How to Get HBO Student Discount Easily

Paying college tuition and managing your expenses as a student is not easy, but it’s crucial, so you don’t end up in a mess.

Students are careful about how they spend, and they seize any opportunity to save some money.

Unless your parents are millionaires, you will leap for joy if you learn that your favorite video streaming provider is offering a student discount.

This time, HBO has an exciting offer for youngsters; students, to be specific.

Read on to know if there is anything like HBO Student Discount and how you can get one if possible.

Does HBO Offer a Student Discount in 2023

HBO media company has launched the new HBO Max earlier this year in May. HBO Max offers maximum coverage of all HBO’s TV series.

It also gives subscribers access to all Warner Brothers films from the 80s. HBO Max is the exclusive platform for displaying popular TV series such as Game of Thrones and Friends.

There are over 10,000 hours of excellent video content for paid users. As of December 2021, the monthly subscription to get HBO Max is $14.99.

HBO Go, and HBO Now is also great subscription packages for individuals or families with lesser entertainment needs or smaller budget. 

HBO Max, HBO Go, and HBO Now no more offer any student discount as they used to do before.

There is no new announcement from the company of any new promo that includes student discounts for any of the above HBO products.

So if you’re a student or a teacher, the cheapest subscription to get HBO Max is $14.99/month as there’s no discount for students or teachers entering 2023.

But 2023 is in its infancy, so there might be unexpected new discounts for college students.

However, if you had an old HBO student discount, you can continue and enjoy its HBO Max subscription for $9.99/month. 

Other Ways to Save at HBO

Many young people are discouraged by the fact that HBO hasn’t offered student discounts for a long time.

They feel like switching to another video streaming service provider like the well-known Netflix or Hulu.

Nevertheless, there are other economical ways to save money while enjoying your favorite TV series on HBO. These ideas were highlighted on their website and are as follows:

HBO coupon page –

Visit the HBO coupon codes page for exclusive deals and special discounts. HBO claims they currently have 56 active offers available for you to choose from.

HBO on social media

This might sound paradoxical, but if you follow their Facebook and Twitter pages, you’ll be up to date with HBO’s new special deals and utilize them immediately.

HBO items on Amazon Prime

Some Amazon sellers sell HBO products at discounted prices. Amazon Prime members can be eligible to receive these with free shipping. Check out HBO deals at Amazon. While you do that, you can also join The Amazon Affiliate Program available.

Look for HBO items on eBay.

There’s a high chance that eBay sells used HBO products at a fair discount. This idea maybe your last resort if you can’t find a deal discount elsewhere. See HBO deals at eBay. Aside from HBO deals, you can sell used clothes on eBay and make profits.

HBO Max Alternatives for Students

While HBO is not the only streaming service that exists, it is still the best because it has subscription tier groups.

Netflix, Hulu, and others charge a single price, and that’s all, whereas HBO provides price options and content packages to choose from.

Since HBO Max has no special discount for students, some seriously consider alternatives.

A few HBO alternatives offer promo discounts for students and teachers.

But some of these video streaming alternatives don’t. The latter has plans that are considered reasonably affordable for student or low-budget individuals.

HBO Max alternatives with student discount:

  • YouTube Premium 
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Paramount+
  • ShowTime
  • Apple TV
  • HBO Max alternatives affordable for students
  • Netflix
  • HBO Max
  • Disney
  • YouTube
  • Crackle
  • Shudder

Is HBO Max Free With Amazon Prime?

HBO Max is not free with Amazon Prime as there are both separate service providers.

This implies that you will pay for both services even if you get HBO Max through Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Video will cost you $12.99 monthly, and HBO Max goes for $14.99 monthly.

The money you pay for getting HBO Max via Amazon is totaled $12.99 + $ $14.99 = $27.98 per month for both.

It’s not a two-for-one bundle but a different cost for different streaming services. It may not be necessary and economical for a student to purchase the two of them simultaneously.

You’ll have to buy either HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video.

More About Amazon Prime Video

Fortunately, there are a few perks with Amazon Prime that users enjoy every time. You get free delivery of things you order through Amazon Prime when you use Amazon Prime.

This is a membership privilege that goes beyond the streaming service being provided.

Also, you get free music streaming via their Prime service and a 25% discount for a yearly subscription instead of intermediate monthly payments.

In addition, Amazon Prime, like HBO Max, offers a vast collection of TV shows, documentaries, movies, and more.

Amazon Prime student discount is currently the way to go!

Amazon created a program exclusively for the entertainment and education of college students – Amazon Prime Student.

This program is priced at just $6.49 monthly and includes free shipping across the U.S, along with access to thousands of TV shows and movies.

The exclusive student discounts offered by Prime Student currently make it the best preference for college students.

When you newly enroll into Prime Student, you’re eligible to get a 6-month free trial.

You can utilize that trial period before purchasing the membership fee and cancel anytime.

Also, you can buy your favorite items at Fan Gear & Collectibles on Amazon. And then, conveniently search for and purchase discounted products and thereafter get free shipping to your selected destination upon checkout order.

Searching for quality products has increasingly become easier on the Prime Student thanks their recommender system algorithm that instantly recommends good items at discount to add to your shopping cart.

So, you can watch your favorite shows and movies and later head over to buy some collectibles, which will be sent to your place without a shipping fee.

How cool is that! You may be curious if other stores besides Amazon Prime offer student discounts for streaming services. 

Which Similar Stores offer Student Discounts?

Here are similar stores that offer student discounts:


They provide good quality video streaming services, TV shows, and movies at a 15% Off Student Discount. Fanatics is increasingly becoming a solid choice for college students.

Universal Studios

Being an age-old entertainment media company, Universal Studios is still among the world’s top 10 video streaming stores.

They have an extensive collection of movies, cartoons, series, and TV shows, plus they offer a $35 discount to students. It might require you to show a student ID to get this offer.


Paramount is an excellent alternative to HBO Max. But the main difference between it and HBO is the 25% student discount it offers to undergraduate students. It has a good quality collection of enjoyable entertainment channels and online streaming. (  

FAQs on HBO Student Discount

How does the HBO Max subscription work?

HBO Max is a subscription service that is available on a month-to-month basis. When you sign up for HBO Max, you will begin receiving your first month for free (If you already have a cable or satellite provider, they will most likely include HBO Max in your plan)

Is HBO Max free?

No, HBO Max is a paid subscription service that will continue to cost you until you cancel. This service is not refundable.

Can I cancel my HBO subscription?

Yes. If you no longer want to get HBO Max, you may cancel anytime by signing into HBO GO, clicking “View My Account” at the top of the screen, and changing your payment details under “Cancel.”

Is HBO Max Free With Amazon Prime?

HBO Max is not free with Amazon Prime as there are both separate service providers.
You will pay for both services even if you get HBO Max through Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime Video will cost you $12.99 monthly, and HBO Max goes for $14.99 monthly.


We hope our guide provides you with everything you need about HBO student discounts. Enjoy a great time streaming excellent content.



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