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21 Best Doctors Without Borders Internship Opportunities

Why did you become a doctor? If saving lives is the first thing that comes to your mind, then you did pick right. You might want to join Doctors Without Borders for your internship. However, the money and a show-off of smarts are not bad answers either.

Doctors Without Borders internships give you an opportunity to hone your skills and experiences in places where you are utterly needed.

Interning for Doctors Without borders will introduce you to the world of medicine that will make you appreciate having worked so hard to be a doctor because you will work in places where your impact is felt in huge ripples.

All people admire doctors, for the noble job they do: fixing lives, curing, and taking the pain away from both the patient and the loved ones of the patient.

This is the highest level of service to humanity.  If you have just finished several years of studies and you are wondering what next, then check out what taking an internship with Doctors Without Borders has to offer you.

Why Intern with Doctors Without Borders?

Wondering why take an internship with Doctors Without Borders? The name says it all: you get to work within and without borders.

There are no limits to where your services will be rendered. Doctors without Borders is known worldwide as the most trusted body that posts the best medics all over the world.

Many hospitals and countries will have no problem with you during the internship and after because doctors without borders are very reputable. 

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Personal and Professional Benefits of the Doctors Without Borders Internship.

Here are some of the benefits you get when you enroll for an internship with Doctors Without Borders.

  • Professionally, you stand a chance to offer your services all over the world. Doctors Without Borders offers services in seventy-two countries all over the world. You stand a chance to visit at least three countries that need your services, especially the underdeveloped ones.
  • Doctors without Borders is usually given priority in employment spaces since Doctors without borders is a renowned organization worldwide.
  • When you intern with Doctors Without Borders, you will be paid something small for your service. This is not common in many similar organizations.
  • As an intern with Doctors Without Borders, you will be protected from any risk that comes with any job you are assigned to do.
  • Doctors without borders take care of your travel arrangements and cost in case your services are needed beyond borders.
  • As an intern, you get an opportunity to work with specialists in your area of specialization. You learn from seasoned and renowned doctors that will inspire you to greatness.
  • As a person, you get a chance to offer humanitarian services in countries that really need you. Service to humanity is at its peak when you do your internship with doctors without borders.

How much do Doctors Without Borders get Paid?

If you do your internship with Doctors Without Borders, you stand a chance to be given an allowance. You are paid between $11 to $15 per hour depending on the locality of your internship.

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How can one work with Doctors Without Borders?

Do you want to work with Doctors Without Borders? Do you qualify? Do you have the needed experience and expertise? Are you available? If your answer to these questions is yes, send in your application.

Their websites in various countries always have current information about when they are hiring. Read more here.

What Do You Need to Apply for the Doctors Without Borders Internship?

If you are planning to apply for the Doctors Without Borders Internship, here are the requirements. Make a list for yourself and tick what you have. If you have all of them, drop your application. Good luck.

  • You must be available for at least 9 to 12 months. The more time you show to have, the more you are likely to get in. Doctors Without Borders need your time. the whole of it.
  • Have you ever volunteered on any other humanitarian grounds? Have you ever sacrificed your life for the sake of others medically? Maybe with Red Cross, or St. Johns Ambulance? If you have and can prove it, then apply. You have a better chance.
  • You must have an experience of at least two years in a relevant field. The more experience you got, the better.
  • Leadership skills and experience will be an advantage for you. If you are a teacher, a supervisor or have managerial skills besides being a medic, you stand taller in the group of applicants.
  • How flexible are you? Can you live in any environment? Can you easily adapt to harsh conditions? Apply.
  • You will need to read, internalize and adhere to the Doctors Without Borders principles.
  • Lastly, put your professional documents in order. Your certificates and necessary testimonials will sell you more.

10 Sure Volunteer Opportunities for Doctors Abroad, in 2023

Below are the top 21 Best Doctors Without Borders Internship Opportunities that can help make your dream a reality:

  • Clinical Shadowing for Pre-Health Students in Ecuador
  • The Mobile Clinic Project in Uganda
  • Health Dentistry for Kids in Kenya
  • Medical Volunteering Program in Peru
  • Volunteer Project in Bali With IVHO
  • Medical Volunteering Program in the Philippines
  • Medical Volunteering Program in South Africa
  • Costa Rica With Maximo Nivel Medical Volunteering
  • Medical Volunteering Program in Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • Medical Volunteering Program in Thailand

#1. Clinical Shadowing for Pre-Health Students in Ecuador

This program is organized by the Ecuaexperiences organization.  It has a rating of 9.72 with over 231 reviews. The program runs in Ecuador where you will have a chance to offer much-needed medical help to the vast needy population.

As a medical student, you will shadow experts and learn more in your area of specialization. You will work for at least 60 hours where you will gain the much-needed experience that most of your employers will be asking for.

When traveling with Ecuaexperiences for this program, your travel fee will be subsidized up to 10 percent especially if you are traveling with a friend or two.

Services are needed in pre-med, pre-dental, Biomed, and physiotherapy. As the highlight of your stay, you will have a chance to tour the town of Ecuador.


#2. The Mobile Clinic Project in Uganda

The mobile clinics run by the Samba Foundation offer services to the rural community of Mukono District in Uganda. The places are so remote that there are not even hospitals, thus the need for mobile clinics. Your voluntary services will be highly impactful here.

You will be responsible for helping out with malaria projects, giving medicines, mosquito nets, and dressing wounds among other lifesaving duties.

With a 100 percent positive rating on going overseas, you are sure to give the most and reap the most satisfaction in career growth.

You offer from 4 to 12 weeks of service, with accommodation and food provided. You will however take care of your own travel expenses.


#3. Health Dentistry for Kids in Kenya.

Do you love kids? How about their tiny teeth that give them amazingly sweet smiles? The global Dental Relief program in Kenya gives you a chance to practice your expertise with needy Kenyan Kids. Kenya has only about 1000 certified dentists serving a population of over a 40million.

You offer help in teaching the children dental hygiene. 13 -18 volunteers are usually accepted at a go, to manage the accommodation and transport throughout the country.  you will give a fluoride treatment, sterilization, and also help in record keeping. You will help at least 500 kids during your stay in Kenya.

You will also have time to explore the beautiful Kenyan scenery and environment. The project has a rating of 10 on Go Overseas. You can volunteer again after 3 years.


#4. Medical Volunteering Program in Peru

Can you speak a little Spanish? Then volunteer as a doctor in Peru.

Your skills are direly needed as a medic in this developing country. Peru has a huge population of the underprivileged and you will play a big role in ensuring they get the much-needed medical attention. Many people in Peru die due to congenital abnormities, HIV AIDS, pneumonia, neonatal sepsis, and diarrhea.

You will be shadowing experts, assisting in various procedures, taking care of wounds, vaccinations, taking vital signs, and carrying out health campaigns. You will be based in Cusco for between 2-24 weeks.

Furthermore, you must be 18 years old and above with a medical background. And your certificates will be asked for during the application procedures. CAN and EMTs can join in the volunteering services as well.


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#5. Costa Rica With Maximo Nivel Medical Volunteering

Maximo Nivel is a reputable organization for medics. It is highly rated.  Since it is a reputable organization, volunteering as a medic in conjunction with it comes with a number of benefits including career milestones.

The organization ensures that its volunteers are working with experts and are offering their services as much as they are needed. The more experienced you are the more responsibilities you are likely to have.

Placements are put in between 1-5 weeks. This program is highly recommended for students who are looking forward to developing their experience as they look forward to employment.

The organization takes care of your accommodation, meals, and your travel arrangements are subsidized.


#6. Volunteer Project in Bali With IVHO

Have you been to Ubud? It is a small tourist town, with warm locals and beautiful scenery. It is in Indonesia. The volunteering program is based in Ubud. 

You might want to start practicing Bahasa if you are planning on bringing your services here. There are very few medical practitioners and even facilities to cater to the large population of Ubud.

Your services in nutritional programs, health awareness, running health campaigns, and even participating in the 1-week cultural immersion will do your career and self a lot of good.

You are guaranteed to get good accommodation and very decent meals. A 24/7 support system from the organization and personal security are guaranteed. Intakes are done on Mondays and they run for between 2 to 12 weeks.

This program is rated 9.62 with over 200 reviews on Go Overseas.


#7. Medical Volunteering Program in the Philippines

Rural communities suffer a lot when it comes to essential services like medical care. Both personnel and facilities are usually inadequate. Governments focus more on developing the urban areas and forget all about the rural areas.

The Philippines is one of the countries with underfunded and underdeveloped clinics in rural areas.

Tacloban city is a place where your services as a medical volunteer will be highly needed and appreciated. Here you will be an assistant to many professionals, help in setting up health camps, awareness camps, vaccination camps, and the annual medical missions.

There is also an annual medical checkup for the whole population and this requires many medical practitioners.

Need I say more? Your services are definitely needed here.


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#8. Medical Volunteering Program in Tanzania and Zanzibar

HIV AIDS, Malaria, and yellow fever among others are major problems in the developing country of Tanzania and its affiliate Islands of Zanzibar. In Zanzibar however, due to the early cultural marriages, you will be dealing with early pregnancies and teen births. Fistula is rampant on the islands.

You will be shadowing experts, assisting professionals, distributing mosquito nets, carrying out routine maternity checkups, and suturing wounds among other much-needed services.

As a volunteer, you might be asked to donate at least $100 per week to cater to your well-being in the designated places.

You will be provided with transport, decent meals, and accommodation and will be living in Arusha Tanzania, and Zanzibar.

Your certificates and crime-free record are vital documents that you need to have before you are allowed to join the rest of the volunteering team. 

For fun, you will go on arranged safaris and enjoy the sunny weather of Tanzania, later Swim in the ocean in Zanzibar. You will live among warm people with a beautiful culture.


#9. Medical Volunteering Program in Thailand

Surin awaits your volunteer services. Surin is in the Northeastern part of Thailand. It is rural and very serene. With a rating of 10 on Go Overseas, it is probably one of the best places to volunteer at.

Nurses are really needed here. Assistants and shadows are highly valued. You will be given guidance by your program coordinator in regard to your accommodation and travel through the town. you will do home visits, set healthcare camps, and mostly work in groups.

Besides your medical educational testimonials, you need interpersonal skills and abilities to work as a team even with strangers.

You need to be above 18 years and ready to survive long hours of work and trekking.


#10. Medical Volunteering Program in South Africa

The health sector is so incapacitated in South Africa. It is chronically understaffed and underfunded. The larger population is made up of the poor who cannot afford expensive medical attention in the equipped private hospital.

Humanitarians are therefore to help curb the dire need for medics in public hospitals and dispensaries.

This program is centered in Cape Town. from here, a volunteer can easily access suburbs. There are various volunteer houses in town where you will be accommodated. Keep an open mind to sharing and working with people from across the globe.

You will run the HIV programs, Malaria programs, carry out the much-needed pediatric care and carry out campaigns on healthy living.

If you are 18 years and above and have completed your medical studies in a specific field, then you can apply. You will give a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 24 weeks of your time.  


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You have seen that clearly, experience is needed before you get any form of meaningful employment in all fields, not just medicine. How do you purpose to gain this experience as you await employment? Volunteering is one of the best ways of sharpening your learned skills and gaining experience.

Through volunteering, you get to beef up your resume and make it attractive for big organizations to consider you as either an intern or employee, including Doctors Without Borders, the most coveted employer.

Also, if you want to take a break from your normal employment and find something personal and fun to do with your medical career, you might want to volunteer your services. Volunteering is satisfying since it’s usually humanitarian, and nothing fulfills more than touching a life.

So, will you consider volunteering after reading this?




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