s beauty school
  • Empire beauty school
  • Dermacademy
  • NC skin care academy

#6. Leon’s beauty school

Leon’s Beauty Schools is one of the esthetician schools that has been in business for a long time.

Each session has a maximum of 20 students to ensure that students receive the hands-on experience and one-on-one attention required to be successful in this industry.

The total cost of the Esthetician Program is $5,500.00 (with a $500.00 kit) plus a $100.00 non-refundable application fee.

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#7. Empire beauty school

The Empire Beauty School’s entertaining and participatory teaching style makes it one of the top esthetician schools in North Carolina. Certified Beauty educators supervise student training.

The institution features a student salon/clinic where you will work on actual clients while learning how to establish your clientele.

The broad curriculum provides students with an all-inclusive preparatory program for a future as skincare therapists, including skin analysis, ingredient technology, prescriptive retailing, and waxing and cosmetics methods.

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#8. Dermacademy

North Carolina’s Dermacademy is a well-known esthetician school. It focuses on maximizing your potential through a curriculum that offers cutting-edge tactics as well as tried-and-true business and marketing strategies.

A curriculum at this prestigious beauty school may boost your earning potential and prepare you for a long-term career in the beauty business.

The course material and training are usually updated regularly. This translates to education that is among the industry’s most current, trendy, and captivating.

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#9. NC skin care academy

NC Skin Care Academy is one of the most economical esthetician schools, with a tuition fee of $5400. The 600-hour program focuses on the most sophisticated skin care training and aims to equip you for all of the exciting opportunities in the beauty industry.

The course content gives students the necessary information and abilities to pass the State Board examinations. Students will be able to travel beyond the classroom and onto the clinic floor to prepare for real-life situations.

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Licensed Esthetician Schools In North Carolina

States often have a board of cosmetology that oversees the application process for beauty schools seeking state recognition. North Carolina’s licensed esthetician schools are as follows:

  •  Academy of Nail Technology and Esthetics
  • Durham Tech Esthetics Technology Program 
  • Elevate salon institute
  • Mitchell’s Hair Styling Academy

#10. Academy of Nail Technology and Esthetics

Before branching out into the esthetician industry, the Academy of Nail Technology and Esthetics was well-known in the beauty market.

Small class sizes, flexible scheduling, and the utilization of cutting-edge equipment make this institution a favorite among students.

It provides a 600-hour program that prepares students for the state board test. Throughout the course, you will study both theory and practical components of esthetics.

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#11. Durham Tech Esthetics Technology Program 

To become licensed skin care practitioners, students in the Durham Tech Esthetics Technology Program undergo comprehensive instruction in facials, hair removal, and make-up application.

As part of the course, students can earn a Microdermabrasion certificate and a Chemical Peel certificate.

Durham Tech students who complete the course can register for the state board test with the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners.

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#12. Elevate Salon institute

Elevate Salon Institute has an amazing course curriculum for estheticians. Attending this school will prepare you for success in the real world by giving you the skills and training that salons and spas around the country are looking for.

You will also get the opportunity to train using cutting-edge techniques and professional equipment.

To optimize your earning potential, the education curriculum includes the artistry of makeup application as well as business and marketing skills, including social media. The program’s full-time registration period is 19 weeks.

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#13. Mitchell’s Hair Styling Academy

Mitchell’s Hair Styling Academy is one of the best esthetician schools in North Carolina. Every new Esthiology student receives attention from their instructors to provide them with marketable talents.

You will also learn how to succeed in life by forming positive habits that last throughout your whole career.

Mitchell’s esthetics program provides instruction in business smarts as part of the curriculum and offers job support after completion. The esthetic program is 5 months long and costs $8,815.

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Cheap Esthetician Schools 

  • Gaston College 
  • Craven Community College

#14. Gaston College 

Gaston College’s esthetics program extends beyond the basic standards, with parts diving into business and advanced esthetician themes including nutrition, aromatherapy, and skin analysis.

The school teaches competency-based information, scientific/artistic ideas, and hands-on essentials of skin care.

The program creates a simulated salon setting where students may learn skills necessary for success in the beauty business. With a tuition cost of $1,928, it is also one of the most affordable esthetician schools in North Carolina.

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#15. Craven Community College

Entry into Craven’s Esthetics Technology program is tough, with just 12 students accepted each year. Certificate program graduates are well equipped to take the state board tests for licensure.

Students here can access scholarships and participate actively in the local community.

The school’s curriculum covers all of the fundamentals of esthetics and business training to enable independent estheticians and those who want to operate their spa one day.

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What are the Colleges with Esthetician Programs?

AB Tech Community College Esthetics Technology Program

This curriculum leads to a certificate in esthetics technology as well as the ability to take the state’s licensure examination. The Esthetics Technology program teaches competency-based knowledge, scientific/artistic concepts, and hands-on essentials of skin care.

The program creates a simulated salon atmosphere in which students may practice manipulative skills.

As part of a bigger community college, as a student here, you would have access to benefits such as opportunities to participate in local charity activities, career counseling services, and scholarship opportunities.

The Mountain Tech Spa, an on-campus spa facility, gives Esthetics students hands-on practice under the supervision of College teachers.

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Central Carolina Community College

Central Carolina Community College was the first community college in North Carolina to offer Esthetics classes. It is one of the top esthetician schools in North Carolina.

The curriculum focuses on the skin care industry business, and you’ll be well-prepared to take the state esthetician test after you finish. It provides the most advanced training of any curriculum.

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Stanly Community College

The Cosmetology program at Stanly Community College delivers competency-based information, scientific/artistic concepts, and hands-on essentials connected with the cosmetology business.

The program creates a simulated salon atmosphere in which students may practice manipulative skills.

All stages of professional imaging, hair design, chemical procedures, skin care, nail care, multicultural practices, business/computer concepts, product knowledge, and other specified topics are covered in class.

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How to Become an Esthetician 

Do you have what it takes to start an esthetics career? The steps below will help you become an esthetician in North Carolina.

Step 1: Complete a 600-Hour Esthetician Training Program

According to the North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners, your curriculum must provide at least 600 hours of instruction in both esthetics theory and performance.

To meet the Board’s approval, your institution must deliver the courses following the permitted distribution of coursework and training hours.

Step 2: Pass both the practical and written licensure exams

Your next step should be to get a license. You must pass the national practical and written tests to obtain a license. The North Carolina Board of Examiners has authorized DL Roope Administrations to conduct national esthetician license tests.

A mandatory requirement is the two national tests: the NIC Esthetician Practical exam and the NIC Esthetician Written exam. The North Carolina Board of Examiners requires you to pass both tests with a score of at least 75% or higher.

Step 3: Apply for a License

You may now apply for your license after graduating and passing the state board examinations. All you have to do is fill out the Online License Application or the Paper License Application.

You must prove that you have passed the state Board tests and include the $20.00 esthetician license application fee with your application.

The North Carolina Board will mail you your esthetician license between five (5) to ten (10) business days of processing your application.

Frequently asked questions

How much do estheticians earn in North Carolina?

Estheticians in North Carolina make an average of $46,110.

Is being an esthetician in North Carolina Worth it?

Yes, North Carolina esthetician jobs are positive, with a job projection growth of 13% between 2019 and 2029.

How often will you need to renew your esthetician license in North Carolina?

Estheticians in North Carolina must renew their licenses every year. 

What is the best esthetician school in North Carolina?

Alexander Paul Institute of Hair Design and Aveda Institute are some of the best esthetician schools in North Carolina.

How many training hours do the esthetician schools in North Carolina require?

The licensing board in North Carolina requires estheticians to complete 600hr of training.


North Carolina might be an excellent spot to pursue a career as an esthetician. The sector is rapidly expanding, and the average wage for estheticians in the state is greater than the national average.

In addition to having some of the best esthetician schools in the country, North Carolina also has one of the highest salaries for estheticians.

To assist you in choosing a school of your choice, this article has reviewed some of the top esthetician schools in North Carolina.



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