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Selecting the proper device can be a tear in the flesh. It’s not always easy making a decent cut, and it becomes a problem if you’re not well informed.

We need to make sure we perform certain suitable studies to keep away from lazy and tiresome jobs. In making holes and electrical works, drywall tools are a must.

Cutting the drywall requires power and enthusiasm; however, accomplishing the activity may be hectic while lost. Take, for example, a skilled hanger who took the action of reducing drywall in a selected time; what an expert needs to do is to have looked for the proper device required to perform that activity; else, his purpose will now no longer come to a promise.

With all being said, we decided on the delicate equipment for reducing drywall in 2022, which will make the job absent of laziness. Some of the best 10 types of equipment for the job include,

  1. Spiral saw
  2. Oscillating multitools
  3. Utility or Razor knife
  4. Reciprocating saw
  5. Jigsaw
  6. Hole saw cutter
  7. Hand-held saw, or jab saw
  8. Circular saw
  9. Makita drywall cutter
  10. Dewalt cutout tool

Why Do I Need The Best Tools For Sitting Drywall?

 Well, you can find the answer you seek in this article. There are many challenges facing cutting dry walls, some of which are time management.

 Time is the principal thing every one of us must consider when getting a job done.

 Using tools and equipment can defeat this factor. But people are not aware of it.

 The best tools for cutting drywall will guarantee to get the job done in a short period.

 The second is to eliminate tiredness. No matter how big a person is, a tired individual will not get the job done. That’s why we need the right tools. With it, you can get rid of tiredness while working, which will not only slow you down but reduce the time of job completion.

 Inaccurate cut and design.

 The best tools give you the best cut; an outdated tool will help you cut drywall but might make it inaccurate.

 Also, the required design still depends on the tools you used.

 Various factors affect the cutting of drywalls, especially if the right and best tools have not played an influential role. Therefore, you need the best tools for cutting drywall.

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 Which Dry Wall Tool Is Best To Use And Where To Use It

 When using a tool to cut drywall on the job description, we might get our bands in food shortage. So let’s look at the different drywalls and where to use them.

 Circular saw: used as a last resort or in a case of lack of tools; other tools can get the work done.

 Oscillating multi-tool: This tool makes a straight but plunges cut when making a wider slight cut. It will save stress an uneasy amount, especially in a tight area.

 Razor knife: it’s used for scoring and making a straight cut of smaller volume.

 Jigsaw: Using its manual, a jigsaw will make a clean straight cut and well-curved cut.

 Hole saw cutter: we attached this tool to a driller to make a perfect round cut.

 Utility knife: can also make a straight cut and for scoring.

 Where to get the best tool for cutting drywall

 Tools for cutting drywall vary in portability and power; therefore, we’re looking to consider getting the best that fits the job.

 Some of the best sites to get these tools include;

  • Walltools.com
  •  Amazon
  •  All-wall.com
  •  Aistapping tool
  •  eBay


10 Best Tools For Cutting Drywall In 2022

 Listed below are the best drywall tools, their use, and how to use them.



1. Spiral saw


 When making a drywall cut, a spiral saw will save you a lot of trouble.

 It is used to cut without help from other equipment such as wallboard or solid materials.

 The Spiral saw has durable, long-lasting steel. Its bit’s shanks enable it to fit in a saw for an easy cut.


 This tool can multitask.

 It will guarantee many cuts such as freehand, circular, cut-out, and plunge.

 A spiral cut is also significant in making holes in an electric box.

Features to observe before purchasing

 Here are some basic things to look at before getting a spiral saw.

  • It should accept ⅛ inch and nothing less than ¼ inch while cutting.
  • Cordless capability.

 How to use it?

 To get a cleaner and better cut, ensure you approach counter-clockwise when cutting around the material and clockwise when cutting inside the materials.

 This method will guarantee a successful cut.

2. Oscillating multitools

 An oscillating multi-tool can make a lot of cuts to save time.

 It has the shape of a utility knife but is very helpful in cutting, so if you look at materials to handle in a limited time, an oscillating multi-tool will be your best tool for cutting drywall.


 A multi-tool is one of the best tools for working in a congested area. Other tools for cutting drywall might not fit in a place where space is absent, but having an oscillating multi-tool can help solve the problem.

 Also, with minor cuts, oscillating multi-tools will help create a lot of slight reductions in extensive drywall.

 Features to look at before purchase.

 Buying a multi-tool is easy, but it becomes a problem when you’re not informed about the drywall tool. Therefore the best features to look at before purchasing this tool for cutting drywall include;

 ● Comfortability: you don’t want to get a tool that does not feel good to touch and is easy to use

 ● Battery capacity: this feature is essential, as it lets you do the job without searching for an outlet.

 ● Accompanying a lot of blades is also a nice feature to note.

How to use it?

 Use two hands when cutting drywall to avoid ruining your cuts.

 Note that after aligning your tool to the mark you want to cut, squeeze to cut.

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3. Utility or Razor knife

Amazon price 
A utility knife is one of the best tools for making a straight line on drywall before cutting.

 It does a fine job when making a line.


 A utility knife is a must-have in a drywall wall cut, I.e., for making a straight line. It’s simple, cheap, and easy to use.

 Features to look at before purchase.

 Before getting this, let’s check on the features it must have

 ● Preferably a rubber handle

 ● A sharp end for piercing

 ● It must have sharp replaceable blades

 How to use it?

Using a utility knife doesn’t need more stress. It would be best if you made a score on the drywall; after that, you exact pressure on the area of the cut, and it’ll break out.

4. Reciprocating saw

Amazon price 

Before using this tool for cutting drywall, make sure it has the best blade installed.

 Although it’s a bit heavy for the job, can still get the job done.

 We should use a reciprocating saw with utmost care to avoid damage when cutting drywall.


 We can use a reciprocating saw to make plunge cuts when cutting drywall.

 It’s still termed the best tool for cutting drywall.

Features to look at before purchase.

 For a specific drywall tool, such as a reciprocating saw, you need to be informed before purchasing; some of the features to look at are;

 ● Its blades must have a sharp front to enable plunging into drywall.

 ● Not long. Having a length of 2.5 inches should be fine.

 ● Stay clear of wood-rated teeth. They are too tense for cutting drywall.

 How to use it?

To get an excellent cut using a reciprocating saw, make sure we mark the area with a pen before cutting.

 Keep the tool 90 degrees to the drywall and allow it to cut efficiently.

5. Jigsaw

 Amazon price

Among other tools, it’s still regarded as the tool needed for cutting drywall.


 Like rotozip, we use a jigsaw to make curved lines, especially those complicated cuts that demand special tools.

Features to look at before purchase.

 If you’re planning for a tool with a wide variety of use, a jigsaw should be your first thought.

 But what are the features that make it the best to purchase? These are;

 ● Jigsaw can produce more dust while cutting. With that, it possesses a dust blower to stop the dust from getting into the lungs.

 ● Cordless (Not needing electricity from a wall outlet) but has a powered battery.

 ● It should possess a semiconductor For indicator light to make clear vision when cutting.

 ● A T- shank blade fit.

 How to use it?

 Jigsaw saw tool is much easier to use without a manual.

 Though they’re not very good at making plunge cuts, it will be easier if you start your cut to avoid spoiling the paper.

 Also, when cutting, make sure you start from the edge.

6. Hole saw cutter

Amazon price
A hole saw cutter is the best to look for when making lots of circular cuts.

 It’s the best tool for a professional, especially if you’re not too good at free-hand cutting.


The hole saw a cutter is a unique tool for a particular job that involves cutting circles. But you might make the worst cut by trying to diversify and use it for another purpose, especially making a line.

It’s also used for making round holes in an electric box. A hole saw cutter is one of the best tools for cutting drywall.

Features to look at before purchase

Price is the primary factor for this tool. A hole saw cutter costs $50 to $250 for a set. Getting a single is still possible, but you’ll spend more.

Settling for a lower price will guarantee a substandard tool; therefore, the cheaper the tool, the less type you’ll have and Versa.

How to use it?

A hole saw can be a little tricky when cutting. It uses a pilot bit, which helps control the more significant circular bit. While cutting, you might not get the chance for a second, so try not to cut too small.

Last, before you cut, make sure your measurements are accurate. 

7. Hand-held saw or jab saw


Amazon price

The jab saw is another excellent tool for cutting drywall, especially when dealing with a minor job.

 It will keep a rough surface, but it’s pretty handy for the job. The handheld saw is not a powered tool; it’s just a simple tool for making drywall cuts.


The handheld saw, or jab saw, is pretty used with much control with the hand. You feel the materials you get in contact with while cutting through drywall, be it wiring. Or pipe.

It might not be efficient when making the large cut but is very handy in other kinds of drywall cuts.

 Features to look at before purchase.

 Before purchasing a jab saw, you might want to pay attention to the saw it contains.

 Things you’ll want to take note of include;

 ● A safety handle

 ● A pointed saw for making a perfect drill

 ● sharp teeth

How to use it?

While working with drywall, you’ll want to be careful with how you attach your saw to avoid stabbing or making a hole on the other side of the drywall.

A handheld saw is used to make several cuts, such as minor, straight, and curved.

You should know that using a retractable saw will get the job done efficiently, depending on the size of the drywall.

8. Circular saw

Amazon Price: $44.99

A circular saw is battery-powered with a speed of 4500RPM and is very safe and easy to use.

For plunge cuts, a circular saw is a must-have, especially in an open area. It possesses 24 numbers of teeth for cutting into an object.


Just like the jab saw, a circular saw can make curved and straight cuts. It’s also handy in making plunge cuts.

 Features to look at before purchase

 ● Retractable blades

 ● Accurate cuts and

 ● Thickness adjustment

 ● A parallel footplate.

How to use it?

Before using a circular saw, take note of the edge and pressure you applied to the drywall.

9. Makita drywall cutter

Amazon Price: $209 
If you’re looking for the best dustless cutter, you should consider getting a Makita cutter. This tool has an excellent balance while cutting, and it’s easy to adjust for the thickness of the material.

 It possesses a cover at the base to avoid spoiling the materials.


We use a Makita cutter for making straight cuts.

Features to look at before purchase.

 ● Damage protector, I.e., a base cover.

 ● Adjustable thickness controller, especially when dealing with the depth in drywall.

 ● LED Light

 ● Balanced handle and ease to use

 ● Cordless capability

 How to use it?

 Before using a Makita cutter, make sure you go through the manual thoroughly to avoid mistakes.

 Make sure to mark the drywall before you cut from in between. You can also use a laser to make sure your cut is accurate.

10.    Dewalt cutout tool

Amazon Price: $154.90

The Dewalt Cut-Out Tool is a brilliant choice for anyone who does a lot of remodeling or home repairs. This tool makes precise cuts in drywall, plaster, and other materials. It’s also great for making cutouts for electrical and plumbing fixtures.

The Dewalt Cut-Out Tool is easy to use. It has a powerful motor that makes it easy to cut through even the most rigid materials. The tool is also very lightweight, so it’s easy to handle. It comes with a built-in dust blower that keeps the work area clean while you’re working.


The Dewalt cutout tool is a tool that helps you cut out shapes in drywall, plaster, and other types of material.

Features to look at before purchase

 This Cutout Tool has several features that make it easy to use:

 • The tool has a variable speed motor, so you can control the speed depending on the material you are cutting.

 • Adjustable blade, so you can make precision cuts.

 • The dust port attachment keeps the work area clean.

 How to use it?

There are a few ways that you can use a Dewalt cutout tool. One way is to use it to make a template. You can do this by tracing the shape of the object you want to cut out onto some cardboard or other sturdy material. Once the form is traced, use the saw to cut out the shape.

Another way to use the Dewalt cutout tool is to make straight cuts. To do this, you will need to measure and mark the points where you want the cut to be made. Then, use the saw to make the cuts at those points.


There are a lot of tools on the market that can help you cut drywall. The ten tools we’ve listed are some of the best tools for cutting drywall, and they all have unique benefits.

In choosing the right tool for the job, it’s essential to consider your needs and preferences. Do you need a tool that’s easy to use? One that’s powerful to cut through multiple layers of drywall?

Think about the specific tasks you need to complete and how each tool can help you do that. Then, choose the means for cutting drywall that best fits the job.


What is the best tool to use in cutting drywall?

You can try the Razor knife, a circular saw, or a Dewalt cut-out tool to get the perfect cut.

What Drywall tool has a good balance?

A Makita cutter should be your best pick; it is balanced and easily adjustable when cutting.

What do you need to make a straight line in drywall?

A utility knife is a perfect fit for the job.

What is an oscillating tool good for?  

It is used to reduce extensive drywall in a limited time slightly.

What are the things to consider before getting a drywall tool?

Replaceable blades, efficiency, balance, and power are to be noted before purchasing any drywall tool.



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