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If college is in your near future, you are probably feeling a plethora of emotions: excitement, determination, and maybe even some confusion or stress.

Chances are that standardized admissions tests at colleges can be part of your confusion and stress. Explore the 17 Best SAT prep courses and stay informed before you sign up.

SAT, as required for admission to many colleges and universities, can be quite challenging and also very different from the tests you take in school.

Taking an SAT Prep course can help you familiarize yourself with the exam, develop skills and strategies, and ultimately increase your score.

This writing ranks the 17 Best SAT Prep Courses and gives information to help you locate the best SAT Prep courses near you as well as the best SAT prep courses online.

We’ve included everything you need to know to find an online SAT prep course that works for you if you decide it’s a good next step on your college enrollment journey.

What is SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test used for admission to colleges in the United States. College admission officers often look at these notes along with your transcript, essays, extracurricular activities and other aspects of your application to decide whether or not you are a good fit and ready to get a degree at your school.

What is a good SAT score?

The SAT scores range from 400 to 1600 (the SAT scoring method is quite complex; if you plan to take the test, it pays to study or ask your ACT online coach or tutor!), And the test is composed of Reading, Writing and Language, and Mathematics, and includes an optional Writing section.

Do good scores on the SAT Preparatory Courses help?

Many schools require a certain SAT score for admissions. Others do not have a minimum requirement but share their average acceptance score. Depending on the college you want to attend, you may need to take the SAT to enter school.

Your SAT score can also determine the classes you receive when you arrive at college: a low score can put you in reinforcement classes (which means more time and money to complete your course), while a high score can give you credit classes without having to take the class!

SAT scores can also help you earn many merit-based scholarships and win scholarships from your school and other organizations.

If you are wanting to join the school of your dreams, stay out of recovery classes, skip 101 courses during the first year of school, or earn a large scholarship, preparing for a higher score can be beneficial if you never I have seen the test before or I have taken it several times and I think you can still improve.

Is SAT Prep the best online?

There are many ways to study for SAT; from books to online courses to face-to-face tutors and it can be difficult to know where to start.

Online preparation is probably a good option for you if you can study with some independence. You may have to take the initiative by working alone or logging in to attend an online tutoring session, but this also means that you have a lot of flexibility.
Just because you are studying online does not mean you are alone.

Many of the courses on this list include access to a tutor or coach who will assist you during the course. Online preparation is great if you want to prepare for the SAT with a little independence, anytime, anywhere.

Is in-person SAT Prep the best?

Knowing where to start studying for SAT can be overwhelming. Should you get a book? Enroll in an online course? Find a teacher who comes to your home?

As well as deciding whether to accept SAT or ACT, the answers to these questions depend on you. Preparation in person is probably a good fit for you if you enjoy learning from others.

Whether you succeed in a traditional classroom environment or learn well with an individual tutor, SAT’s face-to-face preparation programs give you face-to-face support as you prepare for the exam.

This list includes a variety of in-person SAT Prep options so you can be sure to find the instructor and the setting that fits best.

The following Online SAT Prep options have been selected based on quality, course, price, course duration and other extras such as customization, number of hands-on tests, accessibility, and points-up guarantees.

However, it is important to remember that the right SAT Prep for you depends on some of your personal preferences.

Just because a course option is on this list does not mean it is the best course for you, so read through the list with your preferences and needs in mind.

#1. Kaplan – SAT Prep

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Kaplan is a well-known company of educational resources, with a subsidiary dedicated to testing preparation services. In addition to books, articles, and other information about the SAT and the college enrollment process, Kaplan offers several preparatory courses for the SAT.

Her face-to-face classes perfectly match her books and online resources, offering a comprehensive program of test preparation.

Kaplan’s SAT Prep Presential and SAT Prep courses can help you prepare for the SAT with varying levels of support.

With the classroom course, you receive eighteen hours of live classroom instruction, online video resources, supervised testing, additional practice tests, online tests, and SAT preparation books.

The face-to-face course includes all of these, plus three hours of individual coaching with an SAT specialist, a Mathematics Fundamentals course and bonus ACT content.

Duration: Eight lessons, number of weeks varies by course

Price: $899 and $1,299

# 2. The Princeton Review – SAT Prep

Framingham, Massachusetts

Princeton Review offers a variety of college admission services: everything from test preparation to admission classes to helping resource books.

They also offer face-to-face and online courses in various subjects. All of their courses use their digital books and resources and are taught by specialized instructors, offering a rich classroom experience.

Princeton Review has two SAT Prep programs in-person: SAT Ultimate Classroom and SAT Private Tutoring.

With Ultimate Classroom, your most popular SAT course, you receive twenty-five hours of specialized instruction with other classmates as well as practice resources and access the SAT Self Pacit online curriculum.

Choose SAT Private Tutoring at Princeton Review. You will have eighteen individual hours with a tutor, personalized tutoring through the program, opportunities for parents to track progress, applications designed specifically for the program, SAT prep books, practice materials, well such as access to the online course at an individual pace.

Both courses give you the chance to resume the course for free if you are not satisfied with the improvement of your score.

Duration: Varies according to course

Price: $1,099 or $3,000

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# 3. Ivy Bound – SAT Test Prep

Newington, Connecticut

Ivy Bound is a test preparation and academic agency with several online and online offerings. They strive to offer the tutor that opens up an entire level of colleges for students who take their courses, often resulting in scholarship awards of more than $ 10,000 for Ivy Bound students.

Ivy Bound instructors are passionate and trained educators who have scored in the top 1% of the standardized tests they teach.
Ivy Bound offers two face-to-face SAT courses plus an individual tutoring option.

With SAT Math and Verbal In-Person Class, you gain from twenty-five to thirty hours of class, up to seven hands-on tests, supplemental printed materials, and optional SAT essay writing modules.

The Speedy SAT classroom was designed for students with little time to prepare for the exam. This course provides more than five hours of instruction, monitored practical tests and optional essay writing workshops.

If you prefer individual tutoring, you can search the Ivy Bound tutors database to find a suitable tutor for what you are looking for.
Ivy Bound offers a guarantee of increased test scores; If you do not improve on at least 100 points on the SAT, you will get your money back.

Duration: Various

Price: $150, $850, Individual lessons vary according to location and tutor

# 4. College Prep Genius – Master the SAT Bootcamp

Hurst, Texas

College Prep Genius offers online and face-to-face SAT classes. Created by the homeschool parent, Jean Burk, to help his own children raise their grades in the SAT and receive scholarships, the College Prep Genius curriculum focuses on learning the standards of the exam and gaining confidence through practice.

The company’s eCourses and Bootcamps saw students improve up to 600 points on the SAT.
The College Prep Genius facilitates the course, master the SAT Bootcamp, throughout the US. On your site, you can sign up for a boot camp or, if you do not find one on your site, host your own College Prep Genius class.

The lesson teaches strategies and tips for raising your SAT score in hundreds of points and includes ten hours of instruction, the College Prep Genius Workbook, and access to your Core Course.

Duration: ten hours

Price: $ 295 Live Bootcamp ($ 139 for eCourse online)

#5. Applerouth – ACT

Atlanta, Georgia

Applerouth offers academic services focused on helping individual students succeed in standardized testing. Its professional and specialized staff applies the latest research on cognition, memory, and motivation to help students achieve impressive scores on standardized tests.

Applerouth offers guidance on a variety of topics – from undergraduate and graduate to high school and high school. Applerouth has three SAT preparatory routes for you to choose from group lessons, private lessons, and small group sizes.

The group has up to eighteen students in one group and offers twenty hours of instruction and three hands-on tests. With the Private Tutoring option, you receive individual lessons with an instructor for ten, twenty, or thirty hours.

Signature Small Group courses consist of no more than eight students and are more interactive than Group Classes.
If you choose Private Tutoring or Signature Small Group courses, you can take unlimited practice tests at Applerouth.

Applerouth classes are designed to feel a bit like college, so as you study for the SAT, you can imagine where your best score will land in the next few years.

Duration: Varies according to course

Price: $599, $1,300 – $4,800 or $899

# 6. Saturday Academy – preparation for college and study skills

Portland, Oregon

Saturday Academy is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the University of Portland whose mission is to engage all motivated young people, including those from underrepresented communities, into practical and in-depth learning.

Saturday Academy offers various classes, camps, and internships, including college preparation classes and study skills, focusing on college preparation and entrance exams.

His classes emphasize following his curiosity, rather than getting bogged down in homework and testing. They offer financial aid options for their classes and internships.

Saturday Academy’s SAT Prep course focuses on learning test techniques and strategies to improve your score.
Each SAT section is covered in the course, focusing on reviewing the basics and gaining more advanced skills that will help you score higher on the exam.

They also offer SAT-specific courses for each subject: SAT Math Help and SAT Essay Help. SAT Prep courses are offered year-round at various locations in Portland, OR.

However, if you do not live near Saturday, never be afraid! You can sign up for one of the many Academy summer internships on Saturday – available in everything from Android app development to freshwater mussel study – and take the course while you’re working on your internship.

Duration: five weeks

Price: $449

# 7. Unlimited Education – Camp Admission Prep Camp

Berkeley, California

Education Unlimited was founded in 1993 to give each high school student the best possible chance of gaining acceptance in the college of their choice.

The company’s summer program offers have expanded greatly since then, but continue to offer academic and artistic camps led by expert instructors.

Last summer, more than 1,000 students from across the country and around the world participated in Education Unlimited campgrounds held at US universities. Education Unlimited College Admission Prep Camps is an eleven-day program that prepares students for the college admissions process.

The program includes an intensive focus on SAT preparation. Campers complete forty hours of supervised SAT preparation and, on average, an increase of 200 points in the exam.

While at College Admission Prep Camp, you will receive SAT workbooks, flashcards and expert instruction, instructions on how to write a personal statement, and college counseling. Campsites include UC Berkeley, Tufts, and UCLA.

Duration: 11 days

Price: $4,495 -$4,895

# 8. Duke University – SAT Summer Boost

Durham, North Carolina

Duke University has several continuing education programs, including many youth programs. Their summer camps focus on a variety of topics including neuroscience, video production, writing, drones, leadership, and SAT preparation. Depending on the campsite, you can choose between day and night camps.

Duke’s SAT Summer Boost focuses on all the things you need to do well on SAT: test techniques, time management skills, logical reasoning, verbal ability, and mathematical competence.

Review segments include writing, critical reading, sentence completion, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and grid-ins (mathematical formats that help to develop mathematical and reasoning skills).

SAT Summer Boost also includes the practice of writing the SAT, and you will receive feedback from an experienced and specialized team. The camp also includes information about college admissions and financial aid.

Duration: five days

Price: $ 800

#9. Varsity Tutors – SAT Tutoring

Clayton, Missouri

Varsity Tutors is a technology and education company that connects students and tutors. Founder Chuck Cohn has had good and bad high school teaching experiences and is passionate about providing excellent private lessons that will make a positive difference.

Through your website, you can find a tutor who specializes in a specific field (Varsity Tutors specialize in test preparation!) And meets with the tutor personally to work with your custom curriculum.

The tutors of the varsity also offer a guarantee of the satisfaction of the tutor, so that you can be sure that you will be able to work with a teacher that matches your needs and goals.

With many SAT-certified tutors on the Varsity Tutors platform, you can connect with the tutor with whom you would like to study and request SAT preparation them.

At the Varsity Tutors website, instructor profiles include information about the tutor’s teaching philosophy, personal test scores, location, education, and hobbies.

Depending on how much SAT you need, you can work with a tutor for twelve, twenty-four, thirty-six, or forty-eight hours, and the varsity tutors offer a discount for buying more hours at a time.

Varsity Tutors also has several free features, including flashcards, hands-on tests, quizzes, and a mobile app, which you can access online or through the application and can also be used by your tutor during study sessions.

Duration: Varies according to your wishes and needs

Price: from $53/hour

# 10 Bedbug – SAT Tutoring

San Francisco, California

Tacky is much more than education or preparation for testing. They provide a platform that connects customers to qualified local professionals.
From training the dog to painting houses, dancing lessons, and preparing for the SAT, the Thumbtack allows you to look for professionals who can meet your needs.

Thumbtack has a large database of SAT tutors in US cities and you can find an instructor in your city by filling out a simple search form.
The bug will ask for your grade, the test you are studying for, the sections you need help with, whether you scheduled test date, your schedule, and availability, your maximum budget, whether you are ready to hire a tutor today or are just searching where you would like to find your tutor and when you would like to start your tutoring sessions.

After completing the survey, you can search for tutors in your area and request quotes from the ones you like. Tutors’ profiles include a bio-response time average, number of hirings in the Thumbtack, and reviews of other students.

Duration: Varies according to your wishes and needs

Price: varies by the tutor

# 11. Testive – SAT

Boston, Massachusetts

Testive believes in the power of technology, but also in the power of human interaction. Their test preparation utilizes human coaches and coaches to prepare students for success in standardized tests.

The Testive has the ACT and SAT courses, with several preparation options. Your preparation is focused on working closely with a coach and getting personalized content so you can learn in the way that works best for you.

Testive SAT courses are focused on preparing you for the test and helping you find peace of mind so you do not get too stressed to do the best.

The Bootcamp course is perfect if you are quickly approaching the test day. You can work with this course in 4-6 weeks, including two one-on-one video chats with an instructor.

The Coaching option allows you to spread the material longer and learn, practice, and review before the test day.
This option comes with individual weekly classes with your Testimony tutor. Finally, the Coaching Plus package includes everything that is offered in the Coaching package, plus an extra individual session each week.

This option is ideal for students who are not as independent or need more help with a particular subject. All courses include a free two-week trial period and a money-back guarantee. If you do not feel a need for a tutor, you can work on the Testive online learning platform and content for free.

Duration: 2 to 5 months

Price: US $ 800, US $ 350 / month or US $ 550 / month

#12. PrepScholar – New SAT Prep Online Course

Cambridge, Massachusetts

PrepScholar offers online test preparation courses for SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT. People who create and teach their courses earned 99% or more on the test they teach.

All PrepScholar courses are customized so you can focus on your specific needs as you prepare for your test.
PrepScholar’s Prep Prep offers a customized course focused on your unique needs, abilities, and agendas.

You can choose from several levels of mentoring, based on the amount of involvement of the instructor in your preparation for the SAT.
With the SAT Online Prep option, you have full access to the PrepScholar SAT program as well as a personalized learning path with over 60 hours of video content and over 1200 practice questions.

PrepScholar classes are ideal if you’re looking for more face-to-face time with an instructor; these classes include everything in the SAT Online Prep package, plus 18 hours of small group classes based on your pace and level.

The Coaching option allows you to work with the SAT Online Prep course with individual guidance from a tutor for four, twelve or fifty hours of individual instruction.

PrepScholar is sure that you will improve with them; They offer a money-back guarantee if you do not improve by at least 160 points on the SAT.

Duration: one year of access to course materials

Price: $600, $895 or $995 – $6995

# 13. EPrep Courses – SAT

Princeton, New Jersey

A leader in online and video-based testing preparation since 2007, ePrep offers standardized test mentoring that is both engaging and comprehensive. The courses in ePrep are based on your test methodology, grade and review, repeat.

They believe that any student willing to devote time and effort can improve test scores. That said, ePrep courses are designed so you do not waste time and focus on improving your score.

SAT Courses at ePrep include videos with explanations of responses and subjects involving SAT experts. Courses vary in length of access, but each course includes practice tests, video responses for each question, video lessons by subject, and a vocabulary builder.

With three-Test Date Courses to choose from, you can sign up for a class that offers Express, Standard, or Premium access to your course materials for two, four, or six months.

You can also choose between two Annual Pass, Standard + and Premium + options. Both courses include 12-month access and Premium + includes even more video content.

You can also take a packed ePrep course that includes the SAT prep as well as the content of the PSAT or ACT.

Duration: two, four, six or twelve months

Price: $129, $249, $299, $399 or $599

# 14. CollegeVine Tutoring Program – Online SAT

Cambridge, Massachusetts

CollegeVine’s Online Tutoring Program is focused on helping busy students prepare for the SAT. CollegeVine’s tutors and curriculum developers realize that high school students have a lot going on, so their programs are designed to maximize study time to improve the ideal score.

CollegeVine programs also support parents throughout the test preparation process by sending regular scoring reports to parents about student progress. All CollegeVine pre-SAT courses include a diagnostic exam, a personalized tutoring plan, passionate tutors, and punctuation forecasting tools.

The comprehensive diagnostic examination helps students understand their strengths and weaknesses in each section of the SAT and allows their tutor to design a tailor-made SAT program for individual student needs.

This allows students to spend time concentrating on the key concepts they really need to improve, rather than just relearning those who may have already learned.

Duration: 6, 10 or 16 weeks

Price: $1,000 to $2,400

# 15. Magoosh – Online Prep for the New SAT

Berkeley, California

Magoosh is an education company run by a group of (self-proclaimed) educational nerds who want to help students achieve their academic dreams. They offer preparation tests for various tests, including SAT, ACT, and GRE.

In addition to test prep courses, they offer several amazing applications, two of which made our list of ACT’s Top 20 Self-Guided Resources.
Magoosh’s online preparation for the new SAT is ideal for auto-studiers, video-lovers, and busy students. The course offers over 140 video lessons, over 400 practice questions and study agendas to guide your practice.

The material is very close to the official SAT content and is ranked by difficulty so you can master the basics and get closer to your score.
You can have access to the course for varying periods of time, depending on how much time you need to prepare.

All options include email support, a seven-day money-back guarantee, and a 100-point score improvement guarantee.

Duration: one, three or six months

Price: $79, $89 or $99

# 16. Kranse Institute – Specialist in SAT Preparation

Las Vegas, Nevada

Kranse Test Institute PrepKranse Institute was created with the aim of preparing all students for higher education. They recognized the importance of standardized test scores on college admissions, and so created the KRANSE Institute SAT Prep Expert, an online course to help students achieve better results on the SAT.

The SAT course of the Kranse Institute was developed by Shaan Patel, a perfect SAT gunner, and winner of the Shark Tank.
The SAT Preparatory Specialist course is in an easy-to-navigate format with understandable content, proven test and access strategies 24/7 on computers and desktops.

The course is based on 100 strategies designed to prepare you to tackle SAT with confidence. The SAT Prep Expert video lessons are short so you can easily and thoroughly digest the course material.

The Kranse Institute offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 7 days of the course as well as a guarantee of scoring improvement.

Duration: 540 days of access

Shipping: Usually ships in 1-2 business days

#17. Khan Academy – SAT Test Prep

Mountain View, California

The Khan Academy is a personalized learning resource designed to provide world-class, free education to anyone, anywhere.
Khan Academy has several hands-on exercises and instructional videos that users can access through a custom learning dashboard covering a variety of subjects from Computer Engineering to Macroeconomics and SAT Prep.

The Khan Academy SAT preparation course is unique because they partnered with The College Board, the SAT provider to create an official SAT preparation course.

The Khan Academy SAT test preparation course is not only free but it was also created in collaboration with the test manufacturers themselves.

The SAT Test Prep includes eight complete hands-on tests, thousands of practice questions, video tutorials and tips, a personalized practice plan, and instant feedback. In 2017, Khan Academy and The College Board studied the impact of the course on student success.

They found that 20 hours of practice at the Khan Academy were associated with an average 115-point increase in SAT, almost double the average gain for students who did not take the Khan Academy SAT test preparation course.

Duration: Forever

Price: Free

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Free Tools and Resources for SAT Prep

Analyze Math:

If you are anticipating the math format to be the worst 80 minutes of your life, this website might help ease some of that suffering; it offers detailed explanations to the solution to thousands of math problems to help you understand in a more concrete way.

Appsademia: How I Self Studied and Got a 2300+:

Popular ‘studyblr’ author Anne published a video and a mix of study materials that she used to study on her own (without paying any tutors or for any materials) and received a near-perfect score.


Brightstorm has hundreds of free video tutorials on common subjects that you will see on your test (math, English, and science), and it also has test-specific videos as well.

BWS Education Consulting:

BWS is dedicated to creating materials such as study guides, practice test sections, and the site also has tips for test anxiety and suggested readings lists to help you prepare.


Take practice exams, study strategies, and even take advantage of test day checklists to make sure that you don’t miss anything important, you can even check your scores after the test, all in one place.

Complete SAT Grammar and Punctuation Rules:

This guide is available on the web, or you can download it to print out, and it covers everything you’re going to need to remember about commas, colons, dashes, and more; it also covers tense consistency, and modifiers (which is where students struggle the most).

Daily Practice for the New SAT App:

This free app presents you with one practice question a day and will score it immediately; doing a little practice every day will keep things fresher in your mind and boost your success.

English Grammar:

You can use this website to refresh your memory on basic grammar concepts, or to hone in on your writing skills to prepare for the (optional) essay portion of your test.

Free 90-Minutes SAT Prep Class:

This class packs as much information as you can handle into this hour and a half to brief you on the different types of questions you will encounter on the test and how to handle each one.

Free Calculator Programs:

When you’re taking an important test like the SAT, time is even more precious than usual because you need to make the most of it succeed; remembering math formulas can squander that time, but with these SAT Approved programs, you can let your calculator do it for you.

Free SAT Math:

This website is extremely straightforward, just SAT math questions and nothing else to distract you.

Free Test Prep’s Reading List (From CollegeBoard!):

This website has published the complete list of books that CollegeBoard recommends students to read to increase their reading comprehension in preparation for their test; there is also a list of magazines that will help expand your vocabulary.

Grammar Bytes:

This website offers in-depth lessons or just a crash course in the more basic aspects of grammar that you’ll need to remember for the Writing and Language format.

Guide to Grammar and Writing:

Writing and Language is an important section of your test and one that many people gloss over when studying because it seems extremely basic in nature, while that may be true it can never hurt to go over when studying and this site is perfect for that.

Guide to the New SAT:

In 2016, the SAT got remodelled and the scoring system was changed, you can read about all of those changes here.

Higher Scores Test Prep:

This page has an hour-long podcast that you can listen to that will help you create a test prep timeline that will ensure your success; you can also receive a free consultation from a test prep expert with 10 years of experience.

Purdue University Global Free Events:

Purdue University Global Test Prep offers many different free online seminars and classes to help students get ready for their exams, and also has practice tests that include score reviews.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is the place to go to study any subject completely free; you will find practice work, instructional videos, and more on this website.

Take advantage of other free tools and Resources for SAT Prep by clicking on the link.


Everyone learns differently, so this list of SAT preparation services consists of a wide variety of courses, tutors, and options to help you master the SAT test.

Going to college can be really exciting. If you are approaching college, you have a lot on your plate, and the SAT can be one of those things taking your time and even stressing it.

SAT is required for admission to many colleges and universities, and can be really challenging and also very different from the tests you are accustomed to doing in school.

Participating in an SAT preparatory program can help you feel comfortable with the exam, develop skills strategies, and ultimately increase your score. The personal preparation of the SAT can be excellent for connecting with expert teachers and students who think in the same way that you study for this college entrance examination.

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