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The selection of colleges with soccer teams achieved much more than academic standing for student-athletes. 

For the ambitious and competitive soccer player, a college’s sports teams frequently decide where to spend the following four years. 

To help aspiring players with this crucial decision, we’ve identified 20 colleges with soccer teams, regardless of whether they are recruited or have big dreams of joining the team.

Why Attend a Soccer Team College?

When choosing which college soccer team you want to play for, there are numerous things to consider. The following are the things to think about:

Roster Size

The average club soccer squad has between 16 and 18 players; some of the more competitive teams may have as many as low 20s. 

College soccer teams typically have a roster of players in their high 20s to low 30s. 

More participants mean more rivalry. You are not guaranteed to play just because you made the team. 

Even if you received a scholarship or were recruited, that doesn’t guarantee that you will play.


They will be the team’s parents. If they do a good job, they’ll instruct and mentor you so you may be successful both on and off the field. 

They are very much always present. Attending a school where the coaches are people you can envision yourself learning from and getting along with is essential. 

Recognize that circumstances can and do change. While some coaches are content with their current position, others aim to move up the coaching ladder. 

Find out where your personnel is so you can make an informed decision.

Your Class

You will most likely feel closest to these people. They’ll be your first college pals, you’ll have a lot of time together because of your comparable schedules, and they’ll become some of your closest friends for the rest of your life. 

Learn as much as you can about these people’s backgrounds and history. 

Another excellent technique to determine whether you click with someone is to accompany them to a camp or visit the college the same weekend.

College Experience

The experiences you will have in college are something that many people genuinely enjoy. 

You will only have limited encounters with other things if you play college soccer at a competitive institution. 

You must decide what sacrifices you are willing to make and how much of your life you want to revolve around soccer.

What are the Soccer Team College Requirements?

Following are five steps you can apply to college soccer programs: 

  1. Wake Forest University
  2. University of Denver
  3. Texas A&M
  4. Syracuse University
  5. Stanford University
  6. University of Maryland – College Park
  7. University of Portland
  8. Colgate University
  9. Clemson University
  10. University of Notre Dame
  11. Brigham Young University
  12. University of Alabama
  13. Duke University
  14. Florida State University
  15. Furman University
  16. Georgetown University
  17. Louisiana State University
  18. Pennsylvania State University
  19. Rutgers University
  20. Santa Clara University

Obtain Assistance from Your Coach 

Players in high schools, academies, and community leagues should first express their intentions to their coaches; this is a starting step because coaches frequently have connections to colleges. 

The procedure and standard of performance demanded from players can also be explained by coaches. 

In terms of skills, telling your coach that you’re interested in playing college soccer also lets them give you an honest evaluation of what you need to improve on to be a candidate.

Complete Athletics Program Application  

Start learning more about the colleges you want to attend and play for; reduce your list of options to five or fewer, then begin filling out their online applications.

Keep in mind that by doing this, you are expressing interest in becoming a prospective student-athlete, which means that you will likely need to complete an official admissions form later. 

Assemble your records, statistics, and documents. 

Your coach’s guidance will be helpful for this next stage of the process. College admissions officers will inquire about your playing history, tournament experience, player biography, and game statistics like goals, assists, minutes played, injuries, bench time, and substitutions, among other things.

College recruiters will find it more straightforward if you present your documents in an organized fashion.

Play soccer at camps 

You should go to as many camps as possible since it will help you network, learn more about the sport, meet new people, develop your talents, and even catch the eye of a scout connected to a college program. 

You should include a note about your camp attendance in your athletics program application and save any paperwork and certifications you receive from these camps.

Create a Beautiful Highlights Video

Again, your coach can assist you in this respect, but you can also enlist the aid of your parents, family, and friends.

Coaches can see through elaborate video editing, but it still helps to make an effort with production so that your clip stands out from the crowd.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Soccer Team College Program?

The quick answer, then, is that it will take some time—at least a year or two—for you to become proficient at soccer. Now for the lengthy response. 

The amount of time it takes to learn soccer differs from person to person based on the level of personal work and dedication made. 

You start moving up the mastery ladder as soon as you have a strong interest in the game. 

Are there other factors you should consider now that you know the first step to improving your soccer skills is finding your passion? 

Of course, several factors affect how long it takes to develop as a skilled soccer player.

What are the Best Colleges with Soccer Teams?

#1. Wake Forest University

Our analysis shows Wake Forest University is the top university for men’s soccer athletes this year. This is one of the colleges with soccer teams.

This medium-sized institution of higher learning is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. In 2022, the private, non-profit institution graduated 1,472 students with bachelor’s degrees. 

In a single year, the Wake Forest University men’s soccer team earned $1,989,732. 980’s outstanding academic achievement rate demonstrates that team members excel in the classroom. 

Beginning students at the school are more likely to remain there. 95% of first-year students remain enrolled.

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#2. University of Denver

One of the colleges with soccer teams is the University of Denver which comes in at number two this year out of the 746 American universities included in the ranking. 

The location of this pretty sizable institution of higher learning is Denver, Colorado. One thousand six hundred eighty-nine students received bachelor’s degrees from private, non-profit institutions in 2020–2021. 

The DU Men’s Soccer team earned $1,666,596 in revenue, which is the money side. The 984 excellent academic success rate demonstrates that team members excel in the classroom.

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#3. Texas A&M

The Texas A&M women, one of the colleges with soccer teams in Texas, has consistently shown that it is a force to be reckoned with in the NCAA and the Southeastern Conference since it first created a squad in 1993. (SEC). 

Every year since 1995, the Aggies have participated in the NCAA Women’s Soccer Championships, making a remarkable 23 appearances. 

The women have made the Round of 16 14 times and the quarterfinals six times in those 23 outings. 

Athletes for the Aggies have earned 19 All-American honors and three Big 12 Player of the Year awards. 

G Guerrieri, a veteran head coach, has twice received the Big 12 Coach of the Year award.

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#4. Syracuse University

On this year’s list of the best community colleges with soccer teams, Syracuse University’s outstanding athletic programs enabled the school to move up to position #4. 

Its location is Syracuse, New York, making it a sizable institution of higher learning. Four thousand one hundred ninety-three students received bachelor’s degrees from private, non-profit institutions in 2020–2021. 

The Syracuse University men’s soccer team generated $972,509 in revenue. 991’s excellent academic achievement rate demonstrates that team members excel in the classroom. 

The institution performs a great job keeping its students, with a freshman retention rate of 89%.

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#5. Stanford University

The top five spots in this year’s ranking of the best universities for men’s soccer athletes were earned by Stanford University thanks to its outstanding athletic programs. 

The rather sizable private, not-for-profit institution in Stanford, California, conferred 1,511 bachelor’s degrees on deserving students in 2020–2021. 

Financially speaking, the Stanford Men’s Soccer team earned $339,515 in revenue. The team excels in academics and sports, with an excellent academic progress rating of 1000. 

Since 86% of first-year students stay at the institution for a second year, it has a very high freshman retention rate. This is one of the colleges with soccer teams.

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#6. University of Maryland – College Park

On the community Colleges with soccer teams list, the University of Maryland – College Park came in at number six. 

A public university, UMCP, is situated in College Park, Maryland. The institution has a sizable student body, and in 2020–2021 it conferred 8,838 bachelor’s degrees. 

The UMCP men’s soccer squad earned $153,909 in income in a year. The team’s academic growth rate is 962. 

Beginning students at the school are more likely to remain there. 95% of first-year students remain enrolled.

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#7. University of Portland

The University of Portland is ranked seventh-best among the colleges with soccer teams. 

This minor college or university is in Portland, Oregon. 827 students received bachelor’s degrees from private, non-profit institutions in 2020–2021. 

In terms of money, the University of Portland’s men’s soccer team earned $1,496,944 in revenue. 977’s impressive academic success rate demonstrates that team members excel in the classroom. 

Beginning students at the school are more likely to remain there. The retention of first-year students is 86%.

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#8. Colgate University

Colgate University comes in at number eight on the list of the Best Colleges for soccer teams in New York. 

In 2020–2021, Colgate University, a tiny private, not-for-profit institution in Hamilton, New York, awarded 896 bachelor’s degrees. 

Colgate University’s men’s soccer team generated $1,108,137 in revenue. The group’s unprecedented academic success rate of 992 demonstrates that its members are concerned about their grades. 

The 9 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio shows that there will be more opportunities for one-on-one interaction between students and instructors.

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#9. Clemson University

Clemson University performed admirably on the list of the Best Colleges for soccer teams in South Carolina, coming in at number nine. 

In 2020–2021, this significant public university, which is based in Clemson, South Carolina, conferred 5,155 bachelor’s degrees. 

The Clemson men’s soccer team earned $950,896 in income, to put it financially. The team’s academic improvement rate is an impressive 992, demonstrating that the members aren’t duds in the classroom either. 

The institution has a 94% freshman retention rate, which is good and shows that students are happy enough with it to stay for a second year.

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#10. University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame performed admirably, placing 10th in the list of the Best Community Colleges for soccer teams in Indiana.

In 2020–2021, the University of Notre Dame, a sizable private non–profit institution in Notre Dame, Indiana, awarded 2,848 bachelor’s degrees. 

Financially speaking, the Notre Dame men’s soccer team earned $163,590. The team has a perfect academic progress rate of 1000, demonstrating they are also ace scholars. 

The 9 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio shows that there will be more opportunities for one-on-one interaction between students and instructors.

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#11. Brigham Young University

The Brigham Young University Cougars, one of the only West Coast Conference teams on our list of the 30 universities with the most remarkable women’s soccer teams, is routinely ranked in the top 25 in the NCAA. 

This outstanding team has made 18 appearances in the NCAA Women’s Soccer Championships since its formal founding in 1995. 

The Cougars made 18 appearances, twice making it to the quarterfinals. The fact that BYU has produced an astounding 38 All-American players may be even more astonishing.

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#12. University of Alabama

Soccer at the University of Alabama is a juggernaut, as it is with all sports. 

It’s interesting how shaky of a start the Crimson Tide had. Despite being founded in 1986 and having a 9-4-1 record in the 1987 season, the women’s soccer program was discontinued from 1989 until 1993. 

The team had to make its way back up to the top after re-established. 

Wes Hart is the current head coach of the women’s athletes, and since taking over in 2015, he has guided the group to three successful seasons.

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#13. Duke University

The women’s soccer team at Duke University consistently ranks among the top teams in any sport, including the Blue Devils. 

The team’s head coach, Robbie Church, has guided the women to three NCAA College Cup appearances. This includes the 2015–16 campaign, in which Duke advanced to the championship game before losing to Penn State 1-0. 

Former Duke athletes Christina Gibbons, Rebecca Moros, Mollie Pathman, Natasha Anasi, and Kim Decesare all play professionally.

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#14. Florida State University

Among the Florida Colleges with soccer teams, the women’s soccer team from Florida State University has qualified for the NCAA Women’s Soccer Championships an astounding 18 times since 2000. 

In its 18 appearances, the squad made it to the quarterfinals 12 times and the second round 17 times. 

Even in 2014, they were victorious overall. The Seminoles are, without a doubt, a dominant squad. 

Many alums have come from Florida State, and players there have frequently won accolades like All-American, All-ACC, NCAA Player of the Year, Soccer America Women’s Player of the Year, and others.

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#15. Furman University

The women’s soccer team at Furman University has a successful track record. 

Since 1997, the Paladins have had winning seasons almost every year. 

Furman’s squad has made three NCAA Tournament appearances, won four Southern Conference (SoCon) league championships, and established an outstanding overall win record of 70% since receiving Andrew Burr as head coach. 

Members of Furman’s team are recognized with SoCon titles, All-American accolades, or NCAA championships almost every season.

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#16. Georgetown University

Women’s soccer should be included in Georgetown University’s strong commerce, politics, and social sciences programs. 

Since it was founded in 1991, Georgetown’s women’s team has dominated the competition. 

Georgetown has made two trips to the NCAA Women’s Soccer Championships (in 2007 and 2010), reaching the quarterfinals since appointing Dave Nolan as head coach in 1999. 

Ingrid Wells, who was selected for the U.S. U-23 women’s national soccer team before becoming a star with Göteborg FC in Sweden, is one of Georgetown’s many accomplished alumni.

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#17. Louisiana State University

The women’s soccer team at Louisiana State University competes in the Southeastern Conference in NCAA Division I. (SEC). 

The club, now led by Brian Lee, has had a 57% overall win percentage since 2005. 

The group has one All-American athlete on its roster and has competed in the NCAA Tournament five times, most recently in 2015.

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#18. Pennsylvania State University

Even though Penn State’s women’s soccer team hasn’t always been regarded as one of the finest, the Nittany Lions have been tough lately. 

Penn began its reign of supremacy in 2012 by winning 15 consecutive Big 10 games for the season; a mark never surpassed by a women’s team. 

After defeating the University of North Carolina, a soccer powerhouse, the Nittany Lions won the 2015 NCAA Women’s Soccer Championships.

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#19. Rutgers University

The women’s soccer team of Rutgers University, an NCAA Division I powerhouse, takes part in the very competitive Big Ten conference. 

Since the Scarlet Knights were formally founded in 1984, they have dominated collegiate soccer. 

The women have participated in eight NCAA Women’s Soccer Championships since that time.

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#20. Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University is one college with soccer teams in California, and the women’s soccer team has a history of winning championships. 

In fact, for 20 straight seasons, this dominant program has been among the top 10 teams in the NCAA! 

The squad’s most recent NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship victory came in 2001, but it has subsequently made other finals appearances. 

Many professionals have found success in Santa Clara as a launching pad. 

These people include Brandi Chastain, Julie Johnston, Aly Wagner, who competed in the Olympics, and the Women’s World Cup winning team from 2015. 

Chastain later participated in the 1991 and 1999 World Cup teams and the 1996 Olympic team that won a gold medal.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it challenging to pick up the game of soccer? 

This question makes sense if you are new to soccer. To be good at soccer, you must understand specific dynamics and rules, just like in other sports. However, learning to play soccer will be easy for you. Nothing can stop you from being the best version of yourself as long as you have passion. 

Is it possible to improve more quickly? 

They can accomplish investigating whether becoming good in less time than usual is essential.

How critical is it to have the patience to develop into a good soccer player? 

To restate the notion, as mentioned earlier, patience is crucial if you want to develop into a quality player. It would help if you exercised extreme patience to see the best results, as with everything worth investing in. Today’s top players will tell you that they didn’t become great overnight. 

Does group practice make things simpler? 

Group practice will speed up your learning and skill development.


If you train alone, it’s challenging to learn the soccer game’s dynamics. Even if it’s acceptable to train alone, you will miss out on a lot. 

You can only accomplish this goal if your group practices together frequently because you intend to learn quickly and improve as a player. 

You must therefore consider getting the ideal setting to advance your possibilities if you want to raise your chances of becoming a great soccer player.



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