15 Best Trade Schools for Computer Science in 

If you’re considering a computer science degree, chances are you have an interest in the field and want to learn more.

You might be looking for a way to start your career or advance your current position. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of schools out there that can help you achieve those goals.

In this post, we’ll explore 15 top-notch trade schools for computer science—and why they’re worth considering if you want to get into the field!

What Are The Opportunities Available in Computer Science?

As online threats spread from the military to the business sectors, there will be an ongoing demand for cybersecurity professionals.

Small and large businesses must protect their data, especially as they move to the cloud, whether they focus on penetration testing or cybersecurity in general.

New roles are emerging with the continuous development of search engines and platforms, such as Facebook and Google. And technical SEO offers numerous opportunities.

The opportunities to enter various career fields are constantly changing. So, whether you want to work for a large corporation or start your own, there are options.

What Are the Different Computer Science Specializations?

A computer scientist is undoubtedly one of the jobs obtained with a computer science degree. Workers in that occupation may specialize in a particular aspect of technology, such as programming, robotics, or data.

However, many high schools offer specialized computer science programs. These can lead to other careers in the field.

For those interested in computer science specializations, here are some job descriptions:

  • Computer systems analyst: Ensures the stability and security of a computer system’s architecture and assists in resolving complex computer problems.
  • Database administrator: Ensures that databases are secure and safe, as well as backs up systems in the event of outages, security threats, or other problems.
  • Network systems administrator: Ensures that network systems are running smoothly and are up to date, and installs and manages the local area, comprehensive, and intranet networks.
  • Software systems developer: Creates, tests, and modifies the software to improve performance and functionality.

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15 Best Trade Schools For Computer Science

1. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University is one of the best trade schools for computer science. It’s a full-time or part-time program that offers a variety of options for students.

Students can pursue their computer science degree online, in an on-campus setting, or at one of the university’s locations throughout Colorado.

The cost for this program varies depending on the specific requirements and credentials awarded upon completion of your studies.

Suppose you’re interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science. In that case, it will cost approximately $18,000—but if you’re looking to start learning some new skills, options as low as $3,400 per year are available!

Students must apply through their school’s website before accepting any coursework offered by Colorado Technical University.

The application requires applicants’ transcripts from previous colleges/universities attended (including standardized tests), financial aid, letters explaining why they want to enroll in this particular college, and others.

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2. Herzing University

Herzing University is a private, nonprofit university in Wisconsin that has over 50 campuses across the country.

It offers associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in computer science. They founded the school in 1929 as the Wisconsin School of Business but changed its name to Herzing College when it began offering more than just business courses.

Since then, it has grown into one of America’s largest private institutions with an impressive reputation for quality education.

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3. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hamisphete University is one of the best trade schools for computer science. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges accredits it.

They offer a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Also, they offer a graduate certificate in computer science (online). They offer an MBA with a concentration in information technology.

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4. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is one of the best trade schools for computer science. It’s a private university in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The school was founded in 2001 by Harrisburg Polytechnic Institute. Today it’s known as the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology (HUST).

The institution offers bachelor’s degrees in computer science as well as other related fields such as business administration and psychology; master’s degrees in computer science; doctoral programs for those who want to teach at colleges or universities; doctorates for those who wish to pursue research careers; certificates for non-degree seeking students who want additional training before entering their chosen field of study.

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5. Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College is a for-profit institution that offers computer science, nursing, and business degree programs.

The school has campuses in Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, and Wisconsin. The school also offers associate degrees in criminal justice and pre-medicine (pre-health).

Students who complete their associate’s degree can transfer to Rasmussen and receive an associate’s degree from the community college or university where they first enrolled. Rasmussen College is one of the best trade schools for computer science.

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6. Oregon Institute of Technology

Oregon Institute of Technology is one of the best trade schools for computer science. It’s a public, nonprofit institution that the Northwest Commission has accredited Colleges and Universities since 1964.

The school offers bachelor’s degrees in computer science, management information systems, and software engineering.

The school’s main campus is in Hillsboro, Oregon. In addition to its primary campus location, OIT offers classes online through its Center for Distance Learning (CDL).

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7. Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private university in Washington, D.C., founded by John Carroll and named for his brother George, a bishop of the Episcopal Church.

The school has gotten ranked as one of the best trade schools for computer science programs in the United States by U.S. News & World Report for seven years running (2011–2017).

Georgetown has a strong reputation for research and innovation, especially regarding artificial intelligence (A.I.), robotics, big data analytics, and cybersecurity.

It also offers several degrees that prepare students for careers in these fields, including computer engineering or electrical engineering; biomedical informatics; cognitive science or computational neuroscience; data analytics; information security management systems management/I.T. governance.

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8. Drexel University

Drexel University is a private research university with a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education.

The school has several campuses in the Philadelphia area—including its main campus in Philadelphia and another campus at Thomas Jefferson University—and offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science.

While there are many good schools to choose from when looking for a trade school that will prepare you for your career as an I.T. professional, we’re confident that Drexel is one of the best trade schools for computer science out there.

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9. Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) is one of the best trade schools for computer science.

It is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and offers both a bachelor’s degree and an associate’s degree in computer science. The school plans to build a new campus with classroom space, research labs, dorms, and more.

CPCC has been around since 1967 and currently has over 20,000 students enrolled at their main campus and two other campuses throughout the state of North Carolina, one that serves our neighbor state, South Carolina, through NCHC Atlantic Sun Conference basketball action!

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10 Northern Virginia Community College–Alexandria Campus

Northern Virginia Community College is one of the best trade schools for computer science. It’s a community college located in Alexandria, Virginia.

It has an excellent reputation and offers a variety of programs, including computer science. The average student-to-faculty ratio is 14:1.

Northern Virginia Community College is one of the best trade schools for computer science because it has an excellent reputation, offers many courses related to this field, and is easy to access if you live nearby or commute there regularly.

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11. Clark State Community College – Springfield, Ohio

Clark State is one of the best trade schools for computer science. They offer an associate degree in computer science.

The program includes courses in programming, database management, and software engineering. It’s designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in the computer industry or as part of a technical team that builds websites or apps.

These schools offer some of the best programs in computer science. They have flexible schedules, online and on-campus classes, and various courses.

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12. Devry University

DeVry University is one of the best trade schools for computer science. It’s a for-profit university that offers over 50 associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

The school has more than 90 campuses in 18 states, including locations in Arizona, California, and Texas.

Devry’s main campus is in Downers Grove, Illinois. It also operates campuses throughout the country.

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13. Full Sail University

Full Sail University, a private university in Winter Park, Florida, offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees and certificate programs.

Founded in 1979 by John De Graff and his wife Diana Metzger DeGraff, the school offered only graduate computer science courses. In 1994, it began offering undergraduate studies in computer science as well.

We know full Sail University for its focus on teaching students how to build websites or apps; it has admitted over 100% of its applicants each year. It is one of the best trade schools for computer science.

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14. California Institute of Arts & Technology

It is one of the best schools in California for students studying computer engineering technology and computer science.

California Institute of Arts & Technology is a small private for-profit university in San Diego.

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15. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is one of the best trade schools for computer science. It’s a for-profit college that offers a Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design, which takes two years to complete.

The school has an open admissions policy and a high student satisfaction rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is computer science a good profession?

Computer science is a good major, with a median pay of $91,250 and job growth of 11% in the computer and I.T. field.

Is computer science a problematic major?

“Yes,” is the short answer. Any list of majors to study will probably include computer science as one of the most challenging disciplines to learn.

What exactly does a computer scientist do?

Computer scientists design, develop, and test software and hardware to solve problems in various business, industrial, scientific, and social settings.

Is computer science a viable career path?

Computer science can be an excellent major when it comes to solid career prospects and opportunities to develop a wide range of skills.

Is there a bright future in computer science?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information technology (I.T.)-related careers are expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations in the coming years (BLS)


We hope that this list of the best trade schools for computer science has been helpful to you!

We know it can be challenging to choose a school and decide where to go, but if you follow these tips and ensure your education is top-notch, chances are good that you’ll get into a great program regardless of your background. Good luck!



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