10 Free Printable Student Planners | 2022 Samples

You know how you start your Monday on high notes, hoping to conquer the world (and probably achieve world peace) and then realize by Friday that you have not completed any priority tasks? Well, this is even more common when you don’t have a free printable student planner.

So whether you spent those days procrastinating, productively procrastinating, or without a clue how they went past you, it’s time to get more intentional about increasing productivity and efficiency.

You can now take a moment to stop and think about the coming days, projects, or exams and how you want them to go. Then go through this article on the 10 free printable student planners in 2022, find a planner that matches your goal, and start crushing them.

Let’s see what printable planner for students is perfect for you now, shall we?

What is a Printable Student Planner?

Like a regular planner, a printable student planner is one you can get online, mainly as a portable document format (PDF). So rather than buying a hardcopy planner, you only need to download and print it out for your convenience.

It is more cost-effective and aims to increase productivity and efficiency.

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Why do I need a Printable Student Planner?

Here are some benefits of having student planners:

#1. Tracking goals

Students are not too young to be intentional about tracking and measuring the progress of their goals, whether in academics or extracurricular.

A printable student planner helps with that. You get a place to write down what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it and break these goals into smaller, more achievable tasks.

With this, you will also learn to be more accountable.

#2. Encourages accountability

You have set the goal, yes?

Now, your parents and teachers know your plans and can hold you accountable. Plus, when you set goals, you are more inclined not to disappoint yourself.

#3. Building habits

When you start early as a student to religiously fill your planner with your goals, you eventually pick up the habit.

So as you progress from your academics to work and life with even stricter deadlines and targets, you will be armed with years of improved productivity and organizational skills.

Free printable student planners

See some of the free printable student planners

#1. Undated Black-and-White Planner

via Passion Planner

This is a simple printable student planner for effective time management. Every column on this planner was designed to ensure that you optimize your minutes.

So you can list your goals against the time allocated for these tasks on your planner. This way, you are more likely to do your duties as scheduled.

Then there is also the “Good things that happened” column. Here you can note all your accomplishments and encourage yourself to do more.

#2. Free Printable Sports Schedule Planner

This free printable student planner is ideal for helping you organize and manage your busy school-sports balance. As an active athlete, the planner will help you plan your meal plans, take little notes of your workout and targets, and plan your sports activities

Plus, because the planner is undated, you can use it repeatedly every week of the month.

Download the Free Printable Sports Schedule Planner PDF – Sunday Start here and the Free Printable Sports Schedule Planner – Monday Start here.

#3. Printable Weekly Planners

With this free printable student planner, you can break your weekly tasks into days. You also get a weekly to-do list where you can write your errands, chores, volunteering tasks, and an excerpt of what you wish to achieve the following week.

There are two designs available, so you can choose a design that is more suitable for you. This printable planner for students will teach you practical time management skills over time.

via More Like Grace

#4. Free Printable Grade Tracker

So you want to track and improve your grades in a subject. This planner is perfect for that.

It offers an ink-friendly printable planner for students in a grey-colored theme. There are columns for your exams or assessment, goals, grades, and comments.

So you can select a class, set your grade goals, and continue to do better.

The simple look is perfect for students who want a straightforward planner to track and improve their class grades.

Download the Free Printable Grade Tracker here.

#5. Weekly Planning With Valentine the Llama

Who said that documenting your tasks has to be done on a boring, colorless, planner?

With Valentine the Llama, you get a cute design for animal enthusiasts to help you plan your activities for the week.

You can now stay cheerful as you fill your to-do list and get ready to crush them, no matter how busy it will get.

via Goodie Mood

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#6. My Week

Put a flowery touch to your week with this beautiful free printable student planner. This planner offers complete control and a dose of beauty over your goals for the coming weeks.

You can list your top 3 most important tasks for the week, and upon completion, you get to tick them with that sweet sense of accomplishment.

You will also notice that the space allotted for the weekend schedule is more prominent than you’d get for weekdays; probably a subtle way to get you to give yourself a break.

Via Pinterest

 #7. 3-Column Minimalist Planner

This student planner is adaptable, allowing you to use your inks. It is divided into three columns that you can customize to suit the different parts of your student life.

So, perhaps you can list your class schedule in the first column, extracurricular in the second column, and little errands and gentle reminders in the last column.

via The Housewife Modern

#8. Free Printable Class Timetable Planner

This planner is very adaptable and doesn’t compromise on the fabulous appearance. So, if you don’t like your current schedule and are looking to get a new one for your classes, print out this free printable student planner to aid with organizing and planning.

You can also record your weekly activities in the daily slots provided.

Download the Free Class Timetable Planner here.

9. Free Printables Monthly Planner

For a student who has used a weekly planner for a while, there must have been instances when you wished there was a monthly calendar to lay your goals clearly. This is often important when you want to holistically scan your plans for the week.

Since this free printable student planner is an undated monthly calendar, you can use it for different years. You only need to fill in the class and your daily goals, then check those goals afterward.

Choose from the two options available – the planner that starts on Sunday or Monday.

Download the Free Monthly Planner – Sunday Start here and the Free Monthly Planner – Monday Start here.

10. Free Printable Project Planner

Maybe you get a tad bit overwhelmed when you manage and plan many projects at once. Well, this free printable planner for students is just what you need.

You can thoroughly plan your project from beginning to end and execute it as you progress. And if you are juggling different projects at once, print out more and decide which one deserves your immediate focus.

When you want to be well-organized and focused, this time management strategy enables you to eliminate tasks that drain your time and impede your production.

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Download the Free Printable Project Planner here.

FAQs on Free Printable Student Planners

What are the available printable planners for students?

Students often use the following planners:
Weekly planners
Project planners
Sports planners
Class planners, etc.

What are the benefits of free printable student planners?

Here are the benefits of free printable student planners:
#1. Tracking Goals:
#2. Building habits: 
#3. Encourages accountability
#4. Improves communication
#5. Builds organizational skills

What is the difference between printable student planners and student planners?

Printable student planners are gathered in digital form and printed out as PDFs, while student planners are compiled and sold to students as hard copies.


These free printable planners for students will help you organize your life better and track your homework, exams, and other school activities.

I hope you find one or more to suit your different needs.

See you on the side of improved productivity!



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