15 Best Esthetician Schools In Virginia 

Every academic pursuit is significant in Virginia, making studying in Virginia a great choice for rising young talents.

One of the three US states with top-notch education instructors in Virginia. 

Especially when it comes to Esthetics, It gives young individuals who want to become estheticians the ability to pick from the best esthetician schools and programs in Virginia.

Virginia has a growing demand for estheticians, and both domestic and foreign students seize the opportunity to improve their financial standing. Hence making studying the field simpler as several of the best esthetician schools are located in Virginia.  

How Long Does It Take To Become a Certified Esthetician in Virginia?

To work as an esthetician in Virginia, you’ll need to complete 600 hours of training and successfully pass the written and practical examinations for esthetician licensure at a state-approved beauty school.

The school has to be among the list of licensed esthetic schools in the state.

Although the timing and breakdown of esthetics courses may vary slightly, they generally include similar units on the following topics

  • Business management
  • Laws and regulations
  • Bacteriology, dermatology, anatomy, and physiology
  • Skin structure, function, types, and conditions
  • Health screening
  • Skin analysis and consultation
  • Cleansing procedures
  • Masks
  • Extraction techniques
  • Machines, equipment, and electricity
  • Manual facials
  • Makeup application
  • Body wraps, masks, and scrubs
  • Hair removal

The Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR) Is the board’s saddle with the issuance of licenses to esthetic schools in Virginia.

As a result of this, every person working with clients within a cosmetology business in Virginia needs to have a license, and the business itself needs to have a license.

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What is the average cost of an Esthetician School in Virginia?

The tuition of an esthetician school in Virginia varies from school and it is usually determined by many factors such as area of specialization, educational level you hope to achieve, the length of the program, and course training hours.

To effectively complete an esthetics program, you have to budget between $3,000 and $20,000. This is primarily for tuition, excluding other expenses such as books, registration fees, and equipment.

Best Esthetician Schools In Virginia/2022

Because of the state’s climate and weather, Virginia is known for having a lot of aesthetic schools.

It’s essential to start immediately if you want the training you need to become a Virginia-licensed esthetician.

However, there are so many alternatives, picking the right school could prove to be a very challenging task but this article will guide you through the best esthetician schools in Virginia. 

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List of the 15 best Esthetician Schools in Virginia.

Essential components including esthetician principles, availability of gadgets and technology to enhance practical training, the level of professional standards, and business ethics were given special attention when creating this list.

As an intending esthetician, you must keep in mind that the institution you select should be based on its capability to train you for the vocation you intend to follow.

All the details required to make a selection are provided on our list of the best esthetician schools in Virginia;

#1. Cosmopolitan Beauty & Tech School

  • Tuition: $4,500
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 4201 John Marr Dr # 206, Annandale, VA 22003, United States

The first school on our list of best esthetician schools in Virginia is Cosmopolitan Beauty & Tech School, not only because of the beautiful school location but because of the rigorous beauty program of the school which students take advantage of.

Cosmopolitan Beauty & Tech School offers the instruction required for students to pass the essential State licensure exam and land a good job in the industry. 

The school also fosters a tight working relationship between students and teachers and substantial hands-on training to support students’ achievement.

Visit School Here 

#2. Graham Webb Intl Academy of Hair

  • Tuition: $8,700 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 1621 N. Kent St, Suite 1617 Ll Rosslyn Plaza Arlington, Virginia 22209-2131

Graham Webb International Academy of Hair also ranks among the best esthetician schools in Virginia due to its outstanding curriculum.

The school is a private for-profit school and its curriculum runs for less-than 2-year.

At Graham Webb International Academy of Hair, students are trained extensively in the esthetician program to enable them to obtain their license easily.

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#3. Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics

  • Tuition: $9,950 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 3108 Parham rd 604D annex, Richmond, VA 23294-4701 

Another school on our list of best esthetician schools in Virginia is the Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics. 

The Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetics was founded in 2004, and since then the Institute has offered top-notch master esthetician and medical esthetician educational programs to help its Master Esthetician graduates get ready for fulfilling jobs in the aesthetics industry.

The Institute of Advanced Medical Esthetician training program puts the needs of the student first and offers practical medical esthetician spa training experiences.

You can fulfill your ambitions of becoming a master or medical esthetician in Virginia or throughout the country with the help of the school’s upscale, modern facility, curriculum, and expert esthetician educators.

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#4. The Chrysm Institute of Esthetics

  • Tuition: $10,850 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 281 Independence Blvd Suite 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23462, United States

The Chrysm Institute of Esthetics is the next institution on our list of the best esthetician schools in Virginia where you may enroll in the most organized esthetician programs.

Chrysm Institute of Esthetics provides professional skills and career-focused education to its diverse students to enable them to achieve a career. 

The school makes an effort to give its students the tools they need to succeed and find jobs in a field with significant room for future growth.

Each graduating student of Chrysm Institute of Esthetics is trained to the level of feeling assured in their abilities and knowledge that they can compete with their counterparts from other schools.

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#5. American Spirit Institute

  • Tuition: $7,700 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 368 McLaws Circle Williamsburg, Virginia 23185

One of the best esthetician schools for massage, cosmetology, and aesthetics is American Spirit Institute located in Richmond and Williamsburg, Virginia.

The school allows students to have field visits to spas and clinics that offer esthetics in addition to lectures, videos, and hands-on instruction in the classroom to witness, engage in, and assess the experience. 

Additionally, students of the American Spirit Institute must perform practical exercises as part of the school curriculum in the following subjects: modern facials, body and skin treatments Techniques for lymphatic drainage, chemical exfoliation, and microdermabrasion.

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#6. Elite Esthetics Academy

  • Tuition: $3,192 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 9734 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23233

As one of the best esthetician schools in Virginia, the Elite Esthetics Academy encourages one-on-one instruction between students and instructors to enhance the student’s training.

The school supports its students on their career journey, whether just out of high school or changing careers! the school offers a range of programs, and our instructors are ready to work with you to change the world. 

Students of Elite Esthetics Academy may get the training they need to work as successful cosmetologists, barbers, estheticians, or nail technicians.

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#7. Crown Cutz Academy Bristol

  • Tuition: $5,400 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 805 Commonwealth Ave, Bristol, VA 24201, United States

Crown Cutz Academy Bristol was once known as Bristol School of Hair Design, a pioneer in beauty education.

Crown Cutz Academy Bristol has been successfully educating children and preparing them since it opened more than 28 years ago.

to pursue prosperous professions in the beauty sector, successful learning is made possible for all students by Crown Cutz Academy Bristol’s highly qualified professors, substantial hands-on instruction, structured curriculum, and its connection with specialized industrial workers.

These make it rank among the best esthetician schools in Virginia.

The courses provided at Crown Cutz Academy Bristol are created to motivate students to explore their creativity and passion for this field and train them in technical skill-based training.

The knowledge and self-assurance students need to accomplish their objectives and realize the school team provides their aspirations.

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#8. Academy of Esthetics

  • Tuition: $10,495
  • Financial Aid: N/A
  • Address: 5900 Fort Dr Ste 450, Centreville, VA 20121, United States

Academy of Esthetics is another school ranking among the best esthetician schools in Virginia with a curriculum that comprises the science and methods of aesthetic practices taught by experts with years of expertise.

Academy of Esthetics trains its students in the fundamentals of face massage, aesthetic equipment, corrective cosmetics, hair removal, and lash and brow tinting in its elementary program. 

A graduate of this course will be capable of designing and instructing their esthetics courses with assurance and effectiveness.

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#9. Spa Relief Vocational Training

  • Tuition: $2454 
  • Financial Aid: N/A
  • Address: 1487 Chain Bridge Rd Suite 201 McLean, VA 22101

Spa Relief Vocational Training is established to offer top-notch courses in a secure learning environment for therapeutic applications.

Spa Relief Vocational Training has the basic goal of producing caring massage therapists and estheticians by offering top-notch educational opportunities in a secure clinical environment where its students are allowed to have practical skills.

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#10. Dermal Science International

  • Tuition: $13,920
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 11425 Isaac Newton Square S, Reston, VA 20190, United States

In Reston, Virginia, one of the best esthetician schools is called Dermal Science International Aesthetics & Nails Academy.

As a student at Dermal Science International, you will get cutting-edge education, attentive coaching, work with top-notch products, and master the greatest tools used in the beauty business.

The school also equips its students with every necessary skill for them to pass the Virginia license examination easily

Visit School Here 

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#11. The Skin Care Center Esthetic School

  • Tuition: $5,509 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 8403 Richmond Hwy unite G, Alexandria, VA 22309, United States

The Skin Care Center school of Esthetics, Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis, and Permanent make-up has been in existence for more than 25 years, with

 experience in educating and teaching numerous beauticians, many of whom have gone on to have very prosperous careers in the beauty industry. 

The Skin Care Center hires qualified Virginia workers in addition to instructors with foreign experts who have received European training and have worked in nations like Canada, Germany, France, and England.

All this knowledge is used to instruct students, ensuring that each one receives the best training possible. 

All these puts together rank the skin care center school of Esthetics as one of the best esthetician schools in Virginia. 

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#12. Avi Career Training

  • Tuition: $15,000 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 10130-A Colvin Run Rd mn, Great Falls, VA 22066, United States

Avi Career Training School is a recognized educational facility that offers courses in cosmetology, master cosmetology, permanent cosmetic tattooing, massage therapy, electrolysis, instructor cosmetology, and instructor aesthetics.

The institution is licensed by the Department of Professional Occupational Regulation (DPOR) to operate in Virginia, and is accredited by the Council of Occupational Education has granted us accreditation (COE). 

To maintain the school’s license, Avi Career Training School provides a top-notch curriculum for its students.

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#13. Le Arai Beauty & Barber Academy

  • Tuition: $18,000 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 8630 Lee Hwy Suite J, Fairfax, VA 22031, United States.

Next on our list of best esthetician schools in Virginia is the Le Arai Beauty & Barber Academy.

The school encourages successful collaboration between motivated students, corporate clients, and top-notch instructional professors and staff are reflected in vocational excellence.

This relationship gives provision for the highest quality educational and learning experiences made possible by the professional qualification and expertise of instructional faculty and staff, opportunities for contextual learning in the business environment, classroom, and business facilities, and efficient resources required to support learning at the highest level. 

Visit School Here 

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#14. Miracle Beauty & Nails Academy

  • Tuition: $12,200 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 3420 Holland Rd # 102, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, United States

The Virginia Beach, based school, Miracle Beauty and Nails Academy offers a wide range of programs to help its students launch the career of their dreams. 

Selecting this school, being one of the best esthetician schools in Virginia, you will have access to qualified, experienced teachers who will assist you in developing the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in your Esthetics chosen profession.

Miracle beauty & nails academy also ensures that their students receive help and support during job search after they have completed their course of study. 

The school also organizes career day during which business owners come and talk about business options and opportunities. 

Visit School Here

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#15. LB Beauty Academy

  • Tuition: $13,904 
  • Financial Aid: Available
  • Address: 3114 W Marshall St #A, Richmond, VA 23230, United States. 

LB beauty Academy provides certificate programs in addition to diploma degrees that the school offers. 

As part of the best esthetician schools in Virginia, the certificate programs of the school concentrate on a single topic that is covered by the more comprehensive diploma program.

The school certificate program may be advantageous for prospective students who have a sincere desire to provide services in a certain field or specialty.

Visit School Here

How to acquire an Esthetician License from Virginia?

To become a licensed esthetician in Virginia, you must satisfy a few prerequisites, graduate from an esthetician school in Virginia, or you have obtained a license from another state to practice as an esthetician in Virginia.

As part of the requirements for obtaining an esthetician license from Virginia, you must:

  1. have finished a 2,000-hour registered apprenticeship or 600 hours of training in a program that has received approval.
  2. pass both written and practical tests.
  3. Pay the application cost and fees for the written and practical exams.
  4. If you have a criminal conviction, submit a Criminal Conviction Reporting Form. The Board for Barbers and Cosmetology will assess applicants on a case-by-case basis, but a conviction won’t automatically bar you from working as an esthetician.
  5. Wait up to 30 days to get your license.


You don’t need to be concerned if you’ve chosen to enroll in a program for an esthetics degree or if you’re wondering which schools will give you the best instruction.

This article, Best Esthetician Schools in Virginia, covers the essential information you should know about estheticians and esthetician schools.

What is required to Become an Esthetician in Virginia, How to Pick the Best Esthetician Schools in Virginia, What job opportunities you have as an Esthetician, and many more topics have all been covered in this post.

FAQs About The Esthetician schools in Virginia 

What is the tuition range for esthetician schools in Virginia?

In Virginia, the cost of tuition for an esthetics school ranges from $2,500 to $20,000.

What is the average salary of an Esthetician in Virginia?

In Virginia, a skin care specialist makes an average compensation of $42,890 per year or $20.62 per hour.

What is the average age to apply for an esthetician in Virginia?

To become an esthetician in Virginia, you need to be at least 16 years old or have earned a high school diploma. 

How long does it take to obtain an esthetician certificate in Virginia?

You need to complete 600 hours of training at a state-approved beauty school in Virginia before you can operate as an esthetician there.



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