17 Cheapest Online Pre-Law Schools in 2022

Are you a student seeking to study or further your career in the Law field? Congratulation, as you are in the right place. In this article, we profile the top 17 most affordable Online pre-law schools.

Also, we provide necessary information about the best degrees for law school, majors for law school students, and the cheapest law schools in the US.

17 Cheapest Online Pre-Law Schools in 2022

The American Bar Association (ABA) does not agree to formally approve a certain program for university students. This is for a good reason. The data show that students of all academic grades, including some astounding diplomas, such as physics and mathematics, have the ability to achieve high scores in the English Language Test (LSAT) and success in law school.

As such, many universities have moved away from undergraduate degrees designed to give students greater flexibility in their courses. Instead of demanding a certain sequence of chapters in history and the US government, many universities now emphasize courses that will help aspiring lawyers learn to think critically and look at multiple perspectives.

What is a Pre Law Degree? 

In the United Statesprelaw refers to any course of study taken by an undergraduate in preparation for study at a law school.  Also, the American Bar Association requires law schools to admit only students with an accredited Bachelor’s Degree or its equivalent. This is depending on the student’s country of origin.

What Can I Do With a Pre-law Degree?

Majoring in prelaw gives the prospective law student an advantage, as most schools don’t even offer a degree in pre-law. However, whatever the source, the saying is true in that law has always been one of the most ambitious and respectable professions around even if we do occasionally make jokes at the expense lawyers.

Also, given its versatility, it can be a gateway to just about any major field, from corporate business to healthcare to politics. Another great option is the paralegal work. Paralegals are an especially in-demand career with excellent earning potential. Paralegals in areas such as Washington DC and Alaska can expect to earn around 70,000 dollars a year.

What are the requirements for a degree in law?

The American Bar Association (ABA) currently does not rely on any online degree.  And only one state, California, allows online students who are not accredited by ABA to apply for a law degree. In addition, online students who complete a doctorate degree in law and are sitting at the California Bar are less likely to be approved.

Even those who pass the exam face significant challenges because it is difficult to find a job. And a job in a pre-existing company with a certificate from a school not accredited by ABA.

What is The best Pre-Law Major?

Students who have an interest in becoming lawyers may think that they have a good understanding of the best pre-law majors for their undergraduate degree, but the truth is far more complicated. As U.S. News and World Report point out, while students can opt to take a pre-law or preprofessional major. It may not be a good idea to invest so much time into such a specific field of study.

No Preferred Majors

A common misconception is that there is one preferred pre-law major will help students in the law school admissions process. The truth is that there isn’t one major that is more accepted than others. In fact, schools have become to put less interest in pre-professional programs because they consider them less rigorous than programs in the STEM and humanities field.

And since law school is interdisciplinary in nature, having one particular major will only complement the knowledge learned at the graduate level; this means that no student has the upper hand in terms of their education when they reach law school. However, the ABA suggests that some undergraduate majors lend themselves more readily to law school readiness. This school includes; History, English, Philosophy, Political Science, Economics, and Business.

Here is the list of the 17 Cheapest Online pre-Law Schools in 2022

  • Michigan State University
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • University of Maryland
  • CUNY City College
  • Utah State University
  • The University of Utah
  • Ball State University
  • Wilmington University
  • Hamline University
  • Philadelphia University
  • Barry University
  • Creighton University
  • Champlain College
  • Howard Payne University
  • Texas Wesleyan University
  • Cedarville University

Michigan State University

This is a Political Science Pre-Law degree. However, Michigan State University offers the best pre-law degree in the U.S. This is because its program is affordable, comprehensive, and part of one of the largest and most established universities in the country.

MSU’s large size – the school is home to over 50,000 students and 5,300 faculty – means it can offer an interdisciplinary pre-law education that includes high-quality and resource-laden courses in nearly every field. This is also one of the best pre-law schools with a net price of $14,791/yr.

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Nova Southeastern University

The Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies at Nova Southeastern University is a rare bird. This is a true undergraduate degree specifically for pre-law. Although graduates of this top pre-law program are well-prepared for higher-level learning across many fields, the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum is ideal for future law students.

NSU also offers a 12-credit Pre-Law Track within the Legal Studies major that includes coursework in American history and government. This is also one of the best degrees for law school with a net price of $24,833/yr.

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Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University offers certain legal advisors with experience in approximately ten different departments. These consultants, mostly lawyers, help students choose relevant and useful courses in areas ranging from philosophy to hotel management and catering. This vast amount of academic support means that students in this pre-law program can access teaching and career guidance in almost any area, ensuring that they have the best courses and curriculum opportunities for graduate studies in law.

In addition, NAU students can join the campus chapter Phi Alpha Delta to take advantage of opportunities for peer communication. This is one of the best law schools in the world. It also has a net price with a range of $12,946/yr.

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University of Maryland

At the University of Maryland, university students will not find an important specialty to identify themselves. By contrast, UMD has established a Pre-Law Advisory Office dedicated to the Department of Arts and Sciences, which serves as an academic core and basis for all pre-law activities.

Counselors are experts on the previous law and can provide information on recommended courses (covering 14 departments at the university), access to campus resources such as Pha Alpha Delta Prehood Law Professional, and connect with a local training course and an individual and academic counseling session.

For exceptional students, Maryland offers a three-year Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor’s degree program that allows high-performing university students to apply to law schools in the college’s junior year and, if accepted, enters law school. Directly prior to obtaining a university degree. This is also one of the cheapest law schools with a net price of $14,833/yr.

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CUNY City College

CUNY City College’s pre-law program is the most expensive in this pre-law arrangement, and until then, the school has not made any cuts in building its curriculum. Above all, this university emphasizes the need for lawyers with critical thinking, decision-making, and analytical skills. As such, the curriculum focuses on developing these strengths rather than on a single academic subject. Pre-compulsory courses include economics, English, philosophy, and political science.

Students can choose from an optional choice for any section of the campus (with the approval of a pre-law counselor). In fact, university students are not allowed to take more than two courses from one department, ensuring that they have truly multidisciplinary education. This is one of the best degrees for law school with a net price of $7,125/yr.

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Utah State University

The most important college degree from Utah is part of the main school economy. Students can choose to focus on Prelaw Economics and design a study program that suits their interests. For example, many Utah students who focus on Prelaw Economics also choose to add a major specialization in political science, providing a useful balance for subjects that will serve well in LSAT and beyond.

The Utah curriculum is the heaviest mathematics in this university class, with courses in calculus, algebra, and statistics, as well as projected economics courses. This is also one of the best law schools in the US. with a net price that ranges from $12,184/yr.

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University of Utah

The University of Utah distinguishes itself from other affordable pre-law degree programs through its innovative living-learning community for future lawyers, known as “LEAP.” LEAP students kick-off their education by taking a sequence of courses with the same professor and classmates, providing an early opportunity for students to meet fellow pre-law majors and get to know the faculty.

After the first year, students can continue to take advantage of LEAP by enrolling in a number of one-credit courses to learn more about the legal profession. Rounding out this comprehensive experience is a third-year Pre-Law Writing course. This assists students in developing their law school application essays and studying for the LSAT. This is also one of the best law schools in the world with a net price of $11,277/yr.

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Ball State University

Students at Ball State University can choose one of two specialized tracks within the school’s Legal Studies program — Business law or Public law. The former is ideal for students who hope eventually to work in a corporate environment or manage a law office. This latter is more suitable for those interested in public policy, government, and politics.

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Both provide a strong foundation in legal studies with courses like Family Law, Litigation, and a Professional Experience component that make Ball State’s one of the best pre-law degrees in the country. This is also one of the cheapest law schools. It also has a net price with a range of $12,804/yr.

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Wilmington University

The Wilmington Legal Studies Program includes an unusually strong set of core electives. Courses include Cyberlaw, Delaware Practice, Food Policy, Medicine, Legislation, Environmental Law, and even the LSAT Preparation Course. This wide range of problems may be due in part to the Legal Advisory Board of Wilmington, a group of lawyers, paralegals and other legal professionals who help guide and improve the bachelor’s degree in school.

This advisory board participates in special events in the program and also develops internships and employment opportunities for pre-law students in Wilmington. This is also a good and one of the cheapest law schools with a net price ranging from $13,359/yr.

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Hamline University

When it comes to flexibility and breadth of studies, Hamline University has one of the best pre-law programs in the country. In addition to specialization in legal and secondary studies, Hamline also offers a unique double specialization for undergraduate students in the form of legal studies and women’s studies. This multidisciplinary program integrates gender, sexuality, and ethnicity with a legal basis in lawsuits, research, and specialized courses. This is also one of the cheapest law schools and has a net price with a range of  $21,849/yr.

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Philadelphia University

The Facebook group of the program, a highly active group of disciplines of law and society, represents a unique element of law and society at Philadelphia University to discuss everything from current events to abstract legal concepts. This strong sense of society is transmitted through the digital dissemination of the Law and Society Program. This publishes articles on political and current issues in government and the judicial system.

The early admission partnership of Philadelphia University with the Drexel University Law School also allows law students and the community to provide one year (and one year of tuition fees!) On the road for certification. Lawyer. This is one of the best degrees for law school with a net price of $29,626/yr.

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Barry University

By emphasizing writing and communication skills, this specialization requires students to take the basics of speech and speech analysis, as well as pre-law courses on topics such as geography and knowledge theory. Barry is also home to strong brothers before the Phi Alpha Delta Law provides forums, guest speakers and other resources for college students. For example, last year, the Brothers organized a trip to the top of the Earth Law and Environmental Law of Orlando. This is also one of the best degrees for law school with a net price of $24,610/yr.

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Creighton University

The University of Creighton offers courses designed before the law in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Hyder College of Business, but this is not what makes it one of the best programs on the list in this list. Instead, the Incredibly Comprehensive Advisory Program for the school, which includes everything from individual consultations to an online application tracking tool, describes the most important courtesies. This strong support system extends to the CU University’s Direct Learning Community, which brings together roundtables, guest speakers and tours for a unique interactive university study experience. This is one of the cheapest law schools, with a net price of $28,551/yr.

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Champlain College

Champlain College is one of the few programs in this pre-law degree ranking to specifically encourage students to participate in study abroad. The school has campuses in Montreal and Dublin, and many pre-law students jump at the opportunity to gain an international perspective.

Champlain also offers a unique combined program that enables students to graduate with two degrees – a Bachelor of Arts in Law and a Master of Science in Mediation & Applied Conflict Studies – in just four years. This is also one of the cheapest law schools, with a net price of $33,173/yr.

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Howard Payne University

Howard Bayne University recommends students wishing to pre-law to enroll in the highly-acclaimed Guy D. Newman Honors Academy, which only accepts 25 students per semester. Because the HPU explains that Honors Academy offers extensive experience in logic, writing ability and philosophy, as well as a strong education in communications and humanities.

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In other words, the ideal preparation for a certificate in law. Moot Court is awarded the School of University Preference and also participates in the Moot Undergateway Court Association in Texas. The Mock Trial is more selective, with registration only available to those with a teacher’s permission.

This is also one of the best degrees for law school with a net price of $18,751/yr.

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Texas Wesleyan University

Texas Wesleyan University students interested in a career in law can choose from either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Pre-Law Concentration. The school’s Political Science Pre-Law track requires students to take a course in the judicial process and then choose from a set of nine courses that include subjects like dispute resolution, constitutional law, and legal ethics. TWU also provides a handful of unique interdisciplinary courses. These courses are exclusively for pre-law students, such as Business Law, Critical and Logical Reasoning, and History of Rhetoric. This is also one of the best pre-law schools, with a net price of $23,044/yr.

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Cedarville University

“Law from a biblical perspective” is the object of the Prelaw Major at Cedarville University. The school provides a classic liberal arts education alongside one of the best pre-law programs with a Christian-based study of contemporary legal systems. The school’s degree includes coursework in accounting, history, jurisprudence, logic, political thought, and writing. Also, not to mention opportunities for LSAT prep and local internships.

Cedarville has also developed a new D.C. Semester program that pairs pre-law students with a university alumnus in the nation’s capital. Through this connection, students receive valuable advice on how best to maintain a spiritual perspective as they pursue careers in a secular field. This is also one of the cheapest law schools, with a net price of $23,403/yr.

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FAQ On the Cheapest Online pre-law schools in 2022

What is the least expensive law school?

The University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, Arkansas.
The University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
The University of Mississippi.
The University of Georgia.
The University of Montana.
The University of North Dakota. …
The University of the District of Columbia.
CUNY School of Law.

Can you go to law school online?

Students may prep online for the LSAT or state bar exams, or earn online certificates on topics like business law. … You may not be able to earn an American Bar Association-accredited J.D. completely online, but there are many ways to accelerate a legal career through online courses and programs.

How can I pay for law school with no money?

You can use a 1-2-3 approach to help figure out how to finance your law degree. Use “free” money first. Supplement your savings by applying for money you don’t need to pay back, like law scholarships, grants, and assistantship positions. Apply for federal student aid.

Is a law degree worth it?

holders “strongly agree” that their degree was worth the cost, but only 23 percent of law graduates with student loan debt exceeding $100,000 “strongly agree” that their J.D. was worth what they paid. … compared to law school debt and employment, most law graduates reported a positive experience in law school.

Is an online law degree worth anything?

Michelle Fabio is a licensed attorney and the author of “The Art of the Law School Personal Statement.” Students are able to earn law degrees online, however, online programs accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) are difficult to find.

Is law school difficult?

Most of the students in your law school are going to have the same undergraduate GPA and the same LSAT score. A single law school exam will determine you grade for most of your classes. So, while you don’t have much homework, every single person in your class will affect your grades.


Finding the cheapest online pre-law school most times proves to be difficult considering the fact that our expectations most times don’t tally with what we see. However, the world scholarship forum carefully selects the cheapest online pre-law schools where you can get the best of it. Therefore, we urge you to read carefully and take note of the cheapest online pre-law school in 2020.


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