Tips on How to Write an Essay about Reading | Full Guide & Sample

The best academic activity to engage your critical thinking ability is writing essays. To prove your point, you have to contest against several other students who also have their assertions.

If you’re one whose thinking ability isn’t in a fast lane, you may experience difficulty writing one. Hence, this article is to help you with some tips on how to write an essay about reading.

Follow through to see what this article offers you.

How to Write an Essay about Reading

To prepare an essay about reading, you must follow a certain process which you can find in the list below.

  • Study your topic
  • Choose a writing style
  • Structure your essay
  • Write your essay
  • Revise
  • Publish

Study your Topic

You’ll most likely study whatever topic it is you’re given to write so you don’t sound vague. Look for results to back up your claims why reading is important and how it helps develop the human mind.

In the event that you’re going to back up your claims with information gotten from another people’s intellectual work, it is only nice that you do a proper citation.

Choose a writing style

Your teacher would decide the essay writing style to use. But it is important to note that a high school student is expected to write an essay of 300 to 500 words.

College essays will have a word count of about 1,500 to 2,000 words.

Structure your essay

Here, you’ll make an outline of your topic before writing. Ensure your thoughts are well organized and not haphazard.

Write your essay

Rationally explain each item on your outline and start by putting out your thoughts in a rough draft. Also make seamless transitions between your arguments, sentences, and paragraphs as you write.


When you’ve finished the draft, take some time out to breathe. Afterwards, check your essay on reading to look out for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors when you are ready to publish.

You can also provide someone close to you with a copy so they can suggest any necessary changes. Once all that is put in place, carefully read it over for last-minute mistakes before you publish.



Tips on Essay about Reading

The following steps can help guide you in writing a jaw-breaking essay about reading.

  • Starting off early can help to reduce stress and give you the luxury of time to generate meaningful thoughts for your essay.
  • Always write an essay with the topic in mind. When you do, you keep connecting your ideas to the main theme.
  • Avoid attempting to write an essay from start to finish. Create a road map for your essay.
  • Don’t make light of any part of your essay; be it introduction, body, or conclusion. While your introduction captures the essay’s main idea, the body gives clues to statistics that support your points, and your conclusion serves as a call to action why you think your points are valid.
  • Go through your essay about reading to check for typos.

Essay about Reading | Full Guide & Samples

While writing an essay about reading, you could form your line of thoughts from the list of ideas below.

  • Reading encourages the development of a good outlook
  • It is crucial since it sharpens your mind and provides you with a wealth f information and life lessons
  • It helps you expand your vocabulary and hone your communication abilities
  • Reading teaches you to creatively use language
  • Reading increases knowledge and gives you a view of other facets of life
  • Books provide you with an incredible amount of knowledge and information
  • It reduces stress
  • Reading increases creativity and imagination
  • It encourages life exploration

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Short Essay Sample about Reading

One should make reading a habit throughout their life. You may learn from, be illuminated by, and be guided by good texts. A great book makes the best companion.
Reading is important because it promotes general well-being. Once you read, a whole new universe opens up to you. Reading becomes a habit that you eventually become addicted to.

Reading improves vocabulary and language abilities. Another approach to unwind and relieve tension is to read. Reading a good book for at least a few minutes every day helps to stretch the brain’s muscles and promote healthy functioning.

Essay Sample 2 about Reading

Reading is a process where a reader’s capacity for self-expression is mixed with information from a text and their own prior knowledge t create their meaning.
Even though reading is regarded as a skill, it is important to let students be knowledgeable of what they are reading or listening to before receiving feedback.
Since reading is the best way to learn new words, teaching students the English language as a second language to make educated guesses is very important.


There’s a reason people call books their best friends. When you cultivate a healthy reading habit, you open yourself to more possibilities of learning.



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