15 Best Colleges For Spanish Major | What It’s Like To Be A Spanish Major In 

Nowadays, having a Spanish major opens several doors. Any second language you know will enhance your resume, but Spanish is more commonly used and can be used more regularly.

However, getting a degree in Spanish, whether in a traditional classroom setting or online, is not simple, mainly if you were not up speaking Spanish at home. Start by enrolling in high school Spanish courses to prepare for college-level fluency.

This post will look at the 15 Best Colleges For Spanish Majors and What It’s Like to Be a Spanish Major in 2022.

Ensure you read this post to the end because it’ll be very informative and helpful.

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What Kinds of Spanish Degrees Are There?

There are a variety of schools and programs offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Spanish. While bachelor’s degrees frequently allow students to tailor their education by dialect and culture, associate degrees in Spanish educate students on the fundamentals of language and literature.

Through research or translation projects, master’s and doctoral degrees enable students to further specialize in specific Spanish language and culture areas.

1. Associate Degree in Spanish

Students who earn an associate’s degree in Spanish learn how to converse in Spanish-speaking environments.

They also emphasized the study of Spanish tradition and culture in the coursework.

Through an associate program, even native Spanish speakers can improve their proficiency.

Two years of instruction are generally required for Spanish associate degrees. With an accelerated curriculum, students may complete their degrees in as little as 18 months.

An associate’s degree in Spanish can prepare students for careers as Spanish medical transcriptionists, teaching assistants in classes where Spanish is the primary language and translators in commercial settings. Graduates have the option of transferring into four-year bachelor’s degree programs.

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2. Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish

Spanish bachelor’s degrees are typically earned in four years. They teach Spanish language basics to students along with Spanish literature and cultures.

The focus of introductory sessions is on vocabulary development, reading and writing in Spanish, and conversational skills. While studying the cultural variations within the Spanish-speaking world, students also get familiar with various Spanish dialects.

A final project, an oral exam, an undergraduate thesis, or some combination of these requirements are the requirements for Spanish bachelor’s degrees. Spanish bachelor’s degrees sometimes include possibilities for studying abroad.

Students frequently double major in Spanish and other subjects. The career prospects of students who major in Spanish and have a degree in business, education, public administration, or social work can be improved.

The following professions are available: social worker, high school teacher, and translator. Students can pursue a graduate degree in Spanish if they have a bachelor’s degree in the language.

3. Master’s Degree in Spanish

The coursework for a master’s degree in Spanish takes about two years. Numerous programs additionally include a thesis option and research.

Current Spanish teachers at high schools and other professionals who desire to deal with Spanish-speaking populations benefit from earning a master’s degree in Spanish.

Individual Spanish or Latin American dialects, Spanish cultural linguistics, and Spanish literature are typical concentrations in master’s programs in Spanish.

One can work as a Spanish instructor in higher education, a Spanish interpreter, and publishing with a master’s degree. Students can prepare for a doctorate in Spanish by earning a master’s degree.

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4. Doctoral Degree in Spanish

An advanced degree in Spanish enhances knowledge of the language, history, or other facets of Hispanic culture. Students who earn a Ph.D. in Spanish can teach in colleges and universities, serve as administrators for international organizations, and do research in Spanish.

Author and translator are some further employment alternatives.

Spanish doctorates typically need 3-5 years of study and research. Comprehensive tests and a dissertation are the seminar and lecture curriculum results. Students might concentrate on fields like linguistics, history, or literature within a Spanish doctoral program.

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What It’s Like To Be A Spanish Major

Studying, memorizing, and practicing rote language and vocabulary drills will be a large part of a Spanish major. You’ll be required to learn new vocabulary regularly, be able to use it correctly in phrases, and be able to have a conversation almost without effort.

Additionally, you’ll be expected to read, write, and speak the language and possess advanced technical understanding in another subject area and a working grasp of both slang and common usage words.

Spanish students frequently studied Latin America, South America, and other regions that Spain has historically and linguistically influenced.

In peninsular Spain, students might frequently additionally focus on regional distinctions like Andalusia and Castile. Students might similarly concentrate on Spanish-speaking nations, including Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

Internationally renowned professors who specialize in teaching Spanish help students concentrate on four areas: linguistics, which is the scientific study of language; Latin American culture and literature; Spanish-speaking communities in the United States, including California; and Spanish culture and literature.

You will be able to express yourself more clearly in Spanish and English through writing, reading, and listening.

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What Kind of Salary Can I Earn With a Spanish Degree?

Holders of a degree in Spanish can work in a variety of fields. In addition to jobs in school, business, and tourism, people can find work in social and public service, digital and print media, and healthcare.

Spanish-speaking graduates can earn a range of salaries depending on their level of education and industry. The high demand for bilingual and multilingual workers is good news for people with Spanish bachelor’s degrees.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 20% increase in employment for interpreters and translators between 2019 and 2029. The number of job opportunities for Spanish-trained secondary and postsecondary educators is also expected to rise.

Sales Managers with a Spanish degree earn about $132,290, while Foreign Language and Literature College Professors earn $80,790. Medical and Health Services Managers earn $104,280, while Social and Community Services Managers earn $69,600.

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15 Best College For Spanish Major

1. New York University

New York University has a reputable Spanish language department in the heart of the Big Apple. NYU is one of the top colleges in the United States and is well-known worldwide.

New York University offers several Spanish language programs to choose from if you want to major in Spanish. this is one of the best colleges for the Spanish major.

NYU might be the ideal college for you if you see a future in which you teach Spanish language and literature in a university setting or work as a translator.

As NYU has campuses in Madrid and Buenos Aires, they also provide an excellent study abroad program for you to attend classes in those countries. Studying Spanish at NYU may be the ideal option if you have the grades to succeed in the program.

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2. University of Wisconsin – Madison

One of the best colleges for Spanish majors in the US for earning a bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature is the University of Wisconsin – Madison. UW – Madison is a relatively large public university in Madison.

Additionally, you might find it interesting to know that the university is the best in Wisconsin for bachelor’s degrees in Spanish language and literature.

In the most recent graduating class at UW – Madison, roughly 145 students were graduating with degrees in Spanish language and literature.

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3. Stanford University

Stanford University is a private, non-profit institution of higher learning based in Stanford, California. Over 1,700 people are enrolled there to pursue bachelor’s degrees.

The 4% acceptance percentage reflects the competitive nature of the admission requirements. It first appeared among American institutions of higher learning for Spanish language and literature. It is one of the best colleges for the Spanish major.

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4. The University of New Orleans

Although the University of New Orleans offers an excellent Spanish language program, New Orleans is best known in the United States for its illustrious history as a French colonial settlement. You can choose between two different courses.

One course provides a more comprehensive introduction to romantic languages (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.). It is still one of the best colleges for the Spanish major.

The University of New Orleans offers a different course of study that is created with studying Spanish explicitly in mind.

The university also offers study-abroad opportunities, allowing you to gain experience in different Spanish-speaking nations. The programs are designed to teach Spanish so you can learn and keep up a high level of Spanish.

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5. University of Virginia – Main Campus

One of the most well-known universities in the nation for earning a bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature is the University of Virginia – Main Campus.

The University of Virginia’s public institution, with a sizable student body, is situated in a Charlottesville suburb.

The school did well in other rankings as well. Additionally, it is Virginia’s second-best bachelor’s program for Spanish language and literature.

In the most recent year for which we have data, about 105 University of Virginia students received degrees in Spanish language and literature.

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6. Michigan State University

For its football and basketball programs, one of the most well-known universities in the United States is also well-known for its Spanish language program. Michigan State offers many different programs, particularly master’s degree programs.

The number of Spanish languages and Hispanic Studies masters gives Michigan State a different appeal if you’re looking for a university to pursue a master’s degree. The university also offers a bachelor’s degree and study abroad opportunities.

There are a few Spanish study-abroad options offered at Michigan State. The magnificent coastal cities of Valencia and Santander are located in the north and east of Spain, respectively. While enrolled in the Spanish Studies program at Michigan State University, you can practice your Spanish there.

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7. Brown University

Brown University, ranked #14 nationally, offers a 10-course B.A. Spanish Concentration through its Department of Hispanic Studies. Dr. Felipe Martinez-Pinzon, the recipient of the 2018 Salomon Award, is the study’s principal investigator.

Students can participate in the CLACS research project, explore Cuba, join the Salsa Club, work with the La Pluma Writing Center, and contribute to the Transatlantic Project here.

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8. Florida International University

FIU is a public institution with a sizable student body in a sizable Miami suburb. The school’s ranking as the fourth-best in Florida for bachelor’s degrees in Spanish language and literature may also be of interest to you as it is one of the best colleges for the Spanish major.

In the most recent academic year for which statistics are available, about 94 students at FIU received degrees in Spanish language and literature.

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9. Wichita State University

In Wichita, Kansas, there is a university called Wichita State University. The institution boasts a fantastic Spanish program, especially in teaching Spanish, even though Wichita, Kansas, may not seem as hip as New York or Los Angeles.

For teachers of grades K–12, Wichita State University provides a bachelor of arts in education—Spanish. For all of you who wish to become teachers one day, particularly Spanish instructors, a degree in this is fantastic.

The university also provides a Master of Arts in Spanish degree program.

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10. Brigham Young University – Provo

Anyone considering Brigham Young University – Provo should research if they are interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature. BYU is a private, non-profit university with a sizable student body in Provo’s medium-sized city.

Additionally, you might find it interesting to know that the university is the best in Utah for bachelor’s degrees in Spanish language and literature.

In the most recent year for which data are available, roughly 119 students at BYU received degrees in Spanish language and literature.

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11. Dartmouth College

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Dartmouth College, which received the 2018 DCAL Grant, offers B.A. in Hispanic Studies majors a nine-course sequence with the #11 best education. Dr. Silvia Spitta is the department’s head.

Students frequently live in La Casa, travel to Cuzco, enroll in MOSAIC, volunteer with Razzmatazz, and attend the Curso de Lengua.

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12. Colby College

The 12 finest liberal arts community in Lovejoy Hall is utilized by Dr. Luis Millones’ 128-credit Bachelor of Arts in Spanish program at Colby College.

Additionally, majors with a 2.7 GPA can join Latinx Unity, participate in the PRESHCO in Córdoba trip, work as an intern for The Borgen Project, and volunteer for Amnesty International. Colby College is one of the best colleges for Spanish majors.

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13. University of Notre Dame

In the suburb of Notre Dame, there is a sizable private, non-profit institution called Notre Dame. The school did well in other rankings as well. Additionally, it is the best in Indiana for bachelor’s degrees in Spanish language and literature.

In the most recent year for which we have data, about 56 Notre Dame students received degrees in Spanish language and literature.

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14. University of California – Davis

The University of California-Davis is a must-visit for any student interested in a bachelor’s degree in Spanish language and literature. The area of Davis is home to the sizable public institution known as UC Davis.

The institution’s third-place quality ranking in California for bachelor’s degrees in Spanish language and literature may interest prospective students.

In the most recent year for which we have data, 114 or so UC Davis students received this Spanish language and literature degree.

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15. Middlebury College

The Department of Spanish at Middlebury College offers a 36-credit Bachelor of Arts degree and has instructors from 12 different countries, including Ricardo Chavez-Castaeda, recipient of the 2012 Ibero American Prize. It ranks as the sixth-best liberal arts college.

Students can live at Spanish House, be a part of Alianza Latinoamericana, go to Language Tables, and travel to Ecuador. The Total cost of attendance is $21,437, making it one of the best colleges for Spanish majors.

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Why Have A Spanish Degree?

Students with degrees in Spanish can pursue careers in a variety of industries. People can pursue careers in travel and tourism, work for governmental organizations, or become classroom teachers. Spanish-speaking students can find employment in publishing, journalism, and healthcare.

In the US, there is a big demand for multilingual people. In a 2019 assessment from the ACTFL, Spanish was ranked as the language that American employers most needed.

A Spanish degree educates students to read, write, and translate the language. Students also gain knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries’ culture and history. Studying abroad as part of a Spanish bachelor’s degree program allows students to engage in immersion language learning.

A Spanish degree combines a language, literature, and culture curriculum to prepare students for commerce, hospitality, healthcare, and education professions.

Gaining a degree in Spanish is beneficial on a personal, practical, and professional level, regardless of the learner’s level of proficiency in the language.

To develop skills relevant to employment in finance, accounting, and healthcare, Spanish students can combine their studies with business and health services courses.

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Accreditation for Spanish Programs

Most colleges and universities are accredited either nationally or regionally. All academic programs a university offers are subject to its accreditation status, which also affects transfer opportunities, financial aid eligibility, and the program’s reputation as a whole.

The top standard for degrees in liberal arts, including Spanish, is regional accreditation. When selecting a Spanish degree, always check the institution’s accreditation.

Numerous academic programs maintain programmatic accreditation in addition to national and regional accreditation.

Although there is no programmatic certification for degrees in Spanish, dual-degree students should think about programs in business, education, or another industry.

For example, the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) recognizes schools that prepare instructors of foreign languages.


A Spanish degree has many advantages, as we have listed above. If you want one, you should get it from the best institution. That is why we carefully listed the 15 Best Colleges For Spanish Major and explained What It’s Like to Be a Spanish Major in 2022.

We hope you found this post very helpful. Kindly let us know what you think.


What Are High-Paying Positions Available for Spanish Majors?

Meeting and event planners, postsecondary teachers, translators, and interpreters are lucrative career options for Spanish majors. Between 2019 and 2029, it is anticipated that employment for these positions will increase.

Are Bilingual People More Likely to Find Work?

Increased professional opportunities might result from language proficiency and fluency. Bilingual workers are in high demand for jobs at all levels across many industries.

Is it Possible to Study Spanish Online?

Spanish bachelor’s and master’s degrees are available online from many institutions and universities. The coursework and other degree prerequisites often correspond to those of on-campus programs.

Is Spanish a problematic major?

Studying, memorizing, and practicing rote language and vocabulary drills will be a large part of a Spanish major. You’ll be required to learn new vocabulary regularly, be able to use it correctly in phrases, and be able to have a conversation almost without effort.

Is it advisable to pursue a Spanish major?

According to an undergraduate advisor of Spanish, Lorenzo Ziga, “The Spanish Major can lead to any career since in whatever career that students follow, they will have to read, write, analyze, discuss, answer, and prove at a high level.”

What Distinguishes Spanish from Hispanic Studies?

With extra coursework in Spanish culture, history, and literature, a degree in Spanish emphasizes language and linguistics. Programs in Hispanic studies concentrate on Spanish-speaking societies’ literary and cultural components; however, they frequently also enhance students’ understanding and proficiency in the Spanish language.


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