Thailand is generally seen as a place where you feel at ease. Literally, Thai in English means ‘Land of the Free’.

It is filled with beautiful beaches; the locals are full of smiles. It has a wide variety of temples and ancient cities.

The tropical rainforest coupled with its exotic wide life is a playground for those who want to volunteer in Thailand.

Volunteers in Thailand would find very diverse environments ranging from idyllic beaches to lush mountainous jungles.

If you are a city lover, you would be delighted by the scale of Bangkok and the entertaining activities it has to offer.

There are volunteering programs in about 7 locations in Thailand- Sing Buri, Ko Samet, Mae Sot, Wang Nam Khiao, Hua Hin, Kaeng Krachan and Umphang.

Why Volunteer in Thailand

As a tourist hotspot, Thailand is considered a relatively safe country to travel. They have strict drug laws which require that you never purchase, use or transport drugs, failure of which is punishable by death.

Volunteering in Thailand lets you step outside the normal tourist bubble.

It is a popular volunteering destination and one of the most affordable places to visit. If you are running short on the budget yet dream to volunteer, you should totally check out the volunteering programs in Thailand.

The cost of local transportation, food, and shopping are extremely cheap. You can easily explore the country on a shoestring budget. Volunteering in Thailand also gives you the most ideal opportunity to live and socialize with locals.

There are several volunteer programs in Thailand but no matter where your interests lie, a little search would be all it takes to find the right volunteering program in Thailand for you.

Some of the volunteer programs in Thailand are: Volunteering with animals, volunteering for an animal shelter, volunteering with elephants, volunteering for marine conservation, volunteering to teach English, volunteering for child care, volunteering for community service, volunteering for a medical mission, amongst others.

In addition,

Each of these volunteer programs in Thailand has a problem which they want to solve.

For instance, due to the high level of poaching and how quickly elephants are going extinct, volunteering with animals in Thailand to help in doing hands-on work and supporting their day-to-day task goes a long way to show you care about animals.

The volunteer to teach English programs in Thailand is due to the language barrier of English between the locals.

The majority of Thailand’s poor live in rural areas, with lack of education being the main contributor to poverty and illiteracy. This is why teaching children English as a volunteer in Thailand is incredibly valuable. The experience you would gain from all of this is priceless.

In Thailand, you can have the opportunity to taste the lip-smacking Thai cuisine and learn to cook as well. You would get to visit the famous Thai temples and also visit beaches that are absolutely gorgeous.

Are there Paid Volunteer Opportunities in Thailand?

There are no paid volunteer programs in Thailand.

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In Thailand, they believe in the spirit of selfless service. These programs give you the opportunity to mix with new groups of people, tour, travel and still make an impact on the community and the world at large.

The projects can be a really big motivation. Being passionate for a cause makes you want to do as much as you possibly can to help.

How Can You Become a Volunteer in Thailand?

You are interested in volunteering in Thailand but do not know how exactly to go about it? It is very simple.

  • First, you have to check whether there is a match between you and the projects by checking their requirements on their program page. Most programs have a particular specification of people who they want on their volunteering team. You need to ensure that what you want from them is in consonance with what they want from you.
  • Follow your passion. If you feel strongly about something, such as animals, homelessness, women’s rights, or helping children, then you should ensure you find programs that suit these passions.
  • After this, you should have to check out the location of the volunteering program in Thailand to ensure it is somewhere you want to travel to.
  • Get in touch with the organization to see if your expectations and schedules match up. Do not forget to read up reviews on what the previous volunteers have to say.
  • If you are planning to volunteer in Thailand for up to 90days, you have to apply for a Non-immigrant Visa ‘O’. Make sure to apply for this visa before entering Thailand at your closest Thai Embassy or Consulate.

How to find Volunteering Opportunities in Thailand?

Finding the best volunteering opportunities in Thailand which matches your interest and skills can be tough. For websites to help you check volunteering opportunities, you can check out:

  • VolunteerMatch.Org: Using this website, finding volunteering opportunities is very simple. All you have to do is type in your ZIP code and a keyword about the type of activity you want and you would get a list of volunteering opportunities in that area. It is the best way to find volunteering opportunities.
  • Idealist.Org: With this website, you can find the exact type of volunteering opportunity you are looking for. It is a great place for searching for volunteering opportunities online.

However, for every volunteering opportunity in Thailand listed below, links have been made available for you to easily access and get through to the program organizers.

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10 best Thailand Volunteering Opportunities in 2022.

There are a lot of volunteering opportunities in Thailand. The best 10 you should look out for are listed below.

  • Elephant Conservation with Travel for Teens
  • Teach English with GoEco
  • Education and wildlife Opportunities with Volunteering Solutions
  • Medicine, Hospital, and Medical Volunteer Ops with Eli Abroad
  • Wildlife Conservation with GVI
  • Teaching in Bangkok with Plan my Gap Year
  • SLS TEFL & Volunteering at a Foundation in Thailand with Salisa Language School
  • Kindergarten Volunteer Project
  • Volunteering in Thailand with Love Volunteers
  • Ocean Reef Conservation with Oyster Worldwide

#1 Elephant conservation with Travel for Teens:

With this volunteering program, you will have the opportunity to be directly involved in the care and rehabilitation process working with some of the largest mammals on the planet.

You will discover the true beauty of Thailand while earning service credits in an elephant sanctuary.

To add spice to it, you would also have the opportunity to discover the peaceful charm of the country’s northern metropolis of Chiang Mai. They do not ride elephants in any of their programs.

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During the course of this program, you will receive up to 20 hours of community service credit volunteering at an elephant sanctuary caring for these amazing creatures; navigate rapids on the Pai River during two amazing days of exhilarating white-water rafting; swim in beautiful jungle waterfalls, amongst other benefits.

To check out this volunteer program in Thailand, click here.

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#2 Teach English with GoEco:

This volunteer project is a crowd-pleaser and an excellent summer volunteer program for college students.

It mostly involves teaching kids from 4 to 18 years old in a rural Thai community.

In this volunteering program, you can teach English conversational skills by having one on one conversations in front of the class, teaching basic grammar, pronunciation, reading, and writing; teaching through playing games, songs, art, or sport.

Besides teaching English on a non-formal basis, volunteers are able to work with children in their vegetable garden as well as create activities for the students or arrange workshops on a range of important issues, such as cultural exchange and environment.

To be eligible for this program, you have to have attained a minimum age of 18. This volunteer program in Thailand received a respectable 9.4/10 from past participants.

Are you interested in this volunteering program in Thailand?

Click here to visit their website, to apply, or to get more information.

#3 Education and wildlife opportunities with Volunteering Solutions:

 If you are a college student who wants to take a mini-vacation or you are up for an adventure this volunteer program in Thailand is one of the best for you.

You would have the opportunity to work with children in a development setting while touring and traveling the country.

You would also have the opportunity to head into the hills and experience time well spent on a local animal reserve.

It is one of the highest-rated volunteer opportunities in Thailand. you would get to work for the welfare and development of underprivileged children through education and childcare.

Later, you would head towards Surin and volunteer for Thai elephants while living with mahout community folks.

To check out this volunteering program in Thailand, click here.

#4 Medicine, Hospital, and Medical Volunteer Ops with ELI Abroad:

This volunteering program in Thailand has a reputation for the amazing experience of sending volunteers around the world.

They have partnerships with rural medical clinics and urban hospitals.

On volunteering, you can explore a new culture from the inside, working side by side with the locals.

Whether you have a year to spare or just 10 days, this program with ELI abroad promises to be fulfilling. ELI also offers placements in other related fields such as physical therapy, nutrition, and public health education.

ELI Abroad offers a variety of programs for volunteers in Thailand. To check them out, click here

#5 Wildlife Conservation with GVI:

GVI offers a variety of programs in Thailand driven by sustainability in a global, social, environmental and conservationist context.

It is all about the wildlife population in Thailand. As such, durable partnerships have been created which allow you as a volunteer in Thailand. You’ll be able to collaborate with communities that strive to preserve the Asian elephant populations.

As a volunteer, you would have the opportunity to work alongside local mahouts, a local who cares for the prosperity of the elephants to ensure long-term conservation and survival.

You can apply for this volunteering program in Thailand, read reviews and find out all you need to know here

#6 Teaching in Bangkok with Plan My Gap Year:

Volunteer in Thailand with plan my gap year, an award-winning, international volunteer abroad organization.

It provides safe, trusted, and affordable programs overseas with a wide range of volunteer projects in Thailand including childcare and English teaching opportunities.


Located in the outskirts of Bangkok in the urban city Pathum Thani, volunteers have the opportunity to spend two to twelve weeks with a highly reputable award-winning international volunteer abroad organization.

Once you are accepted into PMGY, they literally take care of you from start to finish.

They take care of your extensive pre-departure support service, an airport pickup, program orientation, meals, your accommodation and even your local support throughout your placement.

You will also have the chance to visit some of the most ancient temples the country has to offer. To check out this program and check it out, click here

#7 SLS TEFL & Volunteering at a Foundation in Thailand with Salisa Language School:

This volunteer program in Thailand is popular because participants experience a different side of Pattaya on the Eastern Gulf while being a part of a respectable civic project.

SLS offers a four-week, 120-hour in-class TEFL course with 6-8 hours teaching practice and 3 months volunteering at Father Ray Foundation.

You will have a chance to work across all their projects, including teaching English to people with disabilities and playing games with children with special needs.

Whether you are trying to expand your teaching skills or just make a tangible impact on the world, this volunteer program in Thailand would be really worth your while.

To check out their website, click here

#8 Kindergarten Volunteer Project:

Working with kindergartners is one of the most enjoyable Bangkok volunteer activities. All you basically have to do is to provide young children a glimpse of the world outside Thailand whilst teaching them basic academic skills and lifestyle.

The basic academic skills they learn here lay a foundation for a successful academic career. It is important that if you are interested in this volunteering program, you must be good-natured, easy going, and enjoy working with children.

To check out their website and for more enquires, visit here

#9 Volunteering in Thailand with Love Volunteers:

Love volunteers offer unique opportunities for you to immerse yourself in a new culture and experiences whilst giving you time to do a worthwhile project in Thailand.

The programs allow you to work with a local NGO to improve the prospects of the Thai people and put means into helping them alleviate poverty.

To check out their website, click here

#10 Ocean Reef Conservation with Oyster Worldwide:

Volunteers play an intrinsic role in the continuation of the sanctuary, working closely alongside local workers and never far from rescued animals.

With the aim of preserving precious coral reefs off the pristine coasts, this volunteer program in Thailand helps conduct researches while putting together the conservation project.

Participants stay in shared accommodation where they can see what life is like both in and away from the sea.

Check out this volunteer program and other volunteer programs offered by Oyster Worldwide here.

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Alongside contributing to your community, volunteering is a great way to stand out. It shows you are willing to help others, exhibiting teamwork skills and compassion.

To volunteer in Thailand, you have to be committed, have good communication skills, be compassionate, have innate leadership qualities, strong work ethic, be effective with teamwork and have good time management skills. You must also be ready to try new things.



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