15 Best Driving Schools in Norfolk, VA | 2023 Review

It is no longer news that the driving schools in Norfolk, VA, will always leave you with fantastic experiences and help you become that confident and professional driver you have always wanted.

Like a wise saying that goes thus; ‘If you want to become the best, then you have to learn from the best.’ Hence, we’re bringing you information about the best Norfolk driving schools.

Norfolk driving schools are dedicated to providing you with quality driving lessons

Not only that, but they also educate you on the basic and advanced driving skills that would make you stand out even if you have not held a steering wheel before.

So you can stay rest assured of getting nothing short of excellence! 

Why Is Driving School Important?

Imagine sitting behind the wheel and taking charge of it with so much confidence because you have learned all the nitty-gritty of driving. You would be proud of yourself for being an excellent driver. 

You would storm the road with so much confidence without fear of the challenges you might face because you can handle them. 

These and more are the reasons driving school is essential!

Further, attending a driving school would educate you on your state’s road and traffic rules.

You may be tempted to say, ‘oh… can’t I just learn from my friend?’ Well, you can!

But how would you know when your vehicle needs maintenance or servicing? How can you tell the right time to gauge and change your oil?

Again, how will you know how to change a flat tire on your own? So you would be at risk to yourself and others if you learn inappropriately. 

And in the end, you’ll incure more costs because you won’t be able to do the littlest repair or maintenance in a car without seeking help since you’re not adequately informed!

That is why attending a driving school is very important. You would learn about all road signs, current rules, and regulations of your state. 

Also, you would receive a professional and acceptable license that would make you safer. This, you can’t get by learning from friends or family.

Therefore, you save the change for yourself as you don’t have to spend so much on your car.

How much do Driving Schools Cost In Norfolk, VA?

You must visit the school’s official website to get accurate prices for any driving school in Virginia.

Besides knowing their prices, you would learn about the various driving courses they offer and other additional services.

You’d also want to know their requirements in 2023.

What Are The Requirements For Driving Schools In Norfolk, VA | 2023?

Here’s a rundown of the eligibility requirements for driving schools in Norfolk, VA, in 2023: You must:

  • Be at least 15 and six months old.
  • Complete a state-approved driver education program and get written permission from a parent or legal guardian.
  • Have never held a driver’s license issued by Virginia, another state, a US territory, or a foreign country or cannot show proof that you previously held such a license, you must show proof that:
  • Have passed an approved driver’s education course or held a learner’s permit for at least 60 days before taking the DMV road skills test.

At any age, as a first-time driver, you will provide documents to prove identity, Virginia residency, and Social Security number.

Having known the requirements for Norfolk, VA driving schools in 2023, let us show you the 15 Best driving schools in Norfolk, VA, in 2023.

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List of The 15 Best Driving Schools in Norfolk, VA | 2023

Here are our top picks for driving schools in Norfolk, Virginia:

  • P.E.R.S.E.P.T.I.O.N.S. Driving School
  • Cox Driving School
  • Fuhrmann Driving School
  • Navigation Academy of VA, LLC
  • Seven Cities Driving School
  • Chesapeake Driving School
  • Buckle Up Driving School, LLC
  • Coach Kip’s Driving School
  • Golden Rule of Driving School
  • Coach Mike’s Driving School, LLC
  • 757 Driving School LLC
  • DriverEdToGo
  • Nova Driving School
  • Drive This Way
  • iDriveSafely

This guide examines the top driving schools in Norfolk, Virginia. We also provided their website address for ease of application. 

However, some of them do not have a website. So, we provided their physical locations and contacts (email and phone number).

All driving schools mentioned here are the best in Norfolk, VA. They are all DMV-approved with DMV-licensed instructors. We’re confident that you’ll like them!

#1. P.E.R.S.E.P.T.I.O.N.S. Driving School

P.E.R.S.E.P.T.I.O.N.S. Driving School was founded in 2009 and is one of the most sought-after 2023 driving schools in Norfolk, VA.

Students at this institution learn about defensive driving techniques, which are the basis for safe driving.

Further, the trainers at P.E.R.S.E.P.T.I.O.N.S. Driving School are DMV-licensed with insurance and valid licenses. Moreso, every instructor is assigned to a student. 

Thus, all students receive two hours of private instruction at their various homes, plus a free pickup and drop-off service.

Another thing you might like about them is that they offer discounts to all active military personnel alongside an added instructor floor brake pedal present in all their vehicles.

So, they’re worth trying!

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#2. Cox Driving School

David Cox, a teacher and the founder of this driving school, has taught driver’s education for over 29 years.

Hence, Cox Driving School is approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The school also offers a behind-the-wheel instruction program.

This program is open to people over 18 and students under 18 who wish to get a Virginia driver’s license.

Although it is not precisely in Norfolk, it is in Chesapeake, a few minutes’ drive from Norfolk. So, you could also try them out!

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#3. Fuhrmann Driving School

With over 100 years of combined expertise instructing drivers, Fuhrmann Driving School remains among the best driving schools in 2023 near Norfolk, VA. 

Furthermore, the Fuhrmann Driving School is bonded, licensed, and insured by the State of Virginia. 

Moreso, their instructors, have passed the national background check and hold a certification from the State of Virginia.

They provide:

  • Classroom training
  • Behind-the-wheel practice 
  • Online Education
  • Road test services 

Additionally, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has given its approval. Again, by enrolling in this driving academy, you will enjoy pickup from your home, school, or office. Thus, it is more flexible for you.

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#4. Navigation Academy of VA, LLC

The Navigation Academy, which has its headquarters in Virginia, is dedicated to teaching its students safe driving practices. 

And the need to have a “driving attitude” for lifelong safe driving is abundantly clear to students.

The instructor carefully and patiently teaches the class in a comfortable and secure setting. Further, the Navigation Academy aims to make inexperienced and seasoned drivers safer.

Anyone who has fulfilled the requirements for acquiring a driver’s license can enroll in their in-car driving education program. 

If you satisfy the following requirements, you’re eligible. Meanwhile, students under the age of 18 also qualify. 

  • Have a Green Card and have completed and passed the driver education classroom portion (or its equivalent).
  • You have a learner’s permit.
  • Have at least 45 hours of learner’s permit driving experience.

At the Navigation Academy, you will also learn about the following:

  • You’ll learn about the vehicle.
  • Safety
  • Driving laws
  • Evasive driving techniques
  • Driving communication

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#5. Seven Cities Driving School

This driving institution is among the driving schools near Norfolk, VA, and offers behind-the-wheel driving instruction.

Here, you can gain first-hand knowledge of the regional traffic laws from their highly qualified driving instructors. 

One thing you’ll like about the Seven Cities Driving School is that every student receives private, one-on-one driving instruction.

They also provide free pick-up on weekdays, weekends, and evenings besides hourly prices as part of a package, making driver’s education convenient and affordable.

Most importantly, their teachers educate the students on how to drive safely on highways, maintain eye contact on the road, and have confidence in their learning and development. 

On the same day you take your final exam, they issue your certificate. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Parallel park.
  • Park diagonally.
  • Make two-point turns.
  • How to make three-point turns.
  • Do U-turns.

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#6. Chesapeake Driving School

Although located in Chesapeake (a few minutes’ drive from Norfolk), this driving school stands out as one of the top driving schools near Norfolk, VA, in 2023. 

The school, owned by Calvert County Public Schools teachers, has excellent delivery in teaching driver’s education.

Therefore, it remains among the leading driving schools in Chesapeake that provide new private lessons, driver education, and driving tests today.

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#7. Buckle Up Driving School, LLC

Buckle Up Driving School LLC is owned and run by Cory and Staci Hunt. And Mr. Hunt has been a licensed driving instructor since 1994. Mrs. Hunt serves as both the coordinator and business representative. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt have over 26 years combined classroom experience. 

Moreso, this state-certified local driving school offers teen driver education programs.

Buckle Up Driving School is dedicated to creating safe drivers and making learning convenient and fun through its top-notch training and experience.

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#8. Coach Kip Driving School

Location: 1872 Volvo Pkwy Chesapeake 23320, Virginia, United States.

Coach Kip Driving School was established on January 13, 2020. However, it’s still among the top driving schools in Chesapeake.

Coach Kip Driving School is also listed in the Clerk’s Information System (CIS) of the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC).

Their services include;

#9. Golden Rule Driving School

Location: The Golden Rule of Driving School 403 Country Club Boulevard Chesapeake, Virginia 23322.

Phone: (757) 547-7864

If you’re looking for an all-age, state-approved Christian commercial driving institution, pick the Golden Rule Driving School.

According to the records, it was established in 1998 and incorporated in Virginia. 

Furthermore, the institution is listed on the Virginia DMV. However, you must call or go in person since they don’t have a website address.

#10. Coach Mike’s Driving School, LLC

Location: 2332 in Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
Phone: +1 (757) 615-9727

Coach Mike’s Driving School, LLC is another driving school that deserves a spot on our list of the best Norfolk, VA, driving schools in 2023.

Since 2013, they have operated as a small local driving school with a positive reputation in the community.

Also, they provide a range of services, including lessons in vehicle operation and driving for all ages.

Coach Mike is also a reliable option if you’re looking for an affordable driving school.

#11. 757 Driving School LLC

Phone: (757) 621-6745

Email: [email protected]

Brooke Kubovcik is the 757 Driving School’s owner and instructor. He has over 20 years of expertise in instructing driving lessons.

Further, the 757 Driving School has a teaching license from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

For driver’s training aspirants, call the school at (757) 621-6745 or email them at [email protected].

#12. DriverEdToGo

Unlike other interactive driver’s education courses provided by online driving schools, DriverEdToGo follows a more straightforward method. 

They offer more of a text-based online driver’s education course but include only a few images and instructional videos.

The course is divided into ten chapters that cover topics such as signaling, highway driving, traffic laws, and regulations. A few easy games are included as well. 

For a fee, you can also get optional upgrades like audio narrating, practice questions, and the DriverEdToGo DVD.

However, what distinguishes them is the “Pay Later” choice. Thus, you can complete the entire course for free.

Sounds so good, right?

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#13. Nova Driving School

Nova Driving School is a physical school in Virginia. However, its headquarters is not in Norfolk. 

But they still provide a driver’s education course online, making it convenient for you to take it even if you’re in Norfolk.

Also, the parent-teen class will be necessary. That implies that your parent will have to assist you throughout the course.

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#14. Drive This Way

Drive this way is a locally established driving school with DMV approval. Hence, we cannot discuss the top 2023 driving schools near Norfolk, VA, without mentioning it.

Moreso, It offers online driver’s ed services to Chesapeake despite having physical locations in Lynchburg and Roanoke. 

The finest characteristic of Drive This Way’s instructors is their extensive background in driver instruction.

Meanwhile, the business owner, Ashby Owens, has seven years of experience as a police officer and an investigator. He is also well-versed in traffic laws.

Therefore, you can be confident that their driver’s education program will teach you everything you need to know about driving in Virginia.

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#15. iDriveSafely

Finally, iDriveSafely is an excellent choice if you’re looking for the best online driving schools near Norfolk, VA, in 2023.

They also teach with animated GIFs, audio samples, slide displays, and videos at iDrivSafely.

All of these, put together, enhance the textual content and simplify the lectures. 

Additionally, there’s an exam at the end of each chapter to ensure you understand everything and help you remember it. 

After completing the course, you’ll get 50 FREE practice tests that are exact replicas of the DMV exams. And if you use this extra material, you will ace your exams and eventually receive your license.

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How To Register For Drivers License in Norfolk, VA Driving Schools in 2023

Here are the general registration procedures for Norfolk, VA, driving schools:

  • Meet the driver training requirements.
  • Submit the proper documents and pay the fees.
  • Take the relevant driving tests.

Note: The first step doesn’t apply to those who are over 18 and have licenses from another state.

However, if you have questions about obtaining a driver’s license, see the DMV’s Driver’s License and ID Card Guide.


How long is a driving lesson?

Each driving lesson is about an hour long. But on average, you would need about 40 to 45 hours of driving lessons to learn how to drive.

Is driver’s ed required in Virginia?

Driver’s ed is required for teens under 18 years old.

How many hours of driving school do you need in Virginia?

You need about 36 fifty-minute classroom periods of instruction and 14 fifty-minute periods of in-car instructions (7 periods of observation and seven periods of driving, including the final road skills exam).

Can you do a driving test in the instructor’s car?

You must have a suitable roadworthy car to do the test. Otherwise, you should be able to take it in your instructor’s car.

Can I get my license through driving school in Virginia?

Yes. And to do this, you must complete a driver education program and pass the driver’s license knowledge examination. This waives the need for a learner’s permit.


The thought of learning how to drive can be so exciting. But you don’t have to let the burden of picking a driving school overwhelm you.

With the help of this article, you may choose from the top driving schools in Norfolk, Virginia. What are you waiting for, then? Choose a school now, and get started!



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