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Giving your home a new and beautiful look involves a lot of interior decor work. And one of the simplest ways to give your home, workspace, etc. a new look is to paint it.

Painting is not only to be done when moving into a new apartment. Painting your home after some years to give it a new look, is a great idea. 

Stats states that 88% of people have more desire to be at home, after painting an interior room. A great number, wouldn’t you say? Painting gives a house a new feel and vibrance, which makes it a home, rather than just a random house. 

So, are you ready to go on the amazing adventure of painting and transforming your home? Do you want to know the best tools for painting to get for your painting project? Then sit still, grab a drink, and read on.

What are Painting Tools?

Painting tools refer to the equipment used in ‌painting the interior or exterior parts of a building. They are of various types, and they all play different roles in the painting process. 

We cannot overlook the best tools for painting in ‌transforming the look of your home.  Hence, they are worth investing in, to give your home a beautiful and vibrant look. And in this article, we would examine some of the best tools for painting. 

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Factors to Consider when Buying the Best Tools for Painting 

The following are the factors to take into consideration when buying painting tools, so as to get the best tools for painting. They include:

1. Durability:

One of the important factors to consider when buying the best tools for painting is to check how durable and strong they are. When your tools are durable, they tend to last longer. 

I am sure you don’t want to buy a tool that you only use twice and then gets damaged. So, make sure to check for the durability of the tool, when making your purchase. 

2. Warranty:

Also, it is important to get tools that have at least 6 months or more warranty on them. This would make you aware of how good the tools are. Also, you would be able to return it to the manufacturer if it gets damaged, within the time of its warranty, for repair. 

3. Quality:

To select the best tools for painting, the quality of the tools must be checked, to ascertain whether they can do the job required of them. Poor tools slow down work, as well as give terrible results. Hence, ‌pay attention to the quality of the tools when purchasing them.

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Do I need to Hire a Professional to Paint for me?

Yes, and no. 

Yes, because a professional painter is skilled in painting. Thus, he/she knows the intricacies, methods and styles to use when painting, to give the painting a clean and beautiful result. 

Also, hiring a professional to paint for you, takes the stress off your shoulders. You only have to wait for the painter to do his or her job, and then you get the desired result.

However, if you do not want to hire a professional painter, you can decide to do the painting yourself. This would help you save money. Also, it would serve as a learning process for you, if you intend to delve into painting later on.  However, you need to get the best tools for painting, to get the job done well.

What are the steps required in painting a house?

The following simple steps can be taken if you decide to paint your house by yourself. They include:

1. Power washing: 

One of the crucial steps in ‌painting a house is to power wash the walls you intend to paint. Power washing involves washing the old paint off your house surface, to help the fresh coat of paint stick longer. 

Also, power washing is important as it helps to get rid of dirt, dust, old paint, etc. Power washing is important to ensure the longevity of your paint. 

2. Taping: 

After power washing, the next step is to tape areas/surfaces in the house, where you don’t want the paint to be used. This could include the window edges, doorframes, etc. The painter’s tape is one of the best tools for painting. 

3. Painting: 

After taping the vital areas, you can start to paint the walls, with your paint and roller/paint spray, depending on your preference. You can also attach a roller extension to paint the high parts of the wall, or make use of a strong ladder. Using a roller to paint makes the work faster, than using a brush.

4. Brushing:

After painting with your roller, you can ‌brush the areas where the roller cannot reach. This could be in the corners and other tiny spaces in the house.

5. Removing the painter’s tape: 

After painting, ‌remove the tape used on surfaces in the house, and allow the paint to dry. To aid ‌drying, open the windows to allow in air and for ventilation. 

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What is the Importance of Painting your house?

Painting your house is important. And this is not only for beauty but also for other important reasons. The following are some of the importance of painting your house:

1. More value for the house: 

Painting gives your house a vibrant and beautiful look. And this increases its value and makes it appeal to buyers if you eventually want to sell out. Painting also makes your house look well taken care of, thus, buyers would ‌put their money on such property. 

2. Protection: 

One of the importance of painting your house is for protection. Painting helps to protect your home from being damaged by the weather, which can either be from the effects of the sun or rain. It helps to prevent wear and tears.

3. Increases quality of indoor air: 

When you paint the interior part of your home with quality paints, with zero-VOC, it helps to promote healthy indoor air for you to inhale. It also reduces odours and fumes. 

4. Hides stains and marks: 

Painting also helps to cover permanent marks or stains that may be on the walls of your home. 

5. Aesthetics: 

Painting makes a house look beautiful. It improves the aesthetic value of the home and makes it lovely to behold. A fresh coat of paint gives your home a new look, and gives it life!

6. Turns a house into a home:

Another important benefit of painting your house is that it transforms it from just a house to a home, where you love to come to. Painting transforms a random-looking building into a beautiful-looking home, that is cosy and serene.

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10 Best Tools for Painting to use in 2022

1. Wall cleaners:

One of the best tools for painting that you need to buy for your painting project is a wall cleaner.

Most rented apartments usually have many coats of paint on them. Tenants who have lived in the apartment usually do this.

Thus, before painting such an apartment, a wall cleaner or paint remover is needed. This helps to remove the paint on the wall, dust, dirt, grease, etc.

And this is important so that the paint to be applied would stay longer on the wall, and for a vibrant painting result.

Get a hand glove to protect your hands, a sponge and clean water. Then dip the sponge in the wall cleaner, and use it to wash the wall. Afterwards, use the water to clean the wall, after washing.

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2. Paint Rollers:

Paint Rollers are very essential in painting, as they play a key role. When painting, paint rollers are dipped into the paint bucket or tray to soak up paint and are rolled on the surface to be painted. 

They are made of a material known as “nap”. When this nap is thick, the roller is able to absorb more paint at once, and vice versa.

A roller also helps the painting process to be swift, as they cover more spaces in a few minutes. They are one of the best tools for painting.

Some paint rollers also have ingrained patterns, which could give your painting a fashionable look. They also come in different sizes and patterns.

Now, when using a paint roller, you should also ‌get a cover frame. This frame would help to keep paint from splattering from the roller to the floor, or other surfaces in the room. 

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3. Roller Tray:

When using a paint roller in your painting project, a roller tray is needed. Here, the paint would be poured into the roller tray, then the roller would be dipped into the tray to absorb the paint. 

Also, the roller tray should be big enough to accommodate the size of the roller. This ensures ease in ‌dipping the roller into the tray.

It also helps to prevent scraping, which may inhibit the smooth flow of work. And it is one of the best tools for painting. 

Also, ‌pour enough paint into the roller paint. It should not be too much or too small. When it is too small, the roller would not be able to absorb enough paint, and this may make the work rough. And when it is too much, the roller would absorb too much paint than is needed at a time. And this would make the workspace messy. 

Also, when purchasing your roller tray, it is advisable to buy the plastic type instead of the metal type. And this is because, the plastic-type is easier to wash than the metal type.

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4. Paint Tray Liner:

A paint tray liner is a disposable material that can be used to line your paint tray before paint is poured into it.

Here, the tray liner saves you the work of having to scrub the paint tray, since there would be minimal paint on it, if even any. 

The paint tray liner can be used in between coats, and disposed of after use. It is a really handy tool and very cheap to purchase. 

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5. Roller Extension:

A roller extension is another best tool for painting, which makes your job easy to do.

Roller extensions are poles which are attached to your roller, to make it longer, and easy to use when painting high surfaces. 

Roller extensions are especially good when painting a large space, that you can afford to spill on. However, when painting a small space and making use of a roller extension, paint can easily drip, making the work messy. 

Roller extensions can also be uncontrollable since the roller would be far from your body to be controlled. They can also be tiring to hold when painting high surfaces for a long period of time. However, they are good for convenience when painting. They also help you to avoid moving your ladder all over the work area, any time you need to move. They are one of the most efficient and best tools for painting. 

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6. Paint Brushes:

Paint Brushes and rollers are essential in painting, as they are also among the best tools for painting. Now, for your paintbrushes, they are used to complement the rollers.

They are mostly used in tight corners of the house, where the paint rollers may not ‌touch. 

Now, there are different types of paintbrushes. And each of them is used for different purposes. They include angles sash, stencil brush, wall, flat sash, etc. 

Also, the bristles on the paintbrush are made specially to be used on different surface textures. And they are best used with some kinds of paints, for optimal results.

Some types of paintbrush bristles include white china, black china, polyester, engineered nylon, nylon, etc.

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7. Drops Cloth:

The drop cloth is another best tool for painting, which makes your workspace clean.

In painting a room, one definitely does not want the paint to splatter on the floor and stain the carpet, rug or whatever floor covering you have. And to avoid this, you need a drops cloth.

A drop cloth is needed to cover the floor, furniture and other things you do not want the paint to splatter on.

You could make use of a plastic drop cloth, that can be easily disposed of after use. And if you paint frequently, you should buy a canvas drop cloth that can be reused repeatedly.

Your drop cloth makes your painting work easier, and saves you the stress of cleaning stained areas, after painting. Now, if you are painting a small area, you can make use of old clothes to cover the floor of the work area. Just make do with what you have, in case you do not have access to a drop cloth.

Now, after painting and taking the drop cloth off the floor, ‌check the floor for any accidental spillage of paint. Also, you don’t have to wash the drop cloth after every use. You can just let the paint dry off, then store it away for later use. Now, even though a drops cloth is not directly used in the painting process, it is one of the best tools for painting, which makes your work easier. 

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8. Painter’s tape: 

The painter’s tape is another best tool for painting, which is used to cover areas in the house, where you do not want to paint. But note that using the tape is a time consuming and stressful step in the painting process. However, it is essential to help you avoid areas where you don’t intend to paint.

Now, when removing the tape from the surface, you need to do this gently. This is so that the paint does not peel off with the tape, and end up causing more problems.

Hence, it is advisable to use a knife to cut off the edge of the tape, before pulling it off the wall. 

The painter’s tape can also be used to make designs and patterns over the wall. This is done when the tape is used to make shapes, patterns, etc. on the wall, then the exposed part is painted. This makes the painting result more beautiful. 

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9. Ladder:

A step ladder helps in ‌painting to reach high surfaces, that your brush and rollers cannot reach.

They are suitable for convenience’s sake, and they help you reach high surfaces with ease. 

When buying a ladder for your painting project, it is advisable to buy lightweight ladders.  An A-framed ladder which can stand on its own would be much preferred so that you wouldn’t have to lean it against the wall.

A ladder with a fold-down tray which can‌ hold your paint bucket or roller tray would also make the painting work easy. 

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10. Painter’s Tool:

A painter’s tool is a versatile tool that is handy and can be used for many purposes, in your painting project.

It can ‌scrap paints, open paint containers, remove rollers, etc. It is a really useful tool that does many things for you, and can last for a long time, if well used and taken care of. 

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All painting tools are important, as one cannot do without them all. However, there are some indispensable tools that one must use when painting. For example, paint, roller, drop cloth, etc.

To know if your paint has dried, use the fingertip test. This would require you to use your fingertip to touch an unnoticeable part of the painted area. If a mark is left indented on the area touched, then it is not yet dry. However, if no mark is indented and the wall feels firm, then the paint has dried. 

Interior painting tools are not different from exterior painting tools. However, there are some things you must use in the interior part of a building, that you may not ‌need for the exterior part when painting. For example, if you don’t mind paint spilling on the exterior floor of your home, you may not need a drop cloth when working on the exterior part. However, for the interior part of a home, a drop cloth is always needed. 

Getting best tools for painting is important, to get great results in your printing project. And while painting tools differ in functions, they also differ in price. And the price of each tool is based on the brand you are buying. In all, have a list of the essential tools you need, and get an estimate of how much they cost, to enable you to plan ahead.

Determining the colours to use for the interior parts of your apartment depends on your preference. However, certain factors such as the brightness of the colour, whether it matches the colour of your furniture, curtains, etc. should be considered too. 


When buying your best tools for painting, it pays to invest in quality tools, which have a longer life span and would deliver the work well.

This is to avoid the stress that comes with using low-quality tools, which cause more harm than good to the work being done.



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