20 Colleges With Gymnastics Team In 2023

One of the things that interest teenagers in school is their athlete teams, for this singular reason they take out time to research the colleges with gymnastics teams to enroll in.

We could see the curiosity in the teens, and our team decided to dedicate our time to researching the various colleges with the gymnastics team, although not all of them are excellent.

But trust our judgment on these colleges and know that we’re committed to assisting you in your decision-making by offering details on the Best Colleges with Gymnastics teams.

To identify the top gymnastics team, we examined 20 colleges with gymnastics teams in 2023 from throughout the country.

We concentrate on objective elements to calculate this rating rather than relying on subjective data. These considerations cover topics like the school’s general standard and athletic competitions for students.

Colleges With Gymnastics
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What is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a sort of physical activity that calls for coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance.

The arm, leg, shoulder, back, chest, and abdominal muscular groups all develop as a result of gymnastics movements.

This exercise is called Gymnastics.

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What Colleges Have Gymnastics?

All the colleges that have athletics teams, will as well have gymnastics.

There are colleges specific for gymnastics.

Colleges With Women’s Gymnastics Team’s Near Me

81 NCAA colleges offer women’s gymnastics, with the bulk of them being Division 1 institutions.

For a better understanding of the chances available, student-athletes who are interested in competing at this level should investigate the schools they are considering and review the athlete roster.

To help student-athletes create a solid list of potential institutions, we’ve broken down the differences between the three NCAA divisions and covered the various colleges with gymnastics in this area.

How Many Colleges Offer Programs in Women’s Gymnastics?

Women’s gymnastics is one of the most competitive sports out there when it comes to recruitment.

Over 1,000 gymnasts are enrolled in the nation’s 81 gymnastics programs. 62 of them compete at the Division 1 level, making up the majority.

Division 2 has just five programs to choose from, making it the least advantageous. But that doesn’t imply that student-athletes should disregard this standard.

Great sporting possibilities and athletic scholarships are available at Division 2 institutions, which frequently face off against Division 1 programs.

15 institutions offer women’s gymnastics in Division 3, and while the field is likewise limited, the talent is strong. Gymnasts from Division 3 frequently compete against Division 2 and even Division 1 programs.

Also, Division 3 frequently provides additional opportunities for student-athletes to concentrate on their academics, earn part-time jobs, and take part in internships.

How many women’s gymnastics teams compete in NCAA Division 1?

In addition to the SEC, MPSF, Pac-12, MAC, MRGC, ECAC, MIC, Big 12, EAGL, and Big Ten, there are 62 Division 1 gymnastics universities spread out around the nation.

Through preliminary competition among four regions, teams and individuals from these conferences are qualified for the national championship. Simply, there is fierce competition.

Athletes in Division 1 athletics maintain hard training regimens all year long, which is regarded as a full-time profession. For student-athletes who desire to compete at the highest level possible, the payoff is worth it, of course.

How Many Division 2 Gymnastics Colleges are There?

There are 5 Division 2 Gymnastics Colleges

How Many Of These Colleges Offer Division 2 Gymnastics?

All 5 colleges offer D2 gymnastics.

Division 2 gymnastics is the smallest division in the NCAA, with only five D2 schools. They are spread out across the nation in Connecticut, Missouri, Washington, Texas, and Pennsylvania, and their student bodies range in size from West Chester University of Pennsylvania’s approximately 17,000 students to Seattle Pacific University’s 3,800 or so.

These colleges compete against Division 1 programs as well as within three conferences, including the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, the Eastern College Athletic Conference, and the Midwest Independent Conference.

There are only about 100 athletes and 36 scholarships available at these Division 2 gymnastics programs, so being accepted is exceedingly difficult. Coaches can, however, distribute the funding among the gymnasts on their squad and offer partial scholarships to several players.

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How Many Gymnastics Teams Compete in Division 3 Nationwide?

In the nation, there are 81 NCAA women’s gymnastics programs, 15 of which are affiliated with Division 3 institutions. Two former D3 gymnastics teams—MIT and Wilson College—have discontinued their programs in the past ten years, though they continue to run club programs.

Many student-athletes are astonished to hear that they frequently compete with Division 1 and 2 colleges because the Division 3 gymnastics environment is so small. There is therefore some overlap in the athletes’ skills in terms of ability level.

In addition to gaining new skills, a lot of student-athletes choose Division 3 gymnastics universities because it allows them to participate in multiple events.

Which Colleges Provide Scholarships for Women’s Gymnastics?

Gymnastics institutions in NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 may provide sports scholarships. Women’s gymnastics is one of just five Division 1 sports that provides head count scholarships.

Up to 12 headcount scholarships, which are full-ride scholarships, may be given out by Division 1 gymnastics coaches. In other words, coaches at this level provide 12 players on their team full-ride scholarships each academic year.

Conversely, Division 2 may provide up to six equivalency scholarships. As a result, coaches are granted access to a pool of sports monies that they can use any way they see fit to help as many athletes as they wish.

These scholarships are typically divided into half scholarships, which are given to various team members.

Even though Division 3 colleges are not legally permitted to award athletic scholarships, they can nevertheless offer financial aid packages that include grants, need-based aid, and academic scholarships.

When compared to other colleges, Division 3 schools may provide competitive scholarship packages to student-athletes who have strong test scores and great GPAs.

Which Colleges Gymnastics Teams are The Best?

There are just 89 gymnastics programs nationwide, and 62 of them are Division 1 institutions, making the competition much tougher for student-athletes looking for colleges with gymnastics programs.

Most candidates start their college search by looking at these highly regarded programs. However, the truth is that there are several things to take into account while choosing the finest gymnastics college to attend.

Of course, athletics are important, but there are also other factors to take into account, such as academics, location, and cost.

Keep in mind that college recruiting is a two-way street, and for players to fully fit in, they must adore the school as much as the sports department.

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College Gymnastics for Women

The top 10 college gymnastics teams, as determined by national qualifying scores, are as follows:

  • University of Oklahoma
  • University of Florida
  • University of Utah
  • Auburn University
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Michigan
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Kentucky

Below is a List of 10 Colleges With Scholarships for Women Gymnastics Team’s

They have 89 gymnastics programs nationwide as of this moment.

#1. University Of Denver

Scholarships for women’s gymnastics athletics

D is a private school that gives its students the chance to develop their abilities, expertise, and perspectives necessary to impact the world and bring about significant long-lasting change.

Founded in 1864
No affiliation with a religion

Type of College: Private,

Enrollment in cities: 5700 full-time undergrads)

State tuition: $53,640

Out-of-State Tuition: $53,640

NCAA Division I


Western Collegiate Hockey Association, Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, Great Western Lacrosse League (Division I), Summit League (Division I)

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#2. IOWA State University

Women’s gymnastics athletics scholarships.

Students at Iowa State University are given the skills and knowledge they need to enjoy their journey, discover their passions, and work with fellow Cyclones to create, share, and use knowledge to improve both Iowa and the world.

School founded in 1858

Affiliation with a religion: No

Public Type of College

Enrollment in cities: 28743 full-time undergrads)

$9,320 for in-state tuition

Out-of-State Tuition: $24,508

NCAA Division I

Big Twelve Conference (Division I)

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#3. University Of Oklahoma

This school was founded in 1890

Schools not affiliated with a religion

Public College

Enrollment in suburbs: 19065 (full-time undergrad)

In-State Tuition: $11,763

Out-of-State Tuition: $27,144

NCAA Division I

Conference: Big Twelve (Division I, Football I-A)

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#4. West Virginia University

Year college was founded, was in 1867

Not affiliated with a religion

Type of College: Public, Urban

Enrollment: 23555 (full-time undergrad) (full-time undergrad)

State-funded tuition: $8,976

Out-of-State Tuition: $25,320

NCAA Division I


Eastern Wrestling League, Big 12 Conference (Division I, Football I-A) (Division I)

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#5. University Of Illinois

Established in the year 1867
No affiliation with a religion
Public, urban college;

Enrollment: 0 (full-time undergrad)
State-funded tuition: $12,254
Out-of-State Tuition: $29,704
Conference: Big Ten Conference Division: NCAA I (Division I, Football I-A)

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#6. University Of Iowa

School founded in 1847
No affiliation with a religion
Public, urban college; 26845 students (full-time undergrad)

$9,606 for in-state tuition
InternationalTuition: $31,569
Conference: Big Ten Conference Division: NCAA I (Division I, Football I-A)

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#7. University Of Maryland

This was founded in 1856
No affiliation with a religion
Type of College: Public, Suburban

Registrants: 30875 (full-time undergrad)
State-funded tuition: $10,779
Tuition for external students: $36,891
Atlantic Coast Conference Division: NCAA I (Division I, Football I-A)

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#8. University Of Michigan

The school established in 1817
No affiliation with a religion
Public, urban college; 45510 students (full-time undergrad)
State-funded tuition: $15,558

External student tuition: $51,200
NCAA I Division, Central Collegiate Hockey Association Division I, Collegiate Water Polo Association, Big Ten Conference Division I, Football I-A (Division I)

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#9. George Washington University

Founded in 1821
No affiliation with a religion
Private, urban college with 10893 students (full-time undergrad)
State-funded tuition: $56,845

Fees for out of state students: $56,845
Atlantic 10 Conference (Division I), Collegiate Water Polo Association Division: NCAA I Conference (Division I)

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#10. Long Island University

College founded in 1926
Affiliation with a religion: N/A
5453 students attend this private, urban college (full-time undergrad)

State-funded tuition: $36,978
$36,978 Out-of-State Tuition
Northeast Conference Division: NCAA I (Division I, Football I-AA)

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10 Best Colleges With Men’s Gymnastics

Student-athletes have a variety of collegiate options to consider, but not all of them are excellent. We at College Factual are dedicated to assisting you in making that choice by offering details like those in our list of the Best Colleges for Men’s Gymnastics.

#1. Stanford University

The greatest university for men’s gymnastics athletes this year is Stanford University, which leads the list.

The Stanford University men’s gymnastics team generated $178,360 in income. With a strong academic growth rate of 980, the squad demonstrates that its players are concerned about their academics.

The institution does a great job at keeping its students, with a freshman retention rate of 86%.

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#2. University of Illinois

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a top choice for men’s gymnastics students, earning the ranking of #2 on our list. The public university UIUC is in Champaign, Illinois.

The university has a sizable student body, and in 2020–2021 it conferred 9,305 bachelor’s degrees.

Financially speaking, the UIUC Men’s Gymnastics team earned $189,881 in revenue. 983’s impressive academic success rate demonstrates that team members also excel in the classroom.

School does a great job at keeping its students, with a freshman retention rate of 94%.

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#3. University of Michigan

If you enroll at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, you’ll be surrounded by some of the top athletes in the world.

Financially speaking, the University of Michigan men’s gymnastics team earned $104,119.

There institution has a 96% freshman retention rate, which is good and indicates that students are happy enough with it to stay for a second year.

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#4. University of Minnesota 

Out of the 8 colleges in the United States that were part of this year’s rating, the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities won the #4 slot on the list.

On the financial side of things, the Men’s Gymnastics team at UMN Twin Cities produced $55,018 in income. The team has a fantastic academic progress rate of 992, showing that team members care about their academics.

With a freshman retention rate of 93%, the institution performs a good job of retaining its students.

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#5. University of California

The University of California – Berkeley, which has exemplary athletic programs, is ranked as the fifth-best college for men’s gymnastics athletes.

Financially speaking, the UC Berkeley men’s gymnastics team earned $195,527. The impressive 976 academic success rate demonstrates that team members also excel in the classroom.

Beginning students at the school are more likely to remain there. 96% of first-year students remain enrolled.

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#6. University of Iowa

The University of Iowa was ranked as the sixth-best college for men’s gymnastics. In Iowa City, Iowa, there is a public institution called Iowa.

Speaking of finance, the Men’s Gymnastics team at Iowa earned $38,996. With a remarkable academic development rate of 995, the squad demonstrates that its players are concerned about their academics.

They do a great job at keeping its students, with a freshman retention rate of 88%.

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#7. University of Nebraska

In the list of the Best Colleges for Men’s Gymnastics, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln came in at number six. A public university called UNL is situated in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In terms of money, the UNL men’s gymnastics team earned $30,613 in revenue. The team’s academic success rate is an outstanding 993, demonstrating that the members aren’t duds in the classroom either.

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#8. William & Mary

On the list of the Best Colleges for Men’s Gymnastics, William & Mary came in at number seven. This sized institution of higher learning is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. It’s a public institution.

Finance wise, the William & Mary men’s gymnastics team earned $266,079 in revenue. The team has a perfect academic progress rate of 1000, demonstrating that they are also ace scholars.

The institution performs a great job at keeping its students, with a freshman retention rate of 93%.

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#9. Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University, a public comprehensive research school that offers courses through the Colleges, was founded in 1855.

Agriculture, arts and architecture, business administration, communications, earth and mineral sciences, engineering, sports and athletics, health and human development liberal arts, science, nursing school.

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#10. Florida State University

The Florida State University was founded in 1851, Florida State University is a public college, with four-year program. Its 477-acre campus is a mile from Tallahassee’s center.

Fees & Tuition $5,656

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What Is The Best College To Do Gymnastics?


How Many Colleges in the US have Gymnastics?

Colleges with gymnastics teams are listed. There are 89 gymnastics programs nationwide as of right now.

Is There D3 Gymnastics?

People frequently use the hashtag #WhyD3 to share their motivations for participating in D3 sports.
Because gymnastics is all about having fun, so many people participate in it.

Is College Gymnastics Easier Than Elite?

Elite gymnastics is far more challenging, with lengthier routines that contain more components.

Although some of that is due to the nature of the competition season and the fact that the athletes are full-time students, college routines are by definition shorter and “easier.”


The benefits of gymnastics are numerous, as we have already mentioned. You could obtain one from the best colleges if you want one.

We have carefully compiled a list of the 20 Colleges With Gymnastics Team In 2023

We sincerely hope this information was very beneficial to you. Please let us know your thoughts in our comment session below.


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