Tips On How To Write About English Essay | Full Guide & Sample

Learning English, especially when it’s a foreign language to you and it’s one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, can be overwhelming.

Many people think learning to read and speak in English is enough without realizing that written English skills are equally vital assets to have.

Writing in English allows you to communicate and express yourself better in today’s globalized world and boosts your confidence. This benefits academic performance as well as employment chances.

So, writing essays is an effective way to improve your writing skills. If you need help writing your essay in English, you are in the right place! We have outlined some helpful tips for writing English essays.

Brief Introduction

Essay writing in English differs ‌from other types of written communication, such as composing emails for work or personal letters to friends. The main difference is that you must show your ability to think and write critically.

You must clearly introduce and explain an argument when writing an academic text. This means you ‌show that you have understood and carefully considered experts’ opinions on the topic.

We have included tips and samples to help you get this right in your English essays.

Do not let academic essays in English scare you. You can do this!

Tips On How To Write About English Essay

Here are the tips to follow to write a good essay in English.

Tip 1: Plan Your Essay

Have you heard the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail” before? It’s a well-known saying for a reason, and it holds when writing a strong essay.

A detailed plan makes it much easier to produce a great essay, dissertation, or research paper.

In any academic writing, your preparation and planning are essential. Before you ‌write, make sure you complete a detailed plan.

However, you may alter some of your initial plans as you write, but only if you are sure there is a valid justification for doing so.

Here are some tips to assist you in adequately organizing your thoughts to make essay writing in English simpler.

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How to Plan an Essay in English

#1. Pay close attention to the essay question: Make sure you comprehend it entirely. Try writing it out completely, then try saying it with various terms. You can compose your homework more effectively as a result.

#2. Underline the essay question’s most important words (the “keywords”): Make sure you understand them—use a dictionary or synonym bank to help you. Define the keywords in the essay question, but use your own words.

#3. On a large piece of paper, make a “thought map”:  The essay question should be in the center, surrounded by any keywords, concepts, or quotations you choose to use in your essay. This is sometimes referred to as “brainstorming.”

#4. List the research work you will need to complete writing your essay well: This includes all the relevant textbooks and the prominent authors you will reference with quotes. Ensure you have access to all the books you need before you begin (online, library, shop).

#5. Plan your argument according to logic: You must completely address the question to make a fantastic essay. This calls for independent thought and an informed, compelling argument presentation.

#6. Select a relevant subject and sign up for your writing: Most academic writing must be in a formal register. Even though you shouldn’t write in the first person (“I”), it’s still crucial to demonstrate your critical thinking skills. Later, we’ll show you how to achieve this.

#7. Determine the number of sections your essay will have: Depending on the word count requirement (length).

Tip 2: Research About The Topic

A thorough and pertinent amount of research is needed for every academic writing assignment, whether it be an undergraduate essay, a graduate dissertation, or a post-doctoral research article.

But doing research for an essay in English doesn’t have to be challenging or uncomfortable!

Researching effectively and efficiently will save you a lot of time and stress.

Remember that nobody expects anyone, not even academic professionals, to know everything. Every day, we all learn something new.

However, all academic writing must demonstrate the author’s willingness to examine a range of facts and theories and critically evaluate them.

What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is known as thinking logically and rationally about facts, ideas, concepts, and the relationships between them. It differs from everyday thinking.  

Way on how to think and write critically in English

Critical thinking involves several skills, including conceptualizing, analyzing, refining, and evaluating.

  • Conceptualizing: To conceptualize means to combine pieces of information to form a new idea or concept.
  • Analyzing: To analyze is to carefully consider a fact, idea, or concept to ascertain its significance or applicability.
  • Refining: To refine anything is to disassemble it into its basic pieces. To eliminate all the extraneous (or superfluous) information and succinctly convey the most important ideas, facts, or information.
  • Evaluating means understanding an idea, thought, or argument and ‌assessing how accurate or useful it is. Understanding that not all views are created equal and being able to justify why some are more persuasive than others is a crucial component of critical thinking.

Note: You will also need to evaluate your work after writing your essay to see where improvements can be made. This is a crucial step to complete before submitting your essay for marking.

Tip 3: Write a Good Introduction

You must accomplish two things to write a fantastic introduction to an essay (or any other academic piece of writing) in English:

  • Show that you fully comprehend the question.
  • Clearly state your position’s argument.

Here is how to do it…

#1. Demonstrate your understanding of the question.

In your essay, project, or thesis, the most crucial thing is to demonstrate that you comprehend the question you are responding to. English should be used concisely. Paraphrasing the essay question at the essay’s start is a quick and easy approach to accomplish this.

So, what is paraphrasing? Paraphrasing in academic writing means ‌you understand a point and can think critically about it—and express those thoughts using clear written English.

How to paraphrase in English 

  • Ensure that the initial statement differs from the original sentence or question’s beginning.
  • Try to replace the words in the original sentence or question with synonyms (other words that convey the same thing, such as “different” instead of “alternative”).
  • For instance, divide the information into two sentences (instead of one).
  • Use terminology that differs from that in the essay question.
  • Alter the sentence constructions from the homework question.

#2. Introduce your argument concisely.

You don’t have to go into great detail in your introduction, but you should still address the essay question by mentioning the course your argument will go.

Remember to never use the first person (“I’) in academic writing unless it is specifically asked for.

Tip 4: Present Your Argument

When writing your essay, ‌explain both sides of the argument in the first section of the body text of your essay (body 1).

This demonstrates your analysis of the issue and your understanding of the value of considering other points of view. It demonstrates your research on the subject if you reference well-known authors and thinkers in your field of study.

Make a list of justifications for and against the point you are debating to assist you in doing this. After that, include your writing in your essay.

Tip 5: Use Quotes Effectively

As stated in the research section, Including the work and theories of well-known authorities in the field you are writing about is crucial.

But it’s equally crucial to credit other people’s efforts accurately—otherwise, they could accuse you of Plagiarism (copying or cheating)!

There are several techniques for referencing, which include:

  • MLA (Modern Languages Association) system
  • APA (American Psychological Association) system
  • Harvard system
  • MHRA (Modern Humanities Research Association) system. 

Utilizing the referencing style that is accepted and employed by your academic institution or university is crucial.

What is your knowledge of Plagiarism? The act of using someone else’s work and passing it off as your own is known as Plagiarism. Sometimes Plagiarism is the result of poor referencing rather than being done on purpose.

How to avoid Plagiarism

  • Confirm that you are aware of what Plagiarism is. On their websites, most UK colleges provide a thorough definition of Plagiarism and tools you can use to check your work for Plagiarism before submitting it. Be sure to apply them!
  • Use a different color or font style when writing quotes. Once you’ve appropriately referenced everything, only then should you adjust the structure to match the remainder of your essay.
  • Before submitting your essay, give it a thorough read-through. Check for Plagiarism as well as grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.
  • Ask a friend or classmate who speaks native English to read your work and look for any inconsistencies in tone or writing style, as these are frequently signs of unintentional Plagiarism.
  • Before beginning your essay, familiarize yourself with the referencing style required by your academic institution. You should allow plenty of time for this.
  • Complete your bibliography. Your bibliography lists all the books, articles, websites, and other sources you have used to complete your essay. Check with your tutor to make sure they write your bibliography to suit the standards of your college or university. This is an essential part of the referencing process.

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Tip 6: Finish with a conclusive statement

An essay’s conclusion is equally as significant as its introduction.

This is your last opportunity to summarize your key arguments, emphasize any supporting evidence from your study, and integrate your ideas into a strong, compelling conclusion.

An excellent essay conclusion in English shows your ability to refine complex information and summarise an argument in clear and concise English.

Paraphrasing is important for introducing an essay, whereas summarising is important for the conclusion.

How to Summarize

  • At a minimum, read your essay twice. What are the main ideas?
  • Recognize these key points and rephrase them using alternative words.
  • What do these crucial details mean together?
  • Write this out, making sure you refer ‌to the original essay question again.

Sample of How To Write An English Essay

Essay on My Father

My father is the man who heads and leads our family. He brings the family into reality. But in a real sense, my father predicts the need of the time and raises his family by bearing all the responsibilities and discharging all the duties for giving a required shape. I respect him for his great deeds.

My father is financially weak but fulfils my genuine requirements and guarantees that I should not be a survivor of feelings of inadequacy. My poor father does not hesitate to sweat heavily to enhance his earnings for my sake. He eats a little less but does not think twice about taking care of mine.

My father does not force me to go for a career of my papa’s choice. He does not want that his son should follow only his profession. He wants ‌his son should go according to his own choice, suitability, and capability. The tradition of specific jobs running in the family is literally dying. A doctor is not wanting his son to be a doctor, a professor is avoiding his profession for his children, an army officer is not forcing his son to join the defence forces, and so on. But my father desires his son should go for a better future.

My Father is a mature and agreeable individual who assists me make important decisions. Like most doting fathers, he plays a very important role in my life, helping me build my career and resolve my everyday issues too. When I am looking for help and guidance against the odds, I, first‌, approached my father who comes forward, leaving all his personal priorities and doing the needful. My father is a person who works tirelessly and makes countless penances to figure out my issues.

My father is educated and has a logical vision. Today, my father has transformed into a trendy dad. His thinking is new which suits the time. He takes full advantage of his knowledge and modernization in raising me suitably and making me capable and confident of confronting a competitive life that is prevailing today.

My father, as an ideal father, makes all efforts to meet my necessities. He would rather not leave any lacuna, which may affect my development and career-building process.

We celebrate Father’s Day every year on 19 June to strengthen the relationship and remind a father of the sacrifices he endured towards his kids when they were in need.

It is very important that we should give deep respect and pay the highest regard for our fathers.

Balanced Diet Essay

People eat junk foods and other unhealthy food items only for taste. They don’t even have time to nourish their bodies with the required diet. A healthy and balanced diet reduces stress and promotes healthy life without suffering. Thus, it stands out of utmost importance to individuals to examine the significance of a healthy body.

A diet that contains all kinds of necessary ingredients in almost the required quantity is called the “Balanced Diet”. A Balanced diet is one that helps to maintain or improve overall health. We should consume a balanced diet consisting of essential nutrition: liquids, adequate proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and calories. We must eat fresh fruits, salad, green leafy vegetables, milk, egg, yoghurt, etc. on time in order to maintain a healthy body.

Among the minerals, we require chiefly iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, and small quantities of iodine, copper, etc. They are found in green vegetables and most fruits, Vitamins have a number of kinds like A, B, C, D, etc.

Animal protein is found in meats, poultry, and fish. The white of an egg also contains protein. Another kind of protein is found in milk (casein), cheese, curd, pulses, soybean, dry fruits, etc. Fat is found in butter, pork, coconut, all edible oils, cod liver oil, the yolk of an egg, etc.

A healthy body also needs some daily physical activities, proper rest and sleep neatness, a healthy environment, fresh air, and water, personal hygiene, etc. Also, we should drink more water at least 7-8 glasses of water. It balances blood pressure and supplies vital nutrients exceptionally quickly to the body. A fit and healthy individual turns out to be more resistant to infections and diseases.

Wealth matters, but, is not as important as health. Spending lots of money on junk food in five-star hotels or on other entertainment sources like watching films for a day and so on has no advantages other than self-satisfaction. Being physically and mentally healthy helps an individual to be socially and financially healthy as well.


What is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is known as thinking logically and rationally about facts, ideas, concepts, and the relationships between them. It differs from everyday thinking.

What are the tips on how to write about English essay?

1. Plan your essay
2. Research about the topic
3. Write a good introduction
4. Present your argument
5. Use quotes effectively
6. Finish with a conclusive statement


A lot goes into writing a successful English essay. Fortunately, these tips for writing English essays can help you along the way and get you on the path to a well-written essay. We wish you great success as you work your way through the tips on how to write about English essay.



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