Dalian University of Technology DUT CSC Scholarship, China.

Dalian University Technology is calling for application from students of the university for its 2022 Dalian University of Technology CSC scholarship China 2022.

Dalian University of Technology (DUT), China is offering the Dalian University of Technology DUT CSC Scholarship, China, 2022. It is a Chinese government scholarship for master’s and doctoral degree students. It does not include majors in arts and literature other than in Chinese.

The DUT scholarship only supports graduate programs where the duration for the master’s students is three years and four years for the doctoral programs. Most of the programs in DUT are carried out in Chinese.

What You Need to Know About Dalian University of Technology DUT CSC Scholarship, China

Level/Field of study

The scholarship is for Masters and Ph.D. programs and Offers are for the fields of study in the university except for arts and Literature.

Host Nationality

The Dalian University of Technology scholarship is hosted in China.

There are other Chinese Scholarships available for International students in 2022.

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Eligible Nationality

The Scholarship is open to international students.

Aside from the Chinese government scholarship, there are other scholarships available to international students to study abroad. You can check our scholarship by country to access all scholarships available.

Scholarship worth:

  1. A monthly allowance of:
  • 3500CNY per month for doctoral students
  • 3000CNY per month for the master’s students.
  1. On-campus accommodation and exemption from the tuition fees.
  2. The applicants cater to their international travel expenses.
  3. Comprehensive medical insurance.


  • Applicants must be from other nationalities other than Chinese and be in good health and a sound mind.
  • Candidates must be students studying in foreign countries or a Chinese university graduate for more than a year.
  • Age limit and education background requirement are:
  1. 35 years, and below and a bachelor’s degree for the master’s students.
  2. 40 years or below and a master’s degree for doctoral applicants.

Application Deadline:

June and enrollment is in September, Yearly

Application Procedure: 

The applicants should truthfully and correctly fill the following materials in duplicate:

  1. The checking list for the Ph.D. and master’s application at DUT.
  2. Chinese Government scholarship applicants should fill and print an online CSC scholarship application form online and sign it before submitting it.

Note: When filling an online application:

  • 10141 is the agency number for DUT
  • In item, 5.b) namely “field or subject of study in China”, you are to fill the subjects in the DUT masters or doctoral programs.
  • If you prefer English-taught programs, you should indicate when filling the form.

Doctoral program applicants can also submit an application form for a Liaoning government scholarship when applying for their doctor’s program scholarship.

  1. Notarize the copy of the highest diploma. The applicants should provide employment documents and study certificates if they are already in universities and or employed. The documents that are in languages other than English or Chinese should have an attachment to the translation in either English or Chinese.
  2. Transcripts should be in English or Chinese and notarize translations in either of the two languages.
  3. The research or study plan must be in either English or Chinese and not less than 800 words. The study plan should talk more about the majors or your research field as you study in DUT.

Submission of applications and all documents should be online on Dalian University Chinese government scholarship portal.

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