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Of course, excellent education is only the beginning. In other words, discover your unique vocation and become a leader of purpose and principle in an environment of learning and life centered on Christ.

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About Grove City College

Specifically, loyalty to our founding goal of 1876 is one of our core values ​​and is at the heart of our unique history of higher education. Every day, we seek to be faithful to our mission of empowering students to follow their vocation through a learning experience and life of academic excellence centered on Christ.

Indeed, this dedication over the years to the College community of nearly 29,000 alumni has taken us to the top of nationally recognized liberal arts and sciences colleges.

Above all, our path has not been easy, but extraordinary achievements are rarely easy. The faithfulness to our mission took us through a historical case of the Supreme Court of the USA case in the 1980s. Today, faithfulness to our mission generates educational results that employers and higher schools consider highly desirable.

In the last 150 years, many things can happen, and the rich history of the College is a testament to that. But some things never change.

In addition, the principles and values ​​upon which the College was founded, such as the principles of loyalty, excellence. As well as community, administration, and independence are the same as those we adhere to today. Even though it’s as strong now as it was in 1876.

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Grove City College Tuition

The cost of Grove City College tuition is just $18,470, is well below the national average, but we are still working to reduce it. Sixty-three percent of our students receive institutional donation support, up to 100% Grove City College tuition, lodging, and meals.

Have you ever thought of the university in terms of short and long term costs?

We think about it all the time! The short-term costs are those that usually come to mind, such as Grove City College tuition, accommodation, and meals. Long-term costs are what economists call “opportunity costs” or costs associated with choosing one course of action over another.

For example, an average graduate of the College now earns over 87% of its graduates on the market and repays student loans three years earlier. Also, students at the College also graduate much faster than students at most of our competing colleges and earn an impressive salary sooner.

Grove City College Ranking

“Highly ranked” and “nationally recognized”. You will often find such a big compliment in exploring what we have to offer.

And for good reason, Grove City College ranking is regularly ranked as one of the best schools in the country according to US News & World Report and Princeton Review, among others.

This Grove City College ranking has a way of improving school recognition. In truth, the Grove City College ranking has been done by other ranking bodies.

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Grove City College Admissions

Whether you are headed into your senior year in high school or looking to transfer from another university, Grove City College’s admission application process is straightforward.

If you have any questions, contact our Office of Grove City College Admissions at 724-458-2100 or [email protected].

Get a jumpstart at Grove City College. The Dual Enrollment Program provides high-achieving high school students an opportunity to take college classes for credit at a reduced cost.
The courses offered to qualified juniors or seniors in public, private, or home education. May count for high school credit in addition to the College credit.

Application Requirements

  • Admissions applications
  • $50 application fee
  • Official SAT, ACT, and/or CLT scores
  • Official high school transcript and any college transcripts
  • One essay (see an application for the topic)
  • Early Decision Academic Data Form or Regular Decision Academic Data Form
  • Two letters of recommendation as listed below. The College does not provide specific forms for the recommendation letters.
    • One academic reference from a teacher, guidance counselor, or principal.
    • One spiritual/character reference from a pastor, youth pastor, or someone who knows you well in that regard.
Available Applications
Application Instructions

View our detailed Application Instructions, paying close attention to the application checklist and deadlines.  

Application Deadlines

FRESHMAN APPLICANTS: Early Decision I, Early Decision II, Regular Decision I, or Regular Decision II Deadlines   EARLY DECISION I

  • Application Deadline – November 1
  • Notification – December 15
  • Deadline to Accept – January 15


  • Application Deadline – December 1
  • Notification – January 15
  • Deadline to Accept – February 15


  • Application Deadline – January 20
  • Notification – February 20
  • Deadline to Accept – May 1, National Candidates Reply Date


  • Application Deadline – March 20
  • Notification – April 15
  • Deadline to Accept – May 1, National Candidates Reply Date


  • Transfers for spring term, submit all documentation by mid-January.
  • Transfers for the fall term, submit all documentation by mid-August.

View our Application Instructions for more details on each decision program.  

Grove City College Financial Aid

Missing the opportunity to attend Grove City College can cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout your career.

Long-term opportunity costs can make college education much more expensive than expected if only short-term costs are taken into account in the college’s decision. A university degree is a profitable investment for life. Caveat emptor.

You may want to consider lowering your initial fees by applying for a student loan and government grants. Grove City College has a credit-based loan program with a major bank.

First-year students can borrow up to $12,000. See Types of Aid for Student Loan Information at the College or call our office for assistance.

(1) 63% of students receive financial assistance from Grove City College. Of this total, 46% of students receive need-based assistance ranging from $100 to $10,000 and 32% of students receive merit-based support ranging from $ 500 to a full scholarship.

(2) We encourage you to seriously apply for external scholarships. 185 students in our current first-year class earned an average of $4,300 each in external scholarships.

(3) We encourage you to apply for financial assistance and scholarships, as your results may vary.

(4) We encourage you to visit the campus and schedule an interview with an admissions counselor who will guide you and could become your scholarship advocate.

Grove City College Scholarships

Our mission to empower students for their unique calling through an excellent, Christ-centered academic learning experience has never been more critical than today. At Grove City College, we remain committed to fulfilling this mission with management and profitability.

Our Grove City College enrollment rates are less than half of the national average of private institutions of four years, which is the actual cost of attendance.

Many scholarships are available to students at the College, which greatly reduces the already affordable tuition costs. It is important.  Real financial help counts.

Need-Based Aid

Students who aspire to attend the College should not miss such an opportunity because of financial limitations. We’re committed to providing as much assistance as we can to students who demonstrate financial need and academic achievement.

For More Information, Click Here

Trustee Scholarship Program

Specifically, Grove City College believes that university studies are a difficult task. For this reason, they are eager to help students develop a strong Christian spirit and imagination for the glory of God and the good of our neighbor.

The College awards 24 Trustee Academic Scholarships each year to our highest performing students. The top eight recipients are designated as Trustee Fellows.

And are awarded the College’s most generous merit-based scholarship. Which is a full-ride award which covers standard tuition and room and board? Trustee Fellows are also involved in a mentoring program, drawing wisdom not only from faculty in their chosen major field but also from across campus.

The remaining 16 recipients are designated as Fellows and receive an award of $8,000. Faculty members have the opportunity to participate in academic discussions and in-depth research with some of our best teachers, particularly in the social sciences and humanities, and to participate in special cultural activities in Pittsburgh and the Authority. West.

Members and professors attend four courses in the Humanities core of the Order as a cohort. Both scholarships are renewable for a maximum of four years, as long as the cumulative QAR requirement of 3.40 is maintained. Trustees are allowed to receive additional financial assistance as needed and without exceeding the cost of education.

This outstanding program and community allow students to develop at an unusual level for college students. We hope that many scholars and scholars will become viable candidates for highly competitive internships. As well as leadership development programs, service projects, research positions, and graduate scholarships.

Such as Fulbright, Rhodes, Marshall and Lilly Endowments.

For More Information, Click Here

Alumni Merit Reward Scholarship

Formerly, the Alumni Merit Reward Scholarship is a one-year scholarship award available to incoming freshmen in recognition of a productive high school career.

Thanks to generous giving by our alumni. Now, the College provides 40 $6,000 scholarships and 20 $3,000 scholarships annually to freshmen who have demonstrated a mature work ethic. As well as a desire to serve others, and the wisdom to make choices that foster a healthy social life and academic success.

To be considered for this scholarship, prospective freshmen must complete and submit the admissions application. Not only will they fill out the Alumni Merit Reward Scholarship Questionnaire, but also upload a resume by January 20, 2022. Recipients and alternates will be notified in March 2022.

For More Information, Click Here

State Grants & Scholarships

Students can be helped using many state grant and scholarship programs at the College.

Specifically, students should check with their High School Counseling Office, as well as the State Higher Education Assistance Agency. Or the Board of Regents in their state for available state aid.

Also, Grove City College does not accept state grants funded by the federal government.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Students wishing to be considered for a state grant are invited to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Grove City College does not receive the results of this application.  Deadlines for submission of state grant applications vary from state to state.

Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) State Grant

The PHEAA’s need-based grant is the largest external source of financial assistance for students at Grove City College. The FAFSA must be completed no later than May 1 to apply for the grant.

For More Information, Click Here

Grove City College Acceptance Rate

Can I enter Grove City College? Grove City College has an acceptance rate of 87.5%. For this reason, there is a greater chance of acceptance at the College.

All you need to do is to apply, and have no doubt of getting Grove City College Admission. Because they have made the Grove City College acceptance rate very much easy.

With all this, we can urge you to apply because Grove City College has a moderate acceptance rate


I believe after going through this article, it will profer solution to your queries, such as Grove City College Tuition, Grove City College Admissions, Grove City College Scholarships. As well as Grove City College Ranking, Grove City College Acceptance Rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average GPA at Grove City College is 3.74. In other words, Grove City College requires you to be above average in your high school class. That is, you’ll need at least a mix of A’s and B’s, with more A’s than B’s. Also, you can compensate for a lower GPA with harder classes, like AP or IB classes.

The student to faculty ratio is 13:1.

Each class is taught by faculty, not teaching or research assistants, so there is a direct working relationship between student and professor.

Aside from being a Christain College, Grove City College ranks among the best colleges and universities in the nation, standing out as leading Christian liberal arts and sciences college that provides academic excellence, fosters a faithful community, and also, maintains a commitment to affordability.

Grove City College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (267-284-5000). 

In addition, they have ABET Accreditation, ACBSP Accreditation, CAAHEP Accreditation, American Chemical Society (ACS) for their respective degree programs.


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