15 Best Nail Tech Schools in Jacksonville Fl Requirements

Cosmetology schools provide training programs for nail technicians, But some nail tech schools are committed to offering specialized instruction in nail art and esthetics.

The curriculum for becoming a nail technician in Jacksonville is broad, and students receive in-depth instruction in diseases that affect the skin and nails and how to cure them.

Working in the nail tech profession may be for you if you have a creative bent, enjoy dealing with people, and keep up with the current trends in the beauty industry.

You can learn about the best cosmetology schools in Florida that provide nail tech courses, as well as the best nail tech schools in Jacksonville Fl 2023, with their requirements in this article.

Let’s begin.

How Can I Become a Nail Tech in Jacksonville, Fl?

You must complete a cosmetology or nail technician program recognized by your state of residency to become a nail technician. Before you may operate as a nail technician in most states, you must obtain a license.

The qualifications for candidates to take the license exam vary by state. The National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC) has sufficient knowledge of the various specifications of each state.

Working as a nail technician may be for you if you have an artistic inclination, enjoy connecting with people, and keep up with current beauty trends. But how do you become a successful nail technician in Jacksonville, Fl?

Priorities come first

Before beginning to work as a professional nail technician, you must fulfil the following conditions:

  • possess a certified high school diploma or GED
  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Complete a nail technician education at a recognized school for at least 240 hours.
  • pass your final test
  • Registering as a Nail technician.

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What are the Skills Required for Nail Tech Schools in Jacksonville Fl?

The tourism sector in Florida is as thriving as ever. According to the cosmetology license, Jacksonville Fl saw a record-breaking 94.7 million tourists in 2013, surpassing the previous high of 91.5 million set in 2012.

Unsurprisingly, the numerous visitors who travel to Jacksonville Fl to unwind in the sunshine and indulge in everything from pedicures to manicure wrap to support the state’s thriving nail salon sector.

The following actions are necessary to register as a nail technician in Jacksonville, Fl:

  • Complete a program for approved nail specialities.
  • Fill out an application to become a nail specialist.
  • Keep your Florida license as a nail specialist current
  • Think about your options for a career as a registered nail specialist.

Step1; Complete an Approved Nail Specialty Program

The following is included in Jacksonville Fl minimal curriculum for training nail techs:

  • Florida cosmetology regulations: five hours
  • AIDS/HIV: 4 hours
  • Cleaning: 4 hours
  • 2 hours for ethics

85 hours of instruction on nail theory, practice, and associated topics, such as nail problems and diseases.

The following services must be covered in training or study in a nail technician program:

  • 20 hours for manicures
  • 10 hours for pedicures
  • Including tips: 37.5 hours
  • Nail mending/wrapping: 15 hours
  • Fill-ins for nails: 10 hours
  • Removal of artificial nails: five hours
  • 5 hours for polishing and nail art

The school will offer you a certificate of completion once you have completed all academic requirements satisfactorily, provided you have received a final test score of at least 75%.

Step 2: Fill out an application to become a nail technician.

You should anticipate receiving a registration from the Department once your application has been accepted. You may practice as a nail specialist in a recognized speciality or cosmetology salon. At the same time, you wait for the issuance of your registration with the guidance of a qualified nail expert.

Step 3:Keep your Jacksonville, Fl license as a nail technician current.

You must renew your nail specialist registration every two years using the Department’s online portal and pay the $55 renewal cost to keep it current in Florida.

Step 4: Consider your Career Options as a Registered Nail Technician

You can work as an employee of a nail salon, spa, or full-service salon as a registered nail specialist in Florida. You can also work as an independent contractor, lease salon space, as a mobile nail technician, or even open your nail shop.

If you want to manage or run your nail salon someday, you can decide to take management, business administration, or marketing courses as part of your continuing education needs.

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Nail Tech in Jacksonville Fl 2023?

If you want to become a nail technician, you can choose from various schools. However, the 180-hour nail technician program at nail tech schools in Jacksonville Fl is easily coupled with other training courses.

Some Jacksonville nail technician programs include:

  • Bacteriology
  • Procedures
  • Arms/hands
  • Orientation toward manicures, laws, and rules
  • Supplies and equipment for manicurists.

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Overview of the Nail Tech Schools in Jacksonville FL

Here is an overview of the best Nail tech schools in Jacksonville FL 2023

  •  KCK Beauty & Barber Academy
  • Total Beauty Institute 
  • Jacksonville Health & Beauty School
  • perfect10nailschool

Cosmetology Schools in Florida

  • Ruben’s Five-Star Academy
  • Loraines Academy & Spa
  • The Hollywood Career Institute
  • Kaizen Beauty Academy
  • Sunstate Academy
  • Bene’s Career Academy
  • First Coast Tech
  • American Cosmetology 
  • North Florida Cosmetology
  •  Florida State College at Jacksonville

What Are the Nail Tech Schools IN Jacksonville FL in 2023?

The theory and practical classes offered by nail tech schools in Jacksonville Fl are designed to give aspiring nail technicians the greatest abilities to become nail technicians, also known as pedicurists and manicurists.

some of the nail tech schools in Florida include;

#1. KCK Beauty & Barber Academy

 In Jacksonville, Florida, there is a for-profit university called KCK Beauty & Barber Academy. 16 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a small school.

The acceptance rate for KCK Beauty & Barber Academy is 100 per cent. Cosmetology, barbering, cosmetology instruction, and salon management are popular degrees.

English is the language of instruction for the Cosmetology Program (COSP).

The Cosmetology course covers sanitation and sterilization, hair cutting and style, manicures, facials, makeup, permanent hair colouring, and scalp and hair treatments.

Before being permitted to serve customers on the clinical floor, students must complete 300 hours. Students must present live model performances and pass the mandatory HIV/AIDS education exam to graduate.

All graduates of the 1200-hour cosmetology program are prepared to take the Florida State Board of Cosmetology Examination and earn a license. The tuition is non-refundable.

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 SPA INSTITUTE IN PARIS! is one of the top nail technician schools in Jacksonville, Florida. It provides two courses that prepare students for the Florida Massage Therapy License and the Florida Nail Technician License. You can complete his education course between 7.5 weeks and 3.8 months, depending on the qualification.

The advantages of going to PARISIAN SPA INSTITUTE that are most frequently mentioned! Flexible class schedules and hands-on training top respondents’ lists of noteworthy perks, although “Good professors” and “Affordable” were also cited. A SPA INSTITUTE IN PARIS! has had 16 reviews, with an overall rating of 3.94. Reviewers generally give PARISIAN SPA INSTITUTE a 94 per cent positive rating! To a buddy.

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#3. Total Beauty Institute 

Most people learn best through hands-on experience and are visual learners. However, many schools—even beauty schools—predominately teach from books. Total Beauty Institute Cosmetology School in Jacksonville, Florida, uses a special, multimodal teaching approach that encourages students to get up from their chairs and engage in hands-on learning.

To meet the whole spectrum of learning skills, the school uses multimedia, interactive, live demonstrations, and lectures by top educators and stylists. Students at this school will study more and enjoy themselves while doing so.

Although the courses for nail technicians will begin soon, they are expected to be knowledge-rich. This is due to the effective teaching strategy used by the institution.

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#4. Jacksonville Health & Beauty School

With classes in everything from polish to manicures, Jacksonville Health & Beauty School has a nail tech school in Jacksonville, Florida.

Everything a prospective nail applicant needs to know to obtain a Florida work license is covered in the school’s nail speciality course. The 180-hour course is simple to combine with our other training programs.

The Jacksonville Health & Beauty School’s nail speciality program aims to provide its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain a license and engage in professional practice. Including fundamental instructions on proper nail shaping and polishing techniques and the required safety and hygienic practices.

You also learn how to properly use professional manicuring tools and materials and the differences between the most common kinds of artificial, sculpted, and extended nails.

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#5. Perfect10nailschool

The expert instructors of perfect10nailschool make it the best school. Good communication and pays special attention to the growth and learning of students. One of Jacksonville’s top schools by a wide margin.

The status of this school’s accreditation is uncertain. To practice cosmetology and related beauty vocations, you must have graduated from an accredited program, according to the majority of states.

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Cosmetology Schools in Florida

Cosmetology students learn how to conduct cosmetology services on guests, including nail techs, at cosmetology schools in Florida, also known as “beauty schools in Florida.

Here is a list of cosmetology schools in Florida;

#6. Ruben’s Five-Star Academy

Ruben’s Five Star Academy is situated in Lake Wales, Florida. It is among Florida’s best schools beauty schools in Florida that offers nail technology.

Six courses are available at this school, and they prepare students for the Florida Cosmetology License (Barber), Florida Cosmetology License, and Florida Barbering License. The length of the training varies based on the qualification, from 6 weeks to 7.5 months.

Flexible class schedules and excellent teachers were cited as the two main advantages of attending Ruben’s Five Star Academy. Still, respondents also highlighted the advantages of affordability and helpful career services.


Flexible class times, competent instructors, reasonable prices, beneficial career services, favourable surroundings, and good preparation for career Training on the job.

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#7. Loraines Academy & Spa

 Although it is based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Loraines Academy & Spa provides online instruction. 10 courses are available at this school, and they prepare students for the Florida Cosmetology License (Hair Design), Florida Cosmetology License (Esthetics), and Florida Cosmetology License, among other certifications. Depending on the qualification, it can take 7.5 weeks to 9.4 months.

In addition to “Hands-on training” and “Good teachers,” respondents also highlighted “Positive environment” and “Flexible class hours” as noteworthy advantages of attending Loraines Academy & Spa. There have been 21 reviews of Loraines Academy & Spa, with an overall rating of 4.05 out of 5. Approximately 86% of reviewers said they would refer a friend to Loraines Academy & Spa.


Flexible class schedules, a welcoming atmosphere, and practical instruction.


inadequate education, inadequate vocational preparedness inadequate training.

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#8.The Hollywood Career Institute

The Hollywood Career Institute, LLC is based in Hollywood, Florida, and provides instruction online. Depending on the qualification, it can take anything from two hours to three months.

In addition to “Good teachers” and “Flexible class hours,” respondents also highlighted “Positive environment” and “Affordable” as noteworthy benefits of attending Hollywood Career Institute, LLC. With 57 reviews, Hollywood Career Institute, LLC has received an overall rating of 4.67 out of 5.

96% of reviewers said they would refer a friend to Hollywood Career Institute, LLC.





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#9. Kaizen Beauty Academy

Although it is based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, Kaizen Beauty Academy offers online guidance. This institution provides three programs that prepare students for two licenses: the Florida Cosmetology License and the Florida Cosmetology License (Esthetics). The length of a course varies based on the qualification, from 2.3 months to 14 months.

In addition to “Good teachers” and “Hands-on training,” respondents also highlighted “Positive environment” and “Affordable” as noteworthy benefits of attending Kaizen Beauty Academy. There have been 8 reviews of Kaizen Beauty Academy with an average rating of 4.50 out of 5. 100% of reviewers said they would tell a friend about Kaizen Beauty Academy.


Flexible class times, competent instructors, reasonable prices, beneficial career services, favourable surroundings, good preparation for a career, Practical instruction 



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#10. Sunstate Academy

Fort Myers, Florida, houses Sunstate Academy. The Cosmetology License, Esthetician License, and Full Specialist Certification are the most well-reviewed of the 14 qualifications this school offers training in. depending on the qualification, and it might take anywhere from 11 hours to 18 months to accomplish, with 7.5 months being the average.

Depending on qualifications, Sunstate Academy tuition can cost anywhere from $1,200 and $20,000, with a median price of $13,000. The majority of reviewers who were asked how they paid for their training said, “I obtained grants and scholarship support.”

Respondents most frequently cite the two benefits of Sunstate Academy are “Hands-on training” and “Good teachers.” Still, respondents also highlighted “Positive environment” and “Good job preparation” as significant advantages.

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#11. Bene’s Career Academy

Bene’s is in New Port Richey, Florida. However, it offers training online. This school provides instruction for four certifications, including the Florida Cosmetology License, Florida Cosmetology License (Barber), and Florida Cosmetology License, through ten courses (Esthetics). Depending on the qualification, this education course might take between 2.3 and 12.5 months.

The two benefits of attending Bene’s Career Academy that respondents most frequently note are “Good teachers” and “Hands-on training.” Still, respondents also highlighted “Flexible class hours” and a “Positive environment” as significant advantages. 15 people have given Bene’s Career Academy reviews with an overall rating of 3.67. Approximately 87% of reviewers said they would refer a friend to Bene’s Career Academy.

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#12. First Coast Tech

 Florida’s First Coast Tech is a public university. 353 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a small school. First Coast Tech has a 100% acceptance rate. Alumni of First Coast Tech typically make a starting salary of $20,200.

In order to express creativity, First Coast Tech School offers nail care services using methods and name-brand items.

The school offers services for both natural and artificial nails, as well as exclusive nail art creations.

The First Coast nail technicians Work with experienced nail technicians in a buzzing salon and spa setting.

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#13. American Cosmetology 

A for-profit college called American Cosmetology is situated in Lakeside, Florida, near Jacksonville. 23 undergraduate students are enrolled, making it a small school. The admission rate for American Cosmetology is 100 per cent.

Advanced methods for fundamental nail care, artificial nail products, and the chemistry of nails are covered in the Nail Technology Program.

Communication and organizational skills are crucial for a well-rounded education. 

Practical training with specialized tools gives you experience in the field and training from internationally renowned performers.

Before graduation, job placement in prestigious salons and spas is part of the hands-on deck experience students receive.

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#14. North Florida Cosmetology

The North Florida Cosmetology Institute provides training and education for careers in this imaginative and lucrative industry.

North Florida Cosmetology Institute is the place to begin your cosmetology career, whether your interests are high fashion glamour or regional entrepreneurship. The school provides a wide range of services to the general public at very reasonable prices to better prepare students for their future in cosmetology.

Every task is carried out under the guidance of an instructor.

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#15. Florida State College at Jacksonville

The Cosmetology Career Certificate (C.C.) program aims to give all cosmetology students a top-notch, worthwhile education. Each student can realize their full potential and succeed with the help of cosmetology educators who adhere to a flexible team philosophy that is sensitive to individual needs.

 All facets of cosmetology, including but not limited to hair styling, chemical relaxing, permanent waving, hair colouring, skincare, and nail care, are covered using a theoretical and hands-on approach. Cosmetology students are ready for admission into the workforce and the state licensing exam by doing this.

As part of the curriculum for the program, cosmetology students offer client services. Under the guidance of an instructor who is a certified cosmetologist, the students perform all treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long is nail technician training?

Most nail technician programs last 300 to 600 hours on average to complete. Depending on your ability to attend school full- or part-time, you may usually finish a nail tech program in three to nine months from the time the program begins.

How much does Florida nail tech school cost?

The cost of becoming a nail technician is lower than you may imagine. Just $950.00 is the whole cost of our course. Your initial down payment is $500, and subsequent monthly instalments are a mere $200.

What is the salary of a nail technician in Florida?

In Florida, a nail technician makes an average of $24,000 a year. In Florida, nail tech salaries can range from $15,500 to $49,000 and are based on some variables, including experience, company, bonuses, tips, and more.

Can a nail technician earn a living?

Professional nail care can be a successful industry. You’ve come to the perfect place if you want to increase sales for your nail salon. For you to start making more money and expanding your business, we’ve put together eight ideas for nail technicians to increase their income.


Nail tech schools in Jacksonville Fl 2023 will be your best choice if you have an artistic bent, enjoy connecting with people, and keep up with the current trends in the beauty business.

Let your imagination soar with a career as a professional nail technician, which is predicted to expand 13% by 2026 – far faster than the national average for all occupations. Nail technicians are employed in Florida at a rate that is among the highest in the nation, demonstrating the industry’s popularity and promising future.



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