10 Best Nail Tech Schools in Brandon, FL | Requirements

With a burgeoning outlook in the beauty industry, the best nail tech schools in Brandon, FL, prepare students for a career in the nail tech field.

Florida can be the ideal destination to begin your career as a nail technician because of its outstanding beauty field and growing tourism economy.

The Sunshine State has several opportunities for nail technicians to flourish in the state, whether you want to work in a salon or carve out your niche in the beauty business.

This article will analyze some of the top nail tech schools in Brandon, Florida, to assist you in making your decision regarding the finest program for your future as a nail technician.

Nail Tech School Brandon FL: Enrollment requirements

 You must have high school graduation or GED, be at least 16 or 17 years old, finish a program in nail technology or manicures, and pass a licensure test to work as a nail technician in Brandon, Florida. Many community colleges, vocational institutions, and private cosmetology and beauty schools provide programs.

 The anatomy of the hands and feet, how to apply artificial nails, and how to treat nail and skin conditions are among the technical skills you will gain. Besides having a fundamental understanding of nail products, learning about safety and hygiene is critical.

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Cost of Nail Tech Schools in Brandon FL

 Nail tech training courses often cost between $3,000 and $10,000. However, many programs will only cost an average of $1,000 to $5,000.

The actual cost depends on the curriculum and program hours. You may need $100 to $200 for the preliminary examination, application, and license fees.

Many nail tech schools in Brandon, Florida, provide financial aid to students; contact the office of financial assistance at particular schools to get more information. 

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Duration for Nail Tech Schools Brandon FL

 The top nail tech schools in Brandon, FL, equip you with the skills and confidence needed to succeed as a nail technician. Florida requires all prospective nail technicians to complete at least 240 hours of training.

The training involves both classroom and hands-on practice, as well as the following training material, as required by the Board:

  • Theory and application of skin and nail problems
  • Florida’s cosmetology regulations
  • Sanitation ethics

Your curriculum’s techniques and nail art will also allow you to practice and improve your skill level. You’ll have the groundwork required for further study and the chance to employ your creativity in creating nail art.

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Average Salary for Nail Technicians in Brandon FL

 Brandon, FL, is one of Florida’s best places for nail technicians. In Brandon, Florida, nail technicians typically make $1,032 weekly, which is 30% more than the national average. Although this is the average pay for nail technicians in Brandon, FL, you’ll find nail techs in all income ranges across the city.

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Best Nail Tech Schools in Brandon FL

 To help you find the best program for your professional objectives, we’ve covered some of the best nail tech schools in Brandon, FL — these are the top 10.

#1. Aveda Institute

 The Aveda Institute – Brandon’s elegant, contemporary campus offers a cozy environment for experiential learning in the arts. Aveda employs only premium, naturally derived products, and a real-world salon setting supports your study.

As a well-rounded student, you’ll graduate prepared to take on the beauty business and make a difference. You’ll master valuable skills for manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails, and the newest nail technology during your study to become a nail technician.

In a real salon, you’ll practice those skills on genuine customers. To assist students in honing more than just their technical talents, Aveda institutes also teach theory and client contact strategies.

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#2. Artistic Nail Beauty Academy

 Regardless of the program, Artistic Nail Beauty Academy’s goal is to assist aspiring beauticians in learning how to begin a successful career. You can learn a range of manicuring and pedicuring techniques, including natural manicures and artificial nails like acrylics, as part of its nail technician curriculum.

  As part of its 300-hour curriculum, students work in a student salon and spa where they provide treatments to actual clients. Graduates will realize their potential thanks to the program’s design!

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#3. Empire Beauty School

 Empire Beauty School is one of the best nail tech schools in Brandon, FL. You’ll be able to take part in engaging classes taught by qualified and professional beauty instructors.

Along with knowledgeable instructors, the school features a student salon/clinic where you can handle actual clients while learning how to develop your clientele. Gel manicures, acrylic, 3D acrylic embellishments, nail art, pedicures, and manicures, are all included in the nail tech program.

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#4. Shear Excellence Hair Academy

 Both traditional and innovative nail design techniques are in the nail technician training at Shear Excellence Hair Academy. The value of having well-manicured hands and nails has long played a vital role in our culture.

You’ll discover the functions of professional nail products and skin and nail anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Shear Excellence Hair Academy is one of the best nail tech schools in Brandon, FL.

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#5. Chic Image Academy

 The mission of Chic Image Academy is to offer the best possible education with a focus on advanced skills, leadership, and innovation. You’ll find that the instructors are some of the top experts in their fields.

Chic Image Academy gives you the tools to get an advantage through specialized training by providing various programs. The program’s goal is to prepare students for the licensing exam.

The Nail Specialist program provides theoretical and hands-on training in career practices, proper and safe work practices, applying nail services, and the right way to use chemicals and materials. You will learn the fundamentals of nail technology and industry standards.

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#6. Summit Salon Academy

 The cosmetology curriculum at Summit Salon Academy gives you the training you need to be successful in the beauty business. You will gain the skills required to provide your clients with outstanding salon experiences by utilizing some of the best educational resources available in the beauty industry.

 The Summit Salon Academy’s 1500-hour cosmetology program provides theoretical and practical training that equips students to handle every part of the program. Its cosmetology program covers everything you need to know about being a nail technician. The nail tech course covers manicuring, pedicuring, and manicuring implements.

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#7. Florida Massage and Beauty Institute

 The principal mission of Florida Massage and Beauty Institute is to support students in achieving their goals and turning into professionals in the beauty industry.

Students will take part in internships with other students and clients besides lectures. Students will get the skills they need to succeed as certified nail technicians.

 The Nail Technology program equips students with the skills they need to succeed in the industry.

Graduates will have all the necessary skills to achieve in this dynamic employment field constantly evolving and expanding with new product innovations, application methodologies, and business strategies. 125 hours of Theory and 125 hours of service are in the 250-course.

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#8. W J Weems Hair & Nail Academy

 W J Weems Hair & Nail Academy is one of Florida’s best nail tech schools. Despite not being very popular, the beauty school offers everything you need to know about being a successful nail technician in Brandon, FL.

The course curriculum includes basics like manicuring, hygiene, pedicuring, acrylic and gel nail applications, and more!

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#9. Erwin Technical College

 The cosmetology program at Erwin technical college provides students with everything needed to become competent nail technicians in the beauty field.

It provides the academic and practical knowledge required to ace the Florida State Board exam and confidently starts a new job.

The cosmetology program includes instruction in all skin, nails, and hair facets. Students also gain the training to provide manicures, pedicures, and nail art services.

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#10. Paul Mitchell

 With over 40 years of experience, Paul Mitchell’s schools are unquestionably at the top of the list when deciding on a beauty school to attend.

The global company, which operates over 100,000 salons in 81 countries, equips students with the knowledge and abilities they will need to succeed in the beauty industry as professionals.

You’ll discover that the school has a long-standing dedication to quality and a reputation for innovation and distinction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do nail tech schools cost in Florida?

The average cost for nail technician schools in Florida is $3,000.

How long is nail tech school in Brandon, FL?

To become a licensed nail technician in Brandon, FL, you must complete 240 hours of training.

How much do nail technicians make in Brandon, FL?

Nail technicians in Brandon, FL, can make from $18 – $35 per hour.

Are there online nail tech schools in Florida?

Yes, beauty schools like Dolly Monroe beauty academy offer online classes.

How much does the Florida nail tech license cost?

The Initial license application form costs about $75.


 The future for nail technicians is bright! Industry Statistics show a growing demand for nail technicians in the cosmetics sector.

With nail technicians in high demand, the best nail tech schools in Brandon, FL, focus on equipping students with the necessary skills for a successful career in the field.



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