10 Best Boarding Schools Utah In The USA

A boarding school is a college preparatory institution where students and teachers live and study together in a safe and secure environment.

Studies have shown that on the average, boarding school students succeed at significantly higher rates in college and adult life.

The joy of every parent is being able to afford their children a type of education where learning extends beyond the classroom. Fortunately, Boarding school provides this type of learning environment.

Boarding schools do not just provide a quality academic curriculum for students. They also groom and set these students on a path where they prosper professionally, socially, and culturally.

There are more than a thousand boarding schools if not hundreds of thousands but in this article, we will focus on boarding schools in Utah, so if you are residents or live near Utah, you can take advantage of the top boarding schools on our list.

Below are important facts about boarding schools you may need to know. The table below will help you run through the contents.

Why Attend A Boarding School?

A recent study conducted by TABS (The Association of Boarding Schools), shows that 91% of boarding students said their school was academically challenging compared to 70% of private day students and 50% of public school students. 

However, what gives boarding school students an edge over their day students counterparts is the vast number of activities, programs, and challenges they encounter on a daily basis.

Anyone who can afford a boarding school will want to embrace this huge opportunity where learning and personal growth are top priorities.

Furthermore, a boarding school offers a lot of positive impacts on students and until you attend one yourself, you may not really understand the depth of these impacts.

Are still wondering if boarding school is worth the struggle? then, quickly take a glance at some of the advantages below just to clear your doubts.

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Boarding school students learn how to manage their time and become independent very fast.

They follow strictly the time given to them, perform domestic chores, and complete school assignments by themselves.

This helps them mature quickly and learn to handle any task even without supervision.

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Fewer Distractions

Boarding school curriculum is structured in a way that allows students to focus better on their studies.

They are not distracted by televisions, video games, and other elements that pose distractions, unlike the day students.

This has a positive effect on their studies as they tend to perform better academically.

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Character Development

Boarding school students have a great moral advantage. They live in an environment where core values such as honesty, hard work and respects are emphasized.

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A Global Atmosphere

Boarding schools provide a diverse environment before university. Students in this system gain fluency in other languages as they interact with others.

They also learn how to better relate with people from diverse cultural background. In fact, students who stay in the boarding school for at least three years typically become bilingual and this gives them some significant advantage in the international workforce.

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Alternate Activities

Boarding school students are exposed to a wide range of extra curricular activities ranging from sports, games and music. This help broaden their learning. Sporting activities helps to keep them fit.

There is a lot to gain from attending a boarding school regardless of the tuition and fees.

How Much Does It Cost To enroll In A Good Boarding School in Utah?

The cost of attending a boarding school in Utah is dependent on quite a number of factors. First is the type of school. Private schools usually charge higher compared with public schools and this could be due to some benefits they offer.

In summary, Boarding schools in Utah typically range from $20,000 and $100,000 per year.

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Why Co-educational Boarding School?

Sending you ward to an all-boys or all-girls boarding is not a bad idea but on the other hand, co-educational boarding school has its own advantage.

According to research performed by the American Council for Co-Educational Schooling (ACCES), co-education enhances communication and collaboration among young men and women while building relationships.

Learning how to associate and work effectively with members of the opposite sex is a fundamental skill that is imperative for success beyond the educational setting.

Are There Therapeutic Boarding Schools for in Utah?

In case you are wondering what therapeutic schools are. Here is it! Therapeutic schools are specialized in educating and helping troubled teenagers and young adults.

They provide them with the help they need to tackle some deeper issues and open them up to an entirely new way of living their lives. As you read through this article, you will encounter a few high rated therapeutic boarding schools in Utah.

What are the Best Boarding schools in Utah?

The list of boarding schools in Utah is outlined below. These schools are categorized into boys, girls and therapeutic schools.

Our selection criteria of these schools include but not limited to Academic reputation, Accreditation, Tuition, Students to teacher ratio, Acceptance, and graduation rates.

We got our data from reliable sources, testimonials, interviews, and also by contacting individual schools. Before you make a choice of school, ensure you read carefully to get every detail about each school. The ranking factors above will guide you.

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  • Wasatch Academy
  • Cedar Ridge
  • Cinnamon Hills
  • Copperhills Youth Center
  • Diamond Ranch Academy
  • Falcon Ridge Ranch
  • Gateway Academy
  • Alpine Academy
  • Liahona Academy

#1. Wasatch Academy

School type: Private
Tuition: $58,050
Accreditation: Cognia (formerly AdvancED), Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS)

Wasatch Academy is recognized as one of the top boarding schools not just in Utah but in the US. This school is accredited and offers programs in an environment that promotes honesty, tolerance, respect, and responsibility.

The school provides a specialized curriculum and academic philosophy that prepares students grades 7-12 to transform the society.

Beyond the classroom, students access so many avenues to explore new interests, interact with others, learn new skills, and build a community that helps bring out the best in them.

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#2. Cedar Ridge

School Type: Public
Tuition: $17,500/year
Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

Cedar Ridge is a nationally known co-educational boarding school. This school is accredited and listed among the top 20 boarding schools in the country.

Cedar Ridge’s curriculum features instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and Related Arts to grades1-8, and instruction in high school credit courses required for graduation.

Apart from being a college prep-school, Cedar Ridge also offers behavioral and therapeutic support to boys with emotional difficulties through the provision of a highly structured environment.

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#3. Cinnamon Hills

School Type: Private
Tuition: $114,000 annually
Accreditation: Northwest Accreditation Commission

Cinnamon Hills is among the top-ranked boarding schools in Utah. It is a behavioral health center structured to service teenagers who are in a state of crisis in their lives.

The school curriculum is focused on promoting the value of accountability for individual choices, improving academic, social, and life skills.

What is unique about Cinnamon Hills is that they balance academics and therapy and also emphasize the dignity and importance of each individual.

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#4. Copperhills Youth Center

School Type: Private
Tuition: $5 per credit 
Accreditation: National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification

If you need treatment and a secure healing environment, consider Copperhills Youth Center. CYC is a therapeutic boarding school in Utah that provides psychoeducational programs designed to improve residents’ well-being and resilience.

Their curriculum follows a clinical process involving assessments, individualized goals, ongoing evaluations, and discharge planning. 

In addition to Recreation Therapy, Copperhills also offers an Art Therapy and Music Therapy provided by credentialed art and music therapists and Yoga provided by a certified yoga instructor.

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#5. Diamond Ranch Academy

School Type: Private
Tuition: $17,500/year
Accreditation: Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE)

Diamond Ranch Academy is a licensed therapeutic center committed to serving adolescent boys and girls with academic, behavioral, and clinical challenges.

They offer outlines the standards for children’s residential care facilities throughout the state.

As a therapeutic home, DRA ensures the physical care and safety of residents and requiring a criminal history check on all employees, owners, and operators.

Teachers in this school are state certified and other employees meet the criminal background check.

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#6. Falcon Ridge Ranch

Tuition: $2,398 per month
School Type: Private
Accreditation: Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges

Falcon Ridge Ranch is another great therapeutic boarding school. It is for girls who are exhibiting inappropriate behavior, dropping grades, or showing traits that may threaten their future

Teachers in this school are dedicated to helping students develop stronger academic and interpersonal skills.

If your ward has a history of abuse, a major loss in their life, or has any attachment disorders, Clearview has all it takes to minimize the effects of these traits.

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#7. Gateway Academy

School Type: Private
Tuition: $16,040 per year
Accreditation: Northwest Accreditation Commission

Gateway Academy provides a safe and nurturing environment and offers a strong academic program for adolescent boys who are battling addiction, emotional and behavioral issues.

As a school dedicated to healthy development, they provide a curriculum that features Therapy, Academics, Community, Outdoor Education, and Fitness.

Their curriculum integrates facilities where students can learn positive coping skills by engaging in fun outdoor activities.

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#8. Alpine Academy

School type: Private
Tuition: $469 per day
Accreditation: Northwest Accreditation Commission

Alpine Academy is a therapeutic boarding school for girls in Utah. This school is licensed and provides treatment and education to students who are struggling in a traditional school setting and aren’t finding success at home.

Alpine provides peaceful and welcoming facilities in a safe environment for students to process complex clinical issues.

They also provide programs that incorporate the most advanced modalities in use today coupled with a highly trained and expert staff.

In summary, Alpine prepares girls of strong potential to assume positions of responsibility and leadership in a rapidly changing world.

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#9. Liahona Academy

School type: Private
Tuition: $5,760
Accreditation: Northwest Accreditation Commission

Liahona Academy a top residential treatment center in Utah dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for adolescent boys.

As a fully licensed treatment facility, they offer multiple levels of care, including Residential Treatment Care, Day Treatment Care, and Outpatient Treatment to effectively treat mental health illness and issues. 

In fact, Liahona’s comprises of medical teams that address all physical or mental issues or illnesses that may be affecting the patient’s mental health.

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#10. New Haven

School type: Private
Tuition: $565.00 per day
Accreditation: North West Association of Schools and Colleges 

New Haven is a highly rated therapeutic boarding school that serves adolescent females, ages 12-18. This school is known internationally for working successfully with a wide range of complex emotional disorders including Anxiety, Depression, School Avoidance & Refusal, and many others.

As a standard therapeutic school, they offer programs that help develop the mental, emotional, and physical skills necessary for students to become productive and contributing members to society.

They instill in every girl the love of learning and an understanding of herself and the ethical principles which guide her life. This helps to develop an appreciation of excellence in all its forms with a commitment to what is right and good. 

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What Are the Drawbacks of Boarding School?

Amidst the numerous advantages and unique educational opportunities that boarding school offers, that is why parents should be very selective at the type of school they send their children to.

Although the drawback of boarding schools are very opinion-based, nevertheless, one should be aware of some potential disadvantages or concerns.

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  • Bullying and related problems.
  • Boarding school is expensive compared to other education options.
  • Lack of personal space and privacy
  • Moving aware from home at a young age can lead to boarding school syndrome

Any child who exhibits some traits that makes it difficult for them to relate well with other people can attend one of the Best Boarding Schools for Students With Learning Disabilities


Boarding school offers some significant benefits, but there are still a couple of drawbacks and that is why parents should investigate properly before they enroll their kids. when choosing a school make sure you focus on your child. Reflect on their most critical traits and how these impact their ability to function in various school environments. 

Frequently Asked Questions For Boarding Schools in Utah

The average cost of attending a boarding school in Utah ranges from $20,000 and $50,661 per year.

Wasatch Academy
Cedar Ridge
Cinnamon Hills
Copperhills Youth Center
Diamond Ranch Academy

The following are reasons you should attend a boarding school;
Character development
Personal growth
Fewer Distractions

Psychologist recommend that 12 years is the best age for a child to attend boarding school.


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