Rutherford County Schools Review | Admission Requirements, Tuition, Scholarship

With a student community of over 45,000 and 5,200 employees, Rutherford County School district currently surpasses Hamilton County (Chattanooga) to become the fourth largest school district in Tennessee. Rutherford County Schools have the vision to empower its students for tomorrow’s economy and opportunities.

Rutherford County School district is home to 47 schools working together to achieve the county’s vision for its students. According to Rutherford County Schools review (2017), the school district has a high graduation rate of 95.3%, which surpasses both state and national average.

Rutherford County School district enjoys strong support from the community when it comes to education. Currently, Rutherford holds the highest designation of “Exemplary” from the Tennessee Department of Education, which is the highest title a school can attain in the district.

Rutherford County School is exemplary for its wide range of Career and Technical Education programs, which have become an example for other districts throughout Tennessee and beyond.

It is dedicated to workforce development and has constantly shown its dedication through its collaboration with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce.

Rutherford County is also home to many prominent public schools, including the Central Magnet School, which ranks number one in the list of public schools in Tennessee.   


The current student number at Rutherford County Schools is 47,458 in grades PK and K-12, which keeps the student-teacher ratio at 15:1. Rutherford County is highly rated in Murfreesboro for its student’s performance.

According to the Tennessee test score, 45% of Rutherford students are proficient in maths and 41% in reading and language art.   

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Enrolment Requirements

Rutherford uses an online enrolment process known as PowerSchool Enrolment for its new students.

Parents that wish to register their children for Kindergarten classes in Rushford County must do so during the pre-registration period to enable the school county to plan for the number of children they will be welcoming at resumption.

Parents are required to visit the online enrolment system to create accounts for their children. Once you log into your account, ensure to fill up all the required fields. You can also add new students to your existing account.

To be eligible for pre-kindergarten enrolment, the child must meet the following criteria:

  • Pre-kindergarten 3 students must be at least three years old on or before the 1st of October resumption date.
  • 4 students must be at least 4 years on or before the 1st of October resumption date.
  • Pre-kindergarten students 5 must be at least 5 years on or before the 1st of October resumption date.
  •  Grade one students hoping to enroll in Rutherford County must be at least 6 years old to be eligible.

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When it comes to enrolment, there are no exemptions.

Accessing the Online Registration Forms can be done using a desktop computer, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Internet access is also required to access the online registration forms. For parents living within Rutherford County, there are public computers available at Rutherford public library. The library also has a Wi-Fi internet connection. PowerSchool enrolment requires an email address to complete.

When you create a PowerSchool account, your email is used as your username. The PowerSchool account also enables you to save your information and continue with your registration later. Once you complete your registration with one child, you can click the link to add more children to the account. You don’t need to create a new account when you want to add another child.

When registering online, ensure to answer all the questions marked with a red asterisk or you will not be able to complete your registration. The system will notify you in case of any unanswered questions or omissions during your registration.

Ensure to go through your file for any corrections before submitting your form. Once you submit your application, correction can only be made at the registration office through an appointment.

In addition,

In case you are experiencing some difficulties while trying to enroll your child online, you can contact the PowerSchool Registration office via 866-752-6850. Lines are open from Monday to Friday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). You can also contact PowerSchool through their support link.    

For parents that experience some difficulties with understanding how to fill the application form and answer the provided question, the Rutherford School enrolment office is open for assistance. Rutherford office can be reached via 201-438-7675 x1112 form Monday to Friday (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

Take the time to complete the form and go through it to ensure that all information provided is correct before clicking the submit button. When you click the submit button, a preview page will appear and will indicate any omitted field.

When you submit your registration form, you will receive a confirmation notice. You can print the confirmation for record purposes and use it to complete your registration with Rutherford Public Schools.

Contact Rutherford Public Schools using the number 201-438-7675 x1112 to complete your registration. You can also send an email to [email protected]. When sending an email, ensure to include your last name, school year, and the words New Registration as the subject of the mail (that is, John 20-21 New Registration). The body of the mail should contain your contact phone number.

Details of how to complete your registration will be provided when you contact the Rutherford Public Schools. 

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Required Documents for Registration

To register your child or ward with Rushford County Schools, the following documents are required:

  • Original or certified birth certificate of your child or ward
  • Immunization records of child or ward
  • Pre-entrance physical examination record: Rutherford County accepts recent pre-entrance physicals that are not more than one year old at the time of enrolment. RCS also demands that all new students provide a physical report within 30 days of school resumption. Your registration pack contains the physical examination form and all information are to be provided on the form. However, a record provided by a certified physician/pediatrician is also acceptable.
  • Placement students are required to provide their school report card/transcript from their previous school.
  • In case of divorce, separation, and other family circumstances that involve parents living apart from each other or custodial arrangement, the parents must provide a copy of the legal document backing the arrangement.
  • Evidence of address/residency must be provided. Parents or legal guardians must provide a certified copy of the deed or record of property bearing their name, along with any two of the following documents also bearing the name and current address of parent or guardian:
    • Real estate or property tax bill
    • One of the following utility bills: internet service, water, PSEG, or phone
    • Medical/car insurance
    • Bank or credit card statement

Children living with relatives, friends, or family that do not have any property or lease agreement in their name should contact Rutherford Board of Education through their line 201-438-7675 x1112 for assistance and further documentation for enrolment.

Rutherford County School also accepts online statements bearing the name and address of the parent or legal guardian of the child. Also, families that moved into Rutherford County or any of the school zone new and have not received any bill can present turn-on notices as evidence of residency.

Note that, after completing the online registration, parents must contact the registrar through the official line 201-438-7675 x1112 or by sending an email to [email protected] to complete their registration.

Follow the link to access the registration site.


Tuition Fees

Through the PowerSchool Registration portal, parents get all the details about their child’s school fees and other payments. The PowerSchool system makes it easy for parents to monitor and access their children’s payments from anywhere.


One of the major problems facing Rutherford County residents is high tuition fees. However, despite the soaring tuition fees, 21% of Rutherford County residents residing in North Carolina who are over 25 years are professional degree graduates.

An average of 14% of Rutherford county residents has completed high school. While the rate is similar to that of the other counties, there is still a lot of opportunities to improve.  

Rutherford County students need assistance to attain the benchmark of at least a college degree. Education is a top priority in Rutherford County and there are several scholarships available for students. While some of the scholarships are strictly for Rutherford residents, others are not location-bound.

In total, there are 249 scholarships available for Rutherford residents with a gross total of $698,434.00. students can access available scholarships by school for more suitable options.  

Also, the Rutherford County Sheriff’s School Resources Office (SROs) offers scholarships to select students through funds donated by different individuals in the SROs.  

There are different requirements for different scholarships. Therefore, it is essential to go through the requirements of each scholarship before applying for it. Click here to access a list of all available scholarships in Rutherford.    

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Academic Session

The academic session of Rutherford County runs according to the Rutherford County Schools Calendar. The school calendar is designed according to the stipulations of the Tennessee Department of Education.

All meetings, holidays, and recess days are recorded on the school calendar. Parents, teachers, and Guardians can now access Rutherford County Schools calendar online for more information about the school session.

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Top 5 Best Public Schools in Rutherford County

Among the 47 public schools in Rutherford County, the following are the top 5 highest rated schools:

#1. Central Magnet School

701, East Main St,

Murfreesboro, TN 37130

‘ (651) 904-6789  

Central Magnet School is among the top-rated public schools with an overall rating of A+. The school is located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and has a total of 1,248 grade 6-12 students.

State test score shows that 97% of the students are proficient in mathematics while 98% are proficient in reading and language arts. The average graduation rate from Central Magnet School is 95%.   

Student-to-Teacher Ratio


#2. Blackman High School

3956 Blaze DR
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

‘ (615) 904-3850

With a general rating of A, Blackman High School is second on the list of top-rated public schools in Rutherford County. The school has a total number of 1,961 students in 9-12 grades.

According to state test scores, an average of 25% of the students are maths proficient while 58% are proficient in reading. The average graduation rate is 95%.  

Student-to-Teacher Ratio



#3. Stewarts Creek High School  

301 Red Hawk Pkwy
Smyrna, TN 37167

‘ (615) 904-6771

Stewarts High School has a total number of 2,014 grade 9-12 students. 28% of its students are proficient in mathematics, while 54% are proficient in reading. Stewarts High School has an overall rating of A-, with a graduation rate of 98%.

Student-to-Teacher Ratio


#4. Siegel High School

3300 Siegel RD
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

‘ (615) 904-3800

Ranking above average with a score of B+ is the Siegel High School. The school has a student population of 1,776 scattered across grades 9-12. State test score shows that an average of 26% of the students are proficient in mathematics while 51% are proficient in reading. The graduation rate of Siegel High School is 96%.  

Student-to-Teacher Ratio


#5. Riverdale High School

802 Warrior DR
Murfreesboro, TN 37128

(615) 890-6450

RiverdaleHigh School has an overall rating of B+ and has a student population of 1,845. In grades 9-12. State test scores show that an average of 19% of Riverdale students are proficient in mathematics, while 49% are proficient in reading. The graduation rate for Riverdale High School is 94%.  

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While the cost of tuition fees continues to soar ridiculously in Rutherford County, the county continues to maintain an above-average standard performance academically. There are many scholarships available for students in the county to leverage.

One of the factors that make Rutherford county successful is its well-structured educational system and school calendar. Rutherford County continues to be among the top counties championing education.

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