Best Aerospace Engineering Schools in California in 2023

It is only enough to become an engineer with prior knowledge of which arm of engineering is a good fit for you. Aerospace Engineering is one of the majors rising swiftly in California. How about you get a hint of the aerospace engineering schools in California from this post?

Be assured that no stone will be left unturned in providing you with the relevant information suitable for your knowledge.

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Why Study Aerospace Engineering In California?

California is such a sweet combo of fun and adventure, and it is a great place to reside and make your study location. Aside from this, aerospace engineering schools are scattered across the state, offering opportunities to improve in this field.

In pursuing a degree in aerospace engineering, you can either go for a bachelor’s degree; if you already have one, there are still schools where you can go and acquire programs at the Master’s level.

So, as you know, this engineering field doesn’t have adaptable coursework. So, you should acquire knowledge from a place where you can test your research and design skills in aerospace engineering.

Therefore, California is one place you are sure to get a quality education!

What Is The Job Outlook For Aerospace Engineers In California?

There are about 69,600 aerospace engineers in the U.S., with California topping the list. Also, regarding the much attention given to the ecological system, the number of job openings for Aerospace Engineers in California is believed to increase by 9.2 % or, better still, have about 300 jobs between 2016 and 2026.

Did you also know that acquiring a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. will further increase your chances of being employed if you want to venture into research and teaching?

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However, just like every other profession, there may be some economic inadequacies, but it doesn’t erase the fact that aerospace engineering is a promising career path.


How Much Do Aerospace Engineers in California Earn?

Over the years, graduates from aerospace engineering schools in California have made some good earnings upon leaving school. So, the average annual salary for this set of professionals ranges from $75,300 to $200,786.

Tuition Costs For Aerospace Engineering Schools

The amount you can pay as your tuition cost at any of the aerospace engineering schools in California varies and is solely dependent on whether or not you are a resident student or a private or public institution.

Generally, tuition costs at public universities are way lower than at private schools. On average, annual tuition is about $15,300.

If this will deter your dream of being an aerospace engineer, you can look for many scholarship opportunities to ease the burden.

What Are The Requirements To Study Aerospace Engineering?

Without a proper understanding of what you’re going for, you won’t be able to make the necessary adjustments where needed. Being an aerospace engineer is no child’s play. Therefore, it must be taken with all seriousness it requires. Amongst the skills, you’re to possess the ability to learn new things and solve complex issues.

Though there may be a variation in the admission requirement because the level of program you may wish to go for differs, the following are the admission requirements into any of the best aerospace engineering schools in California.

  • Bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Applicants must complete prerequisite courses in applied aerospace Structures, Mechanics of Materials, Aerospace Fundamentals, and Aerospace Design.
  • GRE scores
  • Transcripts
  • TOEFL for non-resident students.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarship At the University of California Berkeley

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Best Aerospace Engineering Schools In California

The list below outlines the schools. To make this ranking much more accessible, we have considered the following factors to develop California’s best aerospace engineering schools.

This is to know if the school’s aerospace and aeronautical engineering programs are duly accredited by the body responsible.

This is how much aerospace engineering graduates tend to make in the first few years of their graduation and the employability rate.

 Here, the reputation of the school is put into consideration. Schools on this list must have made it to the top rankings by famous sites and appropriate experts across the globe.

1 University of California – Los Angeles

If you’re pondering which aerospace engineering schools in California to attend, the University of California is a sure bet.

This is a public school with an average student population. UCLA offers two distinctive higher degree levels in aerospace engineering, of which the most popular is the Master’s Degree.

Recently, the University of California – Los Angeles has been ranked as one of the best schools that offer aerospace engineering degrees.

Also, it ranks #16 as the most renowned school in the U.S. for awarding about seven students with doctoral degrees in aerospace engineering.


2 University of Southern California

This school is one of the most competitive schools in California because of its acceptance rate of 16%. However, there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm if you aren’t considered for admission. Just apply to other schools.

Aerospace engineering graduates with bachelor’s degrees from USC are lucky enough to get themselves jobs where they make an average of $70,500.


Top Ranking Engineering Technology Universities/Colleges In the USA

3 University of California – San Diego

The acceptance rate for UCSD is 34%. What this means is that this school takes its admission process more seriously than it ever has.

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So, while writing your application, back it up with a strong reason why you should be considered for admission.

Graduates of the Master’s aerospace engineering program at USC make an average salary of $92,300 which is way better than the previous salary for graduates with a master’s at $87,000.


4 California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo

Suppose you want to be among those who will make this school their place of study, especially if it is in aerospace engineering. In that case, consider submitting your application early enough. This is because this school’s acceptance rate is at 35%.

This school ranks as one of California’s best aerospace engineering schools because of its relatively low tuition, which is $19,979.

To a great extent, your ability to afford the school depends on your financial need since it differs by income group.


5 University of California – Davis

Apart from being ranked as one of California’s best aerospace engineering schools, this school’s acceptance rate is averagely competitive, as a minor mistake could nullify your chances.

Located in Davis, California, the students who graduated with a master’s or doctor’s degree were 2,145 out of the 8,789 who received undergraduate degrees.



To excel in your aerospace engineering career, ensure you attend a school where you can acquire a quality education in exchange for your money.



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