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Are you a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago who is searching the internet all day just because you need an opportunity that can offer you the platform of pursuing your undergraduate program on scholarship? SATD is here to help. Scholarships and Advanced Training Division (SATD) offers Cape Scholarships Trinidad 2023 to students like you.

In a nutshell, Cape Scholarships Trinidad and Tobago is an undergraduate and postgraduate degree scholarship to help the student pay through university. The scholarships cover student’s tuition fees, books, accommodation, and other expenses.

This article gives you an insight into what Cape Scholarships Trinidad is all about, including the eligibility criteria and how you can apply. I advise you to scroll below to see the overview of what to expect.

What is SATD?

The Scholarships and Advanced Training Division (SATD) is responsible for the administration of scholarships and long-term technical assistance awards offered by/ through the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT).

However, It is an automated Information Management System which was designed to improve the Division’s service delivery and enhance its communication with Scholars.

SATD major roles include;

  • Scholar Placement and Employment.
  • Communicating and Implementing Scholarship Policies.
  • Responsible for Scholar Placement and Employment.
  • They are also responsible for Servicing Scholars Management, Monitoring, and Evaluation.
  • Further, they handle Research and Development.

About Cape Scholarships 2023 Trinidad

Cape Scholarships 2023 Trinidad are scholarships provided by GoRTT to citizens of
Trinidad and Tobago. Cape scholarships Trinidad and Tobago are sometimes fully funded scholarships. However, these scholarships aim to aid the student to pursue their academic careers by taking care of their tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses.

Interestingly, several Categories of CAPE Scholarships are offered by the GoRTT through SATD. The scholarships include;

President’s Medal

This scholarship offers 7 years of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. It provides tuition and compulsory fees funded Airfare and other Applicable allowances UWI Exchange Programme.

Interestingly, two President’s Medals are also awarded to the highest performing students in the CAPE in two categories.

First Category Includes;

The Second Category comprises

  • Business Studies
  • Creative and Performing Studies
  • General Studies
  • Humanities
  • Language Studies
  • Technical Studies

Open Scholarship

Open Scholarship is another category of Cape Scholarships. Unlike the president’s Medal that provides undergraduate and postgraduate studies support, the open scholarship only supports Undergraduate degrees. It should be noted that it pays for tuition, while mandatory fees pay for one-way air travel and applicable allowances for the UWI Exchange Program.

Additional Scholarship

Under this scholarship, only an undergraduate degree is funded, and the studies are to be completed at UWI St Augustine or local ACTT accredited institution.

However, studies can be pursued at UWI Jamaica or Barbados. And also, the evidence must be provided to show that admission was not granted at St Augustine.

What is the benefits of Cape Scholarships Trinidad

Cape Scholarships offer numerous benefits that cannot be over-emphasized. Some of them include:

  • Cape Scholarships contribute to the cost of tuition and all compulsory fees.
  • The scholarships provide an allowance for scholars expenses
  • Contributes to the cost of all required text

For Open scholarship recipients

  • Contributes toward the purchase of clothing for scholars in temperate countries
  • Contributes toward travel costs from the airport to university and university to the airport.

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Eligibility for 2023 Cape Scholarships

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must note the following:

  • Applicants must have a First Class Honours at the Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Must have pursued a degree at any of the 3 Universities of the West Indies or local accredited Tertiary Education Institution
  • The applicant’s postgraduate area of study must be aligned to the country’s Priority Areas/ Developmental Needs.
  • Not have residency status in any other country.
  • Be medically and physically fit to complete the academic program
  • Have been accepted or applied to an accredited or recognized academic institution to pursue an accredited/recognized course of study

These scholarships are opened to undergraduate students at the following field of study

  • Business Studies
  • Creative and Performing Studies
  • Environmental Studies
  • General Studies
  • Humanities
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Language Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Technical Studies

It is hosted by the Government of Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GoRTT) through SATD.

This Cape Scholarship is opened for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.

Please note:
Each scholarship offered has specific requirements. You must carefully review all the information stated in the advertisement to determine your eligibility for the scholarship.

Cape Scholarships Trinidad and Tobago Application Procedures

Confirm your interest in the Scholarship by completing the Scholarship Interest Form on the website:

To apply successfully, follow the following steps;

  • Complete the Scholarship Data Capture Form available in your SATIS account.
  • Identify a suitable Guarantor and submit your Guarantor ‘s information.
  • Attach all necessary documents (Certified Copies) where applicable and Submit the application.
  • Review and Execute the Scholarship Agreement.

Cape Scholarships requirements Trinidad

  • Scholars are required to secure their own Visas.

You can contact the nearest Embassy / Mission Visa Applications United States J1 Visa United Kingdom Tier 4 Visa Canada IMM 1294 Visa.

Cape scholarships 2023 Trinidad Deadline

Trinidad and Tobago cape scholarships deadline is 19th July 2023.

Cape scholarships 2023 Trinidad FAQs FAQs

What does a student scholarship cover?

The Scholarship usually covers the cost of:
Tuition and Compulsory fees
Book Allowance
Special Equipment Allowance
Personal Maintenance Allowance (P.M.A.)
Return Economy Airfare (where applicable)
Disability Allowance (where applicable)
Warm Clothing Allowance (where applicable)

What are the other types of scholarships in capetown

Other types of scholarships may cover “tuition only” while others are for “partial-tuition”.
President Medal Winners obtain funding (Tuition and Allowances) to complete the undergraduate and post-graduate degrees up to a maximum of seven (7) years, at any ACTT Accredited or recognized Tertiary Education Institution in the world. In the case of President Medal Winners wishing to pursue Medicine in the USA only, they will be funded up to a maximum of nine (9) years.
• Open Scholars obtain funding (Tuition and Allowances) to pursue an undergraduate bachelor’s degree, at any ACTT Accredited or recognized Tertiary Education Institution in the world.
• Additional Scholars obtain funding to pursue an undergraduate Bachelor’s degree at the University of the West Indies (St. Augustine) or any other Locally ACTT Accredited Tertiary Education Institution.

Can you change your program or school?

Once you have not signed your scholarship agreement, you may change your programme and/or institution of study. If you have already executed your agreement you must get prior approval from the Ministry of Education before you make any such change.


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