Horry County Schools Review | Admission, Tuition, Requirements, Scholarship

Regarding school districts, Horry County is one of the highly-rated school counties located in Conway, South Carolina. Horry County Schools currently has 45,759 students in grades PK to K-12. It ranks number three in South Carolina and is reputable for inspiring students through various teaching and learning prospects.

Horry County School comprises nine attendance zones with a total number of 56 schools. The attendance zones include Aynor, Carolina Forest, Conway, Floyds, Green Sea, Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach, St. James, and Socastee.

Besides the regular programs, Horry County Schools also offer additional educational programs for students. Each educational attendance zone has a high school, an elementary and a middle school that serves as a feeder to the high school.

Horry County School District has 27 schools of pre-kindergarten through 5th grades. It also has 13 middle schools and 9 higher institutions. There are three career and technical academies, four charter schools, and a Scholars Academy in Horry County.

With two high schools in Aynor and Socastee offering international Baccalaureate programs, Horry County School district stands out as a good environment to pursue an educational career.

Horry County career and technical academies include:

  • Academy of Arts, Science, and Technology
  • Palmetto Academy for Learning Motor Sports (charter school for students of middle and high school)

The Scholars School is for students in grades 9 to 12 with high academic performance. Horry County Schools’ Early College High School is designed for under-represented grades 9 to 12 students in post-secondary education. It allows these students to earn two years of college credit while pursuing a diploma.

Horry County School District also has a unique Playcard Environmental Education Center, where students gain hands-on experience in the natural sciences. Students who attend the centre learn more about how living things inter-relate. There are also a variety of educational opportunities for adults in Horry County.

Adults can access GED classes for career and college transitions, ESL classes, and community classes through the Adult Education Center. The community classes provide education in the following areas:

  • Art and craft classes
  • Computer literacy classes
  • Spanish classes
  • CPR/AED certification classes
  • Tai Chi and Arthritis health classes

Holly County Adult Education Center also provides childcare services and early education for children of parents taking classes at the centre.  

 Students in the seventh grade have the option of attending classes through the South Carolina Virtual School Program or the Horry County Virtual School Program.

The school district is governed by a twelve-member Board of Education elected from a single-member district. Board meetings generally come up on the last Monday of every month. Horry County Schools calendar contains listings and details of all campus activities, including work sessions and meetings.

Horry County Schools calendar is also available in Spanish via this link. Note that dates are subject to change. Therefore, it is essential to visit the site occasionally to verify any changes.

Regular board meetings are open to the general public, and the meeting details, including the agenda and meeting minutes, are available on the school district’s official website.  In line with the county’s passion to make education available to all, the county launched its HCS mobile and web apps in 2018. The app is available for Android and IOS.   

Horry county ranks number one on the list of districts with the best teachers in South Carolina. It is number four on the list of best places to work as a teacher in South Carolina and the eighth-best school district in South Carolina.

According to Niche educational rating site, 54% of the Horry County District students attain proficiency in reading, while 57% achieve proficiency in mathematics. According to Horry County Schools review, the county has a general A-rating.


Horry County School District has a high acceptance rate with over 45,000 students. It also has an overall student-to-teacher ratio of 15:1. Horry County Schools’ graduation rate is 83%. Students that wish to enrol in colleges in the county can use the Niche Admission Calculator to check their chances of getting admitted into their choice college in Horry County.

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Enrolment Requirements for Horry County Schools District

Whether you are planning to register your child/ward for the first time or your child is a returning student to Horry County, the following are the enrolment requirements to be met.  

Registration into the Horry County school district begins with online registration for all grade-level students. During registration, there are necessary documents you need to provide to be eligible. Therefore, getting them ready before beginning the registration process is essential.    

Registration for Kindergarten Students

Registration for Kindergarten students is in phases, which includes getting the required documents ready and submitting the required registration information. You can either complete phase one online or manually submit the necessary paper registration forms at the County Educational office.

Registration Documents Include:

  • A certified birth certificate of the child/ward
  • Parent’s or guardian’s proof of residency. The documents to submit include a copy of the utility bill or lease agreement bearing the name and address of the child’s parents or legal guardian.
  • Child’s medical card (where applicable)
  • The County Educational district may request the child’s social security number. However, it is not a requirement for registration.
  • Child’s record of immunization. Horry School County will accept any of these three reports:
    • An immunization certificate signed by a certified paediatrician
    • Report from Immunization registry/ health department
    •  A report from a laboratory that shows that a child is immune to diseases obtained via a blood test

South Carolina Vaccine Requirements for Pre-Kindergarten

1. Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis

Four shots of any of the following combinations DT, DTap, or DTP

2. Polio

Three shots of Inactive Polio Vaccine (IPV) or Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV)

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3. Hemophilus influenza Type B (Hib)

  • One shot of Momopholus Influenza vaccine (Type B) on/after 15 months of birth. It is not required for children 5+ years.

4. Rubella (German Measles) and Mumps

  • One shot of this vaccine must be administered on/after the child’s first birthday

5. Hepatitis A

  • Two shots of the Hepatitis A vaccine must be administered on/ after the child’s first birthday. Both shots must have at least 6 months separation interval (for children born on or after the first of January 2019). The first shot must be administered at the child’s 18th birth month.

6. Hepatitis B

Three shots of the Hepatitis B vaccine. The third dose must be administered after 24 weeks of age. It must also have at least 16 weeks’ separation interval from the first dose.

7. Varicella

Evidence that one shot of the Varicella vaccine was administered on/after the child’s first birthday. A positive disease history of the child (provided by a physician) can be provided in place of this vaccine.

8. Pneumococcal

Evidence that one shot of this vaccine was administered on or after the child’s second birthday. The pneumococcal vaccine is not required for children who are five years and over.

South Carolina Vaccine requirements for Grades 5k to 12

Students from 5th grade to 12th grade will show evidence of immunization against the following diseases:

 1. Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis

Grades 5k to 12 will provide evidence of 4 shots of any combination of the DTap, DTP, DT, Tdap, TD, with the fourth dose received on or after the child’s fourth birthday.

2. Tdap Booster vaccine

One dose of the Tdap vaccine is required for all students intending to enrol in grades 7-12 on or after their seventh birthday. The dose may be added as part of the requirements to meet the Diptheria, Pertussis, and Tetanus criteria.

3.  Polio

All students intending to enrol in grades 5k-7 require three shots of inactive polio vaccine (IPV) or Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV). The last dose must be administered on/after their fourth birthday. The same applies to intending students for grades 9-12.

OR 4 shots of OPV/IPV administered before the child’s fourth birthday (if all the doses have at least 4 weeks’ separation interval).

4. Rubella and Mumps

Rubella and Mumps vaccines (2 shots) are required for every child intending to enrol on grades 5k-12. Both doses must be received on or after the child’s birthday. At least 4 weeks intervals must separate each dose.

5. Hepatitis A

Two shots of the Hepatitis A vaccine are required for all intending grade 5k students. Both doses should be administered on or before the child’s first birthday with at least a 6-month separation interval.

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6. Hepatitis B

Three shots of Hepatitis B vaccine are required for all Grades 5k to 12 students. The third dose must be administered after 24 weeks. The last dose must be administered at least 16 weeks after the first dose.

7. Varicella

All students for grades 5k to 6 require two doses of the Varicella vaccine. The two doses must have been administered on/after the child’s first birthday. The two shots must be separated by at least 4 weeks’ intervals.

A positive history of disease is also a requirement. For grades 7 to 12, a single shot of the Varicella vaccine is essential and must be administered on/after the child’s first birthday.

A positive history of disease from a certified physician is also required for the child.

For more information about the essential vaccine, visit the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Parents can schedule an immunization appointment by contacting their primary healthcare provider. South Carolina primary care provider can also be reached via 855-472-3432 for parents that wish to schedule an appointment with either:

  • Conway Public Health Clinic
    1931 Industrial Park Rd., Conway, SC OR
  • Myrtle Beach Public Health Clinic
    700 21st Ave. N., Myrtle Beach, SC

Follow the link for more information about immunization

Tuition Fees

Parents/ Legal guardians can pay tuition fees online through the school payment portal. Horry County Schools use a central and secure online payment portal called MyPaymentsPlus for all fees.

Parents can carry out activities like manage their children’s accounts, pay for meals, view a list of the things their child purchases at the cafeteria, check for current events, and sign their children up for necessary events.

The platform also enables parents to receive low-balance alerts and also sign up for autopay.

Horry County Schools also support PowerSchool Payment System and has similar features as the MyPaymentsPlus portal.


Private and government-sponsored scholarships are available for Horry County Students at different levels of education. It is essential to understand that different scholarships have different application requirements.

Therefore, students should carefully review each scholarship requirement before applying.

Some scholarships offer up to $10,000 to students to finance their education.  

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Top 5 Best Public Schools in Horry County

  • HCS Early College High School (Magnet School)
  • Carolina Forest High School
  • St. James High School
  • Aynor High School
  • St. James Elementary School

#1. HCS Early College High School (Magnet School)

2050 Highway 501 East HGTC
Conway, SC 29528

 (843) 349-3131

HCS Early College High School has a rating of 10/10 and is among the top 1% public schools in South Carolina. With a student community of 393 in grades 9-12, the school has a math proficiency of 80-84% (SC state percentage 46%). The students’ reading proficiency is also high at ≥95% (SC state percentage 48%) for the 2018-2019 school session. HCS has a minority enrolment rate of 51% (predominantly blacks), which is above the 49% average of South Carolina.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

HCS Early College High School has a student-to-teacher ratio of 18:1, which is greater than 15:1 SC state level.

#2. Carolina Forest High School

700 Gardner Lacy Road
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

(843) 236-7997

Carolina Forest High School has a student population of 2,429 across grades 9 to 12. The school ranks among the top 5% of schools in South Carolina with 85% of its students achieving proficiency in maths (SC state average is 46%).

Also, 80% of Caroline Forest School Students are proficient in reading (SC state average is 48%) in the 2018-2019 school session. Thirty-two percent minority (mainly blacks) make up the student body of Caroline Forest High School (SC average is 49%).

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

The Student-to-Teacher Ratio for Caroline Forest is 20:1.

#3. St. James High School

10800 Highway 707
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

(843) 650-5600

The student population at St. James High School is 1,692 (grades 9 to 12). The school ranks among the top 5% of schools in South Carolina with an overall test score of 75-79% proficiency in mathematics and 85% proficiency in reading/ language arts (According to the 2018-2019 school session).

St. James has a low minority enrolment of 20% (primarily blacks), lower than the state minority level of 49%.  

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

St James has a Student-to-Teacher Ratio of 18:1, higher than the state level.

#4. Aynor High School

201 Jordanville Road
Aynor, SC 29511

(843) 488-7100

Aynor High School in Jordanville is the fourth highly-rated public school in Horry County, with a student population of 867 in 9 to 12 grades. 

Aynor High School is among the top 5% of schools in South Carolina, with a proficiency of 70-74% in mathematics and 85 to 89% in reading/ language arts (According to the 2018-2019 school session).

The average minority enrolment into Aynor High School is 12%, lower than the state average.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Aynor High School has a student-to-teacher ratio of 17:1.

#5. St. James Elementary School

9711 St. James Road
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

(843) 650-8220

St. James Elementary School is among the top 10% of schools in South Carolina, with a student population of 767 in Prekindergarten-4. According to the overall state score, 78% of St. James Elementary School students are proficient in mathematics.

On the other hand, 74% of the students are proficient in reading or language art (According to the 2018-2019 school session). St.  James Elementary School’s minority enrolment is 23% and consists mostly of Hispanics.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio

St. James Elementary School has a student-to-teacher ratio of 17:1.

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Regarding educational standards, Horry County Schools district in South Carolina is among the top-ranking school districts in the states.

It is also home to the largest number of top-ranking public schools. Most of its top-ranking schools have a 10/10 rating, making it an ideal educational location.

Over the years, the school county district has continued to introduce measures like online payment and registration to make it easier to access education. The Horry County Schools review and overall rating shows that the county is a great place to send your child for education.  



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