10 Best Colleges In Austin 

The state capital of Texas city “Austin” is an inland city that borders the hill region of the country. There are various reasons which make Austin, Texas a common treasure trove for college students. Austin is well known for being the live music capital of the world, with beautiful parks and lakes for hiking, swimming, and various other outdoor activities.

Most colleges in Austin are similar to the flagship college, the University of Texas. Colleges in Austin are generally known for having very high rankings in the country. Austin offers students a very calm environment to study and learn with its beautiful sunny weather and its impressive library which made time magazines in 2018 list for “world’s best places to visit” 

This article will highlight everything you need to know about colleges in Austin from the cost of attending colleges in Austin to the 10 best colleges in Austin.

Why You Should Go To College In Austin

There are various reasons why you should opt for a college in Austin, from state of art library availability to a serene environment. This section will deal with the benefits involved in attending a college in Austin.

1. Austin Texas has a steady high growth rate

From the sidelines, the state might not seem like much but the city is home to one of the most active and outspoken people in the country. The people of Austin, Texas love their state and have a strong confidence level in it hence you can’t study at a college in Austin without some of this positive attitude rubbing off on you.

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2. High job opportunities for graduates

The colleges in Austin, Texas can offer their students this possibility with the exponential job growth in the state. The job growth in Austin, Texas can be paired with various extensive industry innovations. Austin, Texas will offer graduates lucrative job opportunities in various sectors like tech and the energy sector.

3. Serene Environment

Thinking long-term? Austin, Texas offers you a serene environment for settling down after your college education. Moving to Austin, Texas is referred to as a tricky adventure as you end up falling in love with the people and state which can lead to you settling down there. It offers great opportunities for you to start your business after college with its low taxation and economic stability.

4. High ranking colleges

Colleges in Austin, Texas have a very high ranking in the country with the University of Texas, Austin ranking as no 38 in the country. Austin, Texas has strong connections to tech industries hence increasing the possibility of immediate employment immediately after college.

5. Affordable cost of living

Colleges in Austin are a treasure trove for college students due to the affordable cost of living. The Austin, Texas government has policies aimed at keeping the economy smooth and recession-proof. This helps in keeping the cost of various goods to a minimum. The cheapness of various goods and services enamors students to the colleges. Houston in Texas is well known for having the lowest cost of living in the nation. 

What Is The Cost Of Going To The Best Colleges In Austin?

Trying to select which college in Austin to apply for can become a task with you trying to find which college falls into your budget planning. The cost of attending a college in Austin, Texas depends on various factors like:

  • The college
  • Resident or non-resident
  • Program duration

Below is the estimated cost for a full-time undergraduate fall& spring program for colleges in Austin (2021-2022 academic session)

  • Tuition: Resident: $10,500 Non-resident: $36,600
  • Room and Board: Resident: $12,750 Non-resident: 12,750
  • Transportation: Resident: $1,500 Non-resident: $1,500
  • Books and supplies: Resident: $700 Non-resident: $700
  • Personal and miscellaneous: Resident: $3000 Non-resident: $3000

The total cost of attendance will range from $28,000 for residents and $56,000 for non-residents.

What Are The 10 Best Colleges In Austin?

Despite the metropolitan area of Austin, Texas having few colleges present. The colleges exhibit general unique standards and high rankings in the nation and the world at large. 

1. The University of Texas at Austin

Founded in 1883, The University of Texas at Austin is a public research university. It was later initiated into the association of American universities in the year 1929. The great institution has an impressive count of over 24,000 faculty and staff and over 50,000 graduate students and undergraduates.

At the heart of the University of Texas at Austin is academic research. The university has various museums and over fifteen libraries. The school has produced various world-breaking award holders including 13 Nobel prize winners.


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2. Austin Community College: East View Campus

The Austin community college East view campus is a unique college featuring a dental clinic, an African-American cultural center for diversity, and low-cost childcare. This college in Austin is one of the most versatile in offering a wide variety of health-related degrees and general education basic courses. The Austin community college east view offers students the choice of selecting either an online, in-person, or hybrid type of college class.


3. St. Edward’s University

St. Edward’s university was founded in 1885 by Reverend Edward Sorin who the school is named after. The school is a private university and has a total undergraduate acceptance of 3,000 students. It is an urban university and sits on over 160 acres of land. This liberal art school which is located at the heart of Austin is one of the colleges in Austin integrating the personalized approach toward teaching.

The St. Edward college offers bachelor’s degrees in over 50 areas of study and 8 master’s degree programs. The institution uses a semester type of academic calendar and has a variety of schools like the school of natural sciences and the Bill Munday school of business.


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4. Huston Tillotson University

The Huston Tillotson was named after one of its founders “George Jeffrey Tillotson” it was founded in 1881 and had two colleges: The Tillotson college and Samuel Hutson college.

The college is one of the best colleges in Austin. The school is a historically black college and awards degrees in various programs like social science, business, science, education, and technology. This college has affiliations with the United Methodist Church. It is well known for having diverse cultural, ethnic, and faith belief tolerance independent of age or sex.


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5. Concordia University Texas

The Concordia University Texas is reputed to be one of the leading Christian colleges in Austin. Founded in 1926 the university has proved to be a place where all students irrespective of their background are accepted and cherished.

The goal of the Concordia University Texas is to be a figurehead for the combination of faith and learning in order to bring about positive life-changing experiences and add meaning to our endeavors. 

The Concordia University Texas is a liberal art school and has beliefs rooted in the Lutheran tradition. It has affiliations with the Lutheran Church-Missouri synod and is currently a member of the Concordia University system.

The college is rooted in developing not just the mind but the heart and soul too in the process of teaching. This university located in the northwest area of Austin offers undergraduate, graduate, adult degrees, and online degrees for both regular and part-time students.

The main goal of the Concordia University Texas is to develop and equip Christian leaders with the right skills for survival.


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6. Southwestern University

Located about 50km north of Austin, the southwestern university is one of the best colleges in Austin. It is ranked as the top liberal arts college in Texas and among the top-ranking college across the nation.

The southwestern campus sits majestically on 700 acres of land mostly north of the university avenue. The college has various portions of land which are vacant and serve as the Ecolab for most research projects.

Known for its interdisciplinary liberal art curriculum, students have over 30 different programs to choose from. The popular programs offered by the Southwestern university include business, political science, and psychology. It has a separate school of fine arts for interested students.


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7. South University, Austin

Established in 1899, South University is aimed at enabling you to hit a stronger education milestone. The south university has various faculties, a diverse community, and the best learning lifestyle. 

This college Austin received accreditation by the Southern Association of colleges and school commissions on college hence enabling it to award associate, master’s, doctorate degrees, and baccalaureates.

It offers various health-related programs like nursing and pharmacy programs.


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8. Austin Community College: East Rock Campus

Having a reputation for being the best college value in central Texas offering 100+ online and regular in-person programs. This college has low-cost tuition, personalized support, and financial aid.

The highest degree awarded in Austin community College is the associate degree. The school has a 100% admission rate.


9. Park University Austin

The park university of Austin is an extensive, dynamic campus open generally for college students and adults who are working and attending school.

This college in Austin favors international and military students with its personalized and flexible approach toward the learning process. Park University offers a various bachelor of science degree programs. Are you a military student? Park university benefits you by allowing you to convert your prior military service to applicable college credit. The small classroom size help in enabling an effective learning process. Are you currently military personnel, veteran, or you are from a military household? The Park university might be a perfect choice for you.


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10. Texas State University Round Rock Campus

The Texas state university Round rock campus offers a variety of degree programs for interested students. This university has pretty good national rankings when compared to other similar types of colleges. The Texas state university offers due quality learning for its price.



Colleges in Austin are one of the most selected by college students due to the various attractive features of this capital city of Texas. The city attracts using its tasty dishes, impressive live music scene, and also is known for being weird referenced by the” Be weird like Austin” slogan. 

Frequently asked questions

The best college in Austin using widely accepted ranking is the University of Texas at Austin.

The University of Austin is very selective with an acceptance rate of 32%

The Austin metropolitan area has about 16 colleges in the area.

Using recent statistics, Austin is a relatively safe place to visit with generally minimum violent crimes.


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