15 Highest Paying Careers In New York (NYC) In 

If you are thinking of starting a career life in New York and you asking what career can I for that will pay me well? There are lots of them. We have listed here 15 Highest Paying Careers in New York that you can make your choice from. Note these 15 Highest Paying Jobs in NYC are globally recognized.

New York is renowned as the world’s financial capital with the fastest-growing jobs. Although, getting jobs in the city is not really that easy but with your exceptional skills and degrees you can earn yourself any of the well-paying jobs.

This post provides you with a list of 15 Highest Paying Careers in New York (NYC) including some amazing facts about New York City that will interest you.

You can navigate through the table of contents below to get an overview of all that this post entails.

About New York City?

Housing one of the largest natural ports in the world, New York City stands to be one of the richest cities in the United States. With a population of 8,336 817, NYC is made up of five cities.

New York has been described as the capital of the world of culture, finance, and media, with significant influences on commerce, entertainment, research, technology, education, politics, tourism, the arts, fashion, and sports.

For the past two centuries, New York has remained the largest and wealthiest American city. More than half the people and goods that ever entered the United States came through its port, and that stream of commerce has made a change a constant presence in city life.

As an economic epicenter, NYC is home to a good number of corporations, multinational corporations where businesses thrive.

In terms of security, New York is the safest big city in the U.S., but it’s important that if you are coming as a foreigner, you must be careful.

How is Life in New York City?

Many would see an opportunity to live in New York as one that should not be missed because of the fun and exciting environment. But for many immigrants and American families living in homeless shelters or on the streets of New York, the case is quite different.

New York is known as a place for ex-pats who do not want to lose touch with their culture. As one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the United States, the opportunity to meet people from your home country is great.

Interestingly, the city attracts millions each year with its more than 1,400 arts and cultural organizations and many theaters and music venues.

The city of New York is called a city that never sleeps because the metro runs around the clock and even the suburbs are well connected by buses and suburban trains.

One major challenge the city is still facing today is in the health sector, though the government is proposing a relatively inclusive healthcare system.

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What is the Average Salary in New York City (NYC)?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau for 2023, the average annual pay for the Census Bureau jobs category in New York City, NYC is $49,178 a year.

On the other hand, the average household income is $ 93,196. This figure takes into account all earnings over the age of 16

Household Income in the U.S. Census data takes into account the income of all people living in the same dwelling.

Average household income means the median of the list of total household income. Half of all winners earn more than the median, and half of all winners earn less.

However, the average New York household income is calculated by adding up all the income and dividing that number by the number of incomes you add. And it is affected by extraneous values ​​at each end of the spectrum.

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List Of Companies in NYC

There are over 500 companies in New York City that offer jobs to individuals. Some of these companies are publicly owned while some are privately owned by individuals or groups of individuals.

Some of these companies also offer the highest-paying jobs in New York City.

Below is a list of Companies in NYC that offer Jobs:

American ExpressFinancial services
American International GroupInsurance
Annaly Capital ManagementFinancial services
NASDAQ OMX GroupFinancial exchanges
Mutual of AmericaInsurance
New York Mercantile ExchangeFinancial exchanges
Parsons BrinckerhoffConstruction
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & GarrisonLaw Firm
The Princeton ReviewEducation Services
William H. Sadlier, Inc.Media
Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & DickerLaw Firm
Take-Two InteractiveComputers
Sotheby’sBusiness services
The New York Times CompanyMedia

Highest Paying Careers in New York

There are over a hundred careers that pay very well in New York City. These careers are globally recognized.

Although some of these careers require certain degree certificates and also experience that will cost you fortunes to acquire, they can serve as lifetime investments that can bring you the most fulfilling life you can ever think of.

Here is a list of the 15 Highest paying Jobs in New York you should dream of getting.

  • Chief Executives
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Dentists
  •  Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  •  Psychiatrists
  •  Financial Managers
  •  Nursing anesthesiologists
  •  Family Medicine Physicians
  • Athletes 
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers
  •  Sales manager
  •  Marketing managers
  •  Natural Sciences Managers
  •  Advertising and Promotions Managers

#1. Chief Executives

Entry Salary: $137,550

Average Salary: $252,880

Job Outlook: 6,430

The Chief Executive Officer develops strategies and policies to ensure that the organization meets its objectives. They plan, manage and coordinate the operational activities of companies and organizations.

Manages the company’s activities, formulates and implements policies, and guarantees that goals will be achieved. They collaborate and direct the work of other senior executives and generally report to the board of directors.

They also analyze financial statements, sales reports, and other performance indicators and identify places to reduce costs and improve performance, policies, and programs.

Important skills required are communication, decision-making, leadership, management, problem-solving, and time management skills.

#2. Ophthalmologists

Entry Salary: $73,350

Average Salary: $239,950

Job Outlook: 2,600

Another highest paying job you will love if you have the qualification is Ophthalmologists..

As an Ophthalmologist doctor, you will provide help in the field of ophthalmology, use targeted eye exams, medications, lasers, and first-line surgical procedures to help manage and treat eye problems.

More so, you will also need to be aware of diabetes, inflammatory diseases, microvascular conditions, and more in order to provide the best possible care for your patients.

The education of an ophthalmologist consists of graduation from a college followed by eight years of additional medical training, including medical school, internships, and residency.

#3. Dentist

Entry Salary: $99,270

Average Salary: $236,450

Job Outlook: 190

Next on our list of the highest paying jobs in New York is a Dentist.

As a Dentist, your major role will be to diagnose and treat problems with the teeth, gums, and parts of the mouth of associated patients.

Dentists also provide tips and instructions on how to care for teeth and gums, as well as about dietary options that affect oral health.

Moreso, you will see to the giving of anesthetics so that patients do not feel pain during the procedure and prescribing antibiotics or other medications.

To qualify for this job in New York, you must be licensed. Note, licensing requirements vary by state, although candidates are generally required to complete an accredited dental school and pass written and practical exams.

Note, as a dentist, you must have the following: excellent communication skills, detail-oriented, Skills, leadership skills, organizational capacity, patience, physical resistance, and problem-solving skills.

#4. Anesthesiologists

Entry Salary: $77,830

Average Salary: $236,210

Job Outlook: 2,190

This is another prestigious and high-paying career in New York City. This career is so important because Anesthesiologists are involved in approximately 90 percent of the more than 40 million surgical procedures performed under anesthesia in the United States each year.

An anesthesiologist provides painkillers before, during, and after surgery, but also performs many other important functions.

Also, they specialize in pain medication that can help patients suffering from headaches, burns, diabetes, and herpes, or those who experience chest, abdominal, and pelvic pain, etc.

To qualify for this job, just like other doctors, you will run a 4-year bachelor’s degree, followed by a 4-year medical school.

Also, you must complete another 4 years in the anesthesiology residency program. And finally, pass an additional exam approved by the American Anesthesiology Council (ABA).

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#5. Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Entry Salary: $74,040

Average Salary: $229,600

No. Job Outlook: 1,750

Obstetrics and gynecology is the medical specialty that covers the two subspecialties of obstetrics that have to do with pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period, and gynecology has to do with the health of the female reproductive system: vagina, uterus, ovaries, and breasts.

Moreso, he or she takes care of the female body’s biological functions such as menstruation, childbirth, and menopause.

Furthermore, they provide a wide range of preventive care services, including Pap tests, STI tests, pelvic exams, ultrasounds, and blood tests, giving answers to a person’s questions about pregnancy, sex, reproductive health, infertility, and many other topics.

To qualify for this job in New York City, you must have completed your medical school, a four-year residency program to be eligible to sit on the boards.

#6. Psychiatrists

Starting Salary: $75,190

Average Salary: $216,570

No. of Job Outlook: 3,860

Another Highest Paying job in New York is Psychiatry. This is a medical specialty that includes the treatment of mental disorders. Psychiatrists are doctors who evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients who are affected by a temporary or chronic mental health problem.

Psychiatrists have a deep understanding of how the physical and mental health of a person affects each other.

As a Psychiatrist, you will provide psychological treatment, prescribe medication, and perform procedures such as electroconvulsive therapy.

To be a psychiatrist, you must have excellent communication skills and a high degree of emotional intelligence to understand the patient’s emotional and mental problems and formulate the best course of treatment.

Furthermore, a thorough knowledge of basic psychology and psychotherapy skills are needed. These will help you influence a patient’s disorder by taking fewer medications.

To excel in this career, you need to possess the following skills; intellectual, introspective, inquisitive, methodical, rational, analytical, and logical.
You can also be artistic, meaning they’re creative, intuitive, sensitive, articulate, and expressive.

#7. Financial Managers

Starting Salary: $105,320

Average Salary: $208,770

No of Job Outlook: 56,290

Another lucrative career that pays well in New York City is Financial Management.

Financial Managers are responsible for the financial condition of the organization.

Basically, they prepare financial statements, direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans related to your organization’s long-term financial goals.

The primary responsibility of financial managers used to be to monitor the company’s finances, but now they are doing more data analysis and advising senior managers on how to increase profits. They often work in teams and are business advisors to top executives.

To qualify for this career, you must have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics, or business administration is often the minimum education for financial managers.

Additionally, you need to possess analytical abilities, conversation skills, detail-oriented, mathematical skills, and organizational capacity.

#8. Nursing anesthesiologists

Entry Salary: $140,210

Average Salary: $206,740

No of Job Outlooks: 1,620

A career as a Nursing anesthesiologist is among the list of highest-paying careers in New York City.

These nurses coordinate patient care, and provide specialized and primary care. More so, they can prescribe medication, order medical tests, and diagnose health problems.

Furthermore, they can provide primary and preventive care and specialize in the care of certain groups of people, such as children, pregnant women, or patients with mental health problems.

To qualify for this career, you must have a BSN. And then, pass the NCLEX-RN exam upon completion of the undergraduate program in order to obtain their RN license.

After obtaining their RN licenses, you must have at least one year of full-time or part-time work experience as a registered nurse in a critical nursing environment in order to join MSN.

These nurses are also known as Advanced Practice Nurses (APRNs).

#9. Family Medicine Physicians

Entry Salary: $108,340

Average Salary: $198,780

No of Job Outlooks: 3,820

Next on the list of the Highest Paying Jobs in New York is Family medicine. This is a medical specialty designed for comprehensive medical care for people of all ages. The specialist is called a family doctor or family doctor.

Family physicians are usually primary care physicians. It is based on the patient’s knowledge in a family and community context, with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion.

They also teach patients about disease prevention, and health care is one of the most important roles a GP plays.

As a family Physician, you must have unique approach skills and knowledge that enable them to provide comprehensive health care, health care, and prevention services to each family member on an ongoing basis, regardless of gender, age, or type of problem, whether biological, behavioral or social.

#10. Athletes

Entry Salary: $43,530

Average Salary: $197,550

No of Jobs Outlooks: 560

To apply for this program at the School of Informatics and Engineering of the Southeastern University of Nova, you must have a minimum of 67 credits.

The unique format combines traditional and online guidelines to enable professionals to continue their studies and continue working in their current position.

Becoming an Athlete or sports competitor is another highest-paying career in NYC.

Although many people dream of becoming a paid professional athletes, few people, however, beat the odds and make a full-time living from professional athletics.

Generally, an athlete performs physical activities, develops and builds teams, and establishes and maintains interpersonal relationships.

Interestingly, to become an athlete, you don’t need any official education certificate.  All you need to have a high level of athletic talent and infinite knowledge of their sport, which they usually gain through intense training and experience garnered.

#11. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Entry Salary: $114,510

Average Salary: $196,290

No of Job Outlooks: 35,550

IT and information systems administrators implement and monitor IT-related activities in a company or organization. Working as ap identifies a company’s computer system needs and then develops a plan to meet those needs.

To get the job done effectively, IT and information systems administrators need to be kept up to date with the latest improvements and trends in IT systems, including cybersecurity, an issue that continues to be important to organizations as cyber-attacks become. more common and more complex.

Before you can be qualified to apply for this highest-paying job in NYC, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer-related subjects, such as management information systems, information science, or computer science, although some employers may choose managers with education or higher education.

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#12. Sales Manager

Starting Salary: $95,060

Average Salary: $195,220

No of Job Outlooks: 32,090

Sales management is a business discipline focused on the practical application of sales methods and the management of a company’s sales operations.

This is an important business function because net sales are the sale of products and services, and the profits generated drive most commercial businesses.

The sales manager is the person responsible for leading and training the sales team. Sales manager responsibilities often include assigning sales territories, setting quotas, advising members of your sales team, appointing sales training, creating a sales plan, and hiring and firing salespeople.

As a Sales Manager, you must have the following personalities if you want to be exceptional; enterprising, brave, ambitious, determined, outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, honest, and conservative.

#13. Marketing Managers

Starting Salary: $106,120

Average Salary: $188,810

No of Job Outlooks: 28,240

A marketing manager is someone who manages the marketing of a business or product. They may be responsible for different services or products or be responsible for one product.

Marketing managers take on a variety of responsibilities, such as compiling budgets and budgets for marketing campaigns, submitting them for approval, collaborating with advertising agencies, negotiating, drafting sales and advertising contracts, and reviewing promotional materials such as print, television advertising, and online advertising.

#14. Natural Sciences Managers

Starting Salary: $106,590

Average Salary: $187,570

No of Job Outlooks: 5,150

Natural Science Management is one of the Highest Paying Jobs in New York that one can think of going for.

Generally, Natural Science managers work closely with a team of scientists or research professionals to meet deadlines in the research and development industry.

They are responsible for hiring subordinates to work in laboratories, industries, and other workplaces where research professionals are needed.

Science managers have solid education and life science degrees, have a high degree of integrity of principles and experience in selected fields.

As a science manager, you have to be an entrepreneur, which means you are brave, ambitious, determined, outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic, confident, and optimistic.

They dominate, persuade, and motivate. Some of them are also exploratory, which means they are intelligent, introspective, and curious. Science managers oversee the research and activities of scientists and technicians.

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#15. Advertising and Promotions Managers

Starting Salary: $89,980

Average Salary: $186,040

No of Job Outlook: 7,830

Next on the list of the Highest Paying Careers in New York is Advertising and Promotions Manager. To qualify for this job, you must have a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, advertising, sales, or a similar field and at least 3 years of marketing experience.

Some companies may need at least 1 year of leadership, while others tend to promote a manager from an existing advertising team.

Generally, advertising or campaign management is assigned to the planning and management of a company’s advertising program and campaigns.

They can create a campaign for a new product or service, or manage campaigns for existing offers.

Skills Proven sales and marketing skills; Effective leadership, negotiation, organizational, interpersonal, and oral / written communication skills; knowledge of product development techniques; advanced computer program skills; and experience in marketing tools, concepts, and campaigns.



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