15 Best Esthetician Schools in Bakersfield 

Are you in Bakersfield? Are you considering becoming an esthetician? You must select and enroll in the right esthetician school. Estheticians are mostly in charge of the skin. Is this what you want for yourself? Then this article is for you.

In this article, you would learn about the best esthetician schools in Bakersfield. We grouped the schools into medical, accredited, licensed, and cheap esthetician schools.

Before you pick a school, make sure the school has an excellent professional reputation. In this article, we also broke down the reasons you should consider a career as an esthetician.

You would find the cost and duration of esthetician schools in Bakersfield. Keep reading.

Why Become an Esthetician in Bakersfield?

No matter how hard you try to ignore or downplay it, the truth is that beauty is skin deep. How you look affects every part of your life, from your job to your relationships. People’s confidence, self-esteem, performance, and success are usually affected in some ways by how they look.

Some of the reasons to think about becoming an esthetician are-


As an esthetician, you’ll be able to help other people deal with their worries. It is satisfying to see how much your clients’ lives change because of what you did for their skin.

Growing All the Time

As an esthetician, it’s your job to give your clients the right products for their skin. The skin is so complicated. It takes a lot of knowledge to find the best solution for every skin problem.

As an esthetician, you can gain valuable experience and learn more about how to treat different skin problems.

Free from stress at work

Estheticians usually work in salons and spas, which are places where people go to calm down and unwind.

Unlike most jobs, where stress levels are always rising and deadlines keep coming, estheticians don’t have to worry about mental stress or not having a good balance between work and life.

Since your work hours are flexible, you can even look for jobs outside of your field.

Are there any Esthetician Schools in Bakersfield?

Bakersfield has a reasonable number of esthetician schools. Esthetics may look easy, but becoming an esthetician is a long and hard process.

If you are sure you want to be an esthetician and think you have what it takes, enroll in a good school in Bakersfield and become the best esthetician you can be.

Can you take Esthetician Classes Online in Bakersfield?

This is another convenient fact about studying in Bakersfield. You have access to online esthetician classes. Online esthetician programs are convenient for Bakersfield CA students who work full-time. It’s also good if you have family commitments that make it difficult to attend a regular school.

There are various online beauty school programs available that you can attend. And all of it is through using a personal computer or laptop. Online, you’ll deal with the same amount of content as internet courses.

However, it is critical that the school you choose can give internship training at neighboring salons. This ensures that you receive the hands-on training required for a thorough education.

How much do Esthetician schools in Bakersfield Cost?  

The cost of attending the top esthetician schools in Bakersfield ranges from $12,700 to $16,000. There is a typical cost of $15,000.

How Long is the Esthetician Program in Bakersfield?

600 hours. To become a certified esthetician in Bakersfield, you must complete 600 hours of instruction. You have two options for completing your 600 hours of study to become an esthetician. It can be through education or apprenticeship.

Best Esthetician Schools in Bakersfield

Each esthetician college that you consider should have a decent to great industry reputation. Accreditation is a great place to start.

Next, get testimonials from their network of businesses to whom they have sent their students. Confirm that the schools have a high job placement rate.

In addition to the school’s accreditation authorities, look for reviews on ratdatingbsites. Ask anybody working in the industry if they are familiar with the schools you are considering.

They could even be able to recommend ones you hadn’t thought about. Finally, check with the California school licensing body to discover if there are any grievances regarding regaschool’sschools competence.

The top esthetician schools in Bakersfield are-

Medical Esthetician schools

1. Advance Beauty College – Garden Grove & Laguna Hills

2. Bellus Academy – Poway

3. Career Academy of Beauty – Garden Grove

4. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy – Santa Ana

Accredited Esthetician Schools

5. Cosmo Beauty Academy

6. Institute of Beauty Culture – Santa Maria

7. International School of Beauty – Palm Desert

8. Palomar Institute of Cosmetology – San Marcos

Licensed Esthetician Schools

9. Salon Success Academy – Corona, Fontana, Riverside, Upland, & Redlands

10. San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology

11. Milan Institute – Bakersfield Central

12. Privé Academy

Cheap Esthetician Schools

13. Kern County Cosmetology

14. Cosmetica Beauty and Barbering Academy

15. House of Beauty: The Suite

Medical Esthetician Schools

Many esthetician schools provide extensive curricula that include all aspects of esthetics. Medical esthetician courses are not left out. Others are more specialized. They offer courses that would help you work in a health-related arena.

Degree-granting institutions frequently include a management and marketing curriculum. As a result, you must choose a school that specializes in your field of study. The schools are-

#1. Advance Beauty College – Garden Grove & Laguna Hills

Advance Beauty College – Garden Grove & Laguna Hills is one of the very top esthetician schools in Bakersfield. This school is very cheap and still offers qualified students scholarships.

Esthetician students will not only acquire all of the necessary procedures for skin analysis and care. They will also become active in the community.

Participation is possible through local charity activities such as Walk for Wishes, Working Wardrobes, and other causes that benefit the community. Following completion of the program, career help services work on finding the ideal esthetician employment for you.

Visit School Here

#2. Bellus Academy – Poway

Bellus Academy allows you to serve clients in a fashion and style hotspot. You’ll study skin analysis and face treatment procedures in a big, well-lit studio environment.

The institution accepts VA benefits to assist veterans with tuition costs. It also provides a scholarship chance for recent high school graduates entering the program.

You’ll be able to become engaged by attending charity and volunteer activities. These serve as excellent networking opportunities. Bellus Academy even provides career assistance to help you discover the ideal job when you graduate.

Visit School Here

#3. Career Academy of Beauty – Garden Grove

At Career Academy of Beauty, you’ll spend 75% of your time practicing methods on actual customers. The remainder of your time focused on theory and business training.

These are skills you’ll need for a successful career in esthetics. Career Academy of Beauty – Garden Grove is one of the top esthetician schools in Bakersfield.

You can expect to learn all you need to know about peels, masks, and microdermabrasion. You would also learn about skin analysis, face mapping, and prescriptive retailing.

Since class sizes are small, you will receive customized attention throughout the program. Even after graduation, you will receive specialized career counseling services. Veterans can even use their VA funds to pay for their education.

Visit School Here

#4. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy – Santa Ana

Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy, located in Orange County, is a haven for creative and artistic culture. You’ll learn theory in courses like Cosmetic Chemistry. You’ll also learn about health and nutrition, physiology and histology of the skin.

In this school, you’ll also gain hands-on experience doing facials, peels, masks, microdermabrasion, makeup application, and other esthetic treatments on clients.

The school impressed us by providing advanced esthetician programs for more experienced estheticians.

This is ideal for ongoing education once you’ve obtained your license and begin working. Colleen O’Hara’s Beauty Academy – Santa Ana is one of the top esthetician schools in Bakersfield.

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Accredited Esthetician Schools

It is critical to ensure that the esthetician training school you choose has accreditation. Accreditation is by a local or national agency recognized by the US Department of Education.

Such as the National Accrediting Commission for Cosmetology Arts & Sciences (NACCAS). NACCAS-accredited programs must fulfill their rigorous requirements to provide a good curriculum and education.

Accreditation is also necessary for getting student loans or financial help, which are typically unavailable to non-accredited colleges. Accreditation of training is necessary for licensing in several states.

Finally, many Bakersfield CA firms will not hire recent graduates from non-accredited colleges. The accredited esthetician schools in Bakersfield are-

#5. Cosmo Beauty Academy – Sacramento

Cosmo Beauty Academy – Sacramento is one of the top esthetician schools in Bakersfield. Cosmo Beauty Academy’s program is significantly less expensive than the other top programs on the list.

It is the least expensive application on our list! As an esthetician student, you will be able to participate in philanthropic activities. These benefit the community while also providing you with unique networking possibilities.

You’ll learn not just the art and science of esthetics, but also the business principles required for a successful profession. There are courses in

  • Skin Analysis
  • Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Glycolic Treatments
  • Personalized Masks
  • Business Development
  • Retail Sales, and more.

Visit School Here

#6. Institute of Beauty Culture – Santa Maria

The Institute of Beauty Culture is a wonderful location to further your training and education. It is one of the top esthetician schools in Bakersfield. There is a reasonable tuition fee and extensive esthiology instruction.

You’ll quickly grasp facial methods, eyebrow shaping, hair removal, and skin analysis. You would also learn how to apply makeup using the newest techniques. At the Institute of Beauty, you’ll learn about customer service, salon management, and how to interview for success. All of these can help you get started in your profession.

Visit School Here

#7. International School of Beauty – Palm Desert

The International School of Beauty’s curriculum is quite affordable when compared to the others. If you’re a veteran, you’re in luck since the school takes VA benefits. It is, of course, one of the top esthetician schools in Bakersfield.

The curriculum at the school includes business training, necessary for independent estheticians. It helps them learn to manage or even operate a spa one day. You will have the opportunity to study in a place surrounded by a gorgeous dessert.

Visit School Here

#8. Palomar Institute of Cosmetology – San Marcos

Palomar Institute of Cosmetology – San Marcos is one of the best esthetician schools in Bakersfield. In this school, you’ll learn to confidently treat your customers’ skin.

You get to help them leave the salon feeling attractive, healthy, and ready to take on the world. Yes. The esthetician program at this school is that good.

Among many other methods and services, you’ll learn how to treat skin diseases, do facials, apply cosmetics, and remove hair.

You’ll get the opportunity to practice with brands such as OPI, Eufora, and Design Essentials. The school’s career aid services can help you hit the ground running after graduation.

Visit School Here

Licensed Esthetician Schools

Licensed Esthetician Schools are necessary for every state. Since you decided you want to be an esthetician, licensing is a must.

Be sure the school you enroll in has recognition during licensing. It must also be well-regarded for that degree.

If you want to create a beauty salon in Bakersfield, you need to enroll in a school that gets you ready for a license. They are-

#9. Salon Success Academy – Corona, Fontana, Riverside, Upland, & Redlands

You will not only learn about skincare at Salon Success Academy, but you will also learn about customer service.

Businesses to help assure your long-term success in the beauty and wellness sector aren’t left out. You’ll have lots of opportunities to put what you’ve learned into practice.

The school has real-life clients, and you’ll finish the program confident in your ability to ace state board tests. The school provides day and evening schedules.

This allows you to select the optimum time to attend lessons based on your present responsibilities. Furthermore, you will be active in the community through activities that benefit a local charity! It is one of the best esthetician schools in Bakersfield.

Visit School Here

#10. San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology – San Francisco

San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology is one of the best esthetician schools in Bakersfield.

Since it is a Paul Mitchell partner school, you can anticipate the same level of excellence. You will be able to select the curriculum that is best for you by taking day or evening sessions.

You should also consider applying for a scholarship. It is another benefit provided by the institution. Every San Francisco Institute student will have the chance to participate in community service.

This is mostly through the school’s charity activities, which include beauty and fashion presentations.

Visit School Here

#11. Milan Institute – Bakersfield Central

Milan Institute – Bakersfield Central is a great esthetician school. It is in fact, one of the best esthetician schools in Bakersfield.

The teachers are experts in their fields. And there is no hesitation to bring that knowledge right into the classroom.

Also, they offer real-world experience on the job that you can’t learn from a book. You will still get help from Milan Institute even after you graduate. They have career services to help you get a head start on your search for a new job.

Visit School Here

#12. Privé Academy

Privé Academy stands out mostly because it offers mostly online esthetician courses. So, if you are thinking of getting your certification online, this school should be your best bet. It is of course, also one of the best esthetician schools in Bakersfield.

In Privé Academy, there are different types of financial aid for people who qualify. A financial advisor for education will walk you through the process and tell you what your options are. This school is also nationally recognized.

Visit School Here

Cheap Esthetician Schools

Estheticians use many different kinds of tools and materials. They must always follow safety rules. The cheap esthetician schools in Bakersfield are-

#13. Kern County Cosmetology

Esthetics is a top choice for many high school graduates in Kern County. Estheticians get training in a wide range of beauty techniques. It is a great job for people who like working in a fast-paced environment with a wide range of people.

To get in, you have to be at least 16 years old and usually, have a high school diploma. This school is not only cheap, but it is also one of the top esthetician schools in Bakersfield.

Visit School Here

#14. Cosmetica Beauty and Barbering Academy

Cosmetica Beauty and Barbering Academy are one of the best esthetician schools in Bakersfield. The curriculum for students in an Esthetician program must include 600 clock hours. It must have technical instruction and practical operations that cover all of an Esthetician’s duties.

Cosmetica Beauty and Barbering Academy also offer practical hands-on training. Graduates from this school go on to get good-paying jobs. The esthetician program is also very affordable.

Visit School Here

#15. House of Beauty: The Suite

House of Beauty: The Suite is one of the top esthetician schools in Bakersfield. To finish a diploma or associate degree program, you must pay your tuition and living costs. Classes are usually offered both during the day and at night.

While you are training, you will be able to get work experience in the real world. Esthetician students can also get money from several different places.

There are government grants, loans for students, and help for veterans. There are also several national scholarships offered by private foundations.

Visit School Here

Colleges that offer Esthetician Programs

The colleges that offer esthetician programs in Bakersfield are-

  • Bakersfield College
  • California State University Bakersfield
  • California Aeronautical University

How to Become an Esthetician in Bakersfield

Step 1. Complete a Program of Esthetics through an Approved Institution

Preparing to become an esthetician in California begins with a Board-approved esthetics curriculum.  You need at least 600 hours of training in all facets of the esthetics sector. 

Many programs include full-service student clinics. Here, students may practice their newly learned abilities on real customers while getting supervision from professors.

A lot of esthetics schools also offer blended programs that allow students to obtain useful experience

Step 2. Complete and Submit the Esthetician Application for Examination

After completing an esthetics program at an accredited school, you must complete the Esthetician Application for Examination and submit it to the Board.

You may also apply online. The institution where you earned your education must submit to the Board a Proof of Training document.

Step 3. Take and Pass the Written and Practical Esthetician Examinations

After the Board has reviewed and accepted your application, you will get an exam scheduling letter. It would have details on how to schedule your written and practical tests.

For both the written and practical tests, the California Board uses the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology (NIC).

The practical and written tests are on the same day. After you schedule your exams, you should get an admission letter confirming your exam date, time, and venue.

Step 4. Cultivate your Esthetician Career

As an esthetician in Bakersfield, you have several job options. You may work as an employee or independent contractor in a spa, regular salon, or esthetics salon.

You might even work with dermatologists and plastic surgeons. This provides complementary and supportive treatments and therapies.

Step 5. Renew your License to Practice Esthetics Every Two years

Your esthetician license should be every two years in the month of issuance for a fee of $50. You can renew your license with a paper application or online using the Board’s licensing system.

Although there are no continuing education requirements for estheticians, ensure you keep up to date on the newest trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pursue a career as an esthetician?

Some people enjoy esthetics because it allows them to operate from home or provide in-home services. Others do it because they wish to work at a dermatologist’s clinic. Being an esthetician can provide you with the independence you seek!

Is it worthwhile to pursue a career as an esthetician?

Yes, a job as an esthetician is worthwhile. You can work as an esthetician for a salon, cruise ship, or hotel spa, or you can freelance.

What can you accomplish with a California esthetician license?

As they develop expertise and experience, estheticians may manage a salon or start their own business.

They may also work as skin care product educators, demonstrations, or sales agents. Some Skin Care Specialists go on to become accredited instructors at beauty schools.

What will I discover as an esthetician?

Estheticians can acquire cosmetic methods to help customers feel confident in their appearance.

In foundation, you may learn about contouring, highlighting, and blending. You may also receive an education in color theory. This will allow you to identify which colors are complementary.

How much do licensed estheticians make in Bakersfield?

While ZipRecruiter has salaries ranging from $86,414 to $15,396, the bulk of Licensed Esthetician salaries in California now ranges from $29,798 to $45,690. Top earners earn $64,065 per year.

In Bakersfield, how long does esthetician school last?

600 hours. To become a certified esthetician in California, you must complete 600 hours of study.

Do estheticians do lash lifts in California?

Yes. The practice of eyelash perming is for only licensed barbers, cosmetologists, and estheticians.


Esthetics is the discipline of caring for one’s skin for cosmetic reasons. Estheticians are skin care experts that use a variety of treatments to enhance the appearance of their customers’ skin. They do face exfoliation, steaming, pore cleaning, extraction, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

Estheticians in Bakersfield have their regulations and license from the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. You can pick any of the best esthetician schools in Bakersfield above to get started.



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