Best Online Public High Schools in Michigan | 2021

Due to the low level of safety in school nowadays, parents prefer that their kids’ study from home. This has forced a lot of high schools and colleges to begin online programs at different levels.

Michigan has taken bold steps in leading the charge to ensure they offer the best programs at the high school level. Hence, let’s look at the best online public schools in Michigan.

According to Town Charts, Michigan has 91% high school graduates or better which is the 2nd most among all the states in the U.S. They are behind Wisconsin by just 1% as they continually seek to be at the top.

In this article, you’ll learn about the best online public high schools in Michigan, their admission requirements, and offerings.

Why Online Public High Schools?

Safety rates all over the U.S are dropping heavily while gun violence and shooting increase on the other hand.

For the sake of safety, parents prefer to guard their children themselves. And where would be the best place to keep them safe? Home of course.

For this reason, class attendance rates are dropping and a lot of schools have sought ways to retain their students.

Most institutions have currently leveraged the internet space to host online classes – a forum where teachers can relate with their students from different locations.

To a large extent, this space of learning makes it possible for the teachers to deal uniquely with each student’s problems.

Although this method of learning started from colleges, high schools have generally adopted the process.

Today, most high schools are basically focused on building their online programs.

10 Best Online Public High Schools in Michigan | 2021

Our list of the best online public high schools in Michigan has been deduced from the school’s academic strength, structure, and achievements.

Hence, the best online public high schools include;

  • Michigan Virtual Charter Academy
  • Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Charter Academy
  • High Point Virtual Charter Academy of Michigan
  • Insight School of Michigan
  • Jenison International Academy
  • Michigan Connections Academy
  • Griggs International Academy
  • Great Lakes Cyber Academy
  • Suttons Bay Virtual School
  • Gull Lake Virtual School

1. Michigan Virtual Charter Academy

Michigan Virtual Charter Academy is an academy in an environment with a very superior learning experience.

Their programs are structured in a way wherein the teachers and students communicate effectively and efficiently.

Indeed, the programs are so personalized in order to engage the students and the teachers in a fascinating way.

In essence, they precisely target the student’s strengths and weaknesses which they use as a learning plan.

In Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, the programs are rigorous and highly interactive as they inspire and enrich the students.

Furthermore, their dedicated school system helps students consistently grow personally and academically.

This school usually organizes workshops for 3-12th graders wherein they attempt to solve real problems And to a large extent, they have recorded diverse levels of success in their workshops.

In conclusion, MVCA organizes field trips, social clubs, and events to help the students connect to each other.

2. Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy

Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy helps students become self-motivated learners in an environment that promotes academic excellence and self-confidence.

The teachers and students engage in discussions that are both academically and mentally building.

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All students of this school are faced with the high interactive curriculum which covers a wide range of perspectives.

Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy additionally offers students the opportunity to explore great career options through their Destinations Career Academy.

A very beneficial aspect of this school is the dual-program which enables the students to immediately gain college credits on select courses.

Conclusively, they have a place among the best online public high schools in Michigan.

3. High Point Virtual Academy of Michigan

High Point Virtual Academy of Michigan is an academy that offers a well organized and personalized program.

The teachers in this academy work together with the parents of these students in order to understand their culture.

Additionally, they look for a way to cohabit their beliefs with the principles of the school so as to achieve success.

Each student has a guidance coach who basically helps deal with all challenges related to their work.

The sessions are usually online and are led by certified teachers who also monitor the student’s progress.

4. Insight School of Michigan

Central Michigan University authorized the Insight School of Michigan to become an online charter school.

Therefore, this school for kids work with families to help their kids overcome obstacles in different scenarios.

With a unique and high supportive approach, students are within sight of success in all their endeavours.

All teachers and counsellors aid students understand the background behind every problem which thereby increases their chances of solving them.

In summary, the quality curriculum expands the minds of the students to eventually challenge world problems without fear.

5. Jeninson International Academy

Jeninson International Academy is a place where students gather to learn and improve their understanding of nature’s concepts.

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Hence, the mission of Jeninson International Academy is to provide an engaging, personalized learning experience, bringing the home, school, and world together.

They have continually followed their mission as they improve their academic structure and learning practices.

A precisely beautiful thing about this school is their focused help which has yielded great results in her students.

In fact, it is why all their events are geared towards connecting the students among themselves amidst differences.

Conclusively, their interest in child education at lower levels make them one of the best online public high schools in Michigan.

6. Michigan Connections Academy

Michigan Connections Academy affords students the opportunity to study from home. Essentially, they are a tuition-free K-12 online public school.

The mission of Michigan Connections Academy is to help their students maximize their potentials and meet very high-performance standards.

Hence, in collaboration with the parents, students eventually cultivate the habits of confidence and productivity.

Some of the driving forces behind excellence in this school ruminate around;

  • Exceptional Teachers
  • Individual Attention
  • Free Education, Outstanding Curriculum
  • Parent-Supported Learning
  • Easy-to-Use Technology
  • Socialization, Community, and Friendships

So, this and many more reasons make them one of the best online public high schools in Michigan.

7. Griggs International Academy

Griggs International Academy is an academic institution owned and fully operated by Andrews University.

As an academic centre of knowledge, they integrate life experiences with insight gotten from data to use for research.

As a seventh day learning academy, they offer courses from pre-school to 12th grade.

Through every condition, they remain committed to delivering quality education to their students.

And this is essentially why they have continuously grown to become one of the best online public high schools in Michigan.

8. Great Lakes Cyber Academy

This school is a tuition-free online public school located in Michigan which trains students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Great Lakes Cyber Academy gives students the flexibility to learn from home in adherence to certain educational standards.

Although the classes hold online, the school also has offline events which it usually organizes for her students.

These offline events form an interactive forum for students to interact, socialize and learn simultaneously.

Hence, the well-experienced teachers and great academic structure make her one of the best online public high schools.

9. Suttons Bay Virtual Schools

Suttons Bay Virtual School is a tuition-free, public school from Suttons Bay Public Schools.

Their values in Suttons Bay Virtual School are the guiding principles which drive their amazing results.

As an online school, students get to learn from home as they interact with their teachers over the media.

Amidst their online program, students of this school carry a strong disciplinary sense of judgement.

As a result, graduates of this school possess great morals they use in living principled lives.

Suttons Bay Virtual Schools is among the best online public high schools in Michigan.

10. Gull Lake Virtual School

Gull Lake Virtual School is the final school which makes up our top ten list however it doesn’t mean the school is the least best.

This school has exceptional subject areas wherein students can invest in to learn and grow simultaneously.

In this school, parents can track the progress of their children using their portal.

Additionally, teachers tune their focus to help students overcome their weaknesses and achieve better results.

Everything in this school is built to ensure children get access to the best education and help at all times.

FAQs On Best Online Public High Schools in Michigan | 2021

What is the best online high school?

All online schools are exceptional as they each have their unique offers. So, no school can boast to be the best online high school.

Is there online school for high school?

Yes, there are online schools for high schools.

Can online school start anytime?

Yes, you can begin your online school anytime depending on your course structure.

Is Online High School expensive?

No. Most public online high schools are free. You would only need to register your ward.


As technology improves, developers develop new programs which make the use of applications easier.

Schools generally integrate these designs into their own programs so as to serve their students effectively.

Today, it’s so easy to study from home or anywhere in the world.

So, if you’re a guardian and you have a loved one which you want to enroll into a high school in Michigan, leverage on this list to get information about the necessary steps you need to take.


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