Best Universities In Madrid Spain Ranking

Most students find it challenging to make the right choice of university to study in a particular city especially when the city has so many universities. Just like Spain Capital Madrid that has great universities. That is why we have come up with the Best Universities in Madrid for international students according to our ranking just to help you which is our top priority.

Madrid Universities are known for their top-notch education system, which is rare to be found in most Spain cities. They have a flexible system that offers a wide range of subjects for different levels of study to both national and international students.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the 2023 Best Universities in Madrid Spain that we believe will give you what you really need.

You can also check the table of content below to get an overview of other packages wrapped up in this post for you.

Why Should I study in Madrid?

Are you among the folks that want to know what is special about studying in Madrid?

I will tell You.

Studying in Spain capital city, Madrid can be very fascinating and fun. Although all the Spanish cities have a unique feature that makes them spectacular, there is something exceptional when you Study in Madrid. So don’t be confused!

A few years now, Madrid has always been where most international students run to with studying. This is major because of its diverse and vibrant nature.

Over the years, Madrid has proven to be a thriving, fascinating metropolitan city and a great place to study.

Basically, Madrid universities are known for the quality of education they provide to both national and international students.

These universities have world and global recognization for academic excellence.

The city has a high standard of the education system which is scrutiny by some of the best training they offer.

That means you will be opportune to get a quality education that will you on the path for establishing a successful career if you study in Madrid.

Also, studying in Madrid will give you the opportunity to languages in Spanish. The record has it that Spanish is one of the world’s most spoken languages, with roughly 469 million speakers.

Imagine you learn one of the most official languages recognized globally and have an edge in the international environment. Great right?

Moreso, when it comes to employment opportunities, Madrid got you.

Because the city is known as a center for commerce and business, you can get excellent and mouth-watery opportunities to study and work in some reputable industries.

In addition, Madrid has an interesting lifestyle you will enjoy aside from its diversity in culture. The city has sunny weather, cultural events and recreational facilities art galleries, and famous museums which makes life interesting and fun.

Interestingly, even as an international student, you can have access to all these things at a cheap rate.

Furthermore, with studying in Madrid you get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses for any level of your choice.

Universities in Madrid have a flexible system of education.

Universities in Madrid Spain for International Students

The record has it that, Madrid is one of the most visited Spain cities. And most international students want to study there because of its interesting culture and lifestyle.

Madrid Universities strives to offer international students a conducive learning environment to study.

Although the high tuition fees for foreign students are higher than what citizen students pay, the foreigners enjoy almost equal opportunities.

The Universities in Madrid Spain for International Students offer them various courses in different fields.

As an international student, you can pursue an undergraduate, masters, p.h.d or even doctorate degree program. Only if the university offers it.

Note, that these exams are available twice each year in many countries. Once prospective student has passed the exams, they may apply directly to any Spanish university.

How many Universities are in Madrid?

According to Free Apply, there is 214 higher education system in Spain. And Madrid along has 57 universities located in it. Among these Higher educations, 12 are universities.

These Madrid universities offer 1070 study programs. In addition, 429 undergraduate programs at 44 universities, 503 Master programs at 53 universities and 138 Ph.D. programs at 22 universities.

That’s 12 Universities in Madrid meets the university education standard. Below is a list of them all

  • Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Universidad CEU San Pablo
  • Francisco de Vitoria University
  • IE School of Global and Public Affairs
  • National University of Distance Education
  • Nebrija University
  • Real Centro Universitario Escorial-Maria Christina
  • Saint Louis University Madrid Campus
  • San Damaso Ecclesiastical University
  • Schiller International University
  • Universidad Camilo José Cela
  • University City of Madrid

Are there Medical universities in Madrid?

Yes of course.

Because of the quality of Medical universities in Madrid, the city has been named among the best cities for medical students.

As a medical student, this is the right place for you to pursue any degree in any medical course. You can pursue undergraduate, masters or doctorate degree programs.

You will be in a better advantage if you have a good command of the Spanish language.

Interestingly, the Medical universities in Madrid tuition fees and cost of living are pretty low than in other cities in Spain. This is when compared with the quality of education they offer.

Are there English universities in Madrid?

Although most Madrid universities teach in Spanish which is their official language, there are also universities in Madrid that teach in English. Just that they are very few.

But as an international student, I will advise that you learn how to speak, read, write and understand the Spanish language before you choose to enroll in a college in the country.

Below is a list of some English universities in Madrid

  • Schiller International University, Madrid
  • Suffolk University, Madrid
  • European University of Madrid
  • Saint Louis University, Madrid
  • UIBS, Barcelona & Madrid
  • Universidad Carlos III De Madrid

Engineering universities in Madrid

If you want to pursue an engineering degree program in any field, there are Engineering universities in Madrid that are good at what they do.

However, these Engineering universities in Madrid are open for both national and international students.

Whether you want to become an aerospace engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer or civil engineer, you are in the right place.

These are the top Engineering universities in Madrid that you can go for

  • Rey Juan Carlos university
  • Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Polytechnic University of Madrid
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
  • Saint Louis University Madrid Campus

Having gotten an insight into some Universities in Madrid and the areas they are good, let’s talk about the Best Universities in Madrid Spain.

What are the Best Universities in Madrid Spain?

#1. Autonomous University of Madrid

Address: Ciudad Universitaria de Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid, Spain

No of Faculties: 8

Employability Rate: 90%

Accreditation: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Autonomous University of Madrid is a prestigious higher education institution accredited by Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional, España. The university is opened to both national and international students.

Basically, this top university in Madrid majors in natural sciences. It also offers the following courses; arts and philosophy, teacher training and education, economic and commercial sciences, science, law, psychology and medicine, and applied sciences.

However, the tuition fees for international students are very low and make it an attractive option for students from all over the world.

In fact, 15% of students comprise international students. For this reason, the university is a cultural paradise.

Moreso, this university offers 94 Ph.D. programs, 72 unrecognized master’s degrees and even Undergraduate programs.

Furthermore, the Autonomous University has Eight faculties which includes

  • Philosophy and Liberal Arts
  • Law
  • Economical Science and Business Management
  • Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Psychology
  • Engineering School
  • Teacher Training and Education

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You can also apply for any of these scholarships for short course in Madrid Spain

#2. Complutense University of Madrid

Address: Avda. de Séneca, 2, Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid, 28040, Spain

No of Faculties: 7

Employability Rate: 85%

Accreditation: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training

Also in our list of best Universities in Madrid Spain is the Complutense University of Madrid. Accredited by Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional, the university is one of the world’s oldest universities established in the world established in1927.

However, UCM also offers national and international students the opportunity to study undergraduate and graduate programs in English, other Learning Opportunities, Non-Degree studies, and even Spanish.

Moreso, the courses it offers include media and communications sciences, education and learning sciences, and computer science. It also contains a college of arts and programs in geography and veterinary medicine.

Furthermore, it is a recognized globe such that its international dimension of UCM is indisputable. Hence, this can give you an edge for your employability, both in Spain and abroad.

In addition, the university has specialized faculties that focus on medicine and legal studies. And also, they offer summer courses and have a series of study abroad programs with universities in Paris, Prague, Slovakia, and the United States.

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#3. Charles III University of Madrid

Address: Calle Madrid, 126, 28903 Getafe, Madrid, Spain

No of Faculties: 6

Employability Rate: 92.3%.

Accreditation: AACSB

Next in our Best Universities in Madrid ranking, is Carlos III University in Madrid. This top Madrid University is an innovative research university accredited by AACSB.

UC3M is an institution with an outstanding international position.

Basically, Charles III University of Madrid is a prestigious globe-recognized institute that offers a wide range of Masters’s and Bachelor’s programs in English.

More so, they offer programs in economics, business, engineering, law, technology, communications, social sciences, and humanities, Finance/Accounting, and Government/Political Science.

There are Faculties in Charles III University

  • Social Science and Law
  • Engineering
  • Arts & humanities
  • Computer science
  • Physical sciences
  • Business & economics

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#4. Schiller International University, Madrid

Location; Calle de Serrano, 156, 28002 Madrid, Spain

No of Faculties: 4

Employability Rate: 68%

Accreditation: Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools

Schiller International University is a private university in Madrid that Accrediting Council accredited for Independent Colleges and Schools.

This top Madrid university’s core aim is to train students, professionally and personally, for future leadership positions in global environments.

Basically, the university offers four (4) degree programs which include Associate, Undergraduate, Masters and online degree programs.

Furthermore, SIU offers US-accredited undergraduate programs in International Relations and Diplomacy and Business Administration, as well as an MBA program.

It is one of the top English universities in Madrid because Programs are taught in English and university admission is year-round.

Thus, this aims to show the competencies students need for professional careers and further academic study.

I tell you, if you are an international student, studying in Madrid can be a fantastic opportunity to be immersed in one of the world’s top cultural capitals.

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#5. Saint Louis University Madrid Campus

Location: Av. del Valle, 34, 28003 Madrid, Spain

No of Faculties: 8

Employability Rate: 90%

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission (HLC)

Saint Louis University is an American University in Madrid accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). This is one of the English universities in Madrid.

Basically, this top university in Madrid offers an American educational experience in Spain, but with all of Spanish culture.

In addition, the university offers also fully accredited American undergraduate and graduate degrees that can be completed in Spain or combined with studies at the St. Louis campus.

However, it is also ideal for students who want to combine American and Spanish lifestyles.

In addition, you have nearly 100 undergraduate majors, two M.A. programs: English literature and Spanish language and literature, and even summer programs.

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#6. Universidad Europea de Madrid

Location: Calle Tajo, s/n, 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón, Madrid, Spain

No of Faculties: 8

Employability Rate: 90%

Accreditation: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Spain

Next in our list of the best Universities in Madrid is European University. This is a private that is renowned for its top-notch education.

Basically, Universidad Europea de Madrid’s main areas of study are society, sports, education, health, and renewable energy.

Interestingly, as an international student, you obtain any of the 80 programs and get bilingual certificates.

Generally, the university offers a course in a different language; English, French and Italian. This may be the reason why 24% of its students are international.

Moreso, there is a higher level of quality education you receive that is more than the money you will pay.

Furthermore, this Madrid University centers its efforts on an educational model that develops each student’s competencies, including their management and communication skills, with a strong international approach.

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#7. Nebrija University

Location: Calle de Sta. Cruz de Marcenado, 27, 28015 Madrid, Spain

No of Faculties: 6

Employability Rate: 90%

Accreditation: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Spain

Nebrija University is a small private university that was the first to integrate practical experience in international environments.

Basically, this top Madrid University offers various degree programs at different levels to both national and international students.

Moreso, it has a flexible curriculum for international students. It is notable of this unique system which gives students all the platform they need to excel. Thus, the university has six faculties which include

  • Arts and Letters
  • Business School
  • Communication Sciences
  • Health Sciences Centre
  • Polytechnic and School of Architecture School
  • Social Science

Furthermore, the University has a Centre exclusively dedicated to teaching Spanish Language and Culture.

Note, entry to a private university in Spain is very expensive. Especially compared to the tuition fees of the General University.

However, receiving an education here is undoubtedly a first-class experience and can provide an unparalleled level of education.

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#8. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Location:  28040 Madrid, Spain

No of Faculties: Not Specified

Employability Rate: 61.2

Accreditation: Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, Spain  

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid also known as The Technical University of Madrid is among the best universities in Madrid.

Basically, this university offers over 50-degree programs in different levels of study.

It is the best technical school in Spain because it combines different technical and engineering schools.

So, if you are considering pursuing a degree program in Engineering, don’t miss this university because it is one of the best Engineering Universities in Madrid.

Invariably, It is a very popular university for international students with more than 1000 currently enrolled. Over 35,000 students attend classes during the year.

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#9. Comillas Pontifical University

No of Faculties: 9

Employability Rate: 96%

Academic Reputation: 57.4

Comillas Pontifical University is a private Catholic university and among the best universities in Madrid Spain.

Hence, this university coordinates several universities around the world.

However, its core aim is based on a mixture of educational experience accumulated throughout extensive history and continuous development in response to social change.

Basically, this top Madrid University offers programs based on academic rigor, individual support for students.

And also comprehensive training, a higher social awareness level, and excellent preparation for professional activity.

Thus, they provide these programs from a humanist Christian perspective.

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#10. CEU San Pablo University

No of Faculties: 6

Employability Rate: 83%

Academic Reputation: 79.2

Just like Comillas Pontifical University, CEU San Pablo University is also a private Catholic university in Madrid.

Basically, this university provides varieties of programs like undergraduate degrees, double bachelor’s degrees, and postgraduate study programs.

Note, these programs are taught in Spanish and English and in the following courses Economics and Business, Communication and Humanities, Architecture, Engineering and Health Science.

Interestingly, this university offers high-quality education to both national and international students.

Furthermore, the faculties in this university are

  • Law and Politics
  • Economics and Business
  • Humanities and Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Communication Sciences
  • Institute of Technology

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