How To Write An Essay On Climate Change | Best Guide

Climate change is the long-term change in the earth’s climate due to changes in the atmosphere. Writing an essay on climate change may seem complicated, but you need to ensure you get it right from the first line in your introduction.

Articles on climate change can be challenging as the topic of climate change is always fast-changing. Well, no cause to worry. In this article, we will explore how to write a compelling essay topic on climate change.

Let’s get right into it!

What Is Climate Change Essay And Examples?

If you want to understand how to approach an essay topic on climate change, it is essential to understand the definition of climate change, what is required in a climate change essay or what qualifies as a climate change essay example.

According to Britannica, Climate change is a periodic modification of the earth’s climate brought about by changes in the atmosphere and interactions between the atmosphere and various other geologic, chemical, biological, and geographic factors within the earth system.

An article on climate change centers on climate change, causes, effects, and possible preventive measures. In your essay, you need to decipher climate change and its impact. An essay topic on climate change is usually approached descriptively.

Most climate change essay examples on the net are products of research. You must conduct an intensive study to get the most effective essay.

Before you delve into writing your essay, understand the several effects of climate change to have an idea of what your reader needs to see. You can check out formally written climate change articles to get a better guide.

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Guide To Writing Any Essay Topic On Climate Change

Let’s explore the best guide to writing an essay topic on climate change. Before you map out your climate change essay outline, there are guides you need to know and apply. We have divided these guidelines into four steps: The Prewriting Step, Planning And Outling Step, The Writing Step, And Magical Touch Step.

Step One: Prewriting

Choose A Topic

If you already have a topic, you can skip this substep to the next one. There are variety of topics in the climate change niche. When choosing a topic, choose one that resonates with you or the one you find exciting or interesting.

If you love the feel of challenges, you can choose a topic that seems demanding. So choose a topic that intrigues you or leaves you with questions and curiosity.

Below is an outline of topics according to that may be helpful:

  • Climate Change: Concept and Theories
  • Concept of Global Warming
  • Global Warming is Not a Myth
  • Causes and Effects of Global Warming on the Environment
  • Tree Planting and Climate Change
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • Climate Change Impacts
  • Effects of Global Warming
  • The Effect of Global Warming and the Future
  • Global Warming Causes and Impacts
  • Environmental Studies: The Global Warming Holocaust
  • The Issue of Global Climate Change and the Use of Global Ethics
  • Ecological Studies of Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation
  • The United States Policy on Climate Change
  • Climate Change and International Trade

Generally, choosing a topic is a matter of choice, so whatever topic you choose, do your best. Let’s ride on to find out more about writing an effective essay.

Understand and Analyze Your Topic

Once you have a topic, you need to understand and analyze the scope of the subject. Acknowledge what form of essay it will be and what your reader needs to see. You need to read and digest the topic rather than dive into writing an essay topic without proper understanding.

Pay keen attention to the term of the essay, and understand what formatting or structural technique you will use.

Conduct A Research On Your Topic

Proper research is a core aspect of writing an essay. Aside your idea of the topic, it expands your knowledge and gives you an edge.

Research your topic carefully, and use a good source of knowledge from the library or the internet. You can also interview experts in the climate change field or use questionnaires to gain more information.

Ensure your research is organized, as it is essential to reference your knowledge source.

Step Two: Planning And Outlining


In writing an essay, the brainstorming step is significant as it is a logical structure to convey information effectively. When done with your research, engaging in calm, focused, and intensive brainstorming is essential.

Write down all that got your attention during the research. Write down all you think should be your main idea; even if they may not be as clear as you intend, write.

In this session, you need to be intentional about allowing your ideas to flow and not limited in any way.

Draft Out Your Essay Outline

Drafting a climate change essay outline is essential as it serves as the framework of your essay. Leveraging your brainstorming session, draft your ideas into bullet points.

Creating an outline enables you to plan out the structure your writing will follow. You can use bullet points or numbering to make your strategy clear.

When writing your essay outline, start by writing your topic thesis statement at the top. After that, you can outline topic sentences that are short definitions of ideas you would like to explore in each of your paragraphs. Make it simple and easy to comprehend. Essay outlines enable writers to cover all the necessary points they intend to study.

Step Three: Writing

Write Your Essay’s First Draft

Once you have written your outline, it is time to write your first draft. Before you start, ensure your writing is understandable.

  • Introduction

The introduction of your essay is essential as it determines the tone of your article. Let your introduction get your reader’s attention because most times, your introduction determines if your reader will go beyond the first paragraph.

You also need to provide a background on your topic. Your reader needs to understand what your essay will be talking about from your introduction. Try not to bug your introduction with so much information; you have the body of your article to do that. Keep your opening simple and concise.

  • Body

The body of your essay is where you input your main ideas and provide theories or information supporting your idea or evidence that will develop your ideas.

It is essential to organize your essay into paragraphs. Each paragraph should surround your main point or idea.

  • Conclusion

Your conclusion is the last paragraph of your essay. Here, you conclude all you’ve written in a strong sentence that will leave your audience with a lasting impression.

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Step Four: Add Magical Touch

Revisit, Review And Edit Your Essay

The magical touch your essay needs is a review and an edit.

After you are done with your first draft, Bravo! You can lay it aside for an hour or more or a day or more to get your brain refreshed.


Climate change is a disastrous weather switch that is affecting the entire globe. An essay on climate change and its impact should meticulously pinpoint the negative effect on the lives of every living individual and future consequences.

In your essay, you must describe the causes, effects, and preventive measures of climate change.

Take note; your essay is not just an essay but your contribution to the fight for the ailing health of our climate.

Leverage the tips and guide we shared in this article to get the best essay you deserve, cheers.


What is a climate change short essay?

Climate change refers to the change in the environmental conditions of the earth. This happens due to many internal and external factors. Climatic change has become a global concern over the last few decades. Besides, these climatic changes affect life on the earth in various ways.

How do I write a climate change essay?

Essay on climate changes: how to write?
Craft the outline and don’t go off-topic.
Search for keywords.
Make a plan.
Avoid the most common mistakes from the start.
Write an introduction thinking about what you will write later.
Develop your ideas according to the outline.

What is climate change in 150 words?

Short Essay on Climate Change in English 150 words
Climate change refers to the adverse change in the environment and its impacts on the living organisms on Earth. The climate of Earth has become warmer over the last two million years for which, climate change and global warming is responsible.

What are the 5 causes of climate change?

Causes of Climate Change
Heat-trapping Greenhouse Gases And The Earth’s Climate. …
Greenhouse Gases. …
Reflectivity or Absorption of the Sun’s Energy. …
Changes in the Earth’s Orbit and Rotation. …
Variations in Solar Activity. …
Changes in the Earth’s Reflectivity. …
Volcanic Activity.


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